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Saturday, September 14, 2013


at least there's no more roger bernadina leading off

14 games left................

It's logical thinking.

Or it's a clueless FO throwing sh*t at the wall in desperation, praying against all odds some of it sticks.

You know, whichever.

Matt Gelb: "The Phillies were mathematically eliminated this afternoon when Cincinnati won."

Quitters. Monty hasn't given up hope!

The Phils are in the race for a protected pick. Hopefully there's been discussions about that. It's for the best if they lose out at this point.

If the Phillies have made any effort to lose games - as they should - I've seen no sign of it.

Hamels and Lee should be shut down with stiff necks. Put Brody Colvin on the mound. Let Cesar Hernandez work in relief as a possible future LOOGY to increase his "versatility".

Advocating that the Phils tank the rest of the season out of draft pick considerations is disgusting. It betrays the cardinal rule of sports fandom, which is rooting for your team's success through good and bad. Getting a better draft pick is the salve that makes losing more bearable: It should not be goal of the ballgame.

Manny Machado finally hit double no. 50. This despite getting only one double in the month of July.

50 doubles is a nice accomplishment. It's rarer than 40 HRs. In fact, 47 or more HRs in a season has been done more often than 50 doubles.

"Even though all of the focus is on the playoff chase, there's still a matter of who will get the final protected pick in next year's draft. The Phillies, if they win too much, can wind up losers. The difference is critical for Ruben Amaro & Co. as they have an older club and they'll want to sign free agents, but, of course, they don't want to lose a first rounder. You can keep track of the other September race with MLBTR's Reverse Standings."

I'm hoping the Phils tank. Winning 75 vs 77 games means nothing this year and the Phils absolutely need their 1st round pick.

Can Iceman remind me how terrible Span is?

chooch's hitting has turned around. his defense, not yet.

I'll continue to hope the Phillies win out for the season. That should guarantee a lock on the pick. Ruf, warning track power with the wind.

lorecore's obsession with Span is bordering on weird.

Juuums: It's not a matter of getting a better draft pick. It's a matter of getting a draft pick AT ALL.

Any fan with sense at all is hoping for strong individual performances in games that are ultimately lost for the remainder of the season.

Whatever good feeling you might have from a win or two in a lost season pales in comparison to facing a winter in which the Phillies either cannot sign noteworthy talent to improve the team or cannot make a first round draft pick.

I'd like to see Cole get his 100th win this season, so am hoping for a win tonight and his next start. He's had a lot of bad luck his season and it would at least be something redeeming.

Werth with a brain freeze. Phillies will win this game.

I am going into Dad's office tomorrow and demand a trade! Play me or Trade me, bitches!

Someone - and I really hope it's the Phils - please give Ruiz 2/$20mm, with an option for a 3rd year? The guy has figured it out after the "Adderall" thing and looks good again. Right now Ruiz is the most underpaid catcher of note in baseball.

I'm also surprised you didn't play against your old team Michael. You played in most of the Nat/Phillies games since the Werth trade.

Hamels can play 1B and OF between starts.

I'll be back next year, you BL Bitches.

chooch really is due a nice payday from the phillies. besides, mccann no habla espanol.

4yr/48M for Carlos.

Chooch is really trying to cash in.

NEPP, Chooch will get a two year deal with a third year option of some kind, from someone.

Matt Carpenter will almost certainly get 50 doubles this year too...he's sitting at 49 right now and he leads the NL in Doubles, Hits and Runs Scored

This tweet appeared when Utley last came up to bat:

David Murphy ‏@ByDavidMurphy 21m
Utley has hit one home run in his last 145 PAs

How about Chooch? Doing great now. Although I'm so accustomed to our runners being thrown out, I was waiting to see if that happened before getting excited.

Hamels' 2013 ERA: 3.41

Gonzalez's 2013 ERA: 3.41

I have a question regarding qualifying offers. If the Phillies offer say 2yrs/$20M, does that qualify as a qualifying offer? Or, does the AAV of the contract have to be greater than $14M (or whatever the amount is)?

The qualifying offer has to be 1 year at the average salary of the top 125 salaries in the majors. Last year it was $13.3 million and in 2014 it is expected to be $14 million.

Utley an old timey 2B slap hitter. OK with me.

Uh oh.

Charles would have let him face Zim.

I don't think I'd have put in DeFratus.

But that was a good play by Asche for an out at home.

our infield is definitly set for next year.

That sucked.

Matt Gelb: "Before the game, Sandberg identified Cesar Jimenez as a sleeper bullpen guy."

Cesar's a sleeper alright. He just euthanized this game.

Carpenter now has 50 2B he hit his 50th tonight.

We're doing our best to lose this game this inning.

Is it wrong that when I tuned in during the top half of this inning and saw the Phillies were ahead 5-1, I was sort of hoping they'd blow the lead? I really do want the Nats to make a miracle 2007-Rockies-esque run over the next couple of weeks and get back into the Wild Card race, only to fall short at the last moment and get another kick in the balls.

I haven't been reading this site much with this catastrophe of a season, so I apologize if this question has been raised, but are my aforementioned feelings a "violation"?

Sandberg was all like, "You've got a 4-run lead! No way we blow this!"

And Hamels was all like, "Where the hell have you been all season? No way we don't blow this!"

Yeah, that call was kind of a huge gift.

Rosey closey.

Brown must have been a defensive replacement.

Diekman with a fairly decent defensive play. Lanky frame helped him for once defensively.

Diek for Golden Glove Award.

I'm surprised how much Carpenter's year has gone unnoticed out of St. Louis.

Then again, people here are arguing he should get some NL MVP consideration. See to be the same folks who thought Craig should have gotten some MVP consideration before his recent injury.

Anyone confident in Pap here?

Guess what day it is?

@Will Schweitzer:
Who is this ephemeral QO-receiving free agent who is so good as to justify rooting for losses? Who is this game-changer that can be expected to vault this squad into being a genuine competitor? As the only person I can see in the upcoming FA class who resembles that is Robinson Cano, and we've already got a well-paid 2B for the next couple of years.

As much of an improvement as Shin-Soo Choo or Jacoby Ellsbury might be, they're not the difference between making the play-offs next year or not. They may not even be the difference between a winning record or a losing one. And it is not as if there are not impact bats available (see e.g. Corey Hart and Nelson Cruz) that won't have draft pick compensation attached: Merely that there are different risks associated with them.

But I won't shed any tears if they do end up a protected draft pick if the bottom falls out again, so I'll keep my opinions to myself on the subject going forward.

As I'm fairly certain the second rule of sports fandom is rooting for bad things to happen to divisional rivals so that you can enjoy schadenfreude at their expense. So I don't think it actually counts as rooting against the Phils, because the Phils losing serves the greater purpose of destroying the hopes and dreams of the Nats faithful.

The defense will need to make at least 1 great play for Paps to earn a save, probably 2.

NEPP - Matt Carpenter is a name I barely knew. He's an example of a late bloomer making good.

I meant that Carpenter is having a really good year but it has been a year where there isn't a year standout for the NL MVP. Closest is probably McCutchen who has had another great all-around.

If the Pirates win the NL Central, he'll definitely win the NL MVP and easily too I think.

Papelbon is useless.

Pap is fortunate he's away. I was at his last blown save at CBP and the crowd was ugly.

Come on, Pap.

Papelbon has nothing tonight. He hasn't give up many runs but if you watch him pitch lately you wonder how.

His fastball is topping out at 90-91 and his splitter has hasn't been great.

Chooch - "Listen dumba$$ don't try to challenge Ramos"

...why am I suddenly flashing back to Game 6 in 1993? I'm sure that's not ominous at all.

Never any doubt.

Well, that was a "barely" win if ever there was one! Nice play, Jimmy!

At this moment I am very thankful for the glove of Jimmy Rollins.

Great play by JRoll there. Papelbon escaped on a night he had nothing from Pitch 1.

No problem. Nats are choke artists.

Nice defense in this inning to compensate for the earlier defensive travesty in CF.

Figuring the Phils lose tomorrow (Cloyd vs. Zimmerman), I still think the Phils are going to end up with at least 76 wins and out of the bottom 10 in wins.

Good to see Jimmy come through. Also glad that Chooch is making a case to stay here next year.

Nats are done. 5.5 out with 13 left to play and the Reds-Pirates play 6 games against either other so its hard to see Nats making up a ton of ground since both teams have played either very evenly this year (Pirates are 6-7 vs Reds)

asche saved the game earlier with his acrobatic stop and perfect throw home.

Crazy as it sounds but Rosenberg had better stuff tonight than Papelbon.

C. Hernandez continues to make a case for himself to be in the running next spring for a roster spot offensively even if 'C. Hernandez as a CF' experiment is ill-advised. Doesn't really matter though and Mayberry embarassed himself out there earlier this year.

Even rarer 40 doubles 50 homers Ruth,Bell, Davis

Can someone explain to me why the Phils are handling Brown the way they are?

He isn't healthy enough to start and is still gimpy but he can PH?

Lorecore seems to want me to eat crow on Denard Span, so here goes.

Span is on pace for a 2.2 WAR season, with a lower oWAR that Ben Revere had in 2012 (a season most here said was awful offensively). He's got 4 HR and 13 steals (68% success rate) and a .487 OPS against LHP. Next year he'll be 30 and paid $6.5 million.

But it looked like it would be a lot worse for him just a month ago, so. Crow eaten.

MG: Brown came in on a double-switch. They said he was good enough to start tonite, but not vs. a LHP. Supposed to start tomorrow.

MG: Obviously the Phillies crack medical staff looked at Brown, then brought out the leeches in an attempt to bleed him to good health.

If C. Jimenez makes the roster out of spring training next year, this team is going to have a crummy bullpen again.

Crazy as it sounds though and the much bigger problem is what the Phils will get of their $20M invested in Papelbon/Adams next year.

Everybody harps on Howard but to me the Phils are a hell of a lot less likely to get even 1 WAR out of Papelbon/Adams next year. No idea if Adams will even pitch and Papelbon is a guy scuffling to hit 91 on the gun right now and a pretty mediocre splitter.

"The defense will need to make at least 1 great play for Paps to earn a save, probably 2.

Posted by: Meyer"

100% accurate - Chooch's stop behind the plate and Rollins' play.

What are the Powerball numbers this Wednesday?

Crazy as it sounds but Rosenberg had better stuff tonight than Papelbon.

Not so crazy at all, in fact. Rosenberg has been shockingly good since his recall. He's only surrendered 4 H, & 0 R, in his last 14 appearances (12.1 IP).

I have to think the Phils-Nats game will get possibly the Phils' worst TV rating of the season with the Eagles home opener at 1 PM vs Chargers.

Phils have quickly returned to Sept irrelevance and I'm sure if the game was at CBP you would hear a lot of 'E-A-G-L-E-S' chants through out.

Amazing how the bullpen turned it around after Cholly got bounced.


Phils are now 16-12 since Sandberg took over as manager.

Aug (16 G): 60 Runs Scored, 75 Runs Allowed
Sept (12 G): 45 Runs Scored, 54 Runs Allowed

Under Sandberg (28 G):
3.75 R/G Runs Scored, 4.61 R/G Runs Allowed

Under Cholly (120 G):

3.80 R/G Runs Scored, 4.60 R/G Runs Allowed

New manager, same sh!tty team with the only difference being that the bullpen has pitched better and they have just been very lucky to win a ton of one-run games.

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