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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Today's game has established a new Beerleaguer record for the fastest it has ever taken to render the thread topic (Papelbon's 30th save) moot.

A season ending blowout loss would certainly be fitting.

In the meantime, it appears as if the Phillies are stuck with Papelbon. It's too bad, too, because they could have done as well for less and then been able to spend elsewhere.

And you don't even need a Closer when the chances of entering the 9th Inning w/ a lead are practically infinitesimal. r00b is a great GM, always trying to fix problems the Phillies don't even have.

(Salisbury's "flaccid" quote is a gem, though)

Miner has managed to drive me to football - a game I hate - in this interminable 1st inning.

It's OK, everyone: J.C. Ramirez is preparing to come in & save the season.

Not to complain about BL, but I'm not sure how hard it would be to post a game thread before the game begins, and mostly to include a LINEUP.
We're still with you BL, although in diminishing numbers as the season wanes. But are you with us?

can_of_corn: Ask not what Beerleaguer can do for you ...

Asche cost DOM an assist by trying to take a bite out of that throw.

Ha. I'm sure many of you articulate and knowledgeable BL regulars would love the job of writing a daily gameday forum. It doesn't seem that terribly demanding, and might provide a chance to earn some cash (probably not much) writing about what you love and know.
One wonders why doing the job seems so hard these days.

The Giants have Pence for 5 more years, the Astros have the cream of our farm system, and the Phillies have Roger Bernadina.

I don't blame having Papelbon on the roster as the reason that this season was a disaster. Oh, and the Giants can have Pence. They sucked this year, too!

I find it offensive that Miner is wearing Tug's #45.

Oh come on! The Braves already have been given the gift of facing Zach Miner and the rest of the Phillies bullpen. They don't need BABIP gifts like that double-play. That's just the Baseball Gods rubbing salt in the wound.

Cesar needs a rest day.

Please just let this season end.

This team is just plain bad.

Henderson Alvarez has a No-Hitter through 8 IP vs. Detroit. Also, it's 0-0.

If this happens to be Kratz's last game w/ the Phils, that's a nice way to go out.

Henderson Alvarez has No-Hit Detroit through 9 IP -- let's see if the Marlins can score a damn run for the guy.

Free AEC - whoever the !@#$ he is - actually posted something that appeared from the "reality-based community". Interesting how pitching-rich clubs rarely get far in the post-season.

This God-forsaken team is about 5 years' away from being a year away if the clowns comprising the limited partnership sell the team and we get a stat-savvy front office.

Oh boy. The fate of Alvarez's No-Hitter rides on Greg Dobbs.

Wow. No hitter on wild pitch for Marlins.

Greg Dobbs really came through!

I've never seen a No-Hitter quite like that one. 0-0, Bottom of the 9th, 2 Outs, Bases Loaded ... & the winning Run scores on a Wild Pitch.

It's nice to see the struggling Marlins have a reason to celebrate today. Good for them! Now, waiting for a Phils celebratory reason....

So, Henderson Alvarez's no-hitter was the fifth in Marlins' franchise history. The Phillies have 11 in their history, of which only seven have occurred in the liveball era.

I'm disgusted by this. I just can't decide if it's because the Marlins are that good and run by such a terrible owner, or if it's because the Phils are that bad and are run by such a terrible ownership group.

Now, waiting for a Phils celebratory reason ...

I'll celebrate when this game/season is over.

Juums: No-Hitters seem extremely luck-dependent. I'm far more disgusted that the Phillies & Marlins have the same number of World Series titles.

Might as well see which of your fielders can pitch - at least there's upside and potential enjoyment in the unknown unlike whatever flotsam is left in the pen.

Dan Uggla's hitting .179 for the season. I might've pitched to him instead of Pinch Hitter X.

Yes, he hurts mistakes more, yada yada, but it's the last game of the season and I wanted to challenge lunkhead.

No-hitters are indeed luck-dependent, but one would think if you constantly run out top-flight talent, you'll luck into them more often than teams that do not. But yes, World Series titles go to the same point.

For all the crap they catch, the Marlins baseball operations teams has always been -- continues to be -- quite good. Though maybe Loria's a blessing in disguise, as God help us if the Marlins FO was given a long enough leash. The NL East's stacked enough as it is.

My season-ending post has to do with a headline I just read on the Phillies mlb website: "Amaro Planning Staff Changes After the Season," or something to that effect.

All I can ask, rhetorically, is why Montgomery and his cronies aren't planning staff changes one level higher than Amaro's staff? The problem lies squarely at the feet of his high and mighty.

He's an a-hole for ruining this franchise.

Matt Gelb: "The Phillies have thrown 116 pitches in five innings."

This game will never end.

Who gets a triple to left? *sigh*

I hope Amaro is somewhere enjoying this sh!tshow. You reap what you sow, a$$hole!

Well at least Pap won't get his save. I'm sure he'll have some fun words sometime.
Oh wait--MiniMart is in! We may catch up after all with our secret weapon.

This game isn't ever going to end unless the Braves start swinging opposite-handed.

That's right...keep walking them. If they won't swing, we can still make sure they get on base.

Too late to petition for the mercy rule to be in effect?

Our stellar staff WHIP today is about 4.00. Phillie Pride.

Rich Dubee: Don't worry. You'd probably need to bugger the Phantic right on the field during the National Anthem before they'd consider firing you, & even then ...

I'll most definitely be back to work with my good bud Doc.

You know things are bad when T-Mac goes silent for more than 3 seconds at a time.

Is anyone else really disappointed that Asche came out for a cut on his chin? Us gamers would have smeared some mud on it and played on.

Mini batting a hefty .158.

The most glaring piece of evidence that shows how far Beerleaguer has fallen: the moronic idea that somehow having as good a starting staff as possible is a bad thing has become conventional wisdom in what used to be an pretty intelligent commentariat. Now the inmates run the asylum and stupid stuff like this just goes completely unchallenged, save for the occasional post from clout.

SLO: .154

In future years they will refer to the "Martinez line": .150

Martinez entered today w/ an OPS+ of -12.

Minus. Twelve.

He has gone from being the worst player in the history of the Phillies to one of -- if not the -- worst player in the history of the game.

Don't worry boys, a couple of smart moves by Rube - an OF bat, a reliever, and we're right back in contention.

Iceman: Time for us to step up our game I suppose.

I also love the idea that Amaro shouldn't have signed a closer because we weren't going to take leads into the 9th. That's not even WIP caller level. It's Bleacher Report type nonsense that can only come out of GTown Dave's mouth and is advocated for by his lackey cut.

In the future the Braves might want to consider not acquiring anyone with a last name beginning with U.

Our last look at a Phillie pitcher in 2013: Cloyd!

An 8yr old could have written these past few posts...just copy and paste...the discussion has been bad here too but still way above what passes as an "alternative viewpoint" post

What an enjoyable day this has been. I'm sorry to see the season come to an end, but I can't say that I'll particularly miss watching this incarnation of the Phillies play.

So thankful that this season is almost over...way too many injuries and poor decisions by Amaro this year. Really looking forward to our chances next year with a healthy Howard and hopefully a rejuvenated Halladay along with some smart bullpen/OF signings

Ahh...the season ends with Mini Mart at the plate. How fitting.

See? Any you guys put Mini Mart down.

thank you truth! more people need to stand up to gtown troll. he's more retarded then a downs kid. makes beerleaguer unreadable.

Martinez can't get anything right.

Actually, having Mini Mart get the final hit of the 2013 season is somehow very fitting.

At least we won't have to read anymore "Hernandez for starting CF" posts all winter.

No BBs or XBHs all year for Mini...WHY is he here?!

A fitting end to the worst season since '00. Full circle.

Thanks, Phils, for the season. There were goods and bads, and it's been fun as well as frustrating. We'll miss you!

How many days til pitchers and catchers report?

There is a lot of work to be done. The team is bad right now. The rotation is broken and needs a blockbuster arm that just isn't available this off season. The lineup has holes and lacks power in a major way. And like all Amaro teams there is no depth whatsoever. The bullpen is non-existent and the bench is frightening. The roster really needs to turnover this winter. 10 new faces. Is that enough?

If last season was the leaky roof, this season was the collapsed house. There is no more denying that everything must change. Rollins said it himself. The window is closed and it is time to work on opening up another one.

gobaystars - Lee/Hamels/MAG/Halladay or Kendrick/Pettibone - the rotation is fine. Lineup should be fine if everyone is healthy, although they could use another corner OF to kick Ruff to the bench. Bullpen has potential with Martin and Diekman and the bench will be alright if they are smart about it - Ruff, Rupp, Galvis, Hernandez, LH power bat. It's not a great team but they can at least contend for the the wild-card or the division (because it isn't that good).

Thoughts on the postseason now? Dodgers haven't been playing well lately and I have no confidence in the Braves. I think the NL rep will come from the Central. Feels like it could be the Pirates year, but the Cards would be my 2nd choice. Not even sure about the's wide open and the 2nd WC isn't even decided yet

RT @ToddZolecki "And that will be your 2013 season. Phillies finish 73-89, worst record since 65-97 in 2000."

Interestingly (or not), the Phillies' Pythagorean WP this season equates to a final record of 66-96 ... & this season felt a whole lot like '00 in terms of sheer hopelessness.

Jake, that is very close to the team that just finished the season a hair shy of 90 losses. Unless MAG is good for an 28 game turnaround, I don't see it.

Wow, a 4ht place finish. Just what we always wanted (sarcasm). It's now time to fire RAJ, as the team has regressed, and he's run out of excuses. While the team has some nice young players, it's very obvious to me, that's it's going to take a lot of work and the traveling of a long road to get where the team hopes to be. RAJ is not the man to get us there, IMHO.

DPat: Everybody but Monty & r00b realize this. Unfortunately, Monty is the man in charge of hiring & firing GMs.

Plus a healthy lineup and a more consistent bullpen? There's potential there. Not having the Youngs, Nix, Mini, etc. also goes toward that "28 game turnaround."

Just what we always wanted (sarcasm).


Thanks for clarifying that for us.

Jake, why would the lineup suddenly become healthier?

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