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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


NEPP: my office has a kerug machine. They proceeded to purchase Folgers k-cups. I kid you not.

Wow...that's stupid. My office lets us all order our own boxes from Green Mountain Coffee...mind you, it helps that Green Mountain coffee is literally right down the road and we get the keurig machine for free from them as long as we keep buying the k-cups from them. GMC was very smart in that respect to simply lease out the machines free of cost...great business model. They replace them the same day whenever they break too.

NEPP: Unfortunately the machines which Green Mountain provide seem to break frequently. Decent coffee, though.

jbird: I'm agog w/ amazement & disgust. Even Scammies Mafia, Inc. springs for better coffee than that.

They do break pretty regularly but GMC is pretty good at replacing them quickly.

Rube strikes me as a Sanka man. He's probably been told of the higher quality you'd get with a French Press and/or the speed efficiency of a Keurig but he simply doesn't buy it.

National League

St. Louis over Pittsburgh
L.A. over Atlanta

L.A. over St. Louis

American League

Cleveland over Tampa Bay

Boston over Cleveland
Detroit over Oakland

Boston over Detroit


Boston (4) over L.A. (2)

My seven year old scouting report tells me Folgers is excellent coffee.

"If Folgers is now relegated to being a third class coffee, it needs to be better. I think Folgers knows it. I know Folgers is struggling, I know Folgers is not happy with its performance -- neither are we. I think Folgers is going to be better, but right now, it's just not doing the job." - RAJ on Folgers

"As far as monetizing Sanka's contract, I have no idea where to go there yet. I have to talk to our guys about it. It's going to be something that is south of where Sanka is now clearly but the question is how far south do you go without embarrassing the coffee?" - RAJ on Sanka

I refuse to believe that anyone associated with Sanka had any self-respect to begin with.

Folgers is to coffee as Luis Garcia is to relief pitchers.

I think Green Mountain can fill in for us. I think it can fill in in certain areas, but I can’t sit here and tell you that Green Mountain is an everyday coffee for us.

I'm hoping for an A's/Rays-Pirates series. I always root for the team that hasn't won in a while if the Phillies are out because I know what championship droughts feel like.

Nah, we all know that Amaro must have a private coffee orchard somewhere on the premises. Perhaps even taking up half the space allotted to the medical staff?

Do we really think that he'd intentionally associate himself with something that didn't come from within the organization since day one?

He sees them picked, roasted, and ground, and then demands that someone fabricate a new chemex brewer for each cup by blowing glass heated in the furnace.

It costs a little extra, say $5-10MM, but the rich, smooth flavor is worth it, my friend.

Pretty funny coffee talk, GTown.

I know the Cardinals are tough, but I'm still predicting a PIrates win. Dodgers over Braves. Can the Pirates beat the Dodgers? I'm still going with the Pirates. I don't know enough about the AL teams to comment on them yet.

Here's a piece on the Phillies' OF:,0,6234767.story

FYI: Jamie Moyer will be on the radio interview show Fresh Air today, airing at 3PM and again at 7PM on WHYY.

Jamie Moyer is a lot like Roy Halladay, except he throws harder & w/ control.

I refuse to believe that anyone associated with Sanka had any self-respect to begin with.

When I worked in the Family Diner back in the late 60s, Sanka was synonymous with decaffinated. Then Brim came along and then regular brands begam making decaf variations, IIRC.

Coffee Fact: Sanka ("sans caféine") originally distributed the now familiar orange-handled coffee pots to restaurants as a way of promoting their product.

I am amused when BL posters either criticize the BL writers or ignore them altogether like today.

Last thread was the thread of the season. It morphed from killing RAJ for speaking the truth, to pro-Ruf v anti-Ruf, to meta posting on which posters were for or against GTown_Dave's proclivity for humor filled posts (of which I am a fan), to which teams we want to win in the postseason and why, to coffee. Fantastic reading.

Bonus internet points to whoever coined the term "BL axis of evil".

I'll be very curious to see what Curtis Granderson gets in free agency. 2013 was a lost season for him and he'll be 33 before opening day 2014, but he has serious pop and could play all three OF spots, which would give the Phils multiple options. He's a lefty hitter with a strong platoon split, but if the price is right and the commitment isn't more than say 2 years, he's worth a look if you can't land Choo, Hart, or Beltran.

"Then Brim came along and then regular brands begam making decaf variations, IIRC."

Thanks for reminding me of those incessant "Fill it to the rim . . . with Brim" commercials from the 80s. The people who wrote those ads seemed to think that was the funniest catch phrase in the history of advertising.

bap, agreed on that commercial. It was around for years and years.

ColonelTom - Please don't being up Choo. The poster who shall not be named will appear.

Too bad the last thread ended just as Ray Romano/Jeff Goldblum was outed as a member of the Scammies Mafia.

I though the BL axis of evil thing was quite funny - even though most of the time I'm in agreement with TTI and Ice. No offense guys.

Here's something that may ruin your day: In my office, we found roaches in our Kuerig machine. We used it every day up to that point.

Redburb: Eh...funny is funny. We now have the Moronocracy and the BL Axis of Evil. it is a gang war on here.

Bed's Beard: I think I'd vomit.

BedBeard: The entire school is infested with mice. We even have ones that are so bold as to run out onto the floor during the middle of classes or in the library mid-day.

Roaches would be a step up.

Phillibuster: I disagree, I think roaches have a higher GARP* than mice.

*Grossness Above Replacement Pest

Jbird: I refuse to place credence in a World According to GARP.

Bed Bugs vs Lice in GARP is like trying to pick between Miggy and Trout for the MVP. I believe ants are used as the "replacement pest". Cuddly puppies are the Mini-mart of pests.

Depends on if the ROUS are involved. I think the GARP is strictly related to mass. In essence, size matters.

Even a clean building/home can have have to be filthy to have coachroaches.

So yes, the GARP rating is higher for roaches.

Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't believe they exist.

"Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist."

[Immediately, attached by a R.O.U.S.]

great minds.

NEPP: Sure, but one would assume that if you're in a situation where you could expect to find roaches, you would expect to find 'em, and thus the overall filth level would be consistent.

Mice, on the other hand, contaminate otherwise-clean spaces. Also, they're faster, so they can dart out and eat at unattended lunches (protip: don't leave a lunch out in the staff office here).

There used to be a show in infestations on A&E back in the day...the two weirdest I ever saw were a house that had something like 50 raccoons living in the attic crawl space and a house out west where the groundwater was infested with thousands upon thousands of garter snakes. Basically their well water came out smelling funky (like snake piss apparently) so when they dug it up, there were thousands of snakes. Both were freaky but I have to say the snake one was worse. The raccoon one was funny though given that they went into the attic and there were just dozens of them running around.

Phillibuster: I see your overall point, but are you certain about the speed differential? A cockroach can haul ass. I'd even trust Juan Samuel to wave one home.

Ugh. I still remember the time we had a family of squirrels in the attic. They chewed through the floor and ended up running around in the walls.

GTown: But would you trust Ryne Sandberg to do it?

When I bought my current house, it had been vacant for a good 3 months. I put out traps the first week or so and caught something like 75 mice in the first 5 days. One time, I literally emptied a trap and reset I got back downstairs, I heard the snap and went back up and there was another mouse in it. On several occasions, I got two mice in the same trap. I've since planted a bunch of mint around the border of the house and dont have any issues...I also dont store firewood in the garage and on the side of the house like the previous owner did.

What about those flying cockroaches they have in the South?

Phillibuster: Touché.

See, this is one advantage to being a cat-centric household.

Even if we had the buggers, we probably wouldn't for too long.

"Jamie Moyer is a lot like Roy Halladay, except he throws harder & w/ control."
Posted by: GTown_Dave

hehehehe Exactly! Why settle for Moyer-lite when you can have Moyer? ;)

Mucho apologies to TTI and Iceman - solid posters each one. We all have strong opinions; the "axis of evil" moniker was a throw away line, and completely unwarranted. The whole concept fails without clout, anyway. Just fugettabowdit.

NEPP: Again, much faster running. Although "Palmetto bugs" are able to fly, they're not very good at it. Small favors ...

I really want to think that Halladay could be a good pitching coach, but I just can't do it. He's so intense, so private, and so perfection-oriented that I'd think only one in a hundred pitchers would even find him tolerable, let alone useful.

Then again, I seem to recall KK and some guy with the Pirates (from a few years ago) following his routines and finding improvement, so maybe I'm just meshugah.

Roaches in the machine? Where, in the water tank? Frankly, anywhere would be disturbing. I must also affirm that Folgers sucks.

In regards to the Poster Who Shall Not Be Named, I propose a switch to a rhyming derivative of the catch-word. How about Whammies? Anybody remember Press Your Luck? Whammies are fun.

Riddle me this, Beerleaguer: While there are still many unknowns about what the Phils will do this off-season, it can be guaranteed that they will have to patch at least one of their holes with a low profile, small dollar move. So, if you were sitting in RAJ's office, what would you propose is the best move of that type that could be made?

As far as my own answer to that question, I'd say it'd be shaking loose Chris Denorfia. He's not exactly the mashing super-fielder that everybody wants in RF, but he's a RHB career 110 OPS+ guy with a 11.0 career UZR/150 in RF, making him the kind of above-average bat and glove that's needed to stabilize RF. (For 2013, the numbers were 111 OPS+ and 21.8 UZR/150.) He's an older player (he'll be 34 next year) and will be a free agent after 2014, while only making $2.25MM during his walk-off season. Which means he won't cost much, if the Padres can be convinced to deal him. And given what the top-flight corner OFs are commanding in terms of salaries, snagging Denorfia would free up funds to pursue a top-flight SP or take on multiple quality bullpen pieces.

we found roaches in our Kuerig machine. We used it every day up to that point.

You know, pot-flavored coffee sounds tasty, in a musky kind of way. However, having a THC vs. caffeine battle might have your neurons firing every which way.

Speaking of coaches, has Juan Pierre decided if he's going to try to play in '14? If not, I want the Phillies to offer him a coaching job.

Haha. I just read Gtown's 11:28 post and instead of coaches, I read roaches. I was wondering why he would call Juan Pierre a roach? All this talk of cockroaches above, yeesh.

We can Ronnoco since we are in St. Louis. Even the 'gourmet version' we get really suck. French press and a quality ground blend I bring in. I got kind of laughed at but 3 people have converted to French press since I started.

As for the Pirates/Cards, I really hope the Pirates win otherwise I am going to be buying a small tab of drinks/lunches/happy hour appetizers and worst by far Immo's Pizza one day for lunch.

Conversed with Rube he says i take too many BB's. Doesnt fit in his grand scheme of things.

I try to get Counter Culture whenever I can. The bourbon varietal is really solid even when ground for a drip brewer, and it's not as obscenely expensive as some of the stuff that's not as good.

Unfortunately, the only place to get it around here is really out of my way, and the parking there is terrible, so I have to supplement with others.

The S.S. Choo, bound out of Cincinnati.

I am hoping I can tag along to the Cards/Pirates game though on Friday with the SVP. People in St Louis seem to be very low-key on the Cards making the playoffs (10 times in last 14 years) and overlooking the Pirates a bit.

What about those flying cockroaches they have in the South?

Posted by: NEPP | Wednesday, October 02, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Ugh, gross...We were at a $500 a plate New Year's dinner down in Florida a few years ago (my wife is from Key West) and out of nowhere 3 roaches flew down and landed on the table next to us. We got up and left.

Happy New Year!

Pirates are a team to be admired. Didn't have a lot of FA money last couple years, but spent it smartly (Liriano, Grilli, Barmes.) Have some good young players they developed themselves (McCutcheon, Marte, Alvarez, Cole) and they added solid complementary pieces in-season (Byrd & Morneau.)

Choo and Chooch was too confusing for your gm.

This coffee conversation is appropriate. For the last two years RAJ has been selling us that the Phillies would be Green Mountain, while the reality is that they are actually Columbian coffee crystals.

You lied to me! Why!

It's sacrilegious to say this up here in VT, but I'm not a fan of Green Mountain or the Keurig. Especially after they relocated their main HQ to Tennessee.

There are a bunch of VT coffee companies I prefer...GMC became more concerned with the convenience of the Keurig and K-Cups and less concerned with the actual quality of their coffee once that became popular.

Chris: To be fair, I also bet that as it became popular, it became nigh impossible to maintain the same standards and produce at least (read: more than) enough to satisfy demand.

It turns out that Mr. Amaro was paying a little bit too much for his coffee...$6200 a pound. Though I hear Lindo coffee is quite tasty.

I never use the keurig at my office personally. I either just buy coffee or make it myself at home with my french press.

I dont care for k-cups at all to be honest. I do think they're a step up from the average office coffee pot that is basically never cleaned and sits there most of the day.

In a workplace situation I do appreciate the convenience of the k-cup, but given a choice & enough time to do so I'd almost always rather brew my own coffee. Old City Coffee roasts some mean bean. Spendy, but worth the cost.

As far as mass produced coffee providers go, I'd rate Tim Hortons above Dunkin or Starbucks. Wawa used to make good coffee too...when I lived in an area with idea how Wawa is these days though.

As far as mass produced coffee providers go, I'd rate Tim Hortons above Dunkin or Starbucks. Wawa used to make good coffee too...when I lived in an area with idea how Wawa is these days though.

Posted by: NEPP | Wednesday, October 02, 2013 at 12:51 PM

Dunkin Donuts coffee is awful, IMO. I'm convinced they load it up with massive amounts of sugar and cream to mask the taste.

As far as Wawa's goes, when I get back to Philly occasionally it doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be. Then again, I'm a much bigger coffee snob than I was back in the day, so my tastes may have just changed.

this conversation makes me even more thankful to have never gotten hooked on coffee, as it further drives home the fact of how much it becomes apart of people's lives.

Re: Halladay's demeanor and coaching: Although Roy's public persona may be intense and private, I sense he is different in the clubhouse. One of those "Phillies on Deck" shows had a segment that filmed Doc giving pitching guidelines to young men. He was patient, warm, and personable. He may be one of those guys who clams up except when talking about what he loves with people who share the passion.

I'll take both Doc and Pierre, whether coaches or roaches.

The reason that Dunkin is the country's most popular coffee is because it's super-sweet. Hence, people who don't really want coffee - just a caffeine jolt coupled with a sweet taste - love it. Alas, they far outnumber those who like the actual taste of coffee.

Interestingly, I find that a good way to determine if someone is of that category is to see if they would intentionally get coffee ice cream as their first choice.

How about loaches?

LorecorE: "He had angered Providence by resisting too many temptations. There was nothing left but heaven, where he would meet only those who, like him, had wasted earth."

Everyone should have a vice or two. I'd hate to end up spend eternity w/ those miserable bastards.

re: Amaro's Ruf comments

Whoever doesn't work off the immediate assumption that every thing Amaro says/does is stupid, is stupid.

Darin Ruf never played RF in his life until Amaro came up with the idea in the first place, despite all common sense. Now we are listening to Amaro trying to tell us that Ruf isn't a RF, as if he's some great baseball mind.

What a jerkoff.

clout: If Franco tore the cover off the ball during a ST invite, you would trade away Cody Asche away already?

That would be incredibly foolish to me. This team is such dire need of youth and depth. Even if Franco does live up to expectation, keeping Asche as an alternative still has great value.

And you even said in exchange for a relief arm too. How could you advocate for such a move based on a 21yr old's first ST invite and the volatility of a relief arm?

Dunkin is actually not the most popular coffee in the cafe segment - Starbucks is (SBUX market share is ~50%, versus 30% for Dunkin).

If you want to compare overall market share (which includes buying cans/bags of coffee at supermarkets, not just cups at a coffee shop) then Folger's is actually the most popular.

Asche for Aroldis Chapman. Make it happen Rube!

Starbucks isn't terrible. It's just terribly overpriced. There are some independent coffee shops/roasters about that are good enough to make Starbucks taste like warm p8ss. But they are also pretty pricey.

jbird: Don't be silly. Cincinnati will never accept that. r00b should throw in Papelbon to sweeten the deal.

I drank one cup of coffee in my life..that was enough

I'm drinking coffee right now.

Also, starbucks actual coffee isn't expensive...its all the crazy moch type drinks that cost $5 a pop that are expensive.

jbird: Starbucks is pretty meh. They overroast their beans horribly so that they can claim it's dark, then proceed to throw tons of extra stuff in all of their drinks to distract from the fact that they overroast.

It's better than convenience-store/gas-station/fast-food-chain coffee, but they charge more than double for the privilege.

If you're looking for a morning boost you could try angeldust.

"its all the crazy moch type drinks that cost $5 a pop that are expensive."

$5 is a lot for a coffee drink but, once you drink it, the rest of your day is entirely free. You won't need to waste time with meals because you've already gotten your 2,500 calories for the day.


Ryan Howard is sunk cost.

Why don't #PHILLIES sign Cuban star RH bat JOSE ABREU?



Oh look, The Fly's back.

Supposedly the new "blonde" roast from Starbucks deals with the Charbucks reputation quite well but I've never tried it.

As to gas station coffee...several gas stations I know have pretty decent coffee.

The CSN Houston Mess Just Got Interesting

I'm curious to see how this plays out.

From what I've gleaned (and having a friend who's employed by them), the blonde roast is primarily just a different temp setting.

I read in Consumer Reports about 10 years ago that Starpukes intentionally burns their beans because they buy the cheapest beans they can buy. That swill tastes like panther piss.

TTI - Definitely a line of clear demarcation. Coffee drinks and non-coffee drinkers.

donc: Somewhat ironic considering the most expensive coffee in the world is derived from beans which have been eaten & excreted by a cat.

Hey, it's hard work getting the cat to eject those beans.

Actually, I think Elephant Poop coffee is even more expensive than Cat Poop coffee.

MG: I drink a lot of Green Tea. But I don't jones for it like I see people do for coffee.

GTown, I heard about that coffee but I thought it was a monkey not a cat. Sounds delicious either way.

b_a_p: I hear Bud Selig is planning on selling coffee beans which have been eaten & crapped back out by Major League players. The MLBPA is on board, but no has figured out how to affix a hologram on each bean yet.

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