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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Rollins 2
Frandsen 3


When will Ryno mix up the order with - a player "better than the difference between Rollins/Galvis."?

If Rollins hits .250 and Galvis .220, will a player better than the difference between Rollins/Galvis hit .031?

Actually, wouldn't a player "better than the difference between Rollins and Galvis" have to hit .281?

Otherwise the tandem of Galvis + someguy would hit below Galvis's overall numbers, which wasn't the point there...

I love that MM keeps harping on the semantics of "better than the difference"

Of course it can explained, Cyclic. It's an explanation only comprehensible to a Lovecraftian Elder God, but there's certainly an explanation for Frandsen hitting in the three-hole instead of, say, Asche.

Though I'd grumble about that, just because entirely too many color commentators are enamored with the Asche/Utley comps and having Asche hit where Utley normally does would just add fuel to that fire.

I thought Utley needed to play nearly every day to keep his knees loose and healthy?

Was that total BS or is something else going on? He's getting an awful lot of off days of late.

On the whole, Mini would rather have a player better than the sum of Rollins and Galvis -- but Mike Trout isn't available...

There has been a lot of harping about Sandberg's lineups. I have found some of them puzzling but this just a pathetic lineup without Utley & Brown in particular.

Stults is LHP which makes Frandsen & Mayberry competent options tonight but there is a good reason why this offense is on pace to score their lowest R/G in 25 years (1988).

This is essentially a very good AAA lineup tonight.

I don't get the love that Galvis gets either. He's shown enough 'VERSATILITY' and some pop to be a utility type infielder but he has has holes a mile wide in his swing, chases alot of stuff low and out of the zone, and doesn't do a great job of covering the outside corner of the plate.

On pace for a 27 pitch perfect game.

MG, I like Freddy, but he has not PROVEN that he has the bat to be an everyday player at the MLB level.

Not yet anyway.

Any talk of him being a starter in the future is just speculation and supposition.

I'm frustrated by the lineups because I think guys like Ruf and Asche should be getting more ABs than guys like Frandsen, Rollins, Bernadina, etc.

martinez: Say Rollins is estimated to give the Phils 3 WAR over the next 2 seasons, while Galvis would be a 1 WAR player.

If you can trade for a player who is under control for at least the next two years and can likely give you over 2 WAR during that time, or a young player that projects to be worth at least that much down the road, then then trading Rollins would be a positive.

Obviously thats all hypothetical, but when people advocate for trading Rollins, thats the scenario they're hoping for - not that they think Galvis is going to outperform Rollins next year.

Cesar won't be hitting +.300 in the bigs if he can't handle guys like Stults.

And since he has no power and doesn't walk, he needs to hit +.300 for any chance at being MLB player.

When you run into a great young pitcher like Eric Shultz, you just have to tip your cap.

Eric Stultz was the original Marty McFly in Back To The Future...before they recast him midway through filming with Michael J Fox.

That said, sometimes you just have to tip your cap when a guy like him is on his game.

do you mean eric stoltz, NEPP? or is that the joke?

***do you mean eric stoltz, NEPP? or is that the joke?***

some text

I'll take this one...

I must have missed it. Wasn't Doc supposed to start tonight?


Wow...what are the odds of that?

Higher than you think. I was actually predicting what you would do and tried to beat you to the punch.

Feels like a pretty insurmountable lead for the Phillies to come back from here.

I actually thought about using the same exact image you did.

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to a hot young prospect like Medica

This is easily the worst Phillies team in nearly 2 decades...pretty rough to watch actually.


galloping galvis !!!


Surprising pop!

Freddy doesnt hit for average but he can at least drive it for a little guy.

I know this means I have to turn in my baseball fan card, but how is Ryne supposed to be pronounced?

There you have it. Freddy would even dominate Jimmy in a HR Derby.

Nice of Freddy Galvis to punctuate the discussion about whether he should be given up on as a possible everyday Major Leaguer. As I think that AB had something for everybody with regard to his strengths and weaknesses at the plate.

And what's the old adage that much of what's considered good pitching is really good defense? As that's certainly true tonight: Stults isn't so much unhittable as the balls which Phils have done things with have either been right at someone (see, e.g., the Ruf liner at Headley) or required some impressive glovework to turn into an out (see, e.g., both of Frandsen's ABs).

Galvis on the WAR path. Appreciate the clarification, lore.

Cyclic - Ryne rhymes with "mine".

I'm sure this falls under Small Sample Size, but FWIW:

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 2m
Galvis is averaging more than a lot of current and former Phillies actually: D. Young, M. Young, Chooch, Rollins.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 3m
Galvis has homered once every 28.7 at-bats this season. That's better than big John Mayberry Jr. (one homer every 33.3 at-bats.)

There are some good defensive SSs playing today. Where would Galvis rank if he was the Phils' SS?

And, according to Murph at least, Duren is pronounced "Durham". Nice touch in a discussion of mispronunciation of "Ryne."

His glove is exceptionally good. But from what I understand, it's not quite best-of-the-best: You could certainly mention him in the same breath with Profar and Simmons on the resurgence of the all-glove/no-bat SS, but he's not their equal defensively.

i've still got my '58 topps ryne duran card as a yankee.

Just as Franzke was saying how long it had been since Rollins last hit a home run....

So close, and yet so far.

For still being a lackluster baseball team, these post-Manual Phils do seem to flash whole heck of a lot more life than when the 2013 club was managed by Uncle Cholly.

Galvis now has as many HRs as Rollins in a fraction of the ABs.

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 2m
Galvis has 6 HR in 187 plate appearances this year. Rollins has 6 HR in 592 plate appearances this season.

That police officer, Nate Fulton, has a beautiful voice.

you won't hear "god bless america" sung any better than that.

Terrific bunt by Cliff Lee.

One out for the top of the order and two men in scoring position. Lets see if Li'l Cesar and J-Roll can do something with it.

We're winning! Nice work, boys!

With all this talk of proper pronunciation, I'm forced to point out that "Michael Martinez" is actually pronounced "Throat Warbler Mangrove." He's a very silly man.

Looking good.

Not exactly what you'd've liked to see from that situation, but the Phils managed to pocket a run in a situation when they needed it.

The club of late is playing like what was expected of them in 2013: Lots of squeakers, with the offense managing to put up a crooked number by hook or crook, with the margin of victory coming by a combination of defense and starting pitching. Have no idea if the Phils could've competed if this team had been around all year, but I suspect it would've been fun to find out.

I think it's time to pull Lee. I think he's tired.

Getting squeezed a bit here.

Jedd Jerko sounds like a comic book villain.

See? Told you.


Well, he may have been tired, but he did just fine.

asche annd ruf could have been playing all year. in a lineup that likely will be here in 2014. i lamented before the season that it is stupid to lose ruf's bat as he enters his prime, despite his shakey defense. and is this asche appreciably better than st asche? instead rube alienated the fan base with myoung and yak.

Cliff Lee's ERA is 2.97, per Gelb.

Nice slide by Ruf to break up the DP.

Galvis having a whale of a game.

It's difficult not to pull for Freddy Galvis ... & trust me, I've tried. He's just so damn earnest.

Galvis, Ruf and Asche can be pretty fun to watch. Nice bunt by Galvis to get the insurance run.

What a show Freddie os putting.

That's exactly it, GTown!

Mayberry doing his best to get non-tendered in the 2nd half.

I feel a meltdown coming from the jenius.

Nice win for Lee and the team! Great job moving people over and in.

That's Paptastic!!!

If you just look at ERA+, which is park-adjusted, there are only five SPs who have thrown 1000 innings and still in their prime that are ahead of Hamels:
1. Kershaw - 144
2. Wainwright - 129
3. Felix - 127
4. Verlander - 127
5. Weaver - 127
6. Hamels - 124

Obviously, the wave of top new guys like Darvish, Harvey, and Fernandez are not included.

Cliff Lee has lowered his ERA to 2.97


Since the game was quick, here again is the link to hear Jamie Moyer's interview on Radio Times today:

Cliff Lee can really get the job done on the mound. He's still a true ace in every sense of the word.

And I loved the small ball efforts tonight which proved to be so effective - the Lee and Galvis bunts and the Darren Ruf slide. The boys in red pinstripes haven't quit on the season.

To have a 13-6 record with this team is almost Carltonesque.

I have zero faith in Amaro's ability to rectify this situation of losing. He's buried himself in huge contracts, a depleted farm system, and bad complementary players. He sucks. He needs to go.

Ruf had every right to be on a team with Ezequiel Carrera on the opening day roster and Delmon Young/Mayberry starting most games.

Howevere, Asche had no business on a MLB roster going into this year. The ABs he got in AAA to start this year were very likely crucial to his development and performance in the bigs that we're seeing now.

Jose Fernandez with epic bat flip and gratuitous loogie near a Braves player during trot around bases on his first career HR in between dominating on the mound. I usually don't like that, but his season has been so freaking good, i can't help not liking it.

staying in miami, go to take a look at Stanton's HR tonight. He basically got fooled on an 2 strike low, away offspeed pitch and just reached out to get wood on it.

It landed about 30ft over the CF wall that is already about 420ft deep.

Brett Fan

Thanks for the Moyer link.

His book is now on my Christmas List.

I see that BJ Upton's charge to the Mendoza Line has been checked.

A little long ball, a little small ball, some great pitching - I could get used to this.

thanks lorecore. couldn't asche have developed "on the job" like schmidt in 1973? mike had quite a few errors and batted below mendoza, as we all know. and this after playing winterball. i know, asche ain't no schmitty, who lead his team to the college world series. but, still, the myoung and yak experiments were unnecessary and infuriating.

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