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Monday, October 07, 2013


Larry Bowa is a sellout.

He made it plain on the Sugarhouse postgame show that he will carry the ball for the SCAMMIES MAFIA.

Larry is ready to play the hard A$$ in the media and blame the Phillies certain failure on all the players. Larry even placed blame on Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. Larry saw no reason why the Phillies should lose as many games as they did when they scored only three runs.

Larry Bowa is a despicable criminal.

It's painful to watch what Larry has become. I really thought he was someone watching him play SS for the Phillies when I was a kid.

I now see that he is SCUM.


AEC, you can boo, you can turn off the TV, but you can’t hijack Beerleaguer and call it passion.

Mikkke, you so crazy. Does Steve Carmichael know that you are posting here?

Love the move. Bowa was my favorite player as a kid.

AEC, don't make me call the US Marshalls to come kick the crap out of you again.





Disrespecting our intelligence


LARRY BOWA blaming HAMELS and LEE for not throwing shutouts.

LARRY BOWA supporting the SCAMMIES MAFIA colluding against SCOTT BORAS.

LARRY BOWA blaming a well past his prime JIMMY ROLLINS for not having MVP numbers.

Tell them JONATHAN:


Pat Egan says he's not paying $5,000+ for this.

The Phillies TV RATINGS have collapsed.



Free AEC is eventually going to get locked up on another round of felony collusion charges.

It's at the point now where the admins of this site need to act- or else reveal themselves as part of the SCAMMY MAFIA SCAM.

Mike Young pinch hitting in LA.


On the subject of something else entirely, I aw this on MLBTR and found it fascinating:

I can't help but wonder if bankrolling capital-intensive projects of that sort are how a big market team can maximally leverage its superior financial resources. Not that I expect our esteemed GM or ownership group to get on the bandwagon of using scarce dollars to improve the team's information-gathering infrastructure, of course.

There's actually an appellate decision on the Internet from the Allan Eric Carlson case:

My favorite part of the opinion is on page 4, where it describes how, in one day, he sent 5,000 e-mails to a Phillies e-mail account, all entitled, "Sign JASON GIAMBI."

Juan Uribe.

Juan Uribe with the 2-run HR in the 9th to give the Dodgers the lead. Some guys do postseason really well.

DODGERS "signing an All-Star team" seems to be working.

FleaBay PHANTARD'S nightmare come true.

"Just when we thought George Steinbrenner was dead...."



I actually thought this would finally be Atlanta's year to not choke in the playoffs. So much for that theory.

My God Brian Wilson is a total douche.

The Braves fought back tonight. I thought they were going to hold on to win. It's too bad for them.

My cable froze during the last AB, so I actually missed the final out. Second time that's happened in these playoffs. Damned annoying.

I think AEC might be the Toynbee tiler. They have a similar cadence.

Holy crap. That whole story about him going to jail is true, right down to the length of the sentence.

OK. It's no longer funny.

AEC is a fanatical Phillies fan, maybe psychotically fanatical about them.

at least the braves fans can relax a bit in the parking lot as no human sacrifices need to be made this night.

I thought Bowa was considered to verbally abusive towards his players?

Bowa joining Sandberg's coaching staff is a no-brainer. I have been predicting for months.

the didn't call him the little banty rooster for nothing.

AEC has it been committed yet? This thing is way out of control. I think this activity can be documented to a person with serious issues. Maybe " the fan" movie type?

Bowa coming back is a terrible idea. He quit on the team years ago and they bring him back?

I have always been indifferent on Bowa. He is a guy who quickly wears out his welcome on a coaching staff given his demeanor/approach.

As for his knowledge of the game, at times he says some really insightful things but there are other times I have heard him the past few years say things that are either old-fashioned or just wrong.

I know Bowa does love RBIs so he should fit right in with the 'School of Production' which dominates the FO's thinking.

TTI - Really good point and it would be nice if the Phils would stop recycling coaches/FO personnel.

Only way this will change is when they get new ownership. I hope the new ownership will keep the close ties to former players for special events but that it doesn't translate into recycling them into roles on the coaching staff or FO.

Juums, if the Phillies want to employ science and technology as a way to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their players, all they need to do is literally walk across the street to the NovaCare complex. Say what you want about Chip Kelly's abilities as a coach, but I would LOVE to see the Phillies try more of the stuff he has implemented.

If true, I love this move.

Atlanta is a fraud. They played in an extremely weak division and benefited from that. They are a mediocre team at best. I'm glad they're out of the post season.

Really take a close look at that team -- they're not good.

If the Braves aren't good,what does that make the rest of the NLE?

The Phillies won the World Series in 2008

Free AEC is so fvcking dumb he doesn't remember it

2008 Payroll- 98 million

2009 Payroll- 113 million

2010- Payroll- 141 million

2011 Payroll- 172 million

It's not the money a$$hole


As to the Mets using advanced biometrics (that sounds similar to something else for some reason), it could be an awesome plan. After all, with better knowledge of how their players use their bodies, they can formulate better teaching strategies tailored to help each player individually.

It would probably require a one coach/one scientist ratio, however, so as to properly interpret the information (scientist) and then relay it in a way that the player can absorb it fully and utilize the changes (coach). That could make it a very expensive proposition to use effectively.

I could also see it being next to useless for players more than 1-2 years into the Bigs. Much like players tend not to incorporate the advice given them by their coaching staff already. I'd think that a much more useful thing to set up for the AA/AAA affiliates, since those players are still on the way up and have a better chance of being able to "overwrite" the instinctual responses to various baseball stimuli.

As to Bowa... It's a good thing that Sandberg's so even-keeled, because you can bet that as soon as he gets tossed we'll be down two coaches.

I suppose Bowa as bad cop coach to a good cop manager might work. Call em meh.

I don't want to pretend for a second that I know anything about the abilities of anyone as a bench coach, or that the Phillies bench coach will decide whether the team rebounds from last season - but i think Larry Bowa sucks.

Cards win yet another elimination game. Man I am hoping they lose on Wed. Really don't want to be buying lunch for the rest of the week at work.

Bowa missed his calling after baseball as a professional wrestling manager who played the role of a heel but was still supported by the fans.


Spam their twitters until they ban free aec.

I would say 'ask nicely' first but that hasn't ever worked.

The good old boys network is all over baseball. Not just in Philly. Dale Sveum was a bench coach for Ned Yost in Milwaukee. Yost was fired during 2008. Sveum took over in the interim but then the Brewers hired Ron Roenicke. Sveum was hired in Chicago as manager. Yost was hired in KC as manager. Sveum is fired in Chicago last week and then gets hired right away to Yost's staff.

I'm surprised nobody has gone with the obvious pick of putting Bo Jackson in a GM role.

After all, Bo knows baseball.

Redburb: That is a good point that often gets missed in baseball. These guys all know each other and ties run deep when it comes to filling spots. It isn't a Phillies problem. It's a good ol' boy culture problem.

My resistance to Bowa comes from the fact that he quit on them. He was told he would not be retained before the last game of the year so he packed his bags and went home. That should not be welcomed back into the organization.

And rewatching some BoJack footage... Aside from the ridiculous plays he made... Ugh at that terrible outfield turf sticking up half a foot taller than the infield.

Sadly, Beerleaguer has become unreadable. Just too much nonsense in the comments. The people that manage this site need to do their jobs. I think if people want Beerleaguer back, we need to stop visiting the site. A substantial reduction in hits to the site may finally force Beerleaguer to block people that are abusing the site. I'll look for a Tweet that says the site has been cleaned up. Until then, I'm out.

Bringing back Bowa is a terrible idea. I loved him as a player, but as a manager/coach, he's easily frustrated and lashes out at anyone within a 10-mile radius. He'll be having public screaming matches with players before April is out.

Colonel Tom: You don't think he'll start in ST?

Philli: ST is before April is out. :)

Why does the MLB let the Braves in the playoffs anymore? They just waste a spot and give another team an automatic advance into the next round for the past 20 years.

My bet is after Ps&Cs report, but before position players do.

UDHens: You are going to be looking for a long time then because the new guys don't seem to care

Check out my website:

I agree with TTI and the Colonel on this one: No to Bowa.

As much as Free_st00pid ME trolls up this place, he did make one point about Bowa at 11:10 last night that could be true:

"Larry is ready to play the hard A$$ in the media and blame the Phillies certain failure on all the players."

The failure the last 2 seasons is not on the players - they simply haven't been good enough, injuries or not.

The failure is on r00b and the FOols who have done a piss-poor job identifying players who can fill roles adequately if a starter gets hurt.

And that starts with Dave Montgomery.

Having Bowa on the staff does run the risk of him being a shill for management.

AWH: Wouldn't the players not being good enough indicate that they're to blame? If they played better, they'd be doing better?

I'm not saying Amaro doesn't deserve any share of the blame - nor even the lion's share - but in the end it does fall to the players to perform, not the FO and not the coaches.

Of course, I'm not a fan of bringing Bowa back either. Maybe as Rollins' personal motivator?

Great post BAP. Thanks for the info.I wish I had enough free time to send (and collect) thousands of e-mails. Sure would be more fun than, say, a trip for two weeks to the Bahamas. What a douche. As for Bowa, he becomes the perfect "complement" to Sandberg. Can't hear Sandberg when he has a mike in font of him, and Bowa is his own PA system

David Murphy ‏@ByDavidMurphy 2h
Simple economics as it relates to the Phillies and their bullpen spending:

I don't normally offer personal advice on Beerleaguer but, given what we just read about aec's history of hacking into accounts, I'm gonna suggest to everyone that clicking on his link might not be the greatest idea in the world.

GBrett, nice link.

Maybe as Rollins' personal motivator?

I think that's a big reason why the organization would bring him back, but all the motivation in the world won't change that J-Roll isn't getting any younger.

Larry is ready to play the hard A$$ in the media and blame the Phillies certain failure on all the players

Exactly. In doing so, he'd be 50% RAJ shill (unintentionally on his part, but RAJ would be picking the perfect man for the job) and 50% representative of the frustrated fans. He'd also be 0% effective in making this a better ballclub.

As for the topic du jour . . . hiring Bowa is a total Phillies move. I get that MLB is a small circle and that other teams hire retreads too. But the Phillies don't just hire retreads; they hire their own retreads (Ed Wade, Greg Gross, Larry Bowa).

As I recall, Bowa was fired because his players couldn't stand him. So why would you bring him back & put him one heartbeat away from the manager's spot?

"Wouldn't the players not being good enough indicate that they're to blame? If they played better, they'd be doing better?"


If the PHILLIES put "Phillibuster" in CF and have RYNO and LITTLE MAN LARRY yell at him enough he'll be better than Willie Mays in his career year.


I used to love this site. The most intelligent baseball talk about the Phillies out there. Different view points. Sure, an occasional poster who you'd skip reading their comments.

I keep reading. Every day. I don't comment, because I don't know that I have any great viewpoints to add.

Won't someone step up and moderate the site? There's no where else that matches BL, but I'm very close to stepping away.

Free AEC is a moron who lives in his parent's basement when he isn't in a small cell being plowed in Federal "pound me in the a$$ prison.

Not sure which spews more sh!t. His mouth or his a$$

Scammie That jagoff


The moderators are terrible, but it's easy to understand. They have their cushy Comcast jobs, and they can't find the time between putting articles up on 3 different websites.

Wasn't there a way somebody uncovered to block certain posters as you read the site?

'buster, can a player be "blamed" if he's playing up to his abilities?

Take _elm_n, for instance. He gave the Phillies almost exactly what everyone here on BL expected - based on his MLB track record. In other words, he played as well as could be expected. The fact that r00b and the FOols foolishly expected (or engaged in unfounded hope) more is not _elm_n's fault.

Laynce Nix? He had one very good year in Cincinnati when he was used properly (2010), when he only got 19 PA against LHP. Other than that he was barely passable during his "peak" years any place he's played, so why was it a big surprise that once he hit his early 30's that he declined. It was predicted by many here, yet r00b and the FOols expected more. But is it Nix's "fault" he declined?

The hanging Chads, Qualls and Durbin? A big surprise an 80 year old pitcher, Contreras, breaks down? Bernadina? Quintero? Kratz? Schneider? Carrera? Mini Mac? Orr? Polanco breaking down? Luna? Mayberry?

And, of course, the ultimate indictment of r00band the FOols judgment: mini mart.

These are players who just aren't that good.

That's the FOols fault, expecially when there were better players available.

This is worse than that wave of fake posters a little while back. Makes the site unreadable, and accomplishes nothing besides alienating the current readership - which usually is a pretty good group aside from an occasional excess of infighting.

Colonel, excellent post.

This is the best PHANTARD site I've ever found.

I'll never leave as long as such a congregation of SCAMMIES MAFIA pawns exists here.


What is ironic is the site is not a Scammie Mafia pawn or anything like that. If you actually read the site I don't think anyone really buys into the Montgomery and Amaro experience completely.

So one could actually come here and discuss things with us like an adult instead of trolling the board in such a manner that got you thrown in jail.

I'm still advocating a move to Zoo with Roy because of genius posts like this one:

I would think someone convicted of

I would think that someone convicted for computer ID fraud would be unable to enter a blog, but hell, lots of people convicted of crime are roaming the streets. I guess no one can be a Phils "phan" without being in the mafia. Too bad I can't take out a contract on AEC.

This site is just about finished. The only way to save it would be to make it impossible to have more than one screen name. That won't happen, because Comcast doesn't care.

@CoreySeidman @beerleaguer can you get someone to stop this Free AEC kid from spamming 20 posts a day with pictures of montgomery?

Corey Seidman ‏@CoreySeidman 35m
@lorecore Yea we'll figure it out. The dude is insanely obnoxious. Had to block him on here

"but I do often wonder whether those who want the Phillies to "dump" Howard still believe he's tradeable, or just want the team to hand Ryan his release papers & eat $85 million."

That's the only thing you wonder about when it comes to Howard. You're obsessed with how much money he makes.

Do you know why?

Because you love money. You dream about it. You clutch your lottery tickets. You clutch your gambling stubs.

You dream about being rich. You're a capitalist's sucker. A slave.

The root of all evil is the love of money.


Oho, a Typepad login. Fun stuff.

As to AWH, that's something of a false choice, though.

Yes, they need better players. That's obvious, or they would have made the playoffs. Were the players assembled good enough to perform up the level necessary? Ehh. Probably not.

However, if said players did play better, then it would have been a conversation rather than a foregone conclusion.

schmenkman has a nice wrapup of the Phillies' season over at the The Good Phight:

Lots of stuff there including a nice write up on Millville, NJ's favorite son, Mike Trout.

'buster, we're discussing the chicken and the egg, aren't we?

My point is simply that the players assembled - ON AVERAGE - were not good enough.

Let me ask the question this way: How many of the assembled players, given their performance histories, ages and injury histories, performed below what you would have expected of them? How many performed as you expected? How many performed above what you expected?

I don't disagree that some of the players "could" have played better, but should we have the expectation of career years from 25 guys at the same time (OK, it's an exaggeration, but I'm sure you get the point) in order for the team to contend?

jbird, I'll be checking our Zoo with Roy more frequently based on your recommendation, especially if the a multi-billion dollar corporation cannot figure out how to keep a blog readable.

Seidman- if you are working on figuring it out thank you very much.

Thank you Lorecore for asking the question.

awh: As I said, the players don't deserve the entire blame by any stretch. Especially those that legitimately played well.

However, as MLB players, even Laynce Nix or DYoung could have been expected to perform close to the MLB average in at least one facet of the game. Again, I'm not saying they were good enough to equate to a good team. But, even with the guys we had, there was definitely the potential to come in 2nd in the division, rather than 4th.

That they didn't is certainly an indictment of their assemblage in general, but also of several of them in particular.

"Were the players assembled good enough to perform up the level necessary? Ehh. Probably not."


You can't make up authentic stupidity. You know it when you see it.


If you need to block someone, Brian McCann is available:

Yes we get it- spend a bunch of money.

Did you see the post from the other troll? The Phillies payroll has doubled almost since 2008 and they haven't won the World Series. It isn't money- it's talent. And paying through the news for a bunch of 30+ free agents isn't the answer you purport it to be troll.

As I watched Brian Wilson, I was wondering what, from a viewer, would be the lesser of two obnoxious evils to keep watching in the playoffs....his face, or the Braves Chop. I decided Wilson appears only one inning every game or two, but that chop is incessant. Hence, glad the Dodgers won.

It is also good to see M.Young on a contender, even though he is only 1 for 3 (if I remember correctly) in the series.

I click on ZooWithRoy from time to time, but frankly there isn't much regular substance there. Funny from time to time, for sure, but the stuff like the young Emma interviewing gets old, and all I want is some good baseball talk (like here, where there is often so much to learn.)

The (only) good thing about the latest troll is that the posts are easily identifiable, and thus easy to scroll through.

Truly, Bill Maher would be proud.

Colonel Tom: I always preferred the more direct route.


It's probably pretty hard to block a guy who excels at hacking.

BAP: Keep the hope alive for some of us.

As was mentioned though- it is easy to skip the posts since they are always bolded.

When is TRASH day?


Such a long list

You can easily see how committed the PHILLIES are to winning.


buster: awh is 100% right, regarding your comment "in the end it does fall to the players to perform, not the FO and not the coaches".

All of the phillies offseason acquisitions played exactly the way they were expected, specifically the Young's. Players like Howard, Halladay, and Adams were all injury question marks well before 2013 even started. And need I say anything other than "fungible" about the likes of their other bullpen guys?

The 2013 Phillies were assembled poorly, and their performance proved it. Getting mad at hurt players for getting hurt and bad players playing bad is missing the point.

"Getting mad at hurt players for getting hurt and bad players playing bad is missing the point."

It's what PHANTARDS do.

They hate players who make money because every PHANTARD LOVES MONEY.

They clutch their lottery tickets and dream about being the exploitative boss man.


How do we view the bullpen for this year? Are we turning the keys over completely to guys like Diekman and Martin to supplement Bastardo/Adams (if he is healthy)/ Papelbon or do we risk signing someone again there that may make some coin?

I saw on MLBTR that Edward Mujica might command 3/21 million. I think that is more than you might want to spend.

No big deal. I have half a dozen posters that I ignore. Most of their writing styles are very obvious so it's not hard. This jitbag makes it very easy.

"How do we view the bullpen for this year?"

"Bullpen and CATCHING the BALL"


Things that cost little or no money to fix.

PHILLIES need two STUD starting pitchers and three REAL bats.



That is what a legit shopping list looks like for the PHILLIES to contend next year.

Anything less is the SCAMMIES MAFIA.


tti: I think our bullpen could be worse than both 2012 and 2013. At least those trainwrecks had a very good closer at the back end - I fear that Papelbon's reign as good is quickly coming to an end.

Throw in Adams health , Bastardo's PED usage, the extreme volatility of the young arms - who can even be expected to be even mediocre next year?

"it is easy to skip the posts since they are always bolded."

Agreed. That's what I do -- and, frankly, it's the reason why I don't even find Free AEC/Fight Scammies9 to be all that annoying. If anything, I am more annoyed by the guy who keeps responding to his posts (Free Us from Free AEC), as if Free AEC is making some sort of substantive point which merits a response.

TTI, suppose the bullpen stacks up like this:

Papelbon - IF his hip is healthy
Rosenberg - IF Aug/Sept after his recall weren't a mirage
Bastardo - IF the PEDs didn't help too much in the past
Diekman - IF he was real the 2nd half (more on that later)
Martin - IF he can transition to the bullpen
De Fratus - IF he can keep the command he had in Aug/Sept

To a lesser extent:

Adams - IF he's healthy, which I wouldn't count on
Luis Garcia - yes, I'm including him, whose problems seem to stem a great deal from his BB's. I'm not going to call him a failure after 31.1 IP.

and the rest of the filler...

There are a LOT of big IF's in what I posted above, but there's also a good deal of potential in the younger guys.

They'll need a healthy Papelbon (who's a sunk cost), and at least three os the other guys to pitch they way they did in August/Sept.

The best candidates, IMO, are Rosenberg, Diekman and De Fratus. I love Martin's stuff, but I'm not sold on him, and they may still try to use him as a starter because the ranks there are so thin.

awh: papelbon's "hip" injury that was reported to have been sore around july? Don't be a scammie! (too soon to be funny?) Look at Paps velocity and notice that a July 2013 Hip soreness has nothing to do with it:

Diekman had what I would call a very weird season in 2013, unless someone here can make better sense of it for me.

We all have seen that he doesn't have the best command, and his BB levels show that, but look at this somewhat arbitrary breakdown of his season:

Through July 26th:

14.1 IP, 64% strikes, 15 K (9.4 K/9), 5 BB (3.1 BB/9), 23 H (14.4 H/9), 1 HR (.6 HR/9), 4.50 ERA, 1.953 WHIP, .354/.400/.477 against, .449 BAbip

From July 27th:

24.1 IP, 63% strikes, 26 K (9.6 K/9), 11 BB (4.1 BB/9), 11 H (4.1 H/9), 0 HR, 1.48 ERA, .904 WHIP, .138/.239/.138 against, .200 BAbip

Statistically, his command was worse, but he gave up less hits. Why?

*all data compiled from

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