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Friday, September 27, 2013


I don't think either of our left fielders could've caught that Rollins' fly ball into the gap.

From the last thread

clout - while there is a lot to like about Hart, there is also a lot to not like about him...including his BB rate, injury issues, double knee surgery, suspect D, etc. At the price it would take to pry him loose from Milwaukee on a 1 or 2 year deal, I doubt he's worth it.

Juums: Well, fielding is a weak point for these Phillies. As are hitting, pitching & base running.

Todd Zolecki: "Phillies on 8-game homerless streak, longest since 8-game streak in '96. Haven't gone more than 8 w/o homer since 11-game drought in '89."

I'm starting to see why RAJ thinks walks are Unproductive™. They easily setup the inevitable GIDP.

Dom's last HR: August 14.

After watching Ruf's first PA, I think Wally Joyner and company are going to have to do something this off-season with regard to trying to ameliorate the hole in Ruf's swing. As Ruf's undoing is not going to be like Ryan Howard's, chasing the slider that's a foot out of the zone: He's too disciplined for that. It's that he's going to be flayed alive by guys who've got good enough control to throw strikes low-and-away, because as it stands now, he's more likely than not going to swing through those.

I read somewhere that Ruf has been taking extra BP with Henderson on trying to avoid the non hittable sliders. At any event with a new manager he might bring back another hitting instructor. I dunno always like the idea of Mike Sweeney.

jroll got screwed on that call.

I wonder if the Union will wind up w/ more goals than the Phillies have hits. Might well end w/ a big, fat 0 for both.

Since we're getting essentially the same lineup next year, I hope all these guys need is a good long rest.

I would drive out of my way to shop at George's Dreshertown Shop n Bag at least once a month if they make a follow up commercial where the fat old guy runs down those punk lacrosse kids with his car in the parking lot after they leave.

When is TRASH day?


I almost wish Gattis had connected on that second pitch. The ball wouldn't have landed until after the World Series if he had.

It will be fun watching Lee pitch for the Phillies again next year and the next year and the next. They will still be a 3rd or 4th place team but they will still have a HOF pitcher.

Lee's going to spend the next 3 months begging Rube to trade him to a contender.

Lee his usual masterful self. Too bad we're going to be no-hit.

Lee pitching gem and getting the standard phila run support

This time with the added bonus of being no hit thru 5


Cliff Lee is gonna strike out 17, & the Phillies will get no-hit.

Lee breaks up the no hitter this inning.

Cliff Lee is terrific. Let's trade him.


GT - Maybe that's what Lee and the home plate umpire were laughing about.

Cesar is the man!!!

Thank You, Cesar!

Haha. Cheap hit breaks up the no-no. Could a run be next? Doubtful.

Thanks Cesar! Now let's get the win for Cliff. He way he's pitching, one run could do it.



Cesar kills the inning-ending pop-up.

Kind of a not-so-great call there. Sigh.

Cliff seems to be having fun anyway.
You know, this may be the last glimmer of excellent play we see this season. I'll savor his efforts tonight.

Bernandina might have some value just not on this team.

I was actually hoping Bernadina would drop Medlen's foul ball, as I wanted Lee to make a run at Tom Seaver's record of 10 consecutive strikeouts.

Chooch has really fallen off of the ledge. He might live to regret not wanting to negotiate during the season.

The only reason we don't lead the world in GIDPs is we don't have many baserunners.

Now someone's explain to me why Amaro wants to resign Ruiz

Part of the Zombie Vet core + inability to develop a successor.

I would rather go for saltalamacchia

Why does Wheels love to praise the opponents?

The Braves certainly are a whiny bunch...

Cliff Lee in September:

53 strikeouts
1 walk


Cliff Lee in Sept.'13: 53/1 K/BB ratio

Can we trade Wheels ?

Problem with Saltalamacchia is that he's absolutely atrocious against LHP. With a lineup that already includes Howard, Utley, Dom, Rollins, and Asche, that's basically a recipe for an automatic loss in 30% of our games.

Not so much fun to watch Brown-Ruf-Asche anymore.

Which brings us to the answer for: why Chooch? There's no other viable, affordable option, save for possibly Dioner Navarro.

Sorry to say that's the game.

You knew it was going to happen...

Friggin' golf swing, & now Lee is gonna get a Loss.

Please don't let that one HR be the difference in the game. Come on, Phillies, Cliff has been amazing tonight! Score a few runs!


Maybe the Braves will start resting there 7 best relievers.

That's all, folks.

So does this lock up the protected pick, or what?

Heck, if we had another week or so we could make a run at the #1 pick.

Brown Out

Dom, March - July: 402 PA, 1 XBH/8.93 PA

Dom, August & September: 127 PA, 1 XBH/18.14 PA

Two more exciting losses to go!

Lee looks like he ready
To tell RAJ to trade him

He looked so frustrated

It's kinda unfair to bring Kimbrel out against these 3.

Kimbrell should have to pitch left-handed to these guys, in the interest of fairness.

I feel bad for Cliff Lee. That sucks. 5 runs in 5 games. This team is sure ending the season with a feeble whisper at the plate.

The good news: I'm numb to it all.

The bad news: not really.

It's tragic to pitch like that and get a loss.

Agree @GBrettfan, but we are one step closer to a protected first round top ten pick.

Todd Zolecki: "Cliff Lee is first pitcher in baseball history with 50+ Ks and 0-1 BBs in a calendar month. Finishes September with 54 Ks and just 1 BB."

Lee finishes the '13 season w/ 222.2 IP, 222 K, 32 BB, 2.87 ERA.

The Phillies have scored 5 Runs in the past 5 Games.

Shut Out for the 15th time this season.

The Sandberg magic can't overcome a severe lack of talent.

So much for the short-lived new life Ryno brought to the team.

Ruf-Asche-Hernandez. The future looks bright ahead

Even if they had the 1st pick

Raj would find a way to blow it and pick another Wayne Twitchell.

Yeah, & it'll be hilarious when r00b uses this vaunted protected pick to select Toolsy McShitbag. I'd rather Lee have gotten the damn Win.

Todd Zolecki: "Phillies have scored 19 runs in last 9 games and have not homered in 9 consecutive games, longest drought since an 11-game streak in 1989."

That protected draft pick better be a good one!

Corn -

Bright if you like K"s

The Phils have locked up a protected pick. Since the Rockies are about to win, the Phils will finish the day with either the seventh or eighth pick with two games to go. We want the Jays to win.

GTown, you do have a way with words.

I try to console myself by thinking about the olden days when pitchers regularly lost or one low-scoring games like this 0-1 loss.

And to remind myself that Medlin is a good pitcher.

But it doesn't work. It seems utterly unjust for Lee to get a loss.

CBP will be very empty next season!

*won* not *one*

It probably takes a lot of restraint on Lee's part not to walk into the clubhouse and yell "you guys suck!"

Silver lining: it's going to be difficult to lose more than 90 games next year.

GBrettfan: Medlin is good, but the Phillies looked entirely uninterested tonight. It couldn't have been more obvious that they flat did not care.

86 games of 3 runs or fewer?

That's a pretty impressively terrible stat!

I got it backwards. The Jays won. We now want the Rockies to win.

Protected picks might be moot, as I'm not sure which FA we could con into coming here. Anything would have to be a huge overpay, as mentioned earlier.

Lee is as good as the Phillies offense is bad.

222 Ks on the season v.32 BBs.

In reality, the best way for this hollowed out organization to return to contention is a few judicious top 15 draft picks. It's going to be a long few years in the mean time.

Fenwick: Wayne Twitchell was a big Phillies success story.

He was indeed a 1st round draft mistake -- by the Astros. Phils got him in a trade for Pat Skrable (i.e. nothing.) In his 6 years with a bad Phillies team (except for the final 2 yrs when they were good) he posted a 106 ERA+.

Matt Gelb: Can you believe that? "No," Ryne Sandberg said.

I hope he kills someone in the clubhouse to make a point. Losing is bad enough, quitting is unacceptable.

I don't want the Phils to go after any of the FAs who receive a QO. I just want them to finish in the best draft position possible, which right now is between seven and ten. If the Phils sign a FA who received a QO, they lose their second round pick which is somewhere in the 40s. That could be a very good prospect also.

If I'm not mistaken, Choo and McCann are the only FAs being discussed likely to receive QOs. IMO, that's good enough reason to pass on these two.

Seems I remember Roberts losing a lot of games 1-0.

ESPN's David Schoenfield: "Here are my 10 worst decisions -- moves that were clearly questionable when made. And, no, all 10 do not involve the Phillies."

Maybe, the Phils can be embarrassed into making changes in the FO. Maybe not.

** sorry

I meant to say WAYNE Gomes not Twitchell

What a fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie.

It seems only fair to trade Lee, although I really, really don't want to lose him.

From Zolecki:

“I am getting up there in age,” said Lee, who lost World Series with the Phillies in 2009 and Rangers in 2010. “I’m 35 years old now and when this contract’s over I plan on going home, so I’m running out of opportunities. All I can control is what I can control, and I’m going to do everything I can to help us win. That’s all I know how to do.”

So he doesn’t see himself playing beyond this contract? It expires following the 2015 season, unless a club option is exercised for 2016.

“Right now I don’t,” he said. “There are a lot of things that can happen between now and then, but I just know that my kids are 12 and 10 and I’ve basically missed the first half of their lives. I’m financially able to shut it down, so … that’s how I feel right now. But when the time comes I might look at it differently. I also want to finish being good, not struggling and fumbling through at the end. I want to finish strong and take it to the house. Next year I want to win a World Series, then another one, then another one and take it to the house. That’s what I’m wanting to do.”

"I also want to finish being good, not struggling and fumbling through at the end."

Lee should have a talk with Halladay.

i hate the comparison of asche to utley. its downright disrespectful to chase.

its good to see gtown bashing dom again.

this site was great when gtown was gone. oh wait, that was like 3/4 the season. welcome back

im icemans butt boy!

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