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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Kendrick is not worth the ~$9m he's going to make in arbitration. He's worth it as a bullpen long man that can make the spot start at ~$5m. Pass.

Unequivocally NO.

Interesting side note, though: The report on Kendrick's condition was all rainbows & unicorns & "He'll make his final two starts!" after the Phillies' med staff conducted their examination. Then Kyle went for his second opinion w/ the Mets' docs, & they were all like, "Girl, you craaaazy!" (I'm paraphrasing, but the point should be clear).

Bottom Line: I wouldn't trust the Philadelphia Phillies to properly diagnose, let alone treat, a hangnail.

gtown: i was about to say the same thing. Phils cleared him with mild tendinitis and said he could pitch through it, but then he goes for a 2nd opinion that says he should be shutdown.

Unreal how they are basically never on the same page with any of their peers.

lorecore: "Bernidina [over Mayberry]. Better defender at both corners and CF."

Bernadina is better in CF, but we're talking about our 3rd string centerfielder, so exactly how important is that defensive superiority? And the defensive difference in LF & RF is small & not terribly important. Far more important is their ability to hit, since the primary job of a 5th outfielder is to pinch hit. And Mayberry clearly hits better than Bernadina.

Personally, I think RAJ would be nuts to bring back either one of these stiffs but, if he had to bring one back, it should unequivocally be Mayberry. Bernadina's only "virtue" is that he's something different. That virtue has quickly worn off.

Kendrick probably isn't worth that amount of money. But anyone acting like he is just garbage and that this is some no-brainer decision clearly has no clue how to value players. And I think it's pretty clear now why Kendrick caved in the last two months, and it has nothing to do with the 180 IP he had in 2010.

Still, I wouldn't pay that money to find out if I was right, especially considering you could be committing that money to damaged goods now. Best to move on.

Yet another swing and a miss by the Phils' medical staff. Just how long to you keep folks that incompetent around? I don't know, why don't we ask Rube Jr.?

Kendrick is now not a good risk. But I'd sure like to know what the Mets' team doctors saw on the MRI that the Phillies' doctors didn't. It may be something very minor, but then again, it may not. A healthy KK is worth 7 million. An unhealthy one is worth nothing. It's amazing though that I was worried ab0ut a concussion and its aftereffects while the problem was likely his shoulder the entire time.

Personally, I think RAJ would be nuts to bring back either one of these stiffs ...


Phils really need to evaluate their med staff. If I was a player I wouldn't even take what they say for a grain of salt and automatically get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

He went from being fine, to some shoulder soreness to being out the rest of the season in a few days.

Ethan Martin in the mix for the rotation?! I know we can't expect JW's insights anymore but really?? Ethan Martin in the rotation?? Now I really am convinced that the writers don't watch the games or read the comments at all...

Also, there's no way KK gets $9mil in arbitration. If that's what he wants in FA and another offers him it, then yeah, pass.

If Kendrick returns healthy and if he comes in at a manageable price, I'd try to keep him as the 4th/5th starter. On the topic of outfielders for the bench, I find it hard to believe the team can't find two outfielders better than Mayberry and Bernadina for next season. Would it be that hard?

sorry. Just going by what the manager, GM and pitching coach told me.

The Phillies would be nuts to offer KK arbitration. Anything north of what he's getting this season is over paying for a below-average starter and KK was below average this year. Go out and shake a tree and a 2013 KK will fall out. If some other team wants to give him a big fat pay raise, let them have at it.

Real shame for KK that he came down with that concussion in his shoulder. Forces r00b to drop his offer from 3/30 to 3/24 and restock the farm system by trading Cliff Lee.

Looks like Finger giving DE fan the finger.

Sad day on the site if people are debating the quality of play of a guy like Kendrick. Maybe the Phillies should have traded him to the Yomiuri Giants in 2008.

kuvasz: Not the most scintillating topic, to be sure. On the other hand, debating potential Postseason pitching rotations seemed kinda pointless.


I'd rather move on and keep our young players (6th, 7th SP) as depth.

Yeah that's why they moved him to the pen already in a lost year that would have been perfect for a continued rotation tryout. Instead, they have such "proven" starters like Cloyd and Miner going instead.

Oh and every comment I've read here just absolutely HATES that they moved him to pen and they think he's so much better as a starter (extreme sarcasm for anyone who couldn't tell).

Martin is clearly not ready for a MLB rotation but the move to the bullpen may have more to do with limiting his innings late in the season than it does the Phillies plans for 2014.

Kendrick's shoulder looks OK.

Which player will be back next year in the Phillies 2014 rotation? Halladay? Kendrick? Neither? What would Rube do? He'll sign them both with healthy raises!

    ...With a 2.41 ERA in April providing the base, Kendrick was 8-6 with a 3.68 ERA in the first half of the season...

This stuff don't grow on trees. Although I can't find the link, Kendrick was one of the top 10 pitchers in the NL from August, 2012 through the end of June.

What's the alternative on a horrible baseball team? Ethan Martin? Tyler Cloyd? Doc? It's my guess that the 29 year old Kendrick - who appears not to have lost velocity - gets healed from his concussion; remembers how to make his sinker sink, and wins 15 games for someone in 2014.

I hope it's the Phillies. The alternatives as selected by Montgom... er, Amaro are not pretty.

KK gone doc gone would love to see jimmy and Howard on same bus too.

Without knowing what the medicals say on KK's shoulder, he's not worth the risk right now. If its something that can be fixed non-surgically and it isn't a major rotator cuff or Doc type injury, you bring him back at $7 million. If not, you have to make a very tough decision.

KK's injury and the team's treatment of it is yet another black mark on Dr. Ciccotti and the rest of the training staff. Amazing run of incompetence by a training staff that was once considered one of the best in baseball 5-6 years ago.

If he could be signed for no more than two or three years, I would take a shot at Ubaldo for 2014.

If he could be signed for no more than two or three years, I would take a shot at Ubaldo for 2014.

Worth it just to hear L.A. refer to him as "Ubaldez" for a few seasons.

KK is like your house which you owe more than it's worth.

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