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Friday, October 04, 2013


MVP: Cliff Lee
Cy: Cliff Lee
Rookie: Darin Ruf
Most Improved: Chase Utley
Get-Him-Out: Roy Halladay (And Mayberry. And Kendrick. And Papelbon. And Bernadina. And Kratz. And Garcia. And Ramirez. And ...)

Next season

Will the FO come to grips with their inability to compete for a Postseason berth before or after the July trade deadline?

WGAS about "awards" for a 73 - 89 team? Really.

MVP: Utley
Cy: Lee
Rookie: Ruf
Most Improved: Brown
Get Him Out: Papelbon

Next Season:
Will Howard/Utley play more than 130 games? Will Cliff Lee be on the opening day roster? Does Dom improve, regress, or stay the same? Does Franco make the team out of ST? Will Papelbon miss any time due to a "hunting accident"? Will Ben Revere hit a home run? Will there even be a Beerleaguer? The answer to all of these, is of course, 42.

r00b's "2013 Dump on the Diamond" doesn't deserve any awards.

It's going to be pretty funy around here in 2014.

After they release Mayberry, and the collective cacophony of BL cheering dies down, he'll wind up on another team's roster where he'll be used properly and post and OPS+ that's about league average - which, incidentally, is just about his career average.

Then, when mini mart rises from the dead again and begins to once again pollute the confines of the Zen with very bad baseball (and is used as an OF) the same BL decriers of Mayberry will lament the fact that he's no longer here - that he was released without getting anything in return - and whine incessantly about the state os the Phillies.

It happens every year.

awh: So you think if they get a right fielder- which is their mission...that Mayberry at ~1.7 million is better than Ruf at a couple hundred thousand?

awh™: If another team is willing to use Mayberry "properly", so be it. That team will never be the Phillies, which makes him expendable.

Mayberry's OPS+ in 2013- 86.

Ruf's OPS+ IN 2013-121

We gotta keep Mayberry AT ALL COSTS.

In case I'm beign vague- Mayberry sucks

TTI, pay attention to what I posted.

You are having reading comprehension problems.

I posted NOTHING about whether I thought Mayberry ought to be retained - at any price.

My post was merely a commentary on the fact that there seems to be a BL consensus that Mayberry ought to just be released without regard for anything else. Simply, it's a call for "addition by subtraction" without any evidence that it will improve the team.

My post also noted that the same posters who call for Mayberry's outright release will be the same one's compalig when mini mart's corpse pretends to be a MLB baseball player in 2014 - and it will happen if organizational depth (and that's what he is) like Mayberry is released.

Moves like the release of Mayberry move someone like mini mart further up the organizational depth chart. It's an unintended consequence that many here just never think about, and it's the same kind of thing that's been happening under r00b's tenure for the last 3 years.

For all his Stanford pedigree, no one seems to have taught r00b that there are unintended consequences to moves that are made - not just the intended ones.

So, my post was merely a warning to the "dump Mayberry" clamor, which is the same type of clamor that we've seen here from people who didn't want Utley re-signed, want Rollins gone, etc.:

I understand that Mayberry is not at the Utley, Rollins level as a baseball player, any fool knows that that.

But the Moronocracy here (and that includes Seidman, Hall and Finger - Wisniewski's call to dump Rollins is it's own special brand of shortsighted thinking) that is calling for dumping Mayberry as though it's going to cure the Phillies' ills, a) with no thought or regard for how the player was used or, b) no recognition that the guy is an MLB BACKUP and ought to be evaluated as such instead of as an everyday player (which is what they are doing), is not focusing on the real problem that ails the Phillies.

The warning: Be careful what you wish for.

The problem w/ Mayberry is that he's not merely a backup, he's a backup who can only be useful vs. LHP ... & that's not even considering the fact that his '13 splits vs. LHP were bad, as well.

GTown, once again, I have NOT called for keeping Mayberry.

Let me make my position clear:

As long as they can find a better player to replace him at equal or lesser cost I'm fine with him hitting the road.

Who's that player? Is it one of these guys?:

Morse could be die for a rebound, and could be a nice replacement of Mayberry's RHB, no?

"due" for a rebound, not "die". Yech.

Doncha just love how, in Aroid's warped thinking, he thinks suing MLB is going to restore his reputation?

I think what awh is saying is that yes, Mayberry is an extremely flawed, maybe even bad, baseball player. That said, he's certainly not among the biggest issues with the team if he's used properly. Keeping the likes of Mini Mart in the org, wasting away $ on Papelbon, etc. are bigger issues when you consider the issue+the likely alternative (I'd argue that we could dump Paps and find someone "suitable enough" as Plan B and the drop-off wouldn't be as cataclysmic).

That said, I do tend to agree with GTown that it's extremely unlikely that JMJ will be used properly - spot starts/PH AB's against LHP's and occasionally for a late game defensive upgrade. He's the prototypical "25th man/AAAA" player, and there actually is a spot for dudes like that who are league average, which is what JMJ is.

I'd much rather have JMJ than try to juggle 2-3 "versatile utility guys" who are lucky to hit their weight and who are also used improperly (let's face it, any plan which entails using marginal players "properly" isn't a sound one with this regime).

awh™: I'm already on record as believing the Phillies don't have a chance in '14, so they ought not waste money. Brown back to RF, Cesar in CF, Revere in LF. Ruf as utility corner OF/1B -- a straight platoon at 1B would be preferable, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. Let 'em all sink or swim.

Also, you're 100% correct RE: A-Fraud. He has no legacy except being a cheat, & a rat.

There is no reason outside of an amazing trade that Franco can't be held onto until Howard is finished. The phillies need to buy another quality SP, as well as a trustworthy 5th SP that will give you innings and not DL time. The phillies need to buy at least two quality relief pitchers, and then take there focus to the trade market and acquire an OF.

MVP: Utley
Cy: Lee
Rookie: Ruf
Most Improved: Diekman
Get Him Out: Mayberrry

Also, I'd much prefer that, when grooming our younger players, we not do it by playing them out of position. [cough, ahem, Ruf]

I tend to agree with our buddy from Monsters University that I'm intrigued by Franco, but hate that he's essentially blocked, because it means it opens the possibility that they'll try to play him out of position and open up a whole new can of worms when he struggles. I think this is the essence of the divide between "do we compete in 2014 or use it to rebuild?" Your stance on what to do with Franco likely dictates your stance on that question.

MVP: Chase Utley
Cy: Cliff Lee
Rookie: Cody Asche
Most Improved: DOM
Get-Him-Out(the Ruben Amaro Award): Papelbon

Next season

Aside from all of the possible player transactions that may come this offseason, my biggest interest will be home Sandberg handles the falls of Rollins and Howard(and others possibly). Does he just pick right up with the veteran loyality and hit them #2/#4 all year, or does he move them down if deserved...or even on the bench?

Ruf and Galvis(arguable) were better than Howard and Rollins last year. What if that happens again through the first month or so?

Was kinda hoping to bag the MVP for Most Versatile Player.

TTI, pay attention to what I posted.

You are having reading comprehension problems.

I posted NOTHING about whether I thought Mayberry ought to be retained - at any price.

My post was merely a commentary on the fact that there seems to be a BL consensus that Mayberry ought to just be released without regard for anything else. Simply, it's a call for "addition by subtraction" without any evidence that it will improve the team.


awh: You have advocated Mayberry on here for a while and now when asked a question about your opinion on him you dodge the question and try to pretend you didn't say something. Are you angling for a spot in the Moronocracy?

Also, you can paint with a broad brush all you want but the last sentence in your statement is absolute bullsh!t in my case because I had advocated signing a right fielder and then moving Ruf into the Mayberry role. So I am not adding by subtracting. I am saying replace Mayberry with Ruf. So in my mind- Ruf is way more valuable to this team than Ruf.

I find it interesting that people focus on the mediocrity of the organization the last two years and want guys traded for a handful of beans. For me, Mayberry is a guy who if retained speaks more to the status quo than anything else. He does one thing well, and has been declining at that recently. He plays center but he isn't a great defender to me. So he is a huge declining skill set that was already almost one dimensional to begin with.

I have said about using Hernandez in the back up second and center field role. He is not great defensively either I understand but he is a young guy and at least represents them thinking outside the box a little to try and get some young blood onto this team and get them some experience.

MVP: Cliff Lee
Cy Young: Cliff Lee
Rookie: Darin Ruf, Cody Asche (co-winners)
Most Improved: Dom Brown
Get Him Out: Rube, Jr.

Next Season: I see 2014 as a rebuilding year. Less contributions from Rollins, Utley and Ruiz (if he's still here). Howard will play more, but continue to disappoint. Doc Halladay ain't coming back. KK will be bad. Hamels will be better and Cliff Lee will be our only true "Ace." Ryne Sandberg will get better production out of this rag tag team than Cholly ever could.

GTown's hatred for Roy Halladay, which has been boiling over since they traded for him, is just bizarre. You can't find five people in Philadelphia that are this stupid. It's truly astonishing. Roy Halladay is not the player that is holding this team back.

MVP- Lee
Cy Young- Lee
Rookie- Ruf
Improved- Brown
Get him out- Is there even a question here?

Amaro talking about how Ruf should be a bench/fill-in guy is the smartest thing he's said in years (context of what happened with DYak aside). He basically described the role Mayberry has had the last three years- someone who comes off the bench but, in the end, will get 300+ PAs.

Taking into account that Mayberry is apparently worth 1.7 million in arb next year, you couldn't dream up an easier decision for a GM to make.

Papelbon is a loathsome character with diminishing skills, but until there is as obvious a replacement for him as there is for Mayberry, I don't know how him getting out of town would improve the team.

(I'd argue that we could dump Paps and find someone "suitable enough" as Plan B and the drop-off wouldn't be as cataclysmic).

I assume you are basing this on their continued track record of developing/acquiring relief pitchers?

I do jest but your chances of finding a not-too-big-of-a-drop-off relief pitcher isn't all that good, I'd say.

Since the obvious answer to "Get him out" is Amaro, thats why I named the award after him, and then choose a runner up like Papelbon.

Oh, I forgot:
MVP: Cliff Lee
Cy Young: Cliff Lee
Rookie: Darin Ruf
Most Improved: Dom Brown**
Get Him Out: Rube, Jr. (YES), JC Ramirez (Player Division)

** I still don't know what Brown is. Take away the HR stretch, he doesn't look too good. But you can't really take that away, if was genuine, even if short-lived. Is he just a streaky player?
And Diekman was close behind Brown. I hope that was real, I like watching him pitch.

Papelbon has a 90mph fastball with a bunch of looping offspeed stuff now. His descent from being an all star will make Ryan Howard's decline look like it took on the pace of global warming.

Add to Ruben's long laundry list of mistakes, including signing him in the first place, the decision to not dump Paps earlier in the seasons for whatever you could get for him then. Because whatever it'll never get it again.

Edmundo, I suppose my "suitable enough" statement is hinged on a few factors:

- I've never been a huge proponent of the entire idea of a "closer"
- I've certainly never seen the need for said "closer" role on a team who doesn't have many opportunities to be up by 3 or fewer runs in the ninth inning.
- I feel $13M goes a hell of a lot longer way than to a guy who pitches one inning 61 times a year.

Sum it all up and it's less about the actual individual you identify as the alternative than it is about allocating resources. I'd much rather spend that money on a guy who can actually put this team in a position to be up by a run or two in the ninth than to the guy who is paid just in case the team is able to find itself in that position.

preacher: well put. Add in what I said about Papelbon's looming decline with your points and thats a pretty inarguable stance on why he is a terrible player to have on this team.

Preacher: Your 1.30PM post is dead-on.

Williard, I get where you are coming from now, thanks.

I bought the postseason TV package so I could watch the Pirates v. Cardinals. It feels to me like the commentary is so full of praise for the Cardinals. Even when the Pirates got a hit that resulted in a run, they said they took a play out of the Cardinals' book.

MVP stands for 'Most Versatile Player,' right?

I listened to Vin Scully on the AtBat app last night (I'll hold off on bloviating about how terrible our own TV crew is, to prevent from beating a dead horse). On a couple different occasions he mentioned that there were 13K unsold tickets to last nights game. I know we joke about the laissez faire Braves fan base, but that's just effing ridiculous!! A 71 degree Thursday night of playoff baseball and they still can't sell the place out?!?

GBrettfan: I was watching the game w/ the sound muted yesterday, so I can't speak to the quality (or lack thereof) of the announcers. However, it seems to me the Pirates are widely portrayed as the adorable baby seal of the Postseason, & anyone who dares disagree is a horrible, club-wielding Inuit.

WP: Their primary excuse for low attendance in ATL in the last weeks of the season, at least made online, was that in this economy, hard-working fans were skipping the regular season games to save their money for more expensive playoff tickets.

Unikruk, that's hilarious. I guess they have especially high hopes and are really leaning on the LCS and WS then?

Well, those tickets are indeed likely to be more expensive.

Preacher: Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay: What if they held a World Series & no one came?

So, G'Town Dave, you're a seal-clubbing, dirty Inuit.

Hugh: It's amazing I can find the time, what w/ my apparent dedication to abusing cats & all.

GTown, the Pirates ARE the adorable baby seal of the Postseason (great metaphor).

But you're right. I think I'm just tired of the Cardinals being perfect. And jealous.

A minute ago they spoke of how they've never known of a park atmosphere like the Pirates' crowd in the WC game. Like the TV crew said that day, too. I thought it was electric, but it totally reminded me of the Phillies' postseason crowds. And especially, as NEPP mentioned the other day, of the CC game. I guess the commentators have short memories.

MVP: Utley
Cy: Lee
Rookie: Ruf
Most Improved: Brown
Get Him Out: Papelbon

Next Season:
Will the Phillies actually let Howard get healthy before playing him? If they do will they then also platoon him with Ruf? The answer to both of these questions is no. So with that out of the way I'm looking forward to Sandberg trying to make the most of very little talent while Amaro uses the injury excuse for the lack of talent within the organization. I am interested to see how Revere comes back and in general I'm only interested in the young pieces of the team, i.e Asche, Ruf (not really that young), Brown, Revere and possibly Franco. I'd also like to see someone step up in the bullpen to be that force needed in the 8th inning so that Amaro doesn't have to hand out more multi-year deals to injury riddled guys.

Dave - just a suggestion to ease your busy schedule - you could fill the cats with molten lead, let them cool, then club the baby seals with them.

In the meantime, enjoy Gerrit Cole. Would love to have an arm like that in the Phils' system.

GBrett, I said the same thing to my brother after that Pirates game the other night about how it looked at CBP when Victorino hit that slam. I was so lucky to be in the house for that one. I'll carry that memory with me for a long time.

GBrettfan: I think most sports broadcasters immediately swing into "This is the most amazing thing EVER!" mode nowadays, regardless of reality. Makes me appreciate those broadcasters who know of & utilize moderation in their coverage all the more. For example, if Franzke starts shouting, I know something worth seeing has happened. If TMac starts shouting it could be that the Phanatic shot a hot dog into the booth, Mayberry flied out to short CF, the Mets won, tickets are still available, the pitcher is tying his shoe, & so on & so on.

In terms of the coverage of these playoffs it has been terrible as expected. You have the awful audio on HD with the double sounds and the dreadful commentary.

TBS was also 3 years too late on Rachel Nichols. She now does nothing for me as she seems to have packed on some winter weight.

GTown: That's a good point, and spot on about TMac.

Joe D: What a great game to attend. I was lucky enough to be at the first games of both the '08 and '09 NLDS. So fun.

Joe D: Partial credit to TBS. I vastly prefer Rachel Nichols to Goober McClownsuit.

Agreed GTown, I don't miss Sager. They basically have no baseball analysts. They were using David Aldrige before too...I mean c'mon. Is Cal Ripken working this postseason? I haven't seen any pre or postgame stuff but Cal Ripken is beyond boring.

MVP: Chase Utley
Cy Young: Cliff Lee
Rookie: Darin Ruf
Most improved: Dom Brown
Get him outta here: John Mayberry Jr. and most of the bullpen junk that came through this year

Looking forward to: Seeing if Howard has any pride at all and responds this year to the huge chip he has to have on his shoulder at this point.

Also, looking to see how Ryne can get stuff out of a roster of guys that are going to be imperfect. Can he elevate them or does he succumb to the talent he has?

awh: Unless the Phillies want to follow Jack's advice & go with a 6-man pen, they get 5 bench spots. One must be a backup catcher (Rupp or Kratz). One must be a utility infielder who can play SS (Galvis). That leaves 3 spots. Ruf is a better hitter than Mayberry & can play the same positions that Mayberry plays, save for CF (which Mayberry plays very poorly). Cesar looks to be a better hitter, and more complete player, than Mayberry and can play CF (and presumably the corner OF spots). Frandsen kinda sucks, but he hits LHP better than Mayberry does and the ability to play 2nd and 3rd is of more value in a bench player than the ability to play LF, RF & 1st.

If you've only got 3 open bench spots, and you've already got at least one person on the bench who duplicates or exceeds Mayberry's few positive attributes, then where exactly would you put him? He is out of options & can't be sent to AAA. So what is his purpose on this team?

I just don't know if they can part with Mayberry. Who is going to fill the "weak pop up down the first base line that doesn't even go beyond the bag" void?

Also, the way to prevent Mini-Mart from moving up the organizational depth chart is not to keep a bad, redundant player (Mayberry) whom we will have to pay around $1.5M next year. The way to prevent Mini-Mart from moving up the organizational depth chart is to waive Mini-Mart or find other, better players to place above him on the depth chart. That shouldn't be too difficult.

Joe D: Ripken has been moved from studio to booth, & Smoltz was demoted to the "2nd team" of broadcasting crews. I find the latter move esp. unfortunate, as I enjoy Smoltz as a broadcaster as much as I disliked him as a player.

Oh wow so now Ripken is putting people to sleep in the booth. Smoltz is ok when he's not bitching about the size of CBP. In terms or pitching insight I enjoy Hershiser.

"Their primary excuse for low attendance in ATL in the last weeks of the season, at least made online, was that in this economy, hard-working fans were skipping the regular season games to save their money for more expensive playoff tickets."

That's funny, I wonder what Braves fans' excuse was in the mid 1990s, when they started to not sell out first round playoff games?

“The first game in the NLDS is still several weeks away, so perhaps Braves fans will step up and open their wallets. But the bottom line at the moment is that there is still a LOT of tickets available.”

I guess that collection of white trash jerkoffs really doesn't appeal to the people down there.

Just did a search for 2 tickets to tonight's Braves game for best available and you can still get behind the plate in the 400 level.

The answer to will braves fans embarrass the team is yes. Only about 87% full last night.

Regarding the thread topic, I refuse to participate in a debate over who was the best player, pitcher, & rookie on a team that lost 89 games. Instead, I would offer my own categories:

LVP: Roy Halladay (Honorable Mention: Rollins, Howard, Ruiz)

Worst Pitcher (Starter category): Tyler Cloyd (Honorable Mention: everyone except Hamels & Lee)

Worst Pitcher (Reliever category): J.C. Ramirez (A very close 2nd: Luis Garcia)

Biggest 12-Month Decline : Carlos Ruiz (Honorable Mention: Jimmy Rollins)

Worst Defensive Player: Michael Young (Honorable Mention: Delmon Young, Dom Brown, Carlos Ruiz, Erik Kratz)

Worst Rookie Relative to Expectations: Justin DeFratus

Biggest Waste of Money: Ryan Howard (Honorable Mention: Jonathan Papelbon, Mike Adams, Jimmy Rollins)

Biggest Waste of a Roster Spot: Mini-Mart

Least Inspiring Midseason Acquisition: John McDonald (Honorable Mentions: Roger Bernadina, Casper Wells)

Keep Him: Utley, Ruf, Hamels, Hernandez, Asche

Wow, I would hope that the Braves' fans would show up for them. Tampa Bays', too (if there are enough Rays fans in FL to go).

Kinda funny:
Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 4m
“If he was a fish, I would call him a flounder,” Pedro Martinez said of Alex Rodriguez.

Gbrett: "I bought the postseason TV package so I could watch the Pirates v. Cardinals"

Do you not have cable? All of the playoff games are televised.

I love it.... Delmon Young with the most postseason HR since 2011 at 9.

good call on DeFratus being a disappointment so far. He's down to about a unicycle in terms of his bandwagon, but I still think its worth staying on for one more year.

Lore: I don't have the MLB Network with my package. Unless has erroneous information, Game 2 today was to be shown on MLB Network.

If that's not right, then I spent $5 needlessly.

Where do the above named bloggers on this site think the PHILLIES play?

Do they think Philly is in the suburbs of Kansas City?

Philadelphia is the FOURTH LARGEST media market in MLB. The markets ahead and the one behind the Phillies are split by two teams.

It's stunning to think that COMCAST is involved with this site since the Phillies want Comcast to pay them about EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS to televise their games.

I'm going to take a wild guess that the CEO of Comcast/NBC is not thrilled about giving the Phillies that kind of money to televise John Mayberry and TOOTHPICK BAT BEN REVERE with his gimped throwing arm.

These are Camden Riversharks players. The Phillies roster is loaded with Riversharks garbage.

When is TRASH day?



How about:



The Phillies had Halladay's medicals. They knew what was coming this year.

Wouldn't ZACK GREINKE have been a large dose of preventive medicine for the disaster that unfolded?


Vic just walked. Not sure what I think of his playoff beard.

I've spent a solid two weeks ignoring Free AEC, as have most, but it doesn't seem to care either way - so i'm just going to engage him anyway since i doubt it affects if he continues or not:

GBrettfan: $5.00?!

See, this is the kind of wasteful free spending that years of watching r00b has engendered. The man is a menace.

In the "managers get too much credit" department, I give you Clint Hurdle. He's got a 5 run lead, he's got a pitcher at 86 pitches through 6, who just blew threw Beltran and Holliday with 100 MPH heat, and he lifts him for Gaby Sanchez with 2 outs and a man on first in the top of hte 7th.

@bap under your "keep him" category does that mean you would trade Lee?

The whole beard thing is dumb and should be saved for stupid sports like hockey.

Another out made by the Yak. And so the zen of the playoffs is restored, as that home run in the Wild Card game was an aberration.

Free AEC: Shut up and stop posting the same stupid message over and over again. No one cares. You are a moron and I hope that whoever pays for your internet connection and computer decides to put you into a mental institution.

In a more exaggerated wish, I hope David Montgomery routinely visits you in that institution and taunts you with the size of his wallet.

GTown, I know, right? A whole 5 bucks.

BAP: Was it hard to choose the least valuable reliever? What about Durbin and Valdez? There were many candidates to choose from.

One could give it to Adams, in fact, because his injuries meant that our BP was weakened and the weaker parts exposed.

At least the AEC posts are in a bold font. Makes them easier to skim past w/o reading.

Least Valuable Announcer: Sarge, in a landslide. It's an impressive feat to completely obliterate TMac in this category. I know you Wheels haters are out there in droves, but at least the guy does know his Phillies history.

I should qualify my last statement. Wheels knows the history of the Phils during his lifetime. You can stump him with Fred Luderus and Lave Cross questions, though.

Edmundo: Absolutely disagree. Reasonable expectations must be considered. Sarge is an ex-player. He was a good player, & played a key role in helping fans heal from getting demolished by the Dodgers twice in the NLCS. Why teams feel they need ex-players in the booth when 99% of them are awful is beyond me, but that's the state of things.

TMac, on the other hand, purports to be a professional broadcaster. That's all he is, & he's abysmal. He hasn't played the game, he doesn't know the game ... TMac sucks AND blows, that's how bad he is. Not that it's a great choice, but I'll take the ramblings of Sarge over the used car auction hysteria of TMac any day.

Truly enjoying the baby seals' rout of the perennial Cards.

Just for fun going a different direction on some of these:

MVP: Utley
Cy Young: Lee
Rookie: Cesar Hernandez
Most improved: Darin Ruf in the field (even though Roob doesn't seem to remember it isn't his natural position, Ruf did make progress for someone who never played the position before.)

Get him outta here I: Juan Samuel as 3B coach

Get him outta here II: Roob

Looking forward to: Seeing if Roob can make some good decisions this off season, or if he'll continue to sign players who perform poorly and get rid of players who become superstars elsewhere.

pblunts: Lee is the most enticing trade bait we have, so I would certainly explore all options with him. But I would not trade him just to trade him. It would have to be a huge return.

GBrett: I actually managed to forget about Durbin. Can I amend my award after the fact? Durbin wasn't quite as horrendous as Ramirez or Garcia, but I give him extra points for sucking during a time when there was still hope for the Phillies to actually contend. That catapults him to the top of the list.

Dodgers RELOAD is FIVE IMPACT players.




I can't give these Braves playoff tickets away!

Any chance the crazy cat lady, otherwise known as AEC, could just go to dodger beerleaguer and post his nonsensical crap?

Free AEC: I had sexual intercourse with your mother.

Lorecore: Free_AEC's mother is in a coma.

Is the point of a playoff beard to be as scraggly, scruffy, and unattractive as possible? Is it too much to ask that they keep trim beards, at least? Ortiz' looks good. Napoli's makes him look like that Yukon character from Rudolph, only less neat.

The whole beard thing is dumb and should be saved for stupid sports like hockey.

And the WNBA.

Speaking of ballparks, this is a really superficial question...

I'm watching the Sox/Rays. The Sox fans must be the only ones in all the playoffs who don't put much stock into wearing team colors. Again, it is superficial, but just weird after seeing the Cardinal red and Bucs black. Any idea why? Fewer than half of the Sox fans seem to be sporting red.

Glad I'm not the only superficial watcher. I think we have some Werth wannabes here. Not a good look in my humble opinion. Also, wouldn't someone who hasn't sported a beard previously be distracted by the new growth?

can_of_corn: Maybe because the other Red Sox color is navy blue, the effect of wearing team colors is diluted somewhat?

Like Gbrettfan, I remain a fan of Shane Victorino.

That's what I thought at first, but there is a lot of white, blue, gray, black, and everything else.

Not that I like anything about the Braves, but Atlanta's colors are red and blue, and still the stands seem to reflect some kind of team look (stupid spongy chop fingers aside)

Maybe it is because it is colder up there and people don't have outerwear in team colors?

Meanwhile, nice to see Shane doing well.

MLB sells team gear in every color of the rainbow now. I'm not a fan, but clearly people are buying the stuff.


"I've been kidnapped. Someone free me. The SCAMMIES MAFIA won't let me win."


I can't give these Braves playoff tickets away!

Posted by: Ticket Oak | Friday, October 04, 2013 at 04:18 PM

It's been a long week, I'm punchy by now, but this made me laugh.

Is there a team in MLB slower than the Red Sox?

Speed is the most overvalued tool in the game.

It's all about how you swing the bat.

If you can't hit, you can't win.

Only those too stupid to be executed fail to get it.

I miss Shane's hustle down the line. He just beat out a good one.

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