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Sunday, September 08, 2013


Amazing! We finally win a series against Atlanta when the games are meaningless. I hope that Cole can get his lucky 7th victory to go with his unlucky 13 losses to give us a sweep.

You would think they would get Rupp in there at one point.

The answer is simple: sign a high priced "closer's closer" to come in with two outs in the bottom of the 9th.

Ok, I think you're questioning the wisdom of the signing and the money and number of years committed to him more than you are Papelbon himself because he's been pretty good lately.

The issue with Papelbon is one of resource allocation. Papelbon's numbers are fine. Very good, even. The 7 blown saves stick out in neon, though. The funny part is they only lost 3 of those games. The reality is every run he gives up is magnified by the situation. But, he's not putting more guys on base this year - it's less. He's not giving up more homers, he's at career lows. He's not walking guys - he only walked 9 and hit one all year. Only thing off for him is strikeouts and you can see why. He's making do quite well with a disappearing fastball. But, more balls in play will lead to more bleeder runs. He may have a douchey personality but, he's not underperforming.

This team is a lot more interesting without the Zombie Vets.

Was that Delmon I saw drop that fly ball in right field? How can you give a guy a hit on that play?

Nice job by Ryno getting Kendrick out after 6 before he could cough up the lead. Only mistake was subbing butterfingers Bernadina. Papelbomb would've wrapped up the save before the gopher ball if Ryno had left Bernie on the pines where he belongs and instead put in Mini.

Pap doesn't terrify me this year...he terrifies me in 2015 when were still paying him $13 M and he may very well be topping out at 87 mph instead of 92 like he is now. The decline doesn't bode well.

Also, a point that applies to both Pap and KK, bad defense tends to magnify any mistake by a guy on the mound.

And in KK's case, so does a 50% increase in line drives...

From 6/25 to 8/27 KK's BABIP was .364 vs. .272 before that, an increase of 34%. During the same time his line drive percentage was up about 50%, from .175 to .266. Since 70% of line drives are hits, a 50% increase in line drives equates to about 35% more hits, almost identical with KK's 34% increase in BABIP.

Ryno's certainly made it clear Jimmy's no longer the leadoff hitter. Unfortunately, he's certainly not a #2 hitter, recent uptick in walks notwithstanding.

Mini Mart should have in in the OF instead of Bernadina the 9th? Really?

Sandberg didn't even use JRoll hit to PH last night in the 6th or 8th innings. Maybe it was because JRoll is banged up right now but I have a feeling Sandberg wouldn't hit JRoll higher than 6th if he had other options.

Zed: Rollins 'uptick' isn't recent. he's been averaging about a walk every 11 PAs during the last three seasons.

He might not be a 2-hole quality hitter, but not because he's insufficiently selective.

Amaro calls Franco an "advanced hitter" who could make the majors next year.

He has a 3.4 % walk rate at AA. Of course Amaro loves him.

I know Clout accuses posters here of not knowing anything about baseball. But it seems that in Rube, the Phillies have a GM who actually doesn't know much about baseball at all.

Franco is a very good prospect. But unless he is the reincarnation of Vlad Guerrero, he is going to have to work on plate discipline.

And the only way he makes the majors next year is if he learns to play the outfield. Because that's what Amaro seems to do with his infielders.

I can't discuss Phillies today. I am building a wooden glory hole booth for myself for Eagles games. Can't wait to suck cock this week.

Game 143: Fend for yourselves, Beerleaguer!

Phils up 2-0 in the 1st. Key to the inning was JRoll's fouling off ball four, allowing Cesar to get picked off. Jump started the inning.

Asche killed that ball after working the count quite ably. A pity it stayed in the yard.

But the Phils just came and put up a couple of runs, almost like there was nothing special about it at all. Almost like that's what an MLB lineup is supposed to do

Hamels held it like an egg.

No game thread for you!

Maybe the mysterious powers in charge knew Cole was going to serve up a 1,000 ft. Home Run.

The Gattis HR was only 480 feet. Barely even constitutes a moonshot, that.

It's hard to hold that against Gattis, though, because if you're going to hit one over the wall, the best kind is the one that impresses.

Anybody else notice that Frandsen has a tendency to stretch early and get locked into position before the throw is made? Asche's throw was just slightly off line and Frandsen made the play at first tougher than it should've been. By the way, Mini can play first, too.

The Gattis HR was only 480 feet.

I think the machine what calculates such things left off a zero.

I'm amazed that we even have a measurement, GTown_Dave. I was certain it had reached escaped velocity off the bat.

Braves fans, all 5 of them, not happy with how this series has unfolded so far.

Hamels' reaction to that Gattis fly out off the bat was exceptional.

I think Cole needs a new plan of attack when dealing with Gattis. As if that was pulled just a bit, it would've been gone. (Again.)

Hernandez putting on a baserunning clinic today.

Wow, do you guys need more writers? Missing another game.

Hamels thrilled Asche at 3rd. If Michael Young there hamels would be down 5 to 2. definitely our starting 3b in 2014.

I guess I don't understand why you'd throw him anything to hit, but what do I know?

That plan of attack: a bit overdue now.

The Youngs were the worst. This team is so much more watchable. 2 or 3 more additions by subtraction and this would look like a baseball team again.

Excellent Cole. Only guy who hit the ball today you throw a cookie too. But then again you can only hope to contain Gattis.

Cole has nobody to blame for today except himself. Which is something, given how many sources of blame this club usually gives him.

And they are not so coincidentally winning some of these close games without the Youngs kicking a couple around every night.

Love this selective approach at the top of the lineup against a guy who's struggling to throw strikes. 3-1 to Rollins.

Paps gets a chance at redemption!

That there Ruf kid might stick.

If only he'd hit them with men on base.

BJ in for the save?

Would've been nice if Ruf could've knocked it out of the yard on a previous PA where there were men on base, but that was still a damn fine AB. Especially after he got fooled on that first pitch.

Let's see how many ways the bullpen finds to screw this up.

Kutztown: Better to hit HR w/ no one on than not hitting any at all, which has been the case w/ the rest of the team.

Rosenberg? That's new.

Savery for Freeman??

Is poor Pap overworked? Or does management hate Cole? 2 bj's my lucky day

Welcome to our new closer!!

These Braves don't look too invincible. Definitely vincible.

Congrat's BJ on blowing away the braves.

What you did there, I see it.

Asche, Galvis, Ruf last 3 nights.

Watching Rosenberg right there you have to wonder why in the hell Papelbon makes closing out a game look so damn difficult.

The current roster suffers from a notable lack of talent, but they're certainly playing a much more entertaining brand of baseball than the Phillies of just a few months prior.

The Braves in this series looked a lot like the "flawed" team that they were predicted to be this past off-season: Hittable starters and a feast-or-famine offense with a propensity to strikeout have been the order of the day. While they haven't been particularly pretty, it's nice to see the Phils be scrappy enough to pull out these close games.

Actually, the Braves have had a whole lot go wrong this year. The left side of the BP wiped out, both Uptons poor to sucky, Heyward and many other starters missing time. Sitting with the best record in the league after all that is remarkable.

New to this, but very surprised to see so few comments about the Phillies outfield. Was that Bernadina in right field in the 9th inning? That would be an error in Little League. What is it with MLB minimizing errors (except when there's a no hitter going).

Asche, Galvis, Ruf last 3 nights.

Posted by: Jake | Sunday, September 08, 2013 at 04:13 PM

Yup, fine job by dickbag Amaro. Ruf sat in AAA for no good reason most of the year and same with Galvis, who has what, 5 homers in less than 200 at bats (just a guess) while having a great glove. And what I mean by Ruf sittng there in AAA for no good reason is that the alternative was Delmon Young, a part-time, AL DH at best. Get rid of this clueless, franchise- wrecker now.

Ryno now 11-2 in one-run games. Amazing the difference a real manager can make.

"Cole has nobody to blame for today except himself. Which is something, given how many sources of blame this club usually gives him."

This was a joke, right?

Darin Ruf sat in AAA because there was nowhere to put him: Howard was at 1B and his glove wasn't ready for prime-time in the outfield at the start of the season. He also didn't exactly set the world on fire with his bat at Allentown, good for just .266/.343/.407 in 350 PA. It's hard to fault the front office for not calling up the guy when he his ceiling looked like a more disciplined Delmon Young.

And for the season, Galvis owns a line of .217/.278/.380 in 177 PA. His glove is impressive and, if allowed to play every day at SS, might justify a .658 OPS that's light on OBP. But are you really going to bench Rollins for Galvis? Especially when OBP is more productive than SLG. The fact is that, while Galvis has got a good deal of pop for someone who's listed at 5'10" and 170 lb., the hit tool just isn't there to make use of the pop, and he lacks the plate discipline to ameliorate for his contact skill deficiencies. It was hoped that in AAA he might put the pieces together to get the bat to the point where it'd let him be an everyday SS, as the glove's certainly there for it. But so far, he hasn't, and the only logical time to call him up again was September.

19 games left and the toughest series arguably will be next week in DC vs Nats since technically they are still in the playoff race

3 vs Padres (24-44 on the road)
3 @ Nats
3 vs Fish (23-47 on the road)
3 vs Mets
3 @ Fish
4 @ Braves (glorified exhibition games unless the Braves go into a tailspin the next 2 weeks)

Closing on a stronger note is going to mean the Phils finish outside the top 10 though. Bet they end up now at 77 wins and right at the 11th or 12th worst record in MLB instead.


Next year's team looks like this:

C - Chooch, 35
1B - Howard, 34
2B - Utley, 35
SS - Rollins, 35
3B - Asche, 24
LF - Brown, 26
CF - Revere, 26
RF - Ruf, 27

Half of the team would be either in or entering what ought to be their prime years, and the other half would be the aging core from the glory years.

Obviously, you'd hope to get enough out of the aging core to play competitive baseball and contend.

Oh, that is assuming Ruf and Asche are even considered MLB ballplayers by r00b and the FOols.

I meant insofar as allowing runs, as run prevention begins with the guy on the mound. Normally, there's some defensive blunder that allows a man into scoring position or otherwise turns what should be a routine inning into a stressful situation.

Here, though, it's kinda hard to blame the rest of the squad for two solo shots to the same guy, both of which went at least 400'. (And a third that also went 400', but was to dead center and thus stayed in the yard.) I suppose you could dump on Kratz's game-calling, but the fact that all of the long fly balls were off of Gattis's bat seems to indicate that the problem was more on Hamels' end than Kratz's.

awh - Still think Amaro is going to try to make one splashy FA signing and he will try real hard for McCann or Garza either though I don't think either one will end up signing here.

"Real manager"! We'll see how many world series Ryne Sandburg wins; with the Phillies that is.

MG: r00b's big splash is going to be picking up Halladay's option. Wheeeee ...

This is the the Gattis blast. It ended up on the CF concourse but on the far end of it near the trash bin.

Probably is the longest HR at CBP this year. Wonder it was closing to 490-500 because the concourse is so elevated.

Longest HR ever at CBP:

"As you can see, that almost left the premises of Citizens' Bank Park.

According to Hit Tracker, Gattis's HR, initially measured at 484 feet but later revised upward to 487 feet, was not only the longest home run on 2013, but also the longest home run in CBP history.

Take that Ben Revere"

Hamels did give him the perfect meatball. It looked like a 92-MPH that was supposed to be on the outside corner but drifted right back over the center of the plate.

Cholly's biggest claim to fame:

the only manager in MLB history to have the team with the best record in consecutive years and make the World Series in neither. A record that Ryno will never sniff...

I thought Howard's homer over the brick wall (2007?) was longer than 487?

MG, IMO r00b will TRY to sign FA's, and by using caps on the word "try" I mean he'll TRY to LOOK like he's trying to sign FA's.

I don't think he'll land any of the pricier guy out there either, and Garza and McCann are both overpay risks. IMO you only sign that kind of guy if you think he'll get you over the hump, and unless the overall pitching vastly improves next season, and certainly the bullpen, one guy, even if it's Garza, is not going to make a difference.

Juums, assigning "blame" for a couple of HRs is kind of pointless.

Sometimes pitchers make exactly the pitch they want, and it's right at the catcher's glove, and the hitter still drives it out of the yard. Conversely, sometimes pitchers leave big fat pitches right over the middle of the plate and hitters miss them anyway.

Hamels gave up 2 runs in 8 innings on 2 hits. Yep, he threw a 2-hitter, but unfortunately one guy was locked in today.

Comeback win to sweep the division leaders doesn't warrant a game thread or a wrapup... thanks KomKastic Kustodians!

alplq: That was Howard's 100th career HR, on 27 June 2007. I happened to be at the ballpark that night. While the distance of that shot was initially judged to be up to 505', it has since been revised to a mere 461' -- & per the ESPN Home Run Tracker, it wasn't even the longest HR Howard hit that season.

Our starting OF today was Galvis, Hernandez, Ruf.

What's amazing is not just that those three were all Iron Pigs this year.

It's that they started together as the Iron Pigs *INFIELD* this season, for at least a few games.

The Perils of Thinking: Let's face it, we live in a world where Amy Fadool just won an Emmy. I'd have to say the state of the industry as a whole is pretty damn sorry.

Amy Fadool won an Emmy?!

Jack, our outfield today can be described in one word: Versatile™.

OMG, new thread.

Someone at Komkast is actually paying attention!

MG: A regional Emmy, but an Emmy nonetheless.

I believe we were warned of this in the Book of Revelation.

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