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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


> All this time I thought it was Charlie that was in love with MM.
> Now I know it was RAJ all along. Count on him being back next year
> Posted by: dons

B-R has MM as arb eligible next year, which I'm not sure is entirely accurate. If it is true, I wonder if Rube tenders him and for how much.

After Doc got loose his pitches had good movement and were missing barrels. A hit to the leadoff batter and then a no-hitter for 5 2/3. Looking forward to coming back with him again in 2014.

I'd hate to see Doc be one of those guys who tried to hold on too long after he lost his stuff. You have to wonder whether he is fully recovered from surgery and, if not, what his ceiling is at this point. It doesn't look encouraging. He's pitching backwards. Using the fastball, such as it is, to set up the offspeed stuff. But he was wild with a lot of pitches also. It's as if he's courting disaster the whole time he is out there. Tonight he somehow held disaster at bay. If we're going to be watching a pitcher struggle, I'd rather it be a young guy who is still coming into his own rather than an old guy trying to get by with the ability he has left.

I wouldn't sign him based on what I've seen so far.

While it may look like he's a washed up pitcher trying to hang on, given Halladay's history, I'd give him a couple more starts before I'd write him off. If he somehow manages to finish well, I'd think about offering him an incentive-laden contract for a year.

Since we have to watch the Iron Pigs, assorted tired veterans and Mini-Mart play the rest of the season, the Phillies' ownership should sell tickets and parking at minor-league prices and make every night "Dollar Dog Night."

If only they'd had Mini Mac's bat in the lineup still...

Up to the 9th pick there's that.

Just a game back of the 6th pick and 2.5 games back of the 5th pick.

I really feel they can crack the Top 5 if they keep running these AAA lineups out there.

"Missing barrels". "Pitching backwards". You guys are spending way too much time with Chris Wheeler.

Yeah his control his off, but he obviously still has some "stuff" going on. He could be shot, true, or he could be re-learning to be consistent with his new mechanics he might of had to adapt to since the surgery. Who knows. Too soon to tell.

nepp: Last night was actually one of the more talented lineups they've ran in weeks.

The AAAers are contributing more than the Zombie Vets in the lineup - Rollins, Utley, Mayberry, Bernadina.

Not really a fan of baseball but live in the area and work near CBP. When is the dollar dog night? I need to load up.

Dan Gelston ‏@APgelston 10h
Nats manager Davey Johnson on Halladay: "I was feeling sorry for him the 1st couple of innings. Then, I started to hate him."
Retweeted by David Murphy

"Just a game back of the 6th pick and 2.5 games back of the 5th pick."

If they get to #1, word is RAJ will draft Andrew Wiggins. Raw, toolsy, phenomenal hops.

iceman: no one said brandon moss would be good, but a lot of us said he had a good chance to be better than Ross Gload. Phils instead stuck by a washed up PH with no power while Moss crushed AAA all year.

Given BL's track record on predictions that a guy is washed up, I'd say Halladay probably has 3 or 4 more years at a minimum.

Most significant thing that Halladay did last night was throw a great changeup. Four of his 5 Ks were against the changeup, a weapon he hasn't used much in the past.

Obviously his overall command is a problem, but this was only his 3rd start after the long layoff. Too soon to write him off, although never too soon for the Moronocracy.

the phillies are so stupid when it comes to roster management vs Versatility.

They jump through hoops of terrible decisions to ensure they have the traditional set of 5 OF 6 INF 2 C, but then they tout versatility and allow players to field almost any position they want. So they cancel out the advantages of each school of thought.

Sticking to balanced rosters disallows you to take the best player available if he doesn't fit the mold, but it gives advantage of defined roles, easy game management.

Preaching versatility allows you to take the best available player regardless of position, but gives disadvantage of a unbalanced roster and potential weakness at positions.

So what do the freaking idiot Phillies do? They defer to choose the worse player based on balance, but then play the worse players out of position anyway to value versatility.

They combine the two disadvantages of each philosphy and combine into one. I hate them so much, their whole hierarchy seems to get dumber the higher you go.

Good little bit on BJ Rosenberg.

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ 47m
Notes: Tweaks do wonders for Rosenberg, Wells eye update + more

Plus the vision problems of Casper - - I have to say, again, that I don't understand the logic sometimes of players making light of ailments. This quote is rich:

"I didn't want to think about my eyes being an issue when I was out there trying to perform."

Hello? Don't you need to be able to see the ball in order to hit and catch it? Of COURSE you're eyes are an issue and an obstacle to performing!!

*your* (sorry!)

There are any number Brandon Moss types available every off-season and maybe 1 out of 15 or 20 turns out to be Brandon Moss.

It's not a shock that Rube or 29 other GMs missed on Moss. The thing with Rube is he never hits on any of them. Closest thing to a hit on his Rule % and vet minor leaguer pickups is Kratz, who's posted a 93 OPS+ in his 2 seasons here so far and thrown out 22% of basestealers this season.

I thought this was a well written piece on Doc:

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 59m
Roy Halladay survived. Is he the pitcher who skidded for two innings or later prospered with guile?

Someone needs to tell RAJ about the vision thing

lorecore- yeah, I know it fits your overall narrative (which I agree with, by the way), but there was no outcry for Moss in any capacity when he was with the organization, nor were there any tears shed when he left.

Very few here care about being consistent about what was said here in the past, and I get that, but for the sake of intelligent and intellectually honest discourse, I think it has to be pointed out that the Moss thing is 100% Monday Morning QB at its finest.

Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure there was a fair amount of wonder why Moss wasn't being given a chance. Also pretty sure nobody expected him to be THIS good, though.

Halladay may not be done, or maybe he is. Who knows 2 MLB starts removed from injury? But again, I am forced to point out that if he was truthful about wanting to pitch for a winner next season, he won't be back with the Phillies in 2014.

Grit, will, and moxie only carry you so far as a MLB starter.

Halladay if he pitches in the NL in a park that isn't HR-friendly park can be a viable MLB starter.

If not, I think he's going to get lite up too often and chew up the bullpen too many starts.

All the Nats had to do was 'sweep the leg' last night in the 1st inning. John Kreese would probably have been as disappointed as Davey Johnson looked last night early on.


Have to take issue with classifying Utley as a "zombie vet". Come on, sure, he's not Chase of 2009, but really?

I can see it now after the season's over. Rube is at draft headquarters and he's on the clock.

MLB Draft Director: You are up, Mr. Amaro. Please give us your pick.

Rube: Michael Martinez.

MLB Draft Director: You can't pick him. You already have him on your team.

Rube: But I like him. He's my kind of player; short, toolsy and doesn't walk much.

MLB Draft Director: You have to make a pick.

Rube: Just a sec, I'm logging into ESPN's Fantasy Draft section on my smart phone to see who I should pick. OK, here it is. I pick Adrian Peterson!

Utley's certainly been quite pedestrian since Charlie left.


Again though, wish more Phillies would carry a .350+ OBP during a slump.

Rick Vaughn: What's that sh#% on your chest?

Roy Halladay: Crisco. Bardol. Vagisil.

Any one of them will give you another two to three inches drop on your curve ball. Of course if the umps are watching me real close I'll rub a little jalapeo up my nose, get it runnin', and if I need to load the ball up I just...wipe my nose.

Rick Vaughn: You put snot on the ball?

Roy Halladay: I haven't got an arm like you, kid. I have to put anything on it I can find. Someday you will too.

on Halladay:

As he is, walks are not necessarily a sign of bad control. His "Stuff" is diminished and a straight-up challenge pitch, fastball mostly, to a hitter in a hitter's count will get crushed. He knows this. So he throws the curve or change-up low out of the zone and hope they chase. They don't, it's a walk. Rally and try to get the next batter. Last night many here believe he got lucky, and perhaps he did. However, a wise man once said "Luck is the residue of design". Halladay will never be who he once was. If he realizes this AND still has his control he could transition into the crafty veteran junk-ball pitcher as a solid 4 or 5 starter.

Should have went with Ethan Martin or Jake Diekman instead of Vaughn (ie young pitchers with no control on our staff)

When should we expect to start hearing about Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez?

He's in Clearwater, right?

The last report was MAG needed to acquire a work visa and from there would go to FL.

All I want to see is the younger Phillies playing well. If the Phillies win, great. If they don't, I want it to be because a non-factor in the future like Mayberry or Bernadina or even Rollins screwed up. That way, I don't have to worry about the future of the Phillies and can still expect a protected pick at least.

However, it looks like Darin Ruf may need to go to the eye doctor instead of Wells. He truly doesn't seen to see the low/away pitch at all. He often swings at pitches more than a foot from his bat. But anything inner half is okay. And dare I say, any pitcher who pitches any differently to Ruf and Utley is a moron. Utley can't hit anything on the outer half with any authority at all. He doesn't swing and miss as much as Ruf, but his approach has narrowed significantly recently.

One other thing. What's with all the fake bunting on this team. Every one of those pitches seems to be a strike right down the middle. Why the heck don't they actually, you know, bunt? Because as soon as they fake it, they are down a strike and they've pretty much signaled they aren't going to bunt. Seems pretty simple.

Iceman: I don't think anyone claimed we all saw Brandon Moss coming.

I think the point is what Clout said. If it was an isolated incident, your point would be more well taken. But it's not. Amaro has missed on all of these guys, all the time. He has clearly and consistently failed at evaluating talent, and yes, Moss is a data point to that effect.

Comparing what Amaro does to what BL thinks is not exactly the right comparison, of course. He gets paid a lot of money to make baseball talent evaluations. We don't. He should probably be held to a little higher standard.

I would be happy to take Rube's salary and I'd imagine I could at least have the same amount of "success" he has had as a GM.

Doing better than him? No, probably not...but then I am not the one who is supposed to be the expert or qualified to run a billion dollar franchise.

aksmith-- The fake bunting thing has been bothering me for a while. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Don't think I've ever seen a positive result come of it.

Brandon Moss

It was more about them giving Bowker a chance than Moss but neither guy play with any kind of regularly.

Cholly had his 3 starters - Ibanez/Vic/Pence and they played almost everyday and even played a lot when the Phils had clinched.

MG-- What is this "clinch" thing?

So all the personal and professional insults hurled at Amaro by various BLers over the years should all be taken with a grain of salt because, deep down, everyone knows they couldn't do as good a job as him? It's all about holding him to a higher standard?

That's pretty laughable, but if that's what everyone wants to go with, OK.

I also expect my doctor to be better at surgery than me and my car mechanic to know more about engines than me.

Which are both also quite laughable based on that standard.

Hahah. Yep.

Shane, I liked your 12:46 post about Doc.

iceman: none of us know anything about all of the responsibilities of a GM. I'm sure there is worlds more involved than the player personnel decisions that we only can judge from our side.

From a fan's perspective, he is terrible. Thats all we have to go on. But if you ask someone if they'd be better than Ruben, its impossible to say yes because there is likely so much more involved that there's no way to definitively say yes.

I agree with Shane/GBrett about what Doc does, but I disagree that is a good strategy for him.

Doc has to submit to being an average pitcher now, not try to punch out every and walk whoever he can't. He needs to understand that letting someone get a good hack at your fastball in a hitters count is sadly something he needs to deal with now. Its not the end of the world to let a guy get a good hack at your stuff every once inawhile. You've got 330-440ft of cushion and 8 defenders inbetween that will keep a hitter from scoring a lot better than never throwing a strike.

8 "defenders"? Sounds generous...

Iceman: What on earth are you talking about?

The standard Amaro should be held to is whether he's doing a good job running the Phillies as a major league GM. He's doing a terrible job running the Phillies as a major league GM.

The idea that the question is ever about whether he's better than some poster on BL would be is a complete non-sequitur. I mean, do you hold your doctor to the standard of whether he's better at diagnosing your illness than your wife? No, of course not. You hold your doctor to the standard of whether you think he's a good doctor or not.

LorecorE, I was thinking that Doc should employ a similar strategy to Jamie Moyer's. And I don't expect him to be better than Moyer, although hopefull more like Moyer in 2008 when he had a 3.71 ERA.

I agree that Phillies did have some future 'good' vets come through there system.

Instead of that being a negative, I wonder if it does point to some good scouting. Those players (Vogelsong, Moss, Grilli) were all brought in as Free Agents who could have been had by any other team in baseball.

Likewise after the Phillies, who were an excellent team at the time, decided that those players were not as helpful as the signed major league vets and other younger players under control, the Giants, Athletics, and Pirates were willing to sign them.

Vogelsong really was not very good for Phillies in the minors. He also did not profile well as a reliever.

Moss could have been a bench bat but there was little chance (unless he was awesome in about 15 ABs in Sept) he would have come back the next season. He had shown okay power and poor plate discipline. Reminds me somewhat as Schierholtz who Phillies could have kept; with the plan to release (and eat salary) or trade one of Nix/Schierholtz during Spring Training.

Grilli was the one who bothers me more than the others. He was pitching well in the minors and the Phillies bullpen at the time could have used another guy at the expense of demoting one of the young guys. Assuming he pitched well during that run, the Phillies would have likely kept him the next season as well.

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