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Thursday, September 26, 2013


finger: jroll specifically said DOM is RF.

Even Jimmy wants to move Brown over to RF.

Jimmy gets it. He really gets it.

I'd have to think primarily because he believes Ruf has no business there, and Brown is the less-bad choice.

Based solely on JRoll's comments, I'd venture that he'd be a better alternative at the Phillies GM position than the current incumbent.

I'm all for moving him upstairs, plugging Galvis into SS for the time being and letting Jimmy build the damn roster.

Multiple outlets are reporting Bud Selig will announce that he's set to retire after the '14 season.

I'll believe it when it happens ... The actual retirement, that is, not the announcement.

GTown: Wait until you see other reports that the DH is coming to the NL in 2015.

Phillibuster: That will be the point at which baseball & I part ways for good.

So finger is predicting Ruiz will be re-signed apparently?

Selig knows what chicks dig, and it ain't sacrifice bunts.

Having now watched the video, my favorite part is the random SABRmetric stats tossed out there (including UZR/150, lol) as reasons for trusting Pence's instruction.

Phillibuster: Chicks dig old, fat guys trying to hit a 3-run homer? I kinda figured only Charlie Manuel was into that sort of thing.

Darin Ruf turned out to be a better fielder than Brown. Brown has the stronger arm but his fielding is still shaky.

GTown: Dunno. Ask Michelle Burrell or Stephanie McGwire maybe?

Oldman: Not according to advanced metrics (don't get me wrong, Brown is still bad, but he's about 33% less bad than Ruf). It seems Ruf doesn't credited with any errors because anything other than lazy fly balls to within 30 feet of where he's standing are deemed "non-routine."

Interestingly, their career UZR/150s are the same.

Someone tell pop ups 2014 is his last year. Maybe before.




The window has been closed for 2 years now. And unless the Phils bring in the right pieces, it'll stay that way.


At minimum to be competitive next year the Phillies need three things: 1-A veteran, right-handed hitting, right-fielder with some pop in his bat, 2-A veteran, right-handed starting pitcher and 3-a veteran back-end reliever to replace Adams when he folds. Times yours, Rube.


AEC knows that a "battery" refers to one pitcher and one catcher, right? That it's the two opposite polarities which is why they call it that?

I hear he's available from the Giants, Sil.

"Based solely on JRoll's comments, I'd venture that he'd be a better alternative at the Phillies GM position than the current incumbent."

WP, r00b did a good job taking a winning team and improving it. However, I'm extremely skeptical that he's a good enough judge of talent (or even that his underlings are) to rebuild a franchise with young players. Of course, Dave Montgomery disagrees, citing r00b's willingness to listen to a variety of opinions before making a decision, though Montgomery foolishly ignores whether the ultimate decision made was a good one or not.

That said, it seems that a blind organ monkey throwing darts at a list of players might be able to make better talent decisions that r00b, if the last two seasons are any indication.

"AEC knows that a "battery" refers to one pitcher and one catcher, right? That it's the two opposite polarities which is why they call it that?"

Ummm, apparently not.

What, no one else is getting on board the "Chooch for 5th Starter" bus?

I thought a battery was what we threw at JD Drew?

WP: Exactly. You grab Daulton and Schilling, and you huck 'em as hard as you can at Drew's skull.

GTown: Well, McCann just had shoulder surgery, so he's definitely at least getting moved to the 'pen.

The Yankees bought Babe Ruth for a staggering sum of cash in 1920.

Why didn't the PHILLIES buy The Babe?

He was a LH BAT!

Philadelphia was the capital of the US from 1790-1800. Why didn't they just convert City Hall into the new Capital Building and keep it that way?

Top 5 NL ERAs


I believe certain Southern states preferred that the capitol not be located in the north and, prominent Virginians (Jefferson, Madison) used the debate over how to pay the debt incurred in the Revolution to get their way. Also, some considered the creation of a district apart from any state necessary to safeguard the federal government against aggression by state actors. There were also considerations of defense as Philadelphia was somewhat more vulnerable to naval attack than the location eventually chosen.

Instead of the Yankees being the Bronx Bombers, the Phillies with Babe Ruth could have been the Nicetown Jackers, although it would probably have a different meaning today.

Also, construction on Philadelphia's City Hall wasn't even begun until 1871, & took 30 years to complete.

I'm all for picking up McCann & making him the 8th Inning guy, though.

Hugh: Well, to be fair, I was just asking a non-sequitur question, as if to parrot AEC.

But that seems fairly plausible, yes... Although considering Philadelphia is farther from the Atlantic than D.C., I would think the only naval difficulty would be the width of the Delaware at its exodus making forts on both sides still somewhat far apart for the cannons of the time to accurately handle.

Wow jimmy NO SH!T. Jimmy is a G.. DA.n genius. Thanks jimmy for stating the truth.

I much prefer The King of Bop for my crazy rants

Why are so many people impressed with what Chris Davis is doing this year?

A 1.000 OPS 52 HR and 42 2B

Looks impressive at first glance but don't these r00bs know that Davis did all that while standing on the left side of home plate?

... somewhat far apart for the cannons of the time to accurately handle.

Yeah, but that's only because Ruben Amaro, Jr.'s great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather insisted on moving his powerful, highly touted young cannon to the larboard side of the entrance to the Delaware so as to inexplicably waste time & money making room for a fat, racist cannon which often failed to fire on the starboard side.

The Phillies have one need that is so great and obvious it far, far outstrips any other. To fix their bullpen. As bad as the offense was this year, it was nothing next to the complete ineptitude of the bullpen for considerable stretches of time.

Fix the bullpen, and you have a team that can be on the margins of playoff contention again.

Our relief pitching ranks 14th in ERA in the NL.

But our starting pitching also ranks 14th in ERA.

Our fielding percentage puts us 9th in the league.

Our BA is 9th, our OPS is 12th.

I think it's safe to say there's much room for improvement across the board.

"To fix their bullpen"

It's fixed.

It will probably get better with the addition of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez as well.

The starting rotation is excellent in the first two slots and then implodes.

The lineup is horrific. No point in even doing anything for the pitching staff if Shin-Soo Choo and Brian McCann are not going to be purchased.

Only four teams have scored fewer runs per game than the Phillies.

2007 2nd out of 30 teams

2008 8th out of 30 teams

2009 4th out of 30 teams

If you can't hit, you can't win.

I expect Boston to win the World Series this year because they can hit. San Francisco could hit last year. 4th in OPS+ in MLB. The dummies actually think that was a pitching dominant team. The Giants were 20th in ERA+.

You'll never get a PHANTARD to accept that reality though.

I notice you didn't mention 2011 there. The year they led baseball in wins, set a franchise record, and were 13th in runs scored.

Also, ERA+ is park-adjusted. That's nice for determining the overall effectiveness of the pitcher and all, but since the Giants play half their games in San Francisco, it matters more what their regular ol' ERA was, y'know?

I know I'm going to regret engaging Free AEC, but I think this needs to be said.

Let's assume the Phils do exactly as you advocate, signing Choo and McCann. In order to actually get McCann, you're going to have to make him a starter: He is not going to sign somewhere where he's expected to be used as a platoon bat, even if his splits and knees say that's what he should be used as. Let's also assume that the guy displaced in the OF is Ruf, as that's what's considered most likely to happen in the event a corner OF is signed.

With that in mind, this would be the starting lineup you'd run out there every day, including those against the 30% of the league that're LHP. Included is each player's 2013 performance against LHP: I'd've preferred to use career numbers, but given the number of veterans with lengthy careers and high peaks, they make the situation look better than it in fact is.
C: Brian McCann -- .231/.279/.337; .276 wOBA
1B: Ryan Howard -- .173/.218/.321; .238 wOBA
2B: Chase Utley -- .240/.321/.432; .331 wOBA
3B: Cody Asche -- .241/.290/.379; .296 wOBA
SS: Jimmy Rollins -- .253/.320/.329; .286 wOBA
CF: Ben Revere -- .370/.378/.479; .374 wOBA
RF: Shin-Soo Choo -- .217/.349/.267; .293 wOBA
LF: Domonic Brown -- .245/.286/.427; .309 wOBA

You'll have to pardon me for thinking that's not exactly a particularly fearsome line-up against the inevitable LHP reliever. To say nothing of LHP starters, as the bench can't be dedicated to just guys who mash LHP. It looks rather like a line-up that'll flounder every fourth day (statistically) and will be made mincemeat of by a never-ending series of LOOGYs.

Certainly doesn't seem like it's worth a couple of draft-picks and the massive risks associated with big free agent contracts these days.

Methinks "They Call Me The King Of The Bop" has returned. As a baseball expert. Er sumphin'.

I wonder if our new background noise gets "STEAMED"?

A little late here but Mr. AEC is totally schizophrenic so please don't engage him. He's babbling like a toynbee tile.

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