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Sunday, October 27, 2013


I keep remembering my mom kept saying theyll blow it somehow right down to that last pitch. Although i had a little doubt way back in my head (honestly how can any Philadelphia sports fan not) i somehow knew Lidge would seal it for us.

How nice was it having a closer throw 95 plus.......

This week back in '08 the weather was crap, & the Phillies were about to become WFC. Now ... well, let's just say I much prefer celebrating a championship to nice weather.

Anyone know anything about P Masahira Tanaka? Phillies said to be interested in him. '08 was the best, here's hoping we're building towards another season like that one.

And the pileup that ended brad lidge's career

Amazing that some moron fans still crap all over Lidge after he was one of the top 3 reasons they won that title. People like that are the reason Philly fans have the rep they do.

I love this beautiful weather, GTown, but I'd choose the championship, too.

On Lidge: Had I been in town, I would have liked to have gone to the game that Lidge was here to retire as a Philly, just so that I could applaud him. I remember holding my breath by the time the playoffs came, when he would pitch - - afraid that no one could possibly maintain a perfect record all year, superstitiously wishing he'd blown a save or two in September so that he could go back to being perfect in the postseason. He had us on edge, too, for some of those saves. But he did it! I'll always think fondly of him - - not only for that perfect season, but also for the way he took responsibility while maintaining dignity, class, and (probably too much) optimism in '09.

ETR - Tanaka is a Japanese pitcher who has put up otherworldly numbers in the Japanese league. I believe he's 24 years old and is being posted for MLB by his Japanese team. I've never seen him pitch, but if numbers mean anything, he should be very good in MLB. He is exactly the kind of move the Phillies should make if he also scouts well. Young and talented and all he costs is money. I don't believe the posting fee counts against the luxury tax cap, so if they bid high and obtain his rights, all they have to do is get him signed.

The Phillies upper level pitching talent in the farm system is just beyond awful. Morgan had a shoulder injury. Pettibone ended the season injured. Biddle seems to be stalled in his development, although he's a good prospect. And of what's left, most have no secondary pitches and if they do, they have awful control and command.

If they can get Tanaka it would also mitigate the fact that Kendrick was awful the last part of the season, likely with injury contributing.

In fact, Tanaka and another non-Lanna type, non-qualifying offer starter is probably necessary for a really good starting rotation. And that totally ignores the pathetic offense and defense.

Thanks for the memories!

I could be totally off base, but I think I heard a recent radio interview with Lidge, who said he was going back to school for a master's in something like ancient archeology? Maybe I got things messed up as I was driving.

Anyway, Vic out tonight. Sox becoming more and more the underdogs.

It was great back in '08. We're probably not going to see that again for quite a while.

can - You're right about Lidge going back to school. I think it might be some combination of religious studies and archeology. I know those are his two interests.

Good point by Gomes as related by Pierzinski: if not for that obstruction call, that was a fantastic double play. Nava got to the play in a hurry to throw it home and make the out on Craig - - which, of course, was nullified by the obstruction. (I realize that presumes that Craig might well have been safe were Middlebrooks' legs not in the way, but still.)

I still think Salty should have held on to the ball rather than attempt the play at 3B, even with an injury-hampered runner. But, of course, had it worked, I would think it was terrific. Hindsight's 20-20 and all that.

OT but I thought this was fun. The brass sections of Boston's orchestra and St. Louis's orchestra face off, talking smack for the WS.

GBF, thanks for the great youtube link! I'll share that with some of my wanna-be musician friends. I like the Sweet Caroline riff at the end of the BSO arrangement, too. Good stuff!

St. Louis' riff was "Meet Me In St. Louis". Really fun.

After Craig tripped over Middlebrooks, the ump immediately called interference. Had Craig decided to return to third after tripping, I believe he still would have been awarded an extra base and scored the winning run. The controversy probably would have been bigger, though.

There was speculation by McCarver that the rule may be looked at, with the possibility of changing it to take intent into account.

Sox really need to score some runs and win tonight.

Middlebrooks' intent was to interfere with the runner. Watch the way he kicked his legs up twice. That is not a natural movement for someone who is either falling or trying to get back up. I don't think that his legs are what caused the interference, but his intent was clear.

I don't think the intent was clear at all, aksmith. The analysts that I've heard have said it looked unintentional.

I actually thought it was better that the rule did not have intent built into it, since that is something subjectively judged.


"Don't think the controversy should be on the umpires here. When you throw the ball away they typically score. That's baseball"

— Hunter Pence (@hunterpence) October 27, 2013

Lie down on your belly and try to get up quickly. When I do so, I kick up my legs first to get some momentum. Just for good measure, I tested it on my kids, asking them to lie down, then telling them "You're a ballplayer who fell and you want to get up as quickly as possible. Go." Both of them raised their lower legs/feet.

I can't decide whether to hate the Cardinals or to want the Phillies to be the Cardinals. Or both.

beltran looks young for 36. should we or shouldn't we? someone here suggested he would turn into a pumpkin if we do. he looks like he might have a few good years left. what would he cost?

i agree, GBf. raising the legs is the first movement when trying to hop up onto your kness.

You know, I've also been trying to figure out whether I really hate the Cardinals or I'm just jealous.

In any case, watching the Sox gives me the same sinking feeling in my stomach that is so familiar from watching our dear Phillies in recent seasons.

With regard to acquiring players, I tend to subscribe very superstitiously to Murphy's Law. If we go after Beltran, he'll play old, injured, and without contributing much. If we don't, he'll have a great season for someone else.

I remember when MG tried to tell me Lynn wasn't a power pitcher.

He sure is finessing the hell out of Boston tonight.

Sox playing sloppy, or more likely, trying to do too much and playing tight (yes, I'm speculatively assigning intangible qualities). Doesn't bode well for them.

I will never understand why broadcasters argue that NL pitchers being used to batting is an advantage. Maybe, but it's so small an advantage as to be negligible. Lynn was 4 for 54, they said. That's a .075 BA.

McCarver's right. Gomes should be on 3B.

Mistake here by Matheny to not bring in Choate.

Why warm up Choate to potentially face Ortiz (for the 2nd time already this game) and then not bring in instead to let Lynn pitch around Ortiz and BB him on 4 pitches?

Matheny pulled a Cholly-type move there.

I forget to add to only pull Lynn the very next batter. Stupid.

woo hoo !!!

Why do you give a dead fastball hitter a 2-2 fastball?

Of course McCarver won't criticize Molina for a piss poor pitch selection.

From the MLB rule book:

OBSTRUCTION is the act of a fielder who, while not in possession of the ball and not in the act of fielding the ball, impedes the progress of any runner.

Rule 2.00 (Obstruction) Comment: If a fielder is about to receive a thrown ball and if the ball is in flight directly toward and near enough to the fielder so he must occupy his position to receive the ball he may be considered "in the act of fielding a ball." It is entirely up to the judgment of the umpire as to whether a fielder is in the act of fielding a ball. After a fielder has made an attempt to field a ball and missed, he can no longer be in the "act of fielding" the ball. For example: If an infielder dives at a ground ball and the ball passes him and he continues to lie on the ground and delays the progress of the runner, he very likely has obstructed the runner.

Cards likely cost themselves the game with their decisions that inning (Matheny not bringing in a warmed Choate to face Ortiz; Molina with the 2-2 fastball call).

Besides ending the game on an obstruction call, it was absolutely the right call and I hope they don't change it this offseason.

Red Sox announcers are ripping Matheny a new one including bringing in Choate to face Ellsbury here with nobody on and 2 outs.

I fail to see why there's any controversy over the obstruction call: There's really no question that Craig was interfered with and the rule makes no provision for intent. Sure, it was a wild and woolly way to end a World Series, game but no different from, say, a balk.

This isn't really comparable to, say, that controversial infield fly rule call from the wild card playoff game last year.

Er, World Series game. (Though it'd've been an even wilder and woolier way to end an actual World Series.)

Is there controversy over the call? Other than from Red Sox fans, probably. Even the team acknowledges today that it was the correct call.

the obstruction call and gomes HR are such delcious examples of the "crap shoot" of post-season play.

"Manager X pulled a Cholly-type move there"

I've seen this quote hundreds of times for about every manager in the game.

So every manager in baseball makes moves that go against the numbers - but yet Charlie was an idiot coach and everyone else just has these hiccups that look like Manuel...give up the tired act people.

Lorecore - giving his starter a longer hook only to pull one batter later was something that Cholly was prone to doing. That's all.

The obstruction call didn't score the run, the throwing error did.

If there wasn't obstruction, the runner scores anyway.

MG: Matheny has been criticized for having a 'slow hook' all playoffs.

Its like saying Ryan Howard had a "Mark Reynolds-like" at bat after he strikes out.

Farrell hasn't had a great series either so far. He had a couple of moves that was every to second guess and even screwed up a double switch last night.

Yeah I know since I live in St Louis and Matheny has done it all year.

MG proves my point further. Now both managers, in the World Series nonetheless, are being criticized for making bad moves.

But yet Charlie Manuel gets mocked for being some anomaly during his tenure because his moves were criticized? Like I said earlier, its as stupid as burying a hitter for striking out 22% of the time when the league average is 20%.

It wasn't an anomaly where Cholly would leave his starter in, have him pitch around a hitter, and them pull him the very next batter despite a reliever warmed and ready who was likely the better matchup.

xander could never play for the phillies. he hasn't been in the oven long enough. it would be like franco starting for us next year. god forbid.

Wow a WS game ends on a pickoff. Man this has been a strange series so far.

more crapshootiness.

At current rate, we really are going to have Game 7 end on a balk.

Wong was horrible this year offensively since he was called up and really only had been being used as a PH/PR. What a goat.

Wong should have been called safe. A world series game shouldn't end on a play like that. #sarcasm

That's why you don't play the newbies.

(Just kidding.)

Nice pickoff and another unusual way to end a game!

shouldn't the 1st base coach have told wong that he could steal 3 bases and it still may not matter?


Seth Meyers ‏@sethmeyers 11m
Tomorrow's game probably ends with a falcon catching ball in its beak and dropping it over fence for walkoff.

an avian fluke.

This is awesome. Yasiel Puig showed up at a kids' baseball practice and pitched to them as well as signed autographs. The video is great - first you see one kid trying to play it cool at home after the fact, then his excitement about meeting the major leaguer bursts forth. Later, you see Puig playing ball with the kids.

I cannot imagine Wong got a lot of sleep last night. Also can't imagine how quiet the clubhouse near him probably was after the game. It's a big stage.

Great link GBrettfan. They will NEVER forget that day. Thanks!!

an avian fluke.


A couple thoughts:

1. The interference call was absolutely correct and good for the umps for calling it. Salty should have been shot for making that low percentage throw in the first place.

2. How do you fall asleep on 1B in the bottom of the 9th of a key WS game? Wong should be outrighted immediately.

Farrell has made some mind-boggling stupid decisions in this post-season and some have cost them and some worked out. Not impressed one bit by him.

MG: I'm not defending Molina in any way but you do understand that the catcher AND pitcher working together decide what to throw. It's possible the pitcher wanted the fastball and it didn't work. Also, a fastball may have worked had it not been grooved over the middle of the plate

FWIW, on the interference call, it was an interference call the moment he dove for the ball. He was in the basepath at that point and even if he froze instead of scissoring his legs, it was gonna be interference. Salty should never ever have even considered making that throw. There was nothing the 3B could do to avoid an inteference call once the throw went wild and he didnt make the catch.

TTI - Cards' announcers and even Matheny haved touted Molina as being like a general behind the plate who the pitchers on this staff (especially the rookies this year) heavily defer to call the pitch.

I don't dislike McCarver as much as others but it would be nice if he would have at least even questioned such a poor pitch selection by Molina. Not a word.

Nor on the throw that Molina skipped into 2nd later in the game went into shallow CF. That is why McCarver sucks (that I think his eyesight isn't as good as anymore).

Yo, has anyone seen this?:

It was linked over at The Good Phight.

It aims to give the authors a way to "get a rough idea which systems have the highest probability of delivering premium talent in 2014 or ’15."

Phils rank #17.

With regard to acquiring players, I tend to subscribe very superstitiously to Murphy's Law. If we go after Beltran, he'll play old, injured, and without contributing much. If we don't, he'll have a great season for someone else.

I concur...Thats seems to be the Philadelpia Sports Curse. It was never broken in 08 the Sports God just gave us one so we can have false hope for another 25 years.

awh - Interesting link but I always kind of put these rankings with a grain of salt especially because of the huge washout rate of pitching prospects.

Pence trades (Singleton, Santana, Cosart) and what they got back in return (magic beans it increasingly look like) along with the Lee trade (less than magic beans in return) are why the system is so threadbare right now along with the shaky drafting the last several years.

As to the obstruction call in Game 3, Verducci takes the position that it's because they were playing under NL rules.

clout likes to point out the DH effect in 2009, and it was true then, but as Verducci points out, in the WS "Since 2001 AL teams are 11-23 in NL parks."

MG, agree. The two biggest trade flops by r00b and the FOols were those two trades, which don't put their scouting operation in a very good light.

Massive fail by the scouting department. Massive.

Oh, and aren't the draft picks screened by the same scouting department that evaluated the talent the Phillies got back in the Lee and Pence trades?

I really don't see why anybody here is giving Molina any credit or blame about pitch selection.

It's pretty obvious he's not the one selecting pitches.

awh: thanks for link.

Phils ranking mid pack at #17 is actually not too bad of a spot for them. Its hardly a surge of talent, but with Asche and Ruf already playing in the majors and top prospects Franco/Biddle making it through AA - the Phils deservedly should get some acknowledgement as at least near league average in terms of mlb value from their farm.

While Yadier definitely gets heaps of praise from the mainstream, I find it well earned.

If you were a nonPhillies fan, you'd probably be sick of hearing how important and intangibly gifted Ruiz was during their title stretch. As a Phillies fan I always loved when he got his respects beyond just the numbers, so its hard to get bothered when Molina gets his.

"Why do you give a dead fastball hitter a 2-2 fastball?"


"Of course McCarver won't criticize Molina for a piss poor pitch selection."

That's because he hates the Sox. I'm sure you don't watch them regularly like I do, but consistently there is a pattern where he sniffs the other team's jocks and craps on the Sox. Consistently. The worst is when it's the Yankees playing us. An aging Yankee player could whiff on 3 pitches in a critical at bat, and McCarver will blather on about an amazing pinch hit HR the guy hit back in 1883 or whenever. Really annoying. So much so my wife and I muted the TV and put the radio guys on...

Lorecore is right. Molina gets credit from the national media BECAUSE he is a pretty great catcher.

He came up to the majors because of his glove work and the way he calls a game. 2005 was the first time he had full time work. He has thrown out: 64%, 44%, 54%, 35%, 41%, 49%, 29%, 48%, and 43% of runners. Career wise he is at 45 % throwing out base runners 236 times on 530 attempts.

On top of that he has worked hard at becoming a better offensive player and has done that. He has gone 124, 137, and 131 OPS+ the last 3 seasons.

Yes he may be cocky or a bit of a jackoff but he is good at what he does.

Lore: I think it's just a question of scale. Ruiz gets the occasional props from a national broadcast team. Usually when he makes a particularly impressive block or when a pitcher gets out of a major jam thanks to a K or an infield pop-up.

Molina gets the credit from the ESPN team (in particular) when a Cardinals pitcher gets a called 2nd strike. They proceed to continue on in that vein for the entire inning - even when the Cardinals come up to bat (often comparing the catcher of "The Other Guys" against Yadier).

I also think it's particularly undeserved when they praise his awesome pitch selection and the rapport he has with the pitchers... Even as the camera shows him staring into the dugout 3 pitches in a row.

I don't think you'll find anyone who argues he can't throw out runners with the best of 'em, however.

Best moment of the post-season so far: The announcers going on for 30 minutes of praise on Yadier Molina...after his BROTHER Jose Molina had an AB in the Tampa WC game.

That was epic.

"Ruiz gets the occasional props from a national broadcast team."

Maybe now - but even a person with phillies bias like myself could recognize the slobbering he would get during their success.

I think it stuck out so much because McCarver called him Roo-ezz everytime.

Nixon: McCarver doesnt hate the red sox, just like joe buck doesn't hate the phillies, or any other fraudulent belief a team's fans conceive anytime an opposing play or player gets praised by a broadcaster.

One of my favorite moments had Kruk gushing about how "if you're a Cardinals pitcher, you really have to feel so secure knowing that [Molina] is behind the plate, and just 100% faith in his pitch calls and his ability to stop anything that's in the dirt."

Lore: Honestly, I don't recall him getting particularly much attention until 2011/2012. 2011, because of who he was catching, and 2012 because of his bat (there were lots of "he was always a good defensive catcher, but he's really come into his own this year with the bat" type comments).

Other than that, it seemed mostly incidental - or, as mentioned, when he had an impressive block (his CS wasn't so good that he got props for that).

Joe Buck doesnt hate the Phillies, he just hates baseball in general and has openly said he doesn't like doing baseball broadcasters. So logically, he does the WS every year.

NEPP - Yeah. I really wish Fox would replace Buck's apathy and McCarver's severely-eroded analysis.

MG, with this being McCarver's last World Series, you'll get at least one half of your wish next year...

And I agree that Buck is extremely grating, and it's not hard to hear in his voice how he prefers football to baseball. However, if I'm being 100% honest, I'd still rather listen to Buck call a baseball game than Tom McCarthy.

Basically, anyone who can adopt a "T-Mac" monicre appears to be absolutely terrible at broadcasting. Wonder how long until Tracy McGrady takes a shot at getting behind the mic?

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On this day ... well, kind of - Beerleaguer - Phillies Blog, Baseball News, Trade Rumors & Spirits

On this day ... well, kind of - Beerleaguer - Phillies Blog, Baseball News, Trade Rumors & Spirits

On this day ... well, kind of - Beerleaguer - Phillies Blog, Baseball News, Trade Rumors & Spirits

On this day ... well, kind of - Beerleaguer - Phillies Blog, Baseball News, Trade Rumors & Spirits

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