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Tuesday, September 10, 2013



I'm going to Anaheim finally... and maybe Oakland.

feels like a loss.

There is zero chance of a snowout for those Chicago games.

So... road interleague games will go into September... joy... that won't come back to haunt at all. I mean really it won't since we won't be in the pennant race next year. ;)

I don't like playing 9 games out of the division either as the season starts. You really should start the season off and end with division rivals.

At least having a DH will be easier for the Sept games with the expanded there's that.

Not a scientific analysis, but just using the eye test it looks like a brutal schedule. If we're lucky enough to have meaningful games in September, the schedule is even more daunting.

Whatever happened to the years when they would play the last six games at home against some combo of the Braves, Nats, and Marlins?

Also, not feeling the juice of the AL teams coming to CBP; Jays, Mariners, Stros.........ugh.

At least Trout gets to play a few games near his home.

Well, the Stros could be featuring Cozart, Villar, Singleton and more. You can try to imagine what the Phils would have looked like under better management.

So, will it be another easy April then?

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