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Sunday, September 15, 2013


I want the phillies to finish near .500 and enjoy watching them win. But would rather have a protected top 10 pick.

Hell of a game thread; back to the Eagles.

Bases loaded, no outs, one run. For the 2013 Phils that counts as a victory.

Frandsen's heroic sac fly just isn't a big draw, I guess.

Utley's heroic RBI ground out just isn't a big draw, I guess.

I've been fixated on the CO flood since my mother lives in one of those mountain communities that's cut off by washed out highways.

But I'm watching the game now. One more Phillies fan.

My friend just sent me some pictures of the Astros-Angels game. It's amazing. She said it looked like 'Major League' with literally only a handful of people in LF & RF.

I must be the only one that has no interest in football. Cloyd has hit the wall in the 4th.

Cloyd hit the wall at AAA.

Cloyd is a wall. Between the Phillies & winning.

Yep, unfortunately, he's got nothing.

J.C. Ramirez should be rewarded w/ his outright release.

The dynamic duo - Cloyd and Ramirez. Nice roster, Rube.

I'm not sure why we're still trying to get doubles off hits to Harper.

GBrettfan: The Phillies are intent on setting an unbreakable all-time record for being thrown out on the base paths. I think they've got a real shot at it.

That throw to get Ruf at second was just further proof in support of my theory that Bryce Harper is really a DARPA cyborg.

I think you're right, GTown. Don't say this isn't excellent. They just don't excel in desirable ways. Instead, the team excels at being thrown out on the basepaths and at scoring a minimum of times when runners are on with no outs.

"I'm not sure why we're still trying to get any hits off Harper."

Fixed that for ya...

Ah, Joe "White Flag" Savery is in. AOOOGA AOOGA DIVE DIVE!!!

Ryan Lawrence ‏@ryanlawrence21 3m
Phillies starting pitchers not named Hamels or Lee since the break: 7.58 ERA.

GBrettfan: Exactly. I mean at some point you really must have to put a lot of effort into being so bad at something, right?

That low???

Double steal. LOL.

At least it wasn't a double steal w/ one of the bases stolen being Home. I've seen the Phillies do that before. Little League play.

This game might drive me to watch football.

The Eagles might be a .500 team, too, but at least they have an offense.

I was pretty sure that writing about the BP doing well of late would doom us to a bad BP day.

The pigeon had a message for our pitcher.

Ruf may need to hit one off the CF wall to get a double.

There are no words for how bad of a sports weekend this has been ... & the Flyers & Sixers aren't even playing yet.

Well, at least they're still outperforming their Pythag, so they've got that goin' for 'em, right? (Admittedly, the 'bright side' is pretty dim right now)

"Well, at least they're still outperforming their Pythag, so they've got that goin' for 'em, right?"

That means the Phillies are weaker than their record.

The Tigers are the opposite and we all remember how that Phillies - Tigers series worked out.

Baffled at the surprise. Cloyd is a fringe prospect. His stuff is average to below across the board, but his command is good enough to get Triple A hitters out most of the time. That was in all the scouting reports. Ruf is a slow runner and a below average fielder. That was in all the scouting reports.

I know many posters here don't believe in scouting reports (i.e. aksmith) and they do make mistakes, but generally they are pretty accurate. Certainly more accurate than Triple A stats. (See Cloyd's 2012 season at LV).

I generally don't mention other teams but I can't resist:

Phillies bench > Eagles defensive backs.

Nate Allen is so awful he'd be a r00b Rule 5 Special, & start for the Phillies.

What is this guys --> @MikeMiss975 problem?

This is the third Sunday on the Sugerhouse show he has run down the starting pitchers available for purchase this winter with Larry Bowa and Masahiro Tanaka is not there.

I have sent him numerous - likely more than a dozen - tweets about this.

Does he have a problem with Japanese people? Does he hate foreigners?

What is the issue?

Cloyd makes KK look like the second coming of Cy Young.

CBP attendance down, BL attendance down. I doubt the prospect of the Marlins coming to town will do much for the former.

If the Astros were coming to town, at least we could see our former future.

Scott: I have a ticket for tomorrow evening's game. In my defense, it was purchased before the season even began as part of a six game package.

A beautiful late summer day and football's on...we're lucky the Phillies even showed up...

~checks box score~

Oops, looks like they didnt.

Now back to football.

GTown: I'm so sorry.

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