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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Tough luck for the Dodgers these first two games to be on the losing end of well-pitched, low-scoring games. I would have thought Greinke and Kershaw could beat the Cardinals' starters not named Wainwright.

Magic Johnson looked pretty nervous - read a headline on to that effect.

Wow, Wacha was their compensation pick for letting Pujols walk?

Hopefully, the Dodgers can win at home. They're going to have to score a few more runs.

I don't dislike the Cardinals. I'm just tired of them winning. I am envious, though.

I will say how impressive it is to see these rookies pitching so well in this postseason. Cole, Gray, Wacha...

Wacha has been crazy dominant. Worst outing of his last 3. NLCS has been worth the hype. Will be a great out game on Monday.

That game against the Astros was the greatest game I have ever seen. It had a little bit of everything. And I felt like I had run a marathon by the time it was over.

Michael Wacha is actually the perfect example of why it's easy to hate the Cardinals. He's a four-year college draftee in 2012, taken with the compensation pick awarded for the privilege of not being under a 9yr/$200MM+ contract, who reaches MLB at the end of 2013 and is introduced to baseball world via a game with 8.2 innings of hitless baseball, to follow-up that up with 6 IP+ of hitless baseball and simply being stupid dominant in his first two playoff appearances.

That career trajectory required everything to break right for the Cardinals. As the Cardinals are a good organization with a sound approach to team-building, they don't need good luck in order to be successful. Which is why their Midas-touch, especially with things beyond their control (e.g. Pujols' avarice), is insufferable.

Whelp, Anibal Sanchez takes his place in baseball history as just the second man to strikeout four people in one inning. It's going to be one of those games, isn't it?

That whole Astros series was better than any WS. Last 4 games all extra innings. I was ready to settle in for 4 hours until I saw the first commercial break was longer than the original. I always wondered if a video was available, without ads, but with Phils announcers. Didn't remember that either Keith Jackson or Howard Kosell did baseball.

Scouting matters...a shame the Phillies, a team supposedly that believes in old-school scouting, sucks so bad at it.

It's still a no-hitter, but the bases are loaded. Wild.

It really is one of those games. Just how many no-hit innings have been thrown so far this postseason? Tonight's the...fourth game to have a no-hitter thrown through six innings? While probably not a record, it's indicative of just how ridiculously good the pitching's been so far this postseason.

Especially since these are normally good offensive teams.

Bullpens have done a great job, as well as starters.

Ellsbury stole 52 bases this year. I'm impressed.

Boston has always had a culture of whining/entitlement and it continues with this team. Pedroia just threw a sh*t fit over watching strike three go by on what was clearly on the outside corner. They've been crying all night.

If Vic wasn't on this team, they'd be just as loathsome as they are every other year.

Hitless through eight innings! Craziness. It'd figure, with all of the no-hit innings so far this postseason, the pitching staff that actually pulled it off would be one whose performance was the ugliest of the lot.

Whoa. I didn't think Drew was going to catch that. Nicely done!

Red Sox are looking a little Phillie-ish at the plate tonight.

If Boston wins this game, you'll never hear the end of it from their fans.

Thank God.

Bogaert chokes. Clearly a bum without a future.

Seriously, though. I really wish I liked any of the teams in that've made it this far, because the quality of the games has been incredible.

Loved the 80 WS. Was shocked and thrilled that I lived long enough to see a second in 08. Don't expect to live ling enough to see a third, not the way the Phillies do things.

That game was one of the enduring memories of my childhood. I was 11 at the time and never missed a game on TV or radio. But after going down three in the 8th, I thought the dream was over and headed upstairs nearly in tears. My parents had the lights out in their room but my my mom, knowing the heartbreaks of the previous NLCS battles called out "is it over yet?" I told her that, no, it wasn't but they were down three in the 8th and they were going to lose. Something in the way she asked (she told me later she "had a feeling") made me flip on my clock radio, which naturally, was set to the Phillies station. And what I heard was something bordeine homer-ish that you rarely heard from a Phillies broadcast: "Larry Bowa starts the Phillies comeback with a single to centerfield." I believe, but not 100% certain it was Harry who made that call. Needles to say, I scrambled back downstairs to watch the rest of that magnificent, compete with Wheels screeching like a schoolgirl after Maddox caught the final out.

Have been a lifelong Phils fan but, you have to admire the Cardinals ability to annualy be in the mix for the pennant. Don't hear that word any more! Would like to see the Phils raid the St. Louis organization and bring sanity to a sport gone amok.

The Cards have been a great franchise since the mid-twenties after Branch Rickey invented the farm system. Since then, the Cards have been strong in every decade except the 50's, the 70's, and the 90's.

Rickey went on to make the Dodgers into a great franchise beginning in the late 40's by bringing talented black players to MLB.

What a great Tweet and reminder from Matt Stairs!

mstairs12 ‏@mstairs12 48m
5 years ago today is when I started drinking free in Philly. Love homeruns !!!!

jayban, the Phillies will not raid STL. To go outside their own org like that would be a tacit admission that the FOols they have making baseball decisions are not up to the job.

That 1980 Astos/Phillies series was the best playoff series I ever saw. Nothing else has come close.

I had a dopey MLB game in the late '80s on our home IBM.

Based on his undefeated record and lights-out ERA, Bystrom was unhittable.


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