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Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Can we get the grounds crew to install a larger home plate for future games?

Think the umps would notice?

The other option is to have our pitchers throw strikes and I don't think that's gonna happen unless Cliffie and Cole do a 1964 style September rotation.

Martin/Halladay is a great way to wear out your bullpen.

Woo, boy! I'm glad I elected to tune out of that one by 9:00 when more entertaining TV was to be had. Everytime I looked at Gameday, I saw another error from one side or the other. And then Zolecki's report on the number of strikes v. number of pitches. Terrible!

Rough game to watch but with some patience Ethan can become a top-0f-the rotation guy.

Mini-Mart did keep intact his similar slash numbers with a 1-4 (single tonight)

Now an impressive .176/.176/.176 (.353) with no XBHs or BBs in 34 PAs.

It boggles my mind how he has gotten 379 PAs over the last 3 years with this team, put up a .186/.235/.263 (.498 OPS or 36 OPS+), brings no other real skills besides playing a number of positions, and yet keeps getting PT.

Worst Phils' player I have witnessed as an adult over the course of multiple seasons with the club.

At least it will be a cool night for Doc. Nevertheless, Cloyd should be available for multiple innings of relief work just in case Doc can't get people out.

Theme song for tonight's game - "I want to walk you home" by Fats Domino

The Franco and Asche conundrum im sure we will trade one and wind up with the bust.

Cody Asche Last 20 Starts (22 games total):

83 PA, .312 AVG/.361 OBP/.894 OPS

The Franco and Asche conundrum im sure we will trade one and wind up with the bust.

You mean like the early 80s, when the Phils had Samuel, Franco and Sandberg and kept the worst one?

That's why you don't trade either Asche or Franco until they both prove they're not busts.

I do like the quickness of Asche's swing. I'm not sure about how much power he'll generate but it is a sweet swing.

MLB's link to Asche's HR doesn't work and I didn't see it. What kind of pitch was it and where did he deposit it?

Pretty surprised to hear that their were a number in the FO who wanted the Phils to bring up Franco in Sept.

Its funny but even if Asche is mediocre at 3B next year (1-1.5 WAR) including defensively, he'll be better than M. Young who was a tree stump there defensively and really tailed off offensively.

Same in RF with whoever replaces D. Young as long as their defense isn't horrendous.

MG: "Same in RF with whoever replaces D. Young as long as their defense isn't horrendous."

Sadly, it will likely be Darin Ruf, whose defense will be pretty darn ugly.

edmundo: jumped out in front on an inside pitch and hit a quick line drive RF fence.

Phillies RF by Def Runs Saved since Werth left:

2013: 24th (-11)
2012: 23rd (-7)
2011: 28th (-13)

It's probably not a coincidence that as the team has gotten older, and as Rube has consistently ignored these facets of the game in favor of "production", the Phils have gone from one of the best defensive and baserunning teams in baseball to one of the worst in both categories.

Phils were above average with Werth, and if you back to 2007 when Vic was RF, the Phils were #1 in the league.

2007 Phillies Def Runs Saved for RF of +28 has been the highest of any RF since. (Although Arizona with Gerardo Parra will break that quite easily at end of this year, with a +38 rating).

I forgot how incredible Andrew McCutchen's extension was.

He'll be a pirate from 2009-2018 (age 22 - 31) for a total cost of $65M. Lucky for the Pirates, his MVP/AS bonuses are only a couple hundred K, since he's going to be hitting them often.

I think the most disappointing facet of last night's game was watching Chooch once again not block a pitch in the dirt. Rosenberg threw a breaking ball in the dirt for strike three and out three, and Chooch tried to pick it instead of block it.

Did Aderall make him better at blocking pitches? Because he's gone from one of the best to one of the worst. As nice as it's been to see his offense reappear, his defense has declined hideously.

On the subject of Ruf's defense, I'd been mulling that the other night. While he's much improved in the OF, and might be able to cut it as a bad LF, the RF experiment is going to end in tears. Which isn't a knock on Darin Ruf: Some guys are just natural 1Bs, and it's not his fault the Phils already have a declining 1B who's signed to a ridiculous deal, meaning he'll play come hell or high water.

Which makes me wonder: Do you try selling high on Ruf this off-season? Assume he finishes the season with the line he has as of today: .250/.345/.500, on track for 35 HR and 186 K's with a 10% walk rate over a 600 PA season. While next year he'll be 27-28, he's making the league minimum for the next two seasons and can safely be jettisoned when he becomes arb-eligible due to his age. The FA market this coming off-season will also be fairly light on mashing 1B/DH types, as well. So a cost-controlled 1B/LF/DH-type should certainly gain some interest if shopped, especially given the dreck that teams with good farms -- e.g. the A's and Orioles -- ran out there to DH this past season.

As big a fan as I am of Ruf, I just can't help but keep thinking that moving him is the best option, unless they intend to run him out there everyday at 1B. As the club can only afford to carry one passable-at-LF outfielder, and for the foreseeable future his name will be Dom Brown.

I don't think it makes any sense to deal Ruf (unless, of course, another team wants to be stupid & offer a ridiculously good return). He's a RHB, & one of the very few Phillies w/ consistent power. He's cost-controlled, as noted, & could always step in to play 1B once Howard injures himself yet again. Besides which, Ruf's simply not as bad an OF as has been claimed. What the Phillies ought to consider doing is switching Dom Brown back to RF where he belongs, & where his arm isn't wasted. Granted, it's not "fair" to Dom to be jerked around so, but moving him to LF for the purpose of signing D. Young to play RF was stupid beyond all credulity.

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