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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Watching a poor professional team destroy a little league team is fun and all, but at this point, I'd rather have the protected draft pick.

This is what it used to look like when the Phillies were good and other teams weren't. But it only looks like it. That dude they were hitting against was a little league pitcher.

Watching this game must be what it's like to watch the Nats destroy the Phillies, if you're a Nats fan. Only the Nats are marginally still playing for something.

And Cliff Lee is still awesome. He can shut down anyone when he's right.

I'm six time zones away in Vienna Austria and there's no reason to stay up in the middle of the night to watch a Phillies game in September of a meaningless season except for Mr. Cliff Lee. He is just fun to watch play baseball. It is so awesome that he's a Phillie!

I keep forgetting before his days in Genesis, Phil Collins was a Phillies hurler.

This should be the perfect to see if Doc has..... fill in the blank.

jamie moyer interview on morning joe after the commercial. selling his book, ofc.

Phil Collins hammered out hit after hit while being a vocal leader for his team.

Who is worth the protected pick? Haven't seen anyone answer that question.

All of the idiots who wanted to trade Cliff Lee for a prospect on this blog show theyselves.

How did Martin look out of the pen

Martin looked decent, but it was the 9th in a blow out against a backyard team.

That was before Genesis, right?

The problem with "the protected draft pick" of course, is that you need money to sign the top level free agent in the first place. And the inclination. And the ability to pick someone worth it.

But we've got Rube Junie, so it's all good, right?

Ruf now with 14 homers in, wait for it....all of 213 at bats. Sure glad he sat in Allentown most of the year. Once again, Amaro dazzles us.




SHIN-SOO CHOO 101 walks


If you believe that Amaro doesn't know that Choo is a stud then it's YOU who are the "rube".

The Phillies are in the middle of a Thirty Years War with Scott Boras.

How could you be a long time Phillies fan and not understand that? How is it that the Philly media refuses to openly discuss this 30 years war that was publicly declared by Bill Giles and others in the Phillies organization in 1997?

This war cost the Phillies Mark Teixeria because Mike Arbuckle was prohibited from drafting him and revealed this before the draft in an interview with Larry Shenk on the Phillies web site!

The beat writers ignored this, refused to transmit the fact that the Phillies were boycotting and colluding against Scott Boras.

2014 is shaping up to be a bang up SCAMMIES season again.

I think I'd rather read how a mother working from home can make $8,356.56 an hour as opposed to another ACE post.

Free AEC: DOM is a Scott Boras client.

"All of the idiots who wanted to trade Cliff Lee for a prospect on this blog show theyselves."

How does Cliff Lee onemanganging the Marlins while mathematically eliminated from the playoffs justify keeping Lee was the right move?

Keeping Lee will only prove to be the right move if the Phillies sniff the playoffs again before he falls off a cliff production wise, or his deal ends. That said, he is probably my favorite current Phillie.

First off- I advocated trading Cliff Lee for prospectS, not a prospect. I still do. That is not me saying I dislike or discount Cliff Lee but rather is me saying that the money to him could be spread out on a few positions while improving the farm system and possibly the major league club.

Also- it has been asked a few times, but who are these free agents that are going to get QO that the Phillies will be after and thus would necessitate making sure we have a protected pick?

Looking at the list of potential free agents these are my guesses:

Brian McCann
Hunter Pence
Jacoby Ellsbury

are definites to me but after that it feels like a huge list of maybes. After that the Phillies needs are apparently shaping up to be a right handed outfielder. That to me screams Corey Hart on a 1 or 2 year incentive laden contract if possible. If he's healthy I'd go 3 years probably.

Cliff Lee had a good game last night.

--Comment of the Thread--

"Free AEC: DOM is a Scott Boras client."

Yes I'm aware of that. Brown smartened up a lot since the Phillies screwed him out of high school signing him for just $200,000. If Boras was repping him the Phillies would never have given him a look and Brown would have received over a million to sign with someone whether out of high school or college.

The Phillies screwed Kyle Lohse and Ryan Madson - as well as Boras - and they had to accept one year deals after being abandoned late in negotiations. Werth was never negotiated with at all after hiring Boras.

The Phillies have never signed a Boras a client. They won't draft a Boras client.

"Who is worth the protected pick?"

I don't understand the question. The whole point of a protected pick is that you don't have to give up your pick. So what you're asking is: who is worth giving up nothing?

If I understand you to be asking who are the FAs that will likely receive QOs and might be of interest to the Phillies, then I agree with TTI's point: the list is probably very short to non-existent. So all this hand-wringing over the protected pick is probably going to be moot anyhow.

Then again, we have no idea what the Phillies might have up their sleeve this off-season, so it's better to have all options on the table -- including a protected pick. But, alas, it probably won't happen. This team sucks so badly that it doesn't even know how to suck correctly.

BAP: It's phrased poorly, but yes, the question is what QO-offered (and declined) FA is going to be someone the Phillies are both interested and able to pick up. If the answer is "none, really," then the protected pick is purely a nice idea, and not strictly necessary.

Of course, the question is whether the team that ends up with a protected pick would sign a player the Phillies would otherwise want in the draft while also signing a QO-offered FA... But we were never going to beat out the Astros/Fish/WSox (and to a lesser extent Cubs/Twins) for the absolute worst-of-the-worst anyway, so that'd always be a danger.

> I keep forgetting before his days in Genesis, Phil Collins was a Phillies hurler.
> Posted by: Scotch Man

It's amazing he was able to pitch in the majors being only 5'6" tall.

"Who is worth the protected pick? Haven't seen anyone answer that question."

I don't think the Phillies should be signing anyone at that level, because I don't think that one big-name FA is going to make this team good all of a sudden. I think most people here agree.

But you're asking us to assume that the Phillies are going to make a rational, smart decision in their long-term interests. You can assume that at your own risk, given this front office. I'd rather that decision be taken out of their hands, with the pick being protected.

How can the Phillies be "colluding" in a one-team "war" against Scott Boras? With whom are they "colluding," exactly?

I don't see the Phils going after anybody that will cost them a draft pick this winter. That doesn't mean they can't pick up a productive FA outfielder, though. They'll be out of the market for Choo and Ellsbury, but the next tier of outfielders (Carlos Beltran, Corey Hart, Curtis Granderson, and Nelson Cruz) may not get qualifying offers and could really help the Phils. Beltran might be a very good target if the Phils could get him on a 2-year deal as the Cards did last time.

"the question is whether the team that ends up with a protected pick would sign a player the Phillies would otherwise want in the draft while also signing a QO-offered FA."

That's one question. The other is: are there players the Phillies would be driven away from trying to sign if they are forced to give up a first round pick? Of course, there's no way for any fan to answer these questions; we can only speculate. My own speculation is that, whether they get top 10 protection or not, the Phillies probably do not intend to go after the types of high-priced FAs who are likely to receive QOs. But, since I don't know what we plan to do, I would prefer to have the greatest array of options possible -- which means top 10 protection. Money issues aside, I do not hate the idea of a rebuilding team going after a top FA. I do hate the idea of a rebuilding team giving up a first round draft pick.

Also, even without the protection issue, a better draft pick is better than a worse draft pick, a priori.

BAP: I don't disagree with that at all. However, if the FO already has a plan (or a "plan") in place vis-a-vis FAs (or some other variable like bidding wars/price affects their desire for QO'd FAs), then - just based on who's available in the off-season - it doesn't look like being 11th (really 12th, since the 10th pick in this year's draft didn't sign, right?) to pick will hurt them terribly much.

Admittedly, the advantage of having that option is, in the long term, superior to the warm, happy feeling of a ("meaningless") Phillies win this year... But I'm not going to say I don't like seeing the Phillies win because of it. Especially given the above.

Some people forget that it's Rube we're talking about here. Of course nobody on this board is going to sign anyone who loses the team its first round pick. But Rube is the only GM who lost a draft pick by signing a free agent two years ago. That's how we got the irreplaceable Jonathan Papelbon, who has been so integral to the team's success.

I assume Rube will re-sign Ruiz, so McCann is off the table. But there will probably be a starting pitcher or a righty outfielder, or both, he simply can't resist. And willpower is not likely to be his strong suit when his job will surely be on the line. I'm betting Rube will burn the house down before letting someone else live in it. Or for those of us who have done some world traveling on Uncle Sam's dime, he will likely burn the village to save the village.

aksmith: What righty outfielder are we signing that will cost us a draft pick?

Don't know until teams make qualifying offers. Maybe we'll get lucky and nobody good gets an offer. Or maybe there just isn't anyone.

Perhaps Montgomery can nip that in the bud by letting Ruben know in advance that there's a "Special Assistant" position waiting for him when the next GM comes in.

I hear it pays about the same, and they'll let him keep the big office.

I really don't understand the rationale of "so what if they don't get the protected pick". For one thing, at this point, we should want the Phillies to get the better draft pick, and the other obvious point is you should want the Phillies have whatever flexibility they need this offseason.

"DPat, as I posted several threads ago, the problem with the Phillies FO starts with Montgomery.

He stated in that interview that he though one of the reasons r00b was qualified and that he like him was because he considered a variety of opinions before making a decision. I pointed out that if that is the qualifier, that I or anyone on BL could be GM. "Hey, Dave" I promise to consider a variety of opinions. Really."

The problem is that the decisions have been faulty, and thus, Montgomery sets the organization up for failure because he's evaluating the wrong thing."

AWH~ Sorry I didn't see your response. I've been out of the loop for a while. But you're absolutely right. And the problem that I have with RAJ as I've stated before is that while he knows Monty's wrong, does he even confront him on it? Is he that worried about his job? It was RAJ who said "If I cant....". We all know that. Cholly admitted he didn't have the pieces & Roob had to know that as well.

Sometimes you have to stand up to your boss, (in a porfessional manner of course), and say what you were given to work with just won't. We don't know that RAJ didn't do that, but we know it didn't work. Here's hoping the ship is put back on track this off-season.

Good thing the Phillies didn't sign a top FA this past offseason like so many on here advocated doing. Signing Swisher, Bourn or Hamilton would have given up their 1st rounder (JP Crawford) and the allotted slot money.

The flexibility is nice, but if there's really no reason to use it, then it's only nice in theory.

The better draft pick is also nice, but only so much when we're talking the difference between 10th and 13th. Especially since this isn't like the NFL where draft picks make the roster, and we haven't heard there haven't been any obvious Harpers/Strasburgs who are can't/won't-miss targets.

I feel like there's about as much to be said for that as going on a late-season winning streak that brings back some of the "front-running" fans ("Yeah, they ended under .500, but they finished the year with a .750 winning percentage, so I like their odds to do better next year!") to the box office to order season ticket packages, considering the marginal return advantages on either.

Either one's unlikely to make enough of a difference to the team next year (or any point in the future) to make up for not doing the opposite. Especially when it's not altogether in our own hands as to what pick we get (other teams keep losing too).

aksmith: But you are the one in here pearl clutching about how terrible it is that the Phillies will be missing their protected pick and you singled out a righty outfielder and a starter.

Who do you think fills those criteria that gets a QO? Especially in right field.

D Pat makes a good point. Rube failed his own test. Where's the accountability? A job with the Phillies is better than a government job. It's also for life, pays better, and offers better benefits.

Eh. None of us know whether or not Ruben tried to 'stand up to' Montgomery, but when an employee tries to get an employer to change a policy the odds aren't in the former's favor.

I'm not a "Ruben's our guy" kind of person, but for all we know he spent hours regaling the ownership group about the team's needs and budgetary restrictions, only to get a "no" in response.

I mean, what do you expect the guy to do, tender his resignation because he can't get the owners to shell out more? There's about 26-27 other GMs who should be doing the same, then.

There is nearly no difference talent wise between the 14th and 10th overall picks...its the loss of FA flexibility and the huge difference between having a top pick around #50 and #14 that is the issue.

Right. However, if the options for QO'd FAs aren't that appealing to begin with... It's kind of moot, no?

It looks like even the slot difference is only about $300K.

From MLB traderumors. The list was compiled before Utley signed his extension. Top FAs:

1. Robinson Cano
2. Jacoby Ellsbury
3. Brian McCann
4. Matt Garza
5. Shin-Soo Choo
6. Hiroki Kuroda
7. Ervin Santana
8. Carlos Beltran
9. A.J. Burnett
10. Chase Utley

Also listed:
Hunter Pence, Mike Napoli, Josh Johnson, Nelson Cruz and Tim Lincecum.

Garza can't be offered a QO because he was traded mid-season. The only FA RH bat on that list is Pence and Cruz and after that it's dumpster diving to find a gem.

buster: "I'm not a "Ruben's our guy" kind of person, but for all we know he spent hours regaling the ownership group about the team's needs and budgetary restrictions, only to get a "no" in response."

You could certainly be right, but unfortunately for Ruben(and us), he's screwed up in so many other aspects of being a GM that he no longer deserves benefit of the doubt.

Maybe, Lore, but the one doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other.

I'm not saying we should give him the benefit of the doubt, but that doesn't mean we should intentionally choose the least competent possibility either.

His overall record of baseball choices has been below-average (he's made some good trades/signings too, but they are outweighed by the opposite), but we really have no knowledge of his dealings with the ownership group - as the ownership group, no doubt, prefers it.

If I were a big market GM in today's FA world, I would try to use my advantage of more $$ to sign players and then willingly eat portions of their salary to trade them to smaller market teams.

You'd probably have to disclose that type of stuff to the FAs since you'd get a bad reputation quickly doing it against players' will, but I feel like it should work. Probably not your top tier guys, but your mid level types who get 3yr/$30M are probably just trying to max a paycheck anyway.

"that doesn't mean we should intentionally choose the least competent possibility either."

Disagreed. For me, he's reached that point.

The building blocks of his fundamental ideals of evaluating players (Production™ and Versatility™) and allocating resources on his roster ($125M 1B and $50M closers) are all so terrible that he's usually immediately wrong before he even completes a thought.

I imagine a number of owners would take exception to that happening more than once or twice. Even the "pure baseball" owners likely know the projected success rates of prospects, and wouldn't be enamored of paying tons of money to let other teams have stars/solid pieces in exchange for lottery tickets (as all prospects are, really).

Lorecore: As bad as those decisions were (and they were bad, certainly), there were (and are) numerous even worse ones.

There is no shortage of time in which to argue about draft picks. I, for one, am basking in the unique wonderfulness of last night's game. First off,

Cliff Lee

- 3-4, w/ 4 RBI & a stand up Triple.

(Lee & Bernadina have the same number of PA (64). Bernadina has 1 more Hit, & 1 fewer RBI, than Lee.

Lee also had more RBI in his final 3 AB last night than Martinez has had in 35 AB this season.)

- 4 RBI (first Phillies Pitcher w/ at least 4 RBI in a game since Robert Person in 2002; I was also fortunate enough to be at that game)

- Struck Out 14, Walked 0 (first Phils pitcher to do so since Curt Schilling in 1997)

- Struck Out 14, Collected 4 RBI (the only other pitcher ever to do that was Dwight Gooden in 1990)

- Surpassed both the 200 IP mark & 200 K mark for the season.

- Made an awesome, barehanded grab to complete an Out at 1B.

- When asked about his night said, "It was fun" in a tone entirely divorced from the very concept of the word "fun".

Chase Utley

- 2-5, 4 RBI, Blasted a 3-Run HR off of the Budweiser sign in RF.

- Surpassed the 800 RBI mark for his career.

Pig Power

- Hernandez 2-4, 2 R, 1 RBI, 1 BB

- Ruf 2-4, 3 R, 2 RBI, 1 BB. Blasted a HR to LF.


- Absolutely crushed 2 balls which, if hit on a warm, Summer evening, would have been tape measure shots.

- Killed a Catcher. No hyperbole, Brown's hit on Mathis was more solid than anything the Eagles managed all Sunday afternoon.


- Made an outstanding grab & throw on a ball sharply hit deep in the hole at SS.

The Lineup

- Every single player in the starting lineup save Carlos Ruiz had at least 1 H.

The Anthem

- CB West's choir nailed it. It pisses me off to no end when people ignore time signatures in music, & those kids must agree.

Hot Dogs

- For us? One dollar.


- Ample.

I saw later the paid attendance has been recorded as 31,266. I'd conservatively estimate perhaps half that number actually showed, but those who did were treated to a very much one-of-a-kind ball game.

Gtown - Re: Robert Person. Was that a Sunday afternoon game and he went yard twice?

Given the above : Why are Bernadina and Martinez still on the roster?

I don't disagree, but didn't Bernadina go 1-3 with a walk and a run scored?

Redburb: I believe it was a Sunday, & I know Person hit both a Grand Slam & a 3-Run HR. Pat Burrell had a 5 RBI day, as well. The Phils won, 18-3.

Buster~ It's more than just standing up to Monty. It's where the team was (elite), to where it is now (non-playoff).

It's also not about spending more. It's about bringing in the right pieces. He hasn't done that. Now, his hands may have been tied, but that doesn't change what is.

That being said, it appears there a few bright spots and they know there's a lot of work to be done. But this FO has always been about the bottom line. And they were not gonna go over the cap. And that mentality, in today's world gets a box of stale doughnuts and a carton of sour milk.

GTown - You're unusually happy following a Phillies game, and why not? You got to see Cliff Lee pitch - and hit - rather than KK. Congrats on a fun night at the ballpark!

D Pat: Sure, and as I said, I don't think Ruben has been the best GM the Phillies could have had. In all, his actions have resulted in a net negative (although let's not pretend that an elite franchise becoming non-playoff after 5 years is uncommon - especially with pretty much all of their core outside arb-eligibility), and his good moves have mostly been the smaller ones.

However, I don't think "he couldn't convince them to let him spend more money" is a valid criticism. As noted, there are 25 other GMs (probably 29, honestly, but 25 with significantly smaller payrolls) who are guilty of the same sin.

Frandsen was discussing with LA that the Phillies coaches and front office are very impressed with how much talent Bernadina has. They went to be the ones to unlock it. Sounds eerily like Minimart to me.

TTI - I'd imagine that Nelson Cruz is a roider, can't field any better than my late grandmother in the outfield, can't run and is physically breaking down. Sounds like a reclamation project for Rube. It's possible he won't get a qualifying offer, but then again, who really knows.

I'm really hoping that Rube decides to forgo compensated free agents this year altogether. High second round picks are also valuable. Seems to me that both Rolen and Rollins were such draft picks. But this is Rube.

Oops, Franzke, not Frandsen.

smitty - There isn't free agent draft pick compensation anymore for signing a free agent. The whole Type A and B compensation rules went away with the new CBA.

Except if that player is offered a qualifying offer, of course. Then the team who lost the FA is awarded the signing team's 1st round selection (except when the pick is in the top ten).

Buster~ I'm not saying he couldn't convince them. I saying he was told not to.

aksmith: So basically you are getting worried over nothing?

Also, as Redburb points out, they changed compensated draft pick stuff in the new CBA. Did you not know that?

As I've said numerous times the past month. If I'm Ruben- I sign Corey Hart to be a corner outfielder. Brown plays the other. Ruf slides into the Mayberry's 4th outfielder/1B back-up slot (or even a straight platoon like so many want)/ and then you sign a center fielder to be your 5th guy. However, I would not be opposed to slotting Hernandez into that role and then using him as a guy to give Utley a breather on certain days.

An outfield of Brown/Revere/Hart/Ruf/Hernandez is perfectly fine. The one thing you would probably need than is power from the left side for the bench but that can shake out in the FA watch. I'd also test the market on Saltalamacchia as catcher with re-signing Ruiz as a back-up.

That gives you:

C- Ruiz or SAlty
1B- Howard
2B- Utley
3B- Asche
SS- Rollins
LF- Brown
CF- Revere
RF- Hart

Bench of:

Back-up C
A left handed thumper.

Not the best line-up clearly but has some potential if you can get the bullpen mess cleaned up

PA/HR last two seasons:

Darin Ruf: 16.82
Ryan Howard: 24.36

Jack~ What are you saying? Not taking anything away from Ruf at all, but if Howard's healthy, the stat is better, I believe.

Franzke was saying the Phillies are trying to unlock Bernadina's talent? And this dude has been in the league how long?

How bout they just do their basic jobs, i.e. drafting well, developing well, spending wisely on the international market, signing young players to good contracts.

Instead, they're trying to reinvent the wheel on Roger freaking Bernadina.

Explains a lot.

Always good when JTroll posts things out of context from anything in the thread.

Camden Riversharks outfielder Delwyn Young said on Twitter yesterday that he wants to play for the Phillies.

Is this the Phillies big offseason outfield acquisition?

What else is August and September of a lost season for except evaluating talent? Isn't that what the Phillies are doing with Bernadina? It's not like he's blocking some prospects in the upper minor leagues - unless you think Castro/Susdorf/Mitchel would be better (which they aren't).

Re: Bernadina

I wonder if what happened with Schierholtz doesn't influence Amaro's thinking on Bernadina a bit.

Schierholtz is still having a nice year overall but he has faded badly the last few weeks:

.250/.303/.474 with 20 HRs in 463 PAs

Schierholtz's HR power is really what jumped out of nowhere. Career high in HRs was 18 HRs at AAA in '08 with the Giants in a hitter-friendly park in Fresno in the Pacific League

Yup. Delywn Young will be the Phillies big offseason acquisition.

Did you eat paint chips as a child?

The NL HR Leader Paul Goldschmidt has a worst PA/HR than Darin Ruf.

There's a lot of ways to talk smack on Howard...using Ruf's limited PA/HR numbers is not one of them.

I wonder if Schierholtz put up those numbers this year in Philly, posters would be jumping all over the fact that he has a .303 OBP.

Didn't we have Delwyn on a MiLB deal a season or two ago?

Since 2012, 413 players have amassed as many or more PA than Darin Ruf(286).

He ranks 7th in PA/HR.

Chris Davis

anyone care to guess the 6th? phormer phil.


OF is probably the one area where it is very difficult to predict what Amaro will do.

Still he goes after a premium C (McCann or Saltalamacchia) and then largely tinkers with leftover funds to sign a veteran FA starter and a few minor signings for minimal dollars.

> Then the team who lost the FA is awarded the signing team's 1st round
> selection (except when the pick is in the top ten).
> Posted by: Redburb

Actually, the team who loses the FA is only awarded a sandwich round pick and the signing team forfeits the pick.

In the case of a protected pick, the signing team still loses their next highest pick (usually 2nd round), which is what I'm assuming @aksmith was referring to. For example, the Indians forfeited their 2nd round (#43) and competitive balance round (#69) picks when they signed Bourn and Swisher.

Last two games, the cameras have caught MiniMart and Freddie G sitting in the dug out away from everyone else and talking. Aaagh - quick Ryno, separate them before Freddie starts picking up bad ideas!

***I wonder if Schierholtz put up those numbers this year in Philly, posters would be jumping all over the fact that he has a .303 OBP.***

They'd wonder why he had such a high OBP given that walks dont have anything at all to do with Production.

Freddy is just negotiating the purchase of certain items that will ensure his spot on the 25 man next year and for the foreseeable future.

Nothing to worry about.

Dickie - I assumed smitty was talking about Type B free agents and handshake type deals that agents used to make with organizations to ensure that team would gain an additional pick from turning down arbitration.

They should just put 'Quarantine Area' tape around Mini-Mart and sequester him to one-end of the dugout.

Wonder if he will keep his identical slash line too and possibly get into the obscure MLB history books.

Yes Moss has a 15.95 PA/HR

Marlon Byrd is a RH OF...

TTI's position-player outlook looks about right. Bernadina's probably competing with Frandsen for the 25th-man role at this point, with Ruf, Galvis, Hernandez, and Rupp making up the rest of the bench. (Rupp probably gets that role because they can't start both him and Joseph in AAA, and they should give Joseph - the better prospect - the everyday job in LV.)

Hart's a good FA fit, and he's unlikely to get a QO based on the current rumors. On the flip side, his knees are a huge question mark, and they are probably better off with him playing 1B than RF.

Carlos Beltran, a switch-hitter, is also unlikely to get a QO due to the Cards' surplus of OF/1B types, and would fit perfectly in the Phils' lineup:

cf Revere (L)
2b Utley (L)
rf Beltran (S)
lf Brown (L)
1b Howard (L)/Ruf (R)
c Ruiz (R)
3b Asche (L)
ss Rollins (S)

1B/OF Ruf (R)/1B Howard (L)
2B/OF Hernandez (S)
IF/OF Galvis (S)
OF/1B Mayberry (R) or OF Bernadina (L)
C Rupp (R)

For all the talk about having to add a right-handed hitter, it's worth noting that the other 4 NL East teams don't exactly have a ton of LHP in their rotations:

Braves: Minor, Maholm
Marlins: none
Mets: Niese
Nationals: Gonzalez, Detwiler

Maholm is a free agent and might not be back with Atlanta next year; Detwiler is being pushed by rookies (Taylor Jordan, Nate Karns) for a rotation spot. Even if both Maholm and Detwiler stay in the division and get regular starting turns, you're looking at 5 LHP at most out of 20 starters for our division rivals, against whom the Phils will play 76 of their 162 games.

So is Nelson Cruz.

Mike Morse would be a buy low option on a 1 year deal along the lines of what we did with Delmon Young. He'd terrible defensively though.

Corey Hart and Hunter Pence are also RH OFs.

Carlos Beltran is a SH who is also a FA this winter.

There is almost zero chance of Beltran or Hart getting QO. Pence will likely get one so he's out (well he's out for a lot of reasons)

Cruz would be an interesting guy to look at as would Beltran or Hart of course. You'd have to promise all 3 of them a starting role which means Ruf becomes a 4th OF/backup 1B.

You could easily handle it the way the Cardinals handle having Mike Adams on the bench...just give regular off days to the corner OFs and 1B and get him 2-3 starts a week against favorable matchups.

Its not exactly a huge issue. They've been doing it for years to get guys like Craig and then Adams ABs.

72, not 76. Math is hard. :)

Math being hard is what made me go into History instead. Math hard.

NEPP - 100% agree on using Ruf as a 4th OF and platoon partner"backup" for Howard. The Cards are the poster children for depth as a strength, not a problem to be solved by culling the herd.

***Detwiler is being pushed by rookies (Taylor Jordan, Nate Karns) for a rotation spot. ***

I'd be very happy to take Detwiler off their hands if they decide to non-tender him like they did with Lannan. He'd make a good 5th starter.

Detwiler's arb award should be cheap enough (say $3M) that Washington keeps him around as a back-end starter or swingman out of the pen.

He's making $2.34 million this year so he'll probably get closer to $4 million but I suspect that you are correct and that they'll keep him regardless. I think they learned an important lesson this year about pitching depth.

Also, remember that Washington has Haren ($13M) coming off the books and out of their rotation - though I wouldn't be shocked to see them go hard after Ervin Santana if KC doesn't lock him up.

Ruben will fill outfield holes with players that have skill sets similar to what he had as a player. And by that I mean he will go after complete stiffs.

Also, I wish the Phillies would do something, anything like the Cardinals.

Yes, Dickie Thong is correct. If your first pick is protected, then you lose your second pick for signing a Qualifying Offer FA.

I know it's the first order of business to assume nobody knows anything about anything here, but I thought it was pretty clear when I wrote it. And reading it again, it still looks perfectly clear.

For all we know, Rube doesn't think he needs a righty power hitter. He may go out and get a lefty. Rube almost never does what's actually needed. We are not dealing with rationality when we're following a team GM'd by Rube.

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