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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Rupp's defense is reportedly solid but he has a very long swing and his upside is basically "MLB Backup". None of that has changed from when he was drafted.

He does have enough power to accidentally run into 10+ HRs a year though so he would make a decent backup most likely.

finger: is that your quote on Dugan or taken from elsewhere?

also, rupp didn't leapfrog joseph to me. Joseph had a lost year, and the health issues could certainly ruin his status at some point, but that hasn't happened yet.

This might be a tad optimistic. Nothing wrong with a cheap backup catcher though.

From the last thread....

If you go back to the Beerleaguer archives from 1996, MG was all over Blazier not being for real, and "smoke and mirrors". He was right.
Posted by: Bedrosian's Beard | Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 02:32 PM

BL existed in 1996? :-)

So, what was the chatter about Steve Frey back then?

Too bad for Rupp umpires don't get to decide who makes an MLB roster and who doesn't.

Too bad for Rupp that rounded posture and visibility don't decide who makes an MLB roster and who doesn't.

Rupp and Kratz can battle it out for backup catcher. Ruiz is still the man if they can get him to sign a team-favorable contract.

Assuming Ruiz comes back on a $5-7MM deal, the previous chatter out of the FO was that he'd be limited to starting 100 games or so. Which makes sense, given the mileage on his knees. But that leaves you with 62 games where you need a backstop, and therefore you want someone who's really a second-division starter versus a true backup C. Quickly perusing the list of available FAs, someone in the neighborhood of Geovany Soto or Jarrod Saltalamacchia (when his OBP is less than .300) in terms of price and talent. If you can puzzle together a platoon (for lack of a better word) at C that's good for .260/.335/.440 for a $2-$4MM investment in another FA C, with Chooch getting the majority of the PAs, you've done well for yourself. Probably better than the risks associated with pursuing McCann, at least.

Though, if you don't want to spend the money on another 30-ish catcher to get 40% of the PAs the coming season, pick your poison with regard to the various farmhands and don't look back. For as much as I like Kratz, his lack of on-base prowess already hurts in the 20-30 starts a backup C regularly gets, let alone the damage they'd do in 60-65.

Is Galvis still a prospect?

- a player "better than the difference between Rollins/Galvis."?

If Rollins hits .250 and Galvis .220, even r00b might be able to sniff out a player who could hit. .030 -- unless he's a Halladay-hitting clone...

I have to wonder just how important it is to give the unobstructured view of the ball.

Great article on pitch framing here but no mention of the umpire's view of the ball. Don't even know how you could objectively measure that impact on pitch framing anyways. Pitch f/x data wouldn't help.

One crummy pitching staff and a progressive stream of hasbins and 'cup of coffe' guys in middle relief.

juums; I would not bet on both Ruiz and Kratz being healthy simultaneously for 120 games next year (if Ruiz signs). So there had better be a decent back up to the both of them. Homegrown, hopefully capable of starting in 2015. Rupp? Who knows, but that's the audition.

Rupp hits 330 or so in second halfs. That's not running into balls that's hitting. Also a compliment like that can help you make the roster to whoever you are. Ruiz doesn't even get compliments like that. And it was rupps first game. Hell of a catcher. Great pop time and power and arm. Has posted better stays defensively than Joseph every year. Had a fifth of the amount if last balls in over twice as many games. As well as throwing out 40 percent of runners. But performance and stats don't mean anything according to writers these days. Do a little better research. He's there for a reason. Joseph or not

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