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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Random fact - the Miami Marlins have beaten the co-3d place Mets 11 times this season against 8 losses. Against the rest of the NL East, they're 17-38. I suspect they'd finish third in teh International League.

From the last thread:

While there're lots of knocks one can make against the Phillies medical staff, to try and foist the Halladay situation off on them is to ignore the culpability of the patient. In light of everything that's happened, there're only two plausible explanations: 1) The Phillies' medical staff is a firm believer in the merits of leaching and humor-balancing; or 2) Roy Halladay's never been particularly truthful with the medical staff as far as what, exactly, his symptomology is. (And, thus, the medical staff has had flawed information with which to work.) As Roy Halladay has never ceased wanting to take the mound every fifth day for the past two years, come hell, high water, or the inability to throw a fastball for a strike, I'm of the opinion it's more the latter than the former.

But as the organization needs to be knocked somehow, let me postulate this: How much of the "horridness" of the medical staff is, in fact, something that can be laid at the feet of RAJ and the manager? As a recurring trend with Howard and Halladay is that the player self-diagnoses, says they're fine, and then either the FO or the manager run them out there. It's almost like the medical staff has to affirmatively prove that continuing to run the player out there will result in the worst-case scenario. (Which can be a rather difficult hurdle to surmount.)

Well, if it's any consolation, the "model" franchise has it's own problems, and may only be spared non-contention next season if their version of Albert Ross is suspended:

What exactly is the commentariat here blaming the Phils medical staff and/or Roy Halladay for in this latest round of hyperventilation? No one here even knows the diagnosis, the prognosis, the history of his treatment for it, nor the ramifications of him pitching with it. Absolutely amazing what a waste of time reading these posts is. Get the facts, then criticize. Don't have the facts, wildly speculate.

Hugh: Why hold an internet discussion forum to journalistic standards that even (supposedly) actual journalists regularly ignore?

Al Gore created the internet specifically to disseminate pornography & wild speculation, in that order of importance.

And cute pictures of cats, G-Town.

And, journalism is dead. It's no reason to divorce all our personal communications from reality. In fact, the situation calls for people to be more scrupulous in how they approach information disseminated by the media because they can't actually rely on the media to inform them.

disseminate pornography & wild speculation, in that order of importance.


And cute pictures of cats

Put it all together...Rule 34 ensures that it exists.

I would put Utube right behind porn.

Another worthless walk for Ruf.

A totally Unproductive™ PA from Darin Ruf. He shouldn't even be credited with an RBI! He was that unproductive.

Also: Who knew that "Halladay" was spelled A-L-V-A-R-E-Z in the Caribbean?

2 guys manning short tonight, eh?

@Juums, I'm in total agreement. It's RBI not RBBI.

Jordany Valdespin came off the suspended list today.
RA Jr. will bring him to the Phillies next year. Book it.

Tanner: That would almost -- almost -- be worth it for the inevitable brawl between him & Papelbon.

That 0.0 TV rating by the Astros reminded me of "Animal House". (0.0 GPA)

If the Phillie Phanatic wasn't a phony he would climb onto the dugout, pull out a Glock and blow his head off.

The only thing worse than watching a nondescript journeyman pitch against a bad offensive team is watching a nondescript journeyman that can't throw strikes.

Try to close your html tags...

wow. miner dug himself out.

I missed the start of the broadcast. Where's TMac? Wheels + Sarge is definitely worse than TMac + Wheels.

The italics guy was at least funny.

Wheels + Sarge = me wishing I ponied up for, or whatever so I could listen to the radio broadcast.

You can get that with AtBat. Probably down to $5 now.

The synch up is mediocre at best. Plus, you're probably in the blackout if you can watch it without already.

Maybe it's because we haven't seen Stutes for awhile, but he looks like he has lost some weight.

Lost weight?

He probably has Crohn's disease too.

Maybe they're on a special diet in Phils pitching rehab.
I never noticed Stutes was slim before, but he looked Lincecum-esque.

They are competing for Delmon's leftover weight bonuses.

"What exactly is the commentariat here blaming the Phils medical staff and/or Roy Halladay for in this latest round of hyperventilation? "

Not so much the specific ailment he is dealing with now, but the entire Roy Halladay saga dating back to last year.

Us wild speculators thought Doc was hurt in 2012 when his FB dropped close to 3 mph (93.4 to 90.7) and his release point started to drop. But Rich Dubbe and staff assured us otherwise and continued allowing Doc to pitch. What was the result of that? Rinse. Repeat.

I was told that a huge drop in velocity was not a concern and it was more about location than anything.

JC Ramirez = lolfest

This also is a great example of all the blind optimists seeing how their delusions hurt the team. The Phillies were completely done after their pathetic June, yet idiots like Amaro and his minions let Doc (and Howard) come back in 2012 instead of trying to do everything they can to heal by 2013 - because "there's still a chance!". Dumbasses.

I always like to see Pierre. Glad he's in the game

i'd like to see pierre on the phils' coaching staff when he retires.

I wonder if that old guy in the yellow shirt is keeping score on his phone - he's been tapping away on it all night long.

bullit: Agreed.

Is Ryne Sandberg really a difference maker? One who can crack the hoary old limited partnership's insistence on playing whomever has the biggest contract? One who will insist that Amaro stand up to Montgomery, or whatever FO idiot perpetrates this fraud on the rabid fans of Philadelphia?

One who insists on intense efforts on scouting and player development in "Latin America", and not the latest "prospect" from the local private school?

Damn. I sure hope so.

Looks like it's gonna be left up to Freddy Galvis to bring this win home for the Fightins.

More entertaining

Watching the likes of Miner and JC Ramirez pitch with Sarge and Wheels announcing or 'Ow My Balls!'

Going the later tonight.

Funny how that worked out, GTown_Dave. You called it! Though Galvis's heroics were rather less depressing than I'd thought they'd be.

cut: Name 1 manager who made those demands and still had a job, let alone a first year manager.

Matt Gelb: "Jake Diekman has a 0.55 ERA in his last 18 games; 23 strikeouts and 2 walks in 16 1/3 innings."

Conway - No one. Depressing, I know.

However, how can "Sandy" - is that really his nickname? - hang around enforced mediocrity? For me, this team went from an obsession, to something that convinced me that I really, really, really need to 'get a life'!

Again, the fish have 2 rings in less than 30 years. We have 2 in 130 years. Hard to believe, Harry.

The Nats are getting no-hit. For some reason I can't stop grinning.

Phils are trying their hardest to be neighborly and keep the Fish from embarrassing themselves with 100 losses.

Does Pap have any contract bonuses that'll kick in with 30 saves?

If Papelbon can end this without drama, it'll be a tough call who our offensive player of the game is. It'll either be Ruf or Utley:
Ruf: 1-3, BB, RBI
Utley: 1-2, 2 BB

I appreciate our squad actually taking the free bases offered. But it'd be nice if those weren't the two lines which are offensive highlights of the night.

Is it wrong to be kind of rooting against Papelbon here?

First Phils' player since Eaton that I genuinely dislike.

Diekman finding consistency in the strike zone is on my Top 10 list of Biggest Surprises this year.

It wouldn't surprise me at this point if he has a real solid year or is a disaster next year and doesn't even stick with the big league club until Memorial Day. Very few players on this team right how have such a wide variance in performance going into next year.

GTown - All I can think of is the "Harper is God" movement. I wish harm to no one, but I could not care less if that bozo ever hits above .215 after this year.


Good to see the Two-Out Blues continue to infect Pap. And Polanco's up. I smell an ironic walk-off HR coming.

I'm rooting for the Nats now that they're playing the Cardinals. I'd rather make the Cards have a 1-game playoff and let the Pirates or the Reds take the division.

I can't believe the only thing we did all night was in the 1st inning with those 2 runs on 1 hit.

I take it back. I CAN believe it.

I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I root for the Natinals.

You what I'd dearly love, just once this game? Our best hitters being grouped together at the top of the order. Such would, hopefully, at least spare us quite so many bases loaded situations with Frandsen/Galvis/Mayberry coming up.

BTW, GTown - the "moron" reference was for Bryce Harper. Apologies if my post was not clear.

Never let a college freshmen get the impression he rules MLB. The same goes for Mike "sick" Trout. Let's see how these kids motor along in their age 23 seasons before they are anointed with holy oil.

cut_fastball: No worries, I caught your meaning.

Papelbon's notable home/road are even more pronounced this year

He's been nearly unhittable on the road this year but very hittable at CBP.

Baseball is cruel game.

Assuming that's directed at Wacha, indeed.

Though in another era, the Nats are still potentially being no-hit, as that's a throwing error on Kozma.








On CSN -- barkan said that he wasn't Ruf and Asche are not shooins for the team next year

RU you kidding me.. Is he going to repet the same mistakes trading their new young core again?


Repet -- s be repeat

Sorry -- he meaninG RAJ


These are some bold comments.

Ok, I have to know how you got rid of the bold. Thought I had it but obviously didn't. Found the preview button and have been trying to get it right for the past 20min. Nothing I tried worked in the preview and Free AEC's bold annoys me. Normally I lurk so I'm not really experienced with this. Bet you would have never figured out those last two points.

A dull Phillies game >>> "Ow My Balls" (nice Idiocracy reference, MG) >>>>>>>>>> the bold guy.

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