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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Everything's gonna work out. Toolsy McShitbag is on the way.

He probably sees Doc now and thinks to himself "Hell no, I don't want to go out like that..."

Have to climb into the Wayback Machine to find a Phillies team with hitting this pathetically anemic.

sounds to me like it's just a question of where does lee go and what do they have that we want? i hope sandberg is in those meetings.

How can you not like this guy and want him on your team?

Start printing up those "Take It To The House" t shirts NOW.

Message to RAJ. Trade me to a winner before next year or else u will be left with nothing

Old and out of opportunities - the story of the Phillies.

Not really a shocker that he is going to be traded. Thing is will it be for a gain or will clubs fleece Amaro because Lee wants out.

That was easy to predict. I imagine Lee saying "WTF" to pretty much every single thing Rube has done since Lee came back.

Q&A sessions such as this one are the MLB equivalent of a sideline reporter cornering a football coach at halftime.

"Gee Cliff, do ya wanna win? Is playing for a losing team not as fun as playing for a winning team? Will you retire some day?"

Utterly f*cking pointless. Salisbury is better than this crap.

It's all about Teh Pageviewz! Gtown

Twitter was made for baseball interviews, because there usually isn't anything over 140 characters that's worth reading.

2013 Phils' Season Highlights DVD (estimated to sell at least 14 copies) titles they are currently pondering:

'Walking Dead'
'Down and Out in South Philly'
'Grumpy Old Men'

The Phils' Marketing Dept is also taking suggestions from fans.

I despise what Twitter has done to the exchange of information. Somehow reduced the level of discourse a level below message boards and 2-3 steps below email.

As for Lee, I am making a prediction that he forces Amaro's hand next year at the trading deadline ala Schilling in '00. I can't see any scenario where Lee ends up playing out the rest of his career here since the Phils are shaping up to be irrelevant in '14 and possibly '15.

    Old and out of opportunities - the story of the Phillies.

    Posted by: J. Weitzel | Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 08:34 AM

Brilliantly said, Jason - not: "...your 2013 Phillies.", simply "...the Phillies." BTW, I finally took some time to snoop around Beerleaguer from years past. On top of being the blog's architect - with great thread headers - you were also a fine poster, and appeared to challenge others to step it up.

The posts I noted were from 2006, so there was a great deal of young talent on the team, an a very exciting future. I specifically remember one thread where you lamented the complete lack of pitching. When compared to today, how completely and utterly ironic.

Regarding the topic at hand, it would be a criminal act not to deal Lee to a serious contender this offseason. What could we extract from St. Louis? Boston? heck, Tampa? if we ate $10mm yearly from Lee's contract?

Cliff Lee is of absolutely no use the Philadelphia Phillies. As I have been saying for some time now, back up the truck. The only path to redemption is a wholesale purge of the existing roster and an agonizing but necessary ground up rebuild.

If only the FO would "cash out", and sell the team to a progressive-thinkng owner, we would not have to "become the Pirates"; it might only take 6 - 8 years to field a young, hungry lineup and have a stocked farm at hand. If only.

All of this Twitter talk is hilarious considering 99% of GTown's posts are copied tweets from his account.

"Utterly f*cking pointless. Salisbury is better than this crap."

Apparently not.
Look, there has been a lot of griping since the Komkast Kommies took over the site - and rightfully so. The Junior Varsity that now provides thread headers is nowhere near as good as Weitzel, and are - amateurish for Beer*leaguer - and unapologetic and somewhat arrogant about it.

There was a reason Weitzel won the sportswriter award, and the current crew only seem to care about posting enough to drive traffic to the Komkast site. That's why the links to many other sites and blogs have been eliminated since Weitzel sold it.

As for "Salisbury and the organization for which he writes, ask yourself this:

Before they took over the site, how many times did you really go to CSN to read their content?

Once and month? Twice? Never?

The cardinals had 3 15 game winners this year, 2 of whom are 26 & 22 respectivley. They also have 21 year old Michael Wacha who in 64IP is 4-1 with 65 SO and was 1 out away from a no hitter in his last win. The cardinals will not be trading for cliff lee anytime soon.

I know this because i have yearly standing bets with a friend whose a cardinals fan, and to whom i now owe several beers.

MG, how about:

r00b's Dump on the Diamond

Monty's Mess

Fear and Loathing at the 'Zen

No Sport for Old Men

"Achillies: The Ryan Howard Experince"

"Cliff Lee is of absolutely no use the Philadelphia Phillies."

cut, not true. He's useful if r00b and the FOols want to exude the image that they really are trying to win next season.

Trading Lee is an absolute public surrender, and will hurt season tix sales in 2014.

What a great season Cliff Lee had. With any support from the offense he would have been a 20 game winner.

more people need to call out gtwon. he sucks more dick then a fag convention. site ruiner.

Riggs: Thanks so much for elevating the level of discourse here on Beerleaguer.

Excepting Lee, this organization has zero personality - a recorded message - press 1 for Sanitized BullSh8t, 2 for More of the Same, etc., etc. Even Rube as a Smug Prick was at least something. May as well trade Lee for a team of Mini's. Let them moon- walk to the on deck circle.

riggs, pejorative and bigoted comments belong on political blogs.

Choose left wing or right wing - it doesn't matter.

Heard an interview with Brian Sabean this morning. He said, "The window is closed for this team," and then went on to say that it was time to start building toward a new window. Considering that the Giants are not even 1 season removed from a WS, I found his comments to be an interesting contrast to RAJ's drivel about retooling.

"Now someone's explain to me why Amaro wants to resign Ruiz

You seriously need help with that?

How much is the 29 year old Brian McCann?

How much is the 34 year old PED user Carlos Ruiz?





I also disagree about Twitter ruining communication. The 140 character limit forces the elimination of bull***t.

I post a lot of Tweets, too, Iceman, for the info and/or the links, when I think they are interesting.

BAP - That is, indeed, an interesting contrast between Sabean and RAJ. It's particularly hard to comprehend how, seeing the team follow up a mediocre '12 with an even worse '13, anyone could believe that things are looking up for the Phillies.

We were lackluster to bad in almost every facet of the game. I could see hope for the BP, but then, I thought the same heading into '13. I could see hope for more out of a healthy Howard, but even healthy, he was flawed and is only getting older. I see sparks of hope in Revere, Asche, Ruf, and Brown - but I'm not remotely certain that there's enough spark there to light the team on fire.

headline in sidebar: "Lack of pitching depth could help Kendrick stay"

Like KK said: "I feel like I haven't pitched badly enough not to be back." Or something like that.

bap - "building towards a new window" and "re-tooling" are essentially the same thing. The problem is that "retooling" to Amaro means changing up a few bench spots and finding some other crappy bullpen arms to pin your hopes on.

@awh attendance will likely go down next year anyway, and what, are you worried about a publicity battle? Be smart, have a plan and put talent on the field and Phillies fans will come. I'd like to think that as much as this town loves Cliff Lee, most fans would recognize that trading him now is probably the smart thing to do. Clearly, this site will full of fun, smart, dumb and dumber sceanrios this winter. The problem is, Amaro, who "doesn't do 5 year plans," should not be the one running the show and in charge of getting back what should be a fairly enormous haul for him. Short of trading Howard and some sort of massive overhaul of the BP, finding at least one less question in the OF and starting pitching from somewhere, this team likely won't do dick next year. In a way, I'd almost be OK with that because that would certainly mean Amaro would be shown the door.

By the way, Amaro's dumb 5 year and production quotes this year should be the ones the witch-hunters deservedly rekindle as the movement swells to get this buffoon out the door next season.

"building towards a new window" and "re-tooling" are essentially the same thing."

Perhaps. Maybe I'm getting hung up on semantics, but Sabean's phraseology struck me as the words of someone who recognizes the need to be rebuild, whereas RAJ's phraseology struck me as the words of a guy who is going to try to squeeze one more year out of a core whose window expired 2 years ago. Not to mention that I like the young core of Posey, Crawford, Belt, Sandoval, Bumgarner, and Cain a lot more than a young core of Revere, Dom, Asche, Ruf, Hamels and Pettibone.

Pence got 5 years and $90 million.

Apparently, he is a big part of Sabean's building towards a new window.

GBrettfan: I believe I'll always feel the Phillies really blew it w/ Pence. r00b was too impatient & reactionary, & now he's still looking for an OF bat. Trading Lee & dumping Pence belong in the Big 3 of the esteemed GM's top failures (the final piece being the contract he awarded to the Big Piece).

I agree that we've never recovered from losing first Werth, then Pence (in between we had Ben Francisco, which should have taught us that you can't put just anybody out there and hope for the best).

"Amaro, who "doesn't do 5 year plans," should not be the one running the show"

He isn't running the show. Neither was Gillick or Ed Wade.

DAVID MONTGOMERY is that guy. He is the problem.

John S. Middleton needs to fire him and come out in public.

Have you ever seen John S. Middleton at a Phillies game? Has he ever dropped into the broadcast booth?

Where is he? Does he care?

"Pence got 5 years and $90 million"

And he's worth that.

Choo is worth six yearts and $120 million and the Phillies had better be the team that gives it to him.

The price of players as always will just continue to rise.

Mike Trout if he pushes it and continues to be this good will get $50 million per year for ten years when he hits the market.

Deal with it.

Or be a loser.

GBrettfan: I can't understand why Francisco ... & Gload, & Bowker, & Martinez, & Pridie, & Carrera, & Mayberry, & Nix, & D. Young, & Wells, & Bernadina ... haven't worked out!

Then again, Schierholtz might have fit the bill. Whatever happened to that guy?

That is a list of mediocrity if ever I saw one, GTown.

We've been trying to fill the OF on the cheap after investing a boatload in pitching and Howard. If Halladay and Howard - and Adams, this year - had been healthy, then it would have secured us a few more wins. Pulled us up to .500 or a little better, maybe.

But I don't think Howard can carry the offense like he used to. And even when he did, he was surrounded by others who could also be a threat. Remember when analysts used to say that the Phillies lineup could hurt you from top to bottom?

One of the reporters said that Cliff Lee expressed that the pitchers would like to see more offense added to this team. I'm sure they are frustrated at seeing that you can't build a team around starting pitching alone. Lee and Hamels do not a rotation make, but they pitched so much better than their records show.

Scoring 3 runs or fewer in 86 games. Feeble.

"Remember when analysts said the Phillies lineup could hurt you from top to bottom".

They still do, it's just that now they mean it hurts the Phillies.

"Remember when analysts said the Phillies lineup could hurt you from top to bottom".

I was just thinking of the good old days last night, when the Braves #7 hitter jacked one, while we played our 8th game with no HRs. This team is years away from contending. We better start drafting well.

Scoring 3 runs or fewer in 86 games. Feeble.

Absolutely. The Phillies are 19-67 in those games, inc. 11 Losses (4-3), 4 Losses (3-2), 4 Losses (2-1) & 2 Losses (1-0). It's depressing to watch such games knowing the team poses neither a power threat, not the ability to "manufacture" even one run.

So, another off season of trading Lee and signing Halladay then?

And figure out how to develop talent once we draft it. The Phils desperately need to make a hire from one of the prolific organizations around baseball and get a clue.

Sil - Sounds about right. Seattle is probably on Rube's Tracphone at this very moment.

There is ZERO CHANCE of Cliff Lee being traded.

That ship sailed in July when Boston said no to giving up Xander Bogaerts.

Amaro already told a NY Daily News reporter that he is going to make big moves this winter.

Lee and Papelbon already made clear how they feel and the Phillies responded by keeping Utley.

Now, are they going to do everything they need to do?

F__K NO.

They're the SCAMMIES.

But they're going to do something "big" like in 2000 when Ed Wade traded for Andy Ashby and told the world to "Bring It On!

You remember the 2000 BRING IT ON! SCAMMIES.

97 losses.

Terry Francona violently run out of town, derided by media and Phantards as "incompetent".

Curt Schilling dumped for a sack of dog excrement.

Scott Rolen telling media that was it for him, he was leaving.







Oh, boy. I think I'm going to have to take out a restraining order.

Phils have lots of good young pitching talent.They can throw balls better than most.However it sometimes helps to be able to throw strikes.How can you spend years in the minors and not be taught how to throw strikes?
Guess it doesn't matter if your team doesn't score.

"years in the minors and not be taught how to throw strikes?"

That was the problem with Rick Ankiel. The Cardinals refused to teach him how to throw strikes.

Such a waste.



They make a fortune off them.

The Phils have not been a great offensive team since 2009. Today, they have the same core players, who are four years older and banged up, a weaker supporting cast, and few good prospects.

The Phils started to become a pitching-oriented team in 2009 when they traded for Lee. The pitching peaked in 2011 and proved that you can have a great team with top pitching and middling offense. Then, the team's best pitcher went down, and the team was left with Lee, Hamels and some back-end types that we waste a lot of time talking about. The current Phils are proving that, with mediocre pitching and anemic offense, you can become a bottom feeder.

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