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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Two forgettable names from a forgettable season.

He got little or no support from the former Dubs/coaching staff & i think Cloyd could have been a good LT relief pitcher, and hopefully a change in scenery and better pitching coaching staff will make him a bit more successful -- he is probably relieved (no pun) to get outa Philly

Cloyd was utterly terrible...he won't be missed. The same goes for Valdez.

Wegmans coffee is pretty awesome, but for my money, you can't beat Dunkin Donuts. I don't usually go for the flavored stuff, but they have two (pumpkin and jelly donut) that are to die for.

I suspect it won't take too long to forget Cloyd's & Valdez's names, much as I've forgotten David Herndon and Jack Taschner.

By the way, the Jamie Moyer interview on Fresh Air was interesting and enjoyable, at least to me.

Here's the link:

What I most liked was hearing about the mind games he'd play with hitters and umpires. Fun stuff.

Turn on tonight's game, immediately confronted w/ a gathering of umpires & an angry manager. Good show, MLB.

It was louder in Pittsburgh.

GTown, the umpire conference was a good thing. They were trying to make sure they got a call right. And they did, so good thing they conferred!

I would kill for a Wegmans in VT...literally I'd put someone in the ground if Wegmans promised me that's what it would take to get one.

GBrettfan: Getting the call right is important, but it shouldn't take an appeal, a mini-conference, a larger conference & two intermissions for angry managers to spout off before that happens. I hope the replay challenge system helps, but I'm skeptical.

Delmon Young...why cant we get a nice power bat like that?

Now D. Young? It's a swell Postseason for loathsome people.

Of course Delmon Young hits a home run. Of course.

Nothing personal, but it's frustrating to see Delmon Young be a difference maker for the Rays after the time he spent with us.

Delmon Young = Production™

I was just thinking how much more I enjoy the NL games because I know more about the players. But I didn't want that lament to be answered by the HR of a too-familiar _elm_n.

Since replay won't be used for balls and strikes, would they use it on an AB like Swisher's, where he foul tipped and the question was whether Molina caught it clean or whether it bounced?

I'm just happy they got it right.

NEPP, that's a great comment about DY "Why can't we get a power bat like that?" LOL

Delmon Young 2013 Splits:

Phillies: 291 PA, .699 OPS, 92 OPS+
Rays: 70 PA, .780 OPS, 117 OPS+

Shockingly, they pretty much only used him as a DH despite him being more comfortable in RF.

Watch Rube bring Delmon back in 2014...and tell us he's more comfortable in LF instead.

GBrettfan: Good point. Since it's not a question of interpretation of the strike zone itself, I'd hope situations such as the one earlier in this game would be reviewable.

Nice catch! Odds on Dom making that?

Dom would have smashed the wall and given himself a concussion...after dropping it or possibly knocking the ball over the fence.

I can see that, NEPP. Sadly. He's like a giraffe out there. LA said during one of the last games "Dominic Brown doesn't run well with a glove on."

GBrettfan: I loved that line!

So Delmon Young's splits are pretty much the same as Schierholtz's from last year to this year and people pined for Schierholtz all season long.

gotta respect Production™

Where's dennyb to give us his obituary of the Tyler Cloyd Era?

Also, Wawa coffee gets my vote. And I don't know if the angle dust comment was actually TTI, but I'd rank that a close second.

Schierholtz isn't a huge, immobile blob in the OF.

Iceman: That was me. I was being glib.


But if you want angeldust I gotta guy. Coincidentally you can meet him behind the Wawa.

This Scammies thing is fascinating to me, so just for fun I googled 'Scammies David Montgomery' to see if Free AEC was posting anywhere else.

"The payroll must be expanded by at least $25mil so Carlos Beltran,
Troy Glaus, and Matt Clement can be signed. If this trio is not signed
then there is no point in the Scammies coming north from Clearwater
in April, and anyone who even suggests otherwise needs a beating."

That's a quote from this post on some random site:

I didn't see a year, but judging by the wording this guy has been saying the same thing for going on 10 years.

I remain fascinated.

Cleveland is one swing away from evening this one up.

Good game so far.

Schizophrenia can be a very painful disease to we are all finding out.

When I Googled "Scammies," I just got a random assortment of hits of which I couldn't make sense. On the other hand, when I Googled "Scammy," I got an actual definition at

Scammy is a person who is stupid,ugly,annoying and a general FREAK.
they usually use this word in ireland (Waterford,Cork.)

Its good to call 'your ma' scammy,cause its proberly true.

anyone who says scammy is cool ^_____^

Jenn: 'i cant believe your mam caught us takin coke.'

Sorcha: 'i know,shes a scammy beor.'

You guys are encouraging the further degrading of BL

The following is a good quote from Moyer's interview today on Fresh Air. He said he was opening a pitching institute. I wish he would come be a pitching coach for the Phillies, maybe for our minor leagues. Or even for the major league club.

* * * *
Baseball player Jamie Moyer speaks to Fresh Air about how sports psychology and body language are the secrets to success:

The posture that you never want to show, for me, is to throw a pitch and your body gets a little droopy … your body kind of crumbles, and you catch the ball and you snap at the ball, you’re glaring at the umpire, you’re whining to the umpire, and that’s very visible from 60 feet away. The hitter sees that, your teammates see that, the fans see that, the broadcasters see that, everybody sees that. To me, you want to show absolutely nothing. You want to have strong eyes, you want to be staring at your target, and you’re really showing no emotion, you want show that, “I’m in control here.” You want to get the ball back; you want to create a good tempo between pitches.

I would like Moyer as a pitching coach too, but traveling is a big issue for a family man like him. If he opens a school, they have to come to him.

thanks for that npr link, GBf. kk is pretty good at the poker face thing. the "don'ts" all describe doc.

I thought of Doc, too, bullit. It's the biggest indicator to me that he's struggling, even more than results, because when he was good, he was mostly unruffled if calls didn't go his way. He would ask the ump about it calmly between innings, but he didn't much react while on the mound. Now, however, he seems frustrated much of the time. Not that I blame him for feeling frustrated.

I also thing of Cole in '09 (I think it was that year) when he seemed to react in frustration a lot of times, like after he'd give up a HR. And then he'd kind of fall apart. There was even that game when he glared back at Jimmy (or Chase, but I think it was Jimmy) after a misplay, which I thought was small of him.

costco sells a very good coffee under their kirkland brand. the ceo is a very liberal guy. i wouldn't be surprised if he has an interesting, under-the-radar source.

GBf: yes. doc used to be the perfect stoic on the mound.

One quirky thing I find interesting about the NL playoffs is that all the teams were around in my youth (50's), although some were in different cities.
Don't remember that happening very often.

Gbrett- good Moyer quote. I'm reading his book and it's got a lot of those mental side of baseball ideas in it.

elmn's last AB was more like him. Swung at a slider that was at least 6" outside before it broke and low to boot.

the only advantage to the ultimate crapshoot, the one game playoff, is that the winner emerges with a bit of momentum. like TB.

Wow, great catch!

Indians are running out of outs, though.

kipnis holds his bat a bit like wes covington.

that drink came from behind the fans reaching for the ball. no accident.

"He'll be hacking." Yep, that's Delmon.

Bad inning for the Indians. Pretty much seals their fate.

I hope the LDS are more interesting than these games have been. You get kinda jacked up for winner-take-all battles only find yourself watching the equivalent of 3 bad Super Bowls in a row.

Congratulations to the Rays. On to Boston!

I may root for the BoSox, though, for Victorino.

...and all it took was Production™


I thought tonight's game could have gone either way for a long time, when the Indians were getting runners on. Although after a while, it was like watching the Phillies; I stopped expecting baserunners to become runs.

I bet the Rays-Red Sox will be a good series. Cardinals-Pirates, too.

Oh, come on. Don't say "The Phillies released him. Last year he was the ALCS MVP" as though the Phillies were idiots who let an MVP-caliber player go!

@Iceman: Beltran, Glaus, and Clement were all free agents after the 2004 season.

So Phillies got Delmon for when they made the playoffs? At least Amaro was positive thinking: suffer through all season with him as an anchor then have him be a star through the World Series.
I feel better about Amaro already! Bring on 2014!!

More and more I'm feeling like they need to trade Dom Brown for a right-handed hitting outfielder or pitching help. Either way, it would open up your FA choices to either a left-handed or a right handed hitting outfielder.

The Phils are not likely to make the playoffs in 2014; so, here's what I would do this offseason:
1. trade Lee plus cash for Profar;
2. avoid any FAs who receive QOs, so that the team keeps all of its draft picks;
3. take a chance with Josh Johnson, who is Hamels' age; give him a short deal with team option(s).

If the Rangers won't make the Profar deal, keep Lee. If the medical reports are OK, give Doc a chance to salvage his career. Next year's rotation would then be Lee, Hamels, MAG, Johnson, Halladay.

I would also sign Beltran, and go with an outfield of Beltran, Revere and Brown.

The 2014 team could be better than this year's team; the farm system would be strengthened after the draft; and the team could get lucky with Johnson and possibly keep him in the rotation for several years.

(I would also consider trading Brown if I could replace him with somebody who is better and also young. Although I had been pushing for Domonic finally to get a full-season look, now that he's had one, I'm not excited about his play. The bat looks pretty good, but the rest of his game does not.)

"(I would also consider trading Brown if I could replace him with somebody who is better and also young. Although I had been pushing for Domonic finally to get a full-season look, now that he's had one, I'm not excited about his play. The bat looks pretty good, but the rest of his game does not.)"

That's exactly where I am with Brown. The guy is a defensive liability, gets hurt often and virtually disappeared after the All-Star break. For the right deal, I'd trade him in a heartbeat.

Perhaps with a change of scenery further instruction etc Cloyd can become the next KK. Least someone will get a chance next year instead of Rube going to Valdes when a injury happens.

No lose on either guy. Cloyd isn't a MLB-caliber pitcher. Doesn't have a quality offspeed pitch either to make it as a long-reliever. AAAA guy who gives you some organizational depth and rounds out your AAA rotation.

Going to the AL is only going to hurt his chances. Here are his career numbers vs non-pitchers at the MLB so far:

.321/.381/.522 with 15 HRs in 392 PAs

I was disappointed in what Valdes showed this year. He is the kind of guy I thought might be able to surprise a bit and put up acceptable numbers over 40-45 IP. Instead his velocity was consistently 1-2 MPH slower all season & he never did seem to find a feel for his curve/changeup all year.

Could Valdes putting up some 'ok' numbers for the Astros next year in a limited duration if his velocity rebounds a bit. Can't say the same for Cloyd. Cloyd need to be on an NL-team in a park that isn't HR-friendly in order to even have a shot at being able contribute to a MLB team.

I agree with NEPP. Cloyd & Valdez = no great loss. Neither one are Major league caliper pitchers.

I am on vacation in Florence, Italy where we're 6 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone, so just catching up on last night's game. Wondering why we wasted all of those ab's on RF's other than Delmon (Laynce, Roger, Darin, JMJ).........we obviously missed the boat on the best of the bunch.

Trade Dom Brown for a cost-controlled starting pitcher. Sign Ellsbury and make him your starting center fielder. Platoon Ruf and Revere in left and see if Ruf's splits reverse vs. LHP. Sign Nelson Cruz to play right. Revere/Ruf are you fourth outfielders, Hernandez and Galvis are your utility guys. Sign Casey McGahee from Japan and give him a shot at the Frandsen role (corner infielder). Lineup:

C: Ruiz (resigned)
1B: Howard
2B: Utley
3B: Asche
SS: Rollins
LF: Ruf/Revere
CF: Ellsbury
RF: N. Cruz

UT: Hernandez
UT: Galvis
1B/3B: McGahee
OF: Revere/Ruf
C: Rupp/Kratz

Guy from D. Brown trade


"Your body kind of crumbles, and you catch the ball and you snap at the ball, you’re glaring at the umpire, you’re whining to the umpire, and that’s very visible from 60 feet away".

Cole in 2009, but also a bit this year (early on) as well.

Also, yes to Moyer as Phils' pitching coach. When he did pitch here, I recall countless cut away shots where he was counseling the younger pitchers in the dugout during games. It's in his blood.

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