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Thursday, September 26, 2013


"To fix their bullpen"

It's fixed.

It will probably get better with the addition of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez as well.

The starting rotation is excellent in the first two slots and then implodes. Two plus starters will be needed since the offense even with a big improvement won't be good.

The lineup is horrific. No point in even doing anything for the pitching staff if Shin-Soo Choo and Brian McCann are not going to be purchased.

Only four teams have scored fewer runs per game than the Phillies.

2007 2nd out of 30 teams

2008 8th out of 30 teams

2009 4th out of 30 teams

If you can't hit, you can't win.

I expect Boston to win the World Series this year because they can hit. San Francisco could hit last year. 4th in OPS+ in MLB. The dummies actually think that was a pitching dominant team. The Giants were 20th in ERA+.

You'll never get a PHANTARD to accept that reality though.

Does the 4th place team of each division get a check? I remember when there were only 8 teams in each league, the top 4 shared in WS money. I guess with expanded playoffs, there is more money, but I thought only the players in the playoffs shared that.

I know I'm going to regret engaging Free AEC, but I think this needs to be said.

Let's assume the Phils do exactly as you advocate, signing Choo and McCann. In order to actually get McCann, you're going to have to make him a starter: He is not going to sign somewhere where he's expected to be used as a platoon bat, even if his splits and knees say that's what he should be used as. Let's also assume that the guy displaced in the OF is Ruf, as that's what's considered most likely to happen in the event a corner OF is signed.

With that in mind, this would be the starting lineup you'd run out there every day, including those against the 30% of the league that're LHP. Included is each player's 2013 performance against LHP: I'd've preferred to use career numbers, but given the number of veterans with lengthy careers and high peaks, they make the situation look better than it in fact is.
C: Brian McCann -- .231/.279/.337; .276 wOBA
1B: Ryan Howard -- .173/.218/.321; .238 wOBA
2B: Chase Utley -- .240/.321/.432; .331 wOBA
3B: Cody Asche -- .241/.290/.379; .296 wOBA
SS: Jimmy Rollins -- .253/.320/.329; .286 wOBA
CF: Ben Revere -- .370/.378/.479; .374 wOBA
RF: Shin-Soo Choo -- .217/.349/.267; .293 wOBA
LF: Domonic Brown -- .245/.286/.427; .309 wOBA

You'll have to pardon me for thinking that's not exactly a particularly fearsome line-up against the inevitable LHP reliever. To say nothing of LHP starters, as the bench can't be dedicated to just guys who mash LHP. It looks rather like a line-up that'll flounder every fourth day (statistically) and will be made mincemeat of by a never-ending series of LOOGYs.

Certainly doesn't seem like it's worth a couple of draft picks and the massive risks associated with big free agent contracts these days.

The Phillies are trotting out some real sh!t these days and it is a slap in the face to fans who at the least expect decent play and players.

btw I noticed last night that there were no commercials after the 6th or so inning. Was that a broadcasting technical problem or are advertisers pulling their ads, since few are watching?

Well, at least the Phillies are by and large a bunch of free swingers. I'd hate to have 'em drag out this game with a bunch of extraneous pitches.

That was rather depressing watching Dom and Ruf right there. Though at least Dom made good contact.

Frandsen, though? ...Frandsen did pretty much what I was expecting.

I can't even begin to get excited over a draft pick. There's no one in the FO competent enough to make it anything but a flaming disappointment. For me the only potential joy left in this season would be finishing ahead of the Mets, who are similarly clueless.

Looks like the Braves offense has turned the corner and will be feasting tonight.

Juums: Don't worry. I have it on Beerleaguer authority that the Braves are a mirage & won't go anywhere this season.

Dom looks not right. Either that or lazy. I'm actually hoping the latter.

How embarrassing is it that we have to keep trotting Cloyd out there. Meanwhile, that kid who almost threw a no hitter for the Cards the other night won't even make their post season roster.

Like watching Matt Beech pitch back in the late 90s, back when Rube was patrolling the outfield.

Savor every moment of tonight's game because it's probably the last time you'll ever see Tyler Cloyd in a Phillies uniform. At least I sure hope it is.

b_a_p: That's funny. You're a funny guy.

Did Tyler Cloyd just strike out Brian McCann? I think I can hear Free AEC's brain oozing from his ears trying to process that.

At least he'll be able to say he struck out McCann

GTown: A sense of humor is essential for anyone who's still watching these games.

BAP, I'm actually of the mindset that Cloyd may be the pitching version of Mini Mart - kept around for his "versatility" and lack of other options.

You see, the trick is, you have to cut their heads clean off...

b_a_p: Either that or a high degree of self-loathing.

Tyler McLeod of the clan McLeod?

I wonder how many minutes a day Lee and Hamels spend in Rube's office demanding a trade this winter. Lee has a decent chance, but poor Cole is probably stuck.

WP: You could easily be right about Cloyd being the pitching equivalent of Mini-Mart. He's bad enough to go unclaimed if we try to slip him past waivers & back to AAA. And he's versatile in that he can pitch equally crappily as both a starter or a reliever. He's bound to get called up again in 2014.

With all these Wheeler play-by-play games, part of me is hoping that the Phils are planning on making a huge splash with their fan base by announcing the termination of TBag.

We're not that lucky though. If anything, he's probably taking a few days off to prepare himself to be first ever TV analyst/pitching coach.

What are Franzke and LA always saying? The quicker you get behind the longer you have to come back.

Or not.

I disagree that Cloyd is the pitching equivalent of Mini-Mart: Cloyd, for all of his problems, flashes enough talent to be an MLB player. Mini-Mart never has.

Cloyd's problem is that he's literally a AAAA player: He's too good for AAA, because his command's good enough to get out of the average AAA batter even though he's got mediocre-at-best stuff. His command, however, isn't MLB-caliber, so when he's not absolutely perfect, things like tonight's first-inning happen. Which means he'll never stick at the MLB level, either.

Get Cloyd that RBI groundout ball for his trophy case.

Juums: I agree w/ your assessment. However, Cloyd will stick w/ the Phillies, & for longer than he should. Then again, one might also argue the Phillies are a AAAA organization, in which case all of the pieces fit.

I say it again: Brown is either hurting, or seriously doggin' it.

No way the Phils play him at this point if he's hurting.


Something tells me we won't be sweeping the Braves this time around.

swan song

So, any good football games on tonight? Or even bad football games?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Tyler Cloyd recorded three outs on 57 pitches. His night is over. What a disaster.

On the plus side: At least they're getting lots of opportunities to see how Michael Stutes is doing after coming back from the DL!

Tyler Cloyd: pitching line of the day?

It's actively tough to root against the Phillies, but there is at least some solace that there's that potentially protected pick at the end of the tunnel.

If nothing else, it's one less excuse RAJ has to not improve the team this off season (in FA), despite the fact that he'll actually screw up the pick itself monumentally.

Todd Zolecki: "Cloyd gets rocked in ATL. Faces 13 batters, 10 reach base. It's 7-1."

And he's still a better option than Halladay. What a fantastic season.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 49s
Essentially, with Cloyd get knocked out tonight in the 2nd, 3 of final 4 games will be bullpen games.

"Tyler Cloyd: pitching line of the day?"

Only because the sun has set and risen since Halladay's last start.

The bright side is that Cloyd ought to be able to start the Saturday game, for which our starter is currently TBD.

Wilson Valdez should be available to pitch, too.

What is the ML record for runs by one team in a 9 inning game? 23?


Pre-1900: 36
Post-1900: 30

Cloyd should blame his struggles on being caught by Kratz. That's how a real professional would handle it.

According to Gameday "Mauricio Robles showed faith in Erik Kratz by throwing that slider in the dirt with a runner on 3rd. "

bap - If Simmons had not missed that Granny by a few feet, the Braves would have 11 after 2 innings. With our BP 30 wouldn't have been improbable.

It seems like ages ago when Dom Brown was good.

Man, Cloyd sucked balls tonight.

Did the window close for Cloyd tonight?

I find myself in agreement with some of the stuff GTown is saying about the franchise. But being here since 2008, it's tough to take any of it seriously considering he said the same stuff while they were winning division after division, calling the team 'boring.' It's almost like nothing he's saying is an original thought, and it's just the ramblings of an angry, disturbed human being.

I'm also waiting for dennyb to come on here and defend Cloyd's performance tonight.

Also, Halladay has not blamed his struggles on Kratz. I feel like I'm reading the thoughts of Skip Bayless here.

Now that should have been scored an Error on Ruf.

"Perhaps if CB Bucknor was at first base he would have been out!" -Franzke

Methinks "They Call Me The King Of The Bop" has returned. As a baseball expert. Er sumphin'.

I wonder if our new background noise gets "STEAMED"?

This team is really going to blow next year too, isn't it? The old core will be another year older, and the young talent isn't very talented.

For what it's worth, Kyle Kendrick could shut down the Braves, and has done it several times. God help this team if they overspend trying to replace Kendrick with a $$ but chancy starting pitcher. Freddy García, anyone?

I suspect a Freddy Garcia reunion would cause only slightly less bile and vitriol than the Chad Durbin reunion did. Or a Hunter Pence reunion would.

when jimmy levels out his swing good things happen.

I think that's the first PA in a while where Ruf's taken not one but two crushable pitches.

Ugly night tonight from him, and it will likely get him once more demoted to the six-hole. A shame if that is indeed what happens.

Ted: "It seems like ages ago when Dom Brown was good."

Since DOM returned: .294/.415/.382

Just leave Mayberry in Atlanta. Please.

Wood sure has a funky delivery with the way his arm whips around.

"Let's assume the Phils do exactly as you advocate"

Yes, let's do exactly as I advocate

CHOO is in CF

Choo has been in CF all year for the Reds, who he has led into the playoffs playing in CF.

McCann gets paid to start for the Phillies with Chooch in a strong reserve role. He'll get paid to be happy with that.

Masahiro Tanaka

Matt Garza

Those moves would make the Phillies a contender and they would have Biddle and Franco to either play for them or as trade bait.

That is what I advocate. Nothing but the SCAMMIES unwillingness to pay for it is keeping it from happening.

They Phillies have way more than enough money to make it happen.


Dodgers have it.

George Steinbrenner had it.

John S. Middleton from what I can see does not even attend his team's games.

i get the biggest kick out of coors' marketing strategy. drink it ice cold in big gulps. both helping you to avoid the taste. could they more clearly say "our beer sucks?"

L.A. just pointed out the striking disparity between the Phillies' Home & Road records: 5 Games Above .500 at Home, (about to be) 20 Games Below .500 on the Road. Ouch.

iirc, rupp is from texas, but there are alot of "plain" rupps here in lancaster county.

That was terrible. Good evening, everyone.

*tips cap*

Bullit: Coors Light is to beer as Mini Mart is to major league baseball.

lol, Sil. good one.

Excellent results tonight around the league. The Phils are now in a four-way tie for the seventh worst record in baseball. They have moved up one notch to the ninth pick in next year's draft if things hold.

i would still keep ruf before i'd pay for some "bounce-back" candidate's further decline. he hasn't even played a full season yet. brown has indicated that he wants to play left field going forward. in large part, i think, because of the hazardous right-field wire wall. ruf has the better body to tackle that wall.

as ricky bo just said, howard is our key bounce-back candidate. if he performs, everything else will fall into place.




Can't throw the ball to 2B or home plate.




#phillies #philliestalk

I'd rather see Ruf used primarily in a first-base platoon with Howard. The idea of Brown and Ruf manning the outfield corners over a full season is scary.

Ruf should be able to get 400 PAs if he's platooned at first, pinch hits, occasionally DHs and plays 20 games in the OF.

i agree with that, derek. if sandberg does. he may be less inclined than chollie to let guys work their way through a slump.

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