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Thursday, October 03, 2013


As I mentioned in the prior thread, "Outrighted" isn't the same as "Released", or "Dismembered". So long as Martinez is somewhere in the Phillies system -- & there's no reason to think he won't be -- he's a threat to return.

Night of the Living Martinez

Produced, Writen and Directed by Ruben Amaro Jr.

From previous thread:

I think Amaro's new plan is to free up enough space on the 40-man roster to field a team made up entirely of Rule 5 players.

Posted by: Dragon | Thursday, October 03, 2013 at 04:30 PM

Mr. Dragon, THAT IS NOT FUNNY!!!

Martinez was outrighted last year.

Night of the Living Martinez

Produced, Writen and Directed by Ruben Amaro Jr.

Tagline: He Bites ... & So Will Your Team!

I thought that when that certain poster started posting here he stated that the Phillies haven't allowed Middleton to become a full partner. Now his posts are saying Middleton slashed payroll and is the one to blame. I'm so confused.

I'm kind of surprised about Orr. I always thought he was considered (reasonably) valuable in the system because of his versatility (there's that word again...sorry) and his speed. However, now that we have more promising young bench/roster players in the system(Galvis, Hernandez, Ruf, Asche, etc.), Orr's strengths (plural used loosely) are probably redundant.

He's supposed to be a great clubhouse guy and a good motivator of the kids; that was one reason I believe Sandberg brought him up at the end of this season.




SHIN-SOO CHOO 112 walks


If you believe that Amaro doesn't know that Choo is a stud then it's YOU who are the "rube".

The Phillies are in the middle of a Thirty Years War with Scott Boras.

How could you be a long time Phillies fan and not understand that? How is it that the Philly media refuses to openly discuss this 30 years war that was publicly declared by Bill Giles and others in the Phillies organization in 1997?

This war cost the Phillies Mark Teixeria because Mike Arbuckle was prohibited from drafting him and revealed this before the draft in an interview with Larry Shenk on the Phillies web site!

The beat writers ignored this, refused to transmit the fact that the Phillies were boycotting and colluding against Scott Boras.

2014 is shaping up to be a bang up SCAMMIES season again.

Does Fred Wilpon own the Mets or the Phillies? I'm having an increasingly difficult time telling these teams apart. I find their positional "talent" creepily similar as is their unwillingness to pay top level free agent position talent. The Mets have this public excuse but the Phillies are following the Mets path without justification, in fact the Phillies financials are in the opposite direction.


Wow. A paragraph. Sort of.

can_of_corn: His other qualities notwithstanding, Orr is one of those guys who appears to be moving fast when he runs, yet never quite seems to beat out the throw.

The only name on the list that surprised me was Robles. He's a lefty, only 24 and posted some pretty good minor-league numbers.

"Nevertheless, it appears as if the end of Martinez's Keith Richards-like survival skills have finally come to a head."

Please. This is like the 3rd time they have removed him from the 40-man roster & outrighted him to AAA. He comes back every time & will come back again.

Versatility never goes out of style. See you in spring training.

Did anybody read the article (headline in sidebar) about Chase Utley taking Cody Asche under his wing? There wasn't a lot there, just that Chase said he'd like Cody's locker to be next to his, that he sees potential in the kid, and Cody appreciates it (naturally). I'm a sucker for those kinds of stories.

Everyone on TBS's analysis panel expects the Cardinals to win. I don't care. Go, Pirates!

Following the disheartening 2013 campaign, Martinez found himself so concerned with Pete Orr's fragile emotional state that when he found out Orr was being sent down, he insisted on being Designated for Assignment himself, so Pete wouldn't feel so bad.

Orr's tears softened as he mumbled his thanks to his longtime "utility compadre."

-- Life of a Baseball God by R. A. Marrow II

Truly, the heart and soul of this team is composed of the utility players. Why, they're so integral to keeping it from embarrassing itself that you could say they were like... The team's belt.


Tyler Cloyd ‏@Tyler_Cloyd 16m
Just wanna say Thank You to everyone with the #Phillies and everything they have done for me and my family over the past few years.

I'll still be rooting for Cloyd, although I can't see how he can carve out any kind of ML career. When you are the very poor man's Kyle Kendrick, well ...

I believe this is the third time that Mini Mart has been outrighted off the 40 means nothing.

Outright should only be used when the word released follows.

Wainwright v. Burnett. Sounds like a Cardinals win tonight. (Burnett just walked Wainwright.) Maybe that's all the analysts were calling, was tonight's game.

And of course Beltran hits one out. 3-0 Cardinals.

I'd almost forgotten Burnett was w/ the Pirates. I don't like him, either.

I don't like Burnett, either. And he's not acquitting himself well this inning. Pitching himself out of the game, more like.

Maybe I won't be sorry I have to miss the end of this game. (And the beginning of the Dodgers-Cardinals game.)

Idiot Burnett just walking in a run.

Someone wrote this article for me, looks like. "Are you tired of the Cardinals? Too bad."

The Pirates kinda looked like the Phillies just then.

I turned the game off. I thought I left bad baseball like that behind when the Phillies season ended. I have Back To School night, anyway.

I can't even watch the Pirates tomorrow since MLB Network is not part of my Verizon package. Which I find irritating, but it is what it is.

Go Cards. I can't separate the Pirates from Pittsburgh - the worst city in America with the weirdest people.

BobbyD, Kid Rock is calling on line 2 and would like a word with you about Detroit.

I also turned it off because I felt as if I was watching the Phils again, only without even caring as much about the outcome.

GBrettfan -- the game is on TBS.

The PHILLIES bucked the odds ignoring international talent and fighting a war against SCOTT BORAS.

The chickens have come home to roost.


What's with the spam? This is getting lame.

Who was it that said the Cardinals are an infuriatingly competent organization a couple of days ago? After that throw by Martinez, I think I agree with that sentiment.

They're just too good. The Mary Sues of Major League Baseball.

Nobody cares what you have to say and you are a child ruining a great blog. Crawl back in your hole and die

"What's with the spam? This is getting lame.

Posted by: CS | Thursday, October 03, 2013 at 07:42 PM"


Agreed. Though, I suppose we could always do what this site's administrators have done and just stop coming here...

Are the Cardinals really using their closer in an 8 run game?

I give up on this sport.

That bleepin' squirrel still haunts me. I knew from that moment on the Phils were cooked...

I must be the only guy that finds this Scammies person funny. This is the same guy who said we should sign Glaus, Clement and Beltran in 2004.

I suppose it will get old eventually, but during a time when we have to watch St Louis, Atlanta and LA in the playoffs, which the Phillies used to own, it's a much-needed dose of comedy (albeit unintentional).

"Also, I did feel the Phillies had a chance of competing this past season if r00b made certain moves, which I outlined at the time."

I am prepared to give $100 to the person that can find (and link) to GTown's so called 'outline of moves' from last off-season.

the spammer is insane. But I agree on one point. They need that Tanaka kid. If he's half as good as his Japanese numbers, he'd be well worth a high posting. And he's young. All he costs is money.

The subject poster who is actually extremely annoying might be the proverbial blind squirrel...

• Why did Amaro sign Howard to a $125mm extension – what, 2 years early? - in the face of slowly declining statistics?
• Why would Amaro dump (if you'll pardon the expression) Cliff Lee upon the acquisition of Roy Halladay, except for the sole purpose of not carrying two $20mm (current or potential) pitcher contracts?
• Why did Ultey? Howard? Halladay? all play to the precipice of serious injury; all possessing large contracts?
• Why did our beloved GM state that “the team needs to change their approach at the plate”; then in the next 12 – 18 months do a very creepy 180 and state all he worshiped was “production” (barf…)
• Why would Nate Schierholtz be released and Laynce Nix be kept on the 25 man when evidence pointed to Schierholtz being the better player (hint: Nix was under what I believe was a 2-year contract)?
• Why was Darin Ruf not awarded a spot on the bench in '13; based soley on his explosive breakout season (hint: someone did not want to look like an a**clown for the early Howard extenstion)?
• How the bleep can anyone explain Michalel Martinez??

Others have described Amaro's bizarre decisions far more eloquently than I... it just seems to me that Ruben Amaro Jr. - someone whom I have begun to sympathize with - is nothing more than a Stanford-educated marionette, employed solely at the pleasure of David Montgomery.

Ever hear David Montgomery speak? He’s not the brightest bulb, but I think that he could be drunk with the power he has over a very valuable MLB club. And Amaro realizes he has no other skills to make this kind of coin, so he does Monty’s bidding – crying on camera! – without complaint.

Crazy? Why would an educated GM authorize half the crap Amaro has? Face it folks. Until the limited partnership sells, and truth be told, we are screwed. ’02 – ’11 was “lightning in the bottle”. Whatever.

Yes, *nine* years of "lightning in a bottle." That must be it.

cut: Regardless of whether anyone agree with the rest of your point or not- 9 years is not lightning in a bottle. That is a steady progression to the upper tier of teams.

Also- I know it is a popular refrain but Ruf not being on the bench for this year was not directly related to the Howard contract

You speak of a heresy, TTI! There was absolutely no reason to send Ruf to AAA at the start of the season. Sure, he was terrible in Spring Training and had all of 33 MLB PA prior to that, but the front office should have known that he wasn't just an old-for-the-league piece of organizational filler who had a good year!

Speaking of Darin Ruf, I'm now sad after Gattis's attempted diving catch. As he's the closest thing to Ruf in the playoffs, so I'm pulling for him.

For all the jokes we've made all year about the Phillies "getting Young," we're on a crash course for Michael v. Delmon in the WS, aren't we?

9 years in 130 seasons might qualify as "lightning in a bottle"

Has that kind of a feel to it, yes, Willard Preacher.

And at the rate Evan Gattis is making damaging mistakes, by the time the NLDS is over, it won't be safe for him to play in Atlanta any more. We could do a lot worse than him behind the dish next year. And our collection of lovable, large, and defensively awkward players would continue to grow!

"We don't have a payroll where we're forced to win," Young said. "No one ever picks us. So it's a lot easier to go out there and win a ballgame instead of a $200 million payroll where it's win the World Series or bust. Everyone is more relaxed here and has a lot of fun, so it's just a great environment to play in."

MLBTR is projecting Mayberry to make 1.7 million in arbitration this year. Please don't let that happen Amaro.

I don't doubt that's true. Nothing succeeds like success.

Oh, and it's fun watching the Braves sh*t the bed.

I don't know how I feel about the number for Kendrick either.

I think that more than anything, I'm rooting for good games. So I'm happy that the Braves scored. When I got home, it was 4-0. I assume the Pirates lost? It was 8-1 last I saw.

Hopefully that will put a stop to all of the people that continually kept saying how KK will cost the Phils $9-$10M next year.

$6.6 mil. for KK...hmm...Well, didn't Adam Eaton (ugh) make $8 mil? Moyer made $9, I think? Blanton made more than that...$13, maybe?

I find Kendrick a hard player to get excited about. Like Blanton.

I find the Kendrick arbitration projection a pleasant surprise: I'd reconciled myself to $7.5MM, and did so because I honestly don't think you'll find somebody better (or the realistic chance to be better) for that price. That he's likely going to cost ~$1MM less than that is just gravy.

I'm still not adverse to tendering Lannan, either. Between 2008 and 2012, he logged at least 180 IP between MLB and MiLB, and did so to the tune of 99 ERA+ while in the big leagues. Now, unless you think he's broken after his Age 28 season, the logic of Lannan is little changed: He's a plugger who should be able to eat some innings as a league-average pitcher, and can do so at a below-market rate. For a team that needs pitching depth, Lannan makes sense.

On the flip side, one can argue he should be nontendered if you think you can get him for less than the ~$3MM he'd make in arbitration. Either way, if depth is strength, it'd make sense to keep Lannan around in the organization somewhere given the state of our pitching prospects in the upper minors.

Here's my philosophy on the Phillies right now:

Money to have on the open market is a very diminished commodity. They shouldn't be signing +30 yr old players to multiyear deals and the talent available on short term deals aren't good enough to make much of an impact with this team.

Yes there are some exceptions to that - Corey Hart comes to mind - but in general I think most would agree that's the case. Because of this, I would rather seem them tender KK instead of save $6.6M to spend in FA. This allows them to try and trade KK over the next 9 months and acquire younger talent. I've listed recent trade returns for similar players to KK many times.

And one more aspect to this train of thought is that the Phillies act as a business and won't use saved $$ from one year to the next. In other words, if the option was to save $6.6M in 2014 to use in 2015 and beyond, then I'd dump KK in a heartbeat. Unfortunately that is not a realistic option.

Would people be okay with tendering KK and Lannan for like ~10 million knowing we have like 54 tied up in Lee/Hamels/MAG?

I'm honestly not sure. I don't know that I think KK is worth it, but I think you wont necessarily get anyone who is worth it for something around that price.

$1.7 million for Mayberry.

Anyone here want to go on record and argue for that?

juums: "but the front office should have known that he wasn't just an old-for-the-league piece of organizational filler who had a good year!"

No, they shouldn't have been expected to "know" it, but they should have been expected to know he had a very good chance to be better than guys like Ender Inciarte, John Maberry, Ezequiel Carerra, and Delmon Young (and probably Laynce Nix too).

Kershaw may be the best overall, but both Lee and Hamels, particularly Lee, win on style points.

I'm ready

Well that didn't work...oh well

I thought teams within the same division (STL & PIT) weren't supposed to play each other in the LDSs.

They dispensed with that rule last year, Dickie.

ho hum, another year of Kris fraud Medlen choking in the playoffs.


"I've been kidnapped. I'm a PRISONER!

Someone free me.

The SCAMMIES MAFIA won't let me win."


Everyone of these guys who got released is a marginal AAA player at this point let alone belongs on a MLB roster for a prolonged stretch.

Mini-Mart certainly has a strong shot to be on any 'Worst Phils' Roster' from the post WW2 due to his 'versatility' and all-around putridness.

"The Phillies continued to pare down their 40-man roster on Thursday announcing that they had outrighted Michael Martinez, Pete Orr, Zach Miner and Mauricio Robles from the roster.

All four players cleared waivers so the Phillies could bring them back."

The only solid conclusion that can be drawn from this news is that there's absolutely no doubt Martinez will be batting cleanup for Ye Olde Phillies next year.

Dodgers vs Braves - a series where too bad there has to be a winner.

I've hated the Dodgers since the Lasorda days and any Phils' fans of the past ~20 years has to have some level of dislike towards the Braves.



61 MILLION unspent




The thing that gets me about the newest troll is how rote this must be for him (and we all know it's a he) by this point, and how sad and pitiful the motions must be to observe. There's repetition in the posts, but they do vary in substance and conform to recent events, so it's not just machine-generated.

Nope, just a lonely soul with an image macro at the ready, locked into the unbreakable cycle of his habits, long ago having lost the ability to obtain joy from his endeavors. No more giddy laughter from his trolling, no more righteous satisfaction from his crusade, no suppressed snorts or wry smiles; he's just a limp, dispassionate, unblinking automaton with a faded grudge and want of rekindled tingle.

Orr or Martinez almost sure one will be back. Now that we have Galvis and Hernandez the chances of them seen much playing time is the majors is "slimmer". We didnt see much of Robles probably be a good move to try an stash him in AAA.

"The thing that gets me about the newest troll is how rote this must be for him (and we all know it's a he) by this point, and how sad and pitiful the motions must be to observe. There's repetition in the posts, but they do vary in substance and conform to recent events, so it's not just machine-generated."

Have some compassion. We may be witnessing the first case ever of Beer-Leaguer Tourette's Syndrome.

i call him Free_AFLAC because he's as annoying as gilbert gottfried's voice...with tourette's.

Free AEC reminds me of Cal Naughton Jr. in this scene:

The AP is reporting Dusty Baker is going to be fired as the Reds manager

For this Phillies team, "40-man cleanup" isn't much different than "52-card pickup".

Is our RP depth that good that we are exiling a 24 year old lefty who posted a combined sub 2 era at reading and Allentown?

Until Mini Mart is picked up by someone else and placed on their 40-man, I will never believe he is truly gone.

We've all been duped before.

I know JMJ can play all 3 OF postions and 1B. Ruf can play a little OF and is a natural 1b-man. Do both stay? If not, based on what each has done this year, which one would you keep?

Dusty Baker out as Reds manager.

I keep Ruf and it is not even close.

Baker now has as many firings as Manager of the Year Awards

I had a feeling Baker's time was up when the Reds' GM was asked whether Dusty would return & all he could muster was a tepid, "He's signed for another year."

Think Dusty will skip across the upper Midwest to Chicago? (Speaking of, I wonder if in his heart Sandberg wishes he were still unemployed as a manager and could go back)

I find the Kendrick arbitration projection a pleasant surprise ...

Now watch r00b sidestep arbitration by offering 3 yrs./$7.5 million.

It's funny that Mini-Mart should be the topic of a thread at a time when Free AEC has been trying to monopolize the discussion with his ravings. I actually think of Mini-Mart and Free AEC the same way: I'd love to be rid of both, but the powers that be seem disinclined to make that happen. Hence, you might as well embrace the humor element in their presence.



PHILLIES ROSTER is a rotting pile of GARBAGE.


GTown: You wouldn't take KK back at $2.5mm/year for 3 years?

YOU are a pile of hot steaming GARBAGE.

YOU are destroying Beerleaguer.

YOU are 10 pounds of monkey sh!t in a 5 pound bag.

I have uncovered your identity.

Actually no. This guy has more brains than you.

pblunts: The article on MLBTR pointed out his BB/9 of 9.2, 7.9 and 6.2 over the past 3 years as a reason he likely won't get claimed.

Phillibuster: Make it 2 years & I'll choke down some of my bile. I don't think I can endure a full 3 years (although if I were able to remove personal animus from the equation, I recognize that as a very favorable deal).

GTown: Meh. I really don't see the problem at that rate, even if you hate him as a person. Just because he's got a contract for 3 doesn't mean we'd keep him that long - even assuming he performs to your apparently-exceedingly-low expectations.

Phillibuster: Just to be clear, I hate Kendrick as a pitcher. "Pitcherial animus" didn't sound grammatically correct, though.

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