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Monday, October 07, 2013


"Yes, Howard's return will help a lot."


"Is Darin Ruf that right-handed bat? He could be. With 14 homers in 73 games in 2013, Ruf has the power. The problem is it comes in spurts."

And Dom's doesn't? AAMOF a lot of hitters' power comes is spurts.

"Mike Napoli, Carlos Beltran (switch), Nelson Cruz, Mike Morse, Corey Hart, Jason Bay and Jarrod Saltalamacchia (switch)..."

Napoli has no position on the Phils, Beltran is older but would probably be an upgrade but at what price, Cruz carries PED risk, Morse intrigues but has been injured and he's a terrible fielder, Hart has said he wants to be back in MIL and will give them a discount, Bay is probably through, and I'll wager the Bosox re-sign Salty and he likes it there.

So, Beltran and Morse are basically it.

I was hoping for an "It was two years ago today ..." post to bookend the prior thread.

What, no one wants to reminisce about the game where only Utley & Vic managed to get on base, Ryan Howard wound up face-first on the turf & r00b decided what the Phillies needed to fix their assorted ills was to throw fistfuls of cash at Johnathan Papelbon? 102 regular season wins, woohoo!

awh™: Corey Hart is also an insufferable onslaught of "Sunglasses At Night" jokes risk.

Yankees bought Babe Ruth for a staggering sum of cash in 1920

Why didn't the PHILLIES buy The Babe?

He was a LH BAT!



Why would you care what side of the plate SHIN-SOO CHOO was standing when he generated an .885 OPS?



Remember TED WILLIAMS sucked too

He was a LH BAT!

PHANTARDS and the Philly media who troll them.

Dump Howard and move Ruf to first base!

Wanna see some EXTREME splits? A's catcher Derek Norris in 2013:

OPS vs. RHP: .445, 135 PA
OPS vs. LHP: .990, 178 PA

GTown, funny.

Right-handed bat you say?

I know! Maybe we can trade Franco and Biddle for Hunter Pence!

I don't feel either option makes sense, but I do often wonder whether those who want the Phillies to "dump" Howard still believe he's tradeable, or just want the team to hand Ryan his release papers & eat $85 million.

If RH BATS are so important then why aren't JAYSON WERTH and HUNTER PENCE still here?

SHANE VICTORINO is a better RH bat and has even stopped hitting from the left side.

Why isn't Shane still here?



Spammies would be more apt.

Even if you think Ryan Howard is only who he was this year, that's still a guy who posts an .878 OPS against right-handed pitching.

Not the sort of guy you pay $85MM to play for someone else.

mvptommyd must be rolling over in his grave (I'm assuming he died when he was unable to walk and chew gum without falling off of the sidewalk to be hit by a passing dump truck).

Has the guy who holds the keys to banning BL posters been furloughed?

"but I do often wonder whether those who want the Phillies to "dump" Howard still believe he's tradeable, or just want the team to hand Ryan his release papers & eat $85 million."

That's the only thing you wonder about when it comes to Howard. You're obsessed with how much money he makes.

Do you know why?

Because you love money. You dream about it. You clutch your lottery tickets. You clutch your gambling stubs.

You dream about being rich. You're a capitalist's sucker. A slave.

The root of all evil is the love of money.

Great pitching duel in Pittsburgh. Just 2 total hits (both STL) in the 4th.

Let's see if Balfour can atone for last year.

This is what happens when schizophrenics quit taking medication. They're kinda hilarious but mostly dangerous, like a chimp w/ a chainsaw.

Free AEC: Every single one of your posts makes multiple mentions to money. Shut the f up.

All of the pining for a RH power bat never ceases to amaze, given that Hunter Pence wasn't exactly the most adored of souls when he was here and ably filling that role. I wonder if the continued travails in trying to find a RHB thumping RF will, in time, soften opinions towards Pence and the team that brought him to Philly.

I wonder: If Pence had been retained and extended to a deal roughly comparable to the one he signed in San Francisco, how many posters would be ballyhooing about giving someone with such bad fundamentals a 5yr/$90MM deal?





Disrespecting our intelligence

Ryan Howard is sunk cost.

Why don't the PHILLIES sign Cuban star RH bat JOSE ABREU?


I think we've found something that is uniting all the posters of BL. The inanity of Free AEC and his nonsensical posts.

LoreCorE, properly: STFU!

Babe Ruth's career numbers against LHP: .326/.456/.677/1.133

Ted Williams' career numbers against LHP: .304/.430/.486/.915

Shin-Soo Choo's career numbers against LHP: .243/.340/.341/.680.

"how many posters would be ballyhooing about giving someone with such bad fundamentals a 5yr/$90MM deal?"

All of them!

They want FREE BATS!

David Montgomery is their HERO!


Dickie, Balfour is scheduled to faced VMart, Peralta and Avila unless they PH.

Donaldson put away the heart of the order.

I'm following A's/TIgers on Gameday. what is the delay for?

Why didn't the PHILLIES trade for MATT HOLLIDAY and sign him?


SCAMMIES MAFIA colluding against BORAS.

Middle of THIRTY YEARS WAR they declared against Boras in 1997.


Amateurs. We should shoot for at least 101, so as to beat out the French and English.

Free AEC is apparently not aware that Dom Brown is a Boras client.

2-0 Cards on a Holliday HR (he actually touched the plate, too).

Pirates still hitless through 5.

awh - In fairness, I don't think Free AEC is aware of reality.

Wow, A's guaranteed at least a Game 5 in Oakland.

freeaec: the only scam here is that you haven't been banned from the site yet.

awh: For some reason I though it was Game 4. Nevermind.

I have been "watching" the games on ESPN Gamecast as well as Gameday.

FWIW, there are features on ESPN that are superior, IMHO, to Gameday, and sometimes it updates faster, which should embarrass MLB.

awh, the delay was due to the benches clearing after Martinez took exception to Balfour's talking from the mound. I'm not sure if there was something to it, but Matt V. said Balfour always talks to himself in a fired-up way. Martinez approached Balfour and before you knew it, everyone was out there and the BPs were running in, too. Nothing happened, though.

I would not avoid Nelson Cruz this offseason, based on two thoughts:

#1. PEDs aren't the main reason for player's success
#2. He can probably find new/better PEDs if he does need them

GBrett, thanks.

Scammies Mafia = Spammies Mafia

In fact, to call the posts spam is an insult to BUY ONLINE VIAGRA emails everywhere.

I'd kill to have the history/pipeline of solid pitching that St Louis has had the luxury of trotting out there for the last few years.

Wacha lost the perfect game (walk to the still very punchable Russell Martin), but keeps the no-no in tact through 6. Still 2-0 STL.

"Free AEC is apparently not aware that Dom Brown is a Boras client."

Not when the PHILLIES signed Brown for the astonishingly low price of $200,000.

Brown got screwed. It was the talk "of the industry".

Brown got smart later and now he's going to get paid.

Won't be here though.

Phillies have never signed a Boras client from the draft or an open market situation.



Martin alone is enough to keep me off of the Pittsburgh bandwagon. He'll probably wind up hitting a walk-off HR.

Um, Brown can't make only $200K. MLB minimum wage is close to $500K.

Also, if anybody has MLBTV and AtBat, they can watch the (non-telecast, though with announcers) video of the games on their mobile devices.

GTown, but you have to consider, Molina is also on the Punchable list (as is Brian Wilson for the Dodgers and anyone who ever wears a Braves uniform). Tough postseason for the NL in the Punchable Face department.

Oh, wait. Just double checked the list. AJ Burnett's recent addition does give the Cards a 2-1 advantage. Go Cardinals!?

Just a friendly reminder...

- Cody Ross
- Russell Martin
- Nick Swisher
- Mark Teixeira
- Dan Uggla
- Jonathan Papelbon
- Buster Posey
- Brian Wilson
- Yadier Molina
- Nyjer Morgan
- Jose Reyes
- Alex Rodriguez
- Bryce Harper
- AJ Burnett
- Bobby Valentine (inactive manager; lifetime achievement)

"Phillies have never signed a Boras client from the draft..."

Fool, they signed Brown in the draft. You're just too st00pid...






Yup. Brown got screwed when he signed that contract out of high school with a $200k signing bonus. Definitely screwed.

By the way, he had a full ride to the U. Not a bad decision to make as a senior in high school.

No-no in tact through 7.

Through 7...

WP, STL drafts and DEVELOPS pitchers well.

awh, EXACTLY. Which is why even a fraction of Papelbon's salary could be much better spent. I'd have Duncan name his price to be our next Pitching Coach and I'd offer an additional $3M on top of that.





Preacher: It's a sad state of affairs when Atlanta is the NL team w/ the fewest number of official PFs (Uggla having been left off of the NLDS roster). Now that Chipper & Cocks are gone, I kind of nothing the Braves.

Free Stupid_Me, the Phillies have signed Boras clients.

Two come to mind right of the top of my head: Madson and RoLo.

Go call WIP and make an idiot out of yourself over there.

Zach Miner is also a Boras client.

Free st00pid_ME is really st00pid and t00 lazy to do even a mdicum of homework.


Phils also signed Milwwod, who is a Boras client. Sheesh.

Free st00pid_ME is too st00pid to engage any more. I finished.

I completely forgot about the Pirates game until the A's ended. Just saw Pedro Alvarez's HR. I didn't know there was a no-hitter going until then. Wow!

Boom, no-no gone.



Will never play 3B for PHILLIES.


"Free st00pid_ME is really st00pid and t00 lazy to do even a mdicum of homework."

In fairness, I don't think it's an issue of stupidity or laziness. I think it's an issue of being off medication.

off HIS medication, that was supposed to say

Free st00pid_ME, Scott Boras employee.

Will never work for the Phillies.





Well, this game got interesting quickly.

Lost in the no-no drama:

The Cards only have 3 hits today themselves.

I think GTown is right. We're setting up for a Russell Martin walk-off. I might never watch baseball again.

Jayson Werth isn't worth what he's making. Ryan Madson spent the last two seasons watching from PT clinic. Kyle Lohse required a 1st-round pick, a fair amount of money, and managed fewer than 200 IP this year.

WP, Marin got lifted for a PR who promptly got CS.

'buster, stop making sense. You'll confuse the troll.

"Kyle Lohse required a 1st-round pick, a fair amount of money, and managed fewer than 200 IP this year."

No stupid.

Kyle Lohse pitched for the Phillies before he became a Cardinal.

The Phillies conducted a fraudulent negotiation with Boras much like they later did with him over Madson and Lohse got tossed onto the market late and signed with the Cardinals for one year.

The Phillies have never signed a SCOTT BORAS client in an open market situation.

The Phillies have never drafted and signed a Boras client.


"WP, Marin got lifted for a PR who promptly got CS."

Thank God. I suppose a Jason Grilli extra innings pitching clinic then? I'm resigned to the fact that it's going to be painful for me, just trying to figure out the specifics.

I don't like Buck much more than I like Martin.

The frequent Scott Boras interludes are exciting and all (AND SO FULL OF FACTUAL INFORMATION AND NOT BIASED AT ALL!) but you'll forgive me if I head over to another blog that actually wants to discuss a 1 run playoff game in the ninth inning?

WP, where are you headed? I'll join you.

Yeah, those 61 innings he pitched in '07 sure were terribly inspiring. I can't believe they didn't want his sub-6.0 IP/start average when you factored in his awesome 4.72 ERA (4.82 career to that point - 7 years).

I mean, you don't find that sort of production just anywhere, after all. You can only get that sort of output from guys like Kyle Kendrick (4.38 career ERA through 7 years), John Lannan (4.12 career ERA through 7 years) or Joe Blanton (4.30 career ERA through 7 years).

Grilli in the 10th looking unlikely.

Appropriately, Neil Walker took a 4-pitch walk. Brought to you by Johnny Walker's.

Despite my reservations about Pittsburgh sports, if any team deserves a storybook ending, it's the Pirates. McCutchen coming up in the bottom of the ninth with a man on first? Here's hoping for the walk-off homer.

B.J. Rosenthal having control problems.

I think "Neil Walker walks" is my favorite Gameday Play-By-Play moment.

awh, just rode it out on Twitter. It does feel like we need to find a new place though. This must be what it feels like to live in Detroit, just waiting for the jobs to come back and the crime to die down.

I can't see the Pirates beating Wainwright in STL. Not beating Wacha today was a missed opportunity. Too bad they couldn't get the bats going earlier in the game.

McCutchen got his pitch to win the series on and he took it. Was it prudent to take the 3-0 pitch? Probably. But if the Pirates end up losing Game 5, that take should haunt Pirates fans this winter.

I agree, WP. This was the Pirates' best chance. Facing Wainwright in St. Louis will be tough. I really thought they'd do it in the 9th, too.

That CS was bad. I'm always surprised people try to run on Molina to begin with.

Free AEC keeps upping his game. Now he's misusing the word 'collusion' in every post.

Maybe he means "collision?"

***It does feel like we need to find a new place though. This must be what it feels like to live in Detroit, just waiting for the jobs to come back and the crime to die down.***

This site is dead and has been for a couple months now. The fact that the mods simply don't give a damn about constant spamming is just a symptom of that death.

Oh well...BL had a good run.

Cheers...and farewell for now.

I'd like to release someone else from the asylum and make them compete with Free Ass.

PHILLIES season ticket holders are angry.

Pat Egan justed tweeted that the Phillies request for $5264.00 is crazy.

" I don't think the tickets are worth half that. Get real"

You tell them Pat!


Fight the Scammies the way they fight SCOTT BORAS!



KEMP $20mil

EITHIER $13.5mil

PUIG $3.7mil


3 x $480,000


Rachel Nichols gets her own TV show? Oy very. I wonder why.

I guess she has a nose up in the industry.

That Escobar to 3B play looks on replay as though they got Ellsbury.

David Ortiz is so good...still. Victorino has certainly been doing his part, too. It's a team effort, which is what the Phillies have been missing - that ability to have several players execute often enough to make a difference, to make an offensive presence.

BOSTON 5.27 Runs Per Game 1st in MLB

PHILLIES 3.77 Runs Per Game 27th in MLB





I'm listening to the broadcasters praise Victorino's handling of that DeJesus hit. It only makes me miss him more.

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