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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's gotta be hard to write a post seeking the sliver lining around the giant dark cloud that is Tyler Cloyd, starting pitcher.

Matt Gelb: "Cameron Rupp will make his major-league debut tonight when he catches Tyler Cloyd."

Back on the schedule, it will be "fun" to see who the Opening Day DH will be. Perhaps Ruf at 1B, Howard at DH?


Someone explain Bernadina and Rollins 1-2

Someone explain Frandsen above Asche

Cloyd isstill an upgrade over Martin.

Just because Bernadina is better than Mayberry doesn't mean we need to lead him off almost everytime he's in the lineup.

finger: "That’s either really weird or Cloyd was baBIP’d to death."

Or a 3rd obvious option: Fielding Percentage is a terrible description of defensive ability.

Seems like Utley and Rollins have been on this rehab assignment to LHV for some time now . . . oh, wait . . .

Well, at least we don't have to worry about Doc getting heatstroke in Chicago in early April.

You joke, but one of those Iron Pigs might finish 2013 with more MLB HRs (and a higher OPS) than Utley.

Asche and Galvis will also likely each finish with more HRs than Rollins.

Every one with fewer than half the PA.

Bernadina???? Are the Phils just trying to prove the Nats are a poor judge of talent? Bernadina and Mini.

Phillies have the 12th pick in the draft right now. Sandberg is obviously trying to make up ground. I'm perplexed daily as to how a $170m team has a lineup like this.

Ha, ha. Bark at the park is finally here.

Matt Gelb (‏@magelb)
"There will be 50 dogs in Ashburn Alley for Citizens Bank Park’s first-ever dog night. Oddly, all have the same favorite Phillies player."


Phillies have the 12th pick in the draft right now. Sandberg is obviously trying to make up ground. I'm perplexed daily as to how a $170m team has a lineup like this.

Posted by: jbird | Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Simple. The Phils' are spending ~$80MM on five pitchers, two of whom are relievers who in a good year would pitch a combined 100-120 IP. They're also paying ~$25MM to a single position player, who's currently injured. Subtracting out all of that, you've got a payroll of $65MM for the other 19 men on the 25-man roster. (Well, twenty-one, with the Howard and Adams replacements.) And...yeah, this does look like the sort of lineup you'd expect from a club with a $65MM payroll and which hasn't fully embraced the gospel of sabermetrics.

WTF! Sandy *told* me I could play CF and bat leadoff! Wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Chase MUTTley?
Ryan BowWoward?
( kids' and dog's Halloween costumes one year)

Okay, back to work.

Don't forget the PET that goes with that bone, corn.

This is truly a sad time

Hope Ruf goes on a tear and reaches 20 HRs.

Oh, boy.

Matt Gelb (‏@magelb)
"The dogs are here for BP. They're cheering for Darin Ruf."

It'd be a blast (pun somewhat intended!) if Ruf hit 20 HR on the year.

It's a pity that this year is stacked with rookie talent who've had closer to a full season. As a .250/.350/.500 line with 20 HR in 300 PA would have a legitimate shot at RoY against a weaker crop of RoY contenders.

"It's a pity that this year is stacked with rookie talent who've had closer to a full season."

Well, yeah, but everyone knows that it would have been ludicrous to have Ruf on the roster any sooner than they did. Otherwise we'd have missed all those games with Delmon Young and might be another game or two out of the division race...

I hope you're asking someone else because I certainly can't explain it. Well, except for a bunch of mental disorders and possibly common stupidity.

Someone explain Bernadina and Rollins 1-2

Someone explain Frandsen above Asche

Maybe I've bought into the propaganda, but I actually understand JRoll in the 2-hole. If nothing else, it should force him to be a bit more situational than he is otherwise, a skill set that someone of his ilk should have, despite his frequent abandonment for his "swing for the fences/pop-up weakly to SS" approach.

That said, I think that the bigger question is in regards to Bernadina in the lead off spot. Or even more than that, Bernadina in a big league uniform that doesn't use "BB" in the place where the number goes. I don't know why he's been given as many starts as he has, let alone why he's permitted to lead off when he does start.

That said, it speaks volumes that the only alternative on this roster right now is a converted middle infielder or JMJ. "Riveting September baseball," indeed.

I'm starting to think that Gelb is drinking heavily for Phillies games...I dont blame him.

NEPP, wouldn't you if you had to watch THOSE lineups?

Saw this buried in the comments of a 700 Level Eagles post...

Phillies are only 11 games under .500 and I think that they are poised to make a run at .500 (would have to finish 15-4) with 6 against the Marlins, 4 against the Braves after they have locked up the division, and 3 against the Padres and Nats, who we can beat.

Awww. And I thought I was optimistic.

Dogshit at the Park Night already? Pass.

Frandsen sporting a .556 OPS vs. RHP this season.

Willard Preacher:
Well, one could drop the "closer to a full season" and the lament would still be accurate. As Darin Ruf's season is a tier below Yasiel Puig's and the position player-equivalent of Jose Fernandez's, even if he had the same number of PAs as Puig.

Even with the benefit of hindsight, it's hard to criticize the front office's decision to send Ruf to AAA at the start of the season. He had an exceptional breakout season with his bat in the minors, but then proceeded to have a .600 OPS in Spring Training, while looking horrible (even by the low standards of his situation) in the OF. From the information available, you could reasonably conclude that there just wasn't enough there to justify the risk of running him out there everyday at the start of the season. That it seems like he couldn't have been worse than Delmon Young does not means that he, in fact, would not have been worse.

It's almost as if Frandsen isn't a very good player.

Assessing distance can always be tough when you have few frames of reference, but I can't help but think somebody taller than Galvis's 5'10" turns that double into a highlight-reel catch.

Specifically, a much-maligned of late 4th OF who just happens to be 6'6".

I really thought that Bernadina/Rollins would set the table tonight...can't believe they havent.

So many easily jokes with Dog Night.

"I really thought that Bernadina/Rollins would set the table tonight"

To be fair, if you pick up a dead squirrel off the side of the road, knock the flies off of it and toss it haphazardly onto a few paper towels in the dining room, technically you can still say you "set the table." Just sayin'.

> Specifically, a much-maligned of late 4th OF who just happens to be 6'6".
> Posted by: Juums

Who is also wall-o-phobic.



Took you a while...

Dickie Thong:
Bah! I'm sure he'd've done it exactly the same as Galvis did, because that's what I require in order for my thesis to work.

Seriously, though, props to Galvis on that even if he didn't come up with it. That he timed it well enough that it can joked about his being too short to make the grab is a tribute to his defensive prowess. A pity his approach at the plate is just so depressing.

Again, Ruf takes a first pitch fastball that missed it's spot badly. Ends up behind in the count and strikes out (on another pitch that missed its spot badly, but Ruf was guessing off-speed)

Dang, I thought Sandberg was done with this stupid Bernadina/Rollins thing. It's Sept - lets see what new blood can do.

I meant "its"

You know, when you face a guy like Andrew Cashner, sometimes you just have to...

Do I really have to finish this statement?

Re: taking first pitch fastballs, I very much hope that refining Ruf's approach is going to be an off-season project for the Phils. As patience is a virtue only so long as you punish mistakes. Otherwise, you're just getting yourself behind. (Which is a Bad Thing when you've got plate coverage issues.)

the other night sarge said he talked to ruf about standing an inch or two closer to the plate. ruf said he would work on any changes during the off-season. then sarge won a leo gorcey ("bowery boys") malaprop award by saying that he didn't consider moving in a bit to be a "household" change, when he meant "wholesale."

Ruf was probably like: "Who's this geezer wearing the Kangol hat talking to me? He's definitely not with the TV crew 'cause he's wearing the wrong shirt."

Could you imagine if we had emptied out the farm system for Chase Headley last winter and he had then proceeded to post a .712 OPS for us?

Good thing we didn't, eh?

is tyler one of the wolverton mountain cloyds?

At least Cloyd throws strikes?

Did anyone want to reassess the previous "at least he's better than Martin" statements?

The ability to consistently throw strikes is something that eludes half of the relief pitchers on the forty-man roster, so there is that, yes.

When do the dogs get to run the bases? Seventh inning stretch?

"Did anyone want to reassess the previous "at least he's better than Martin" statements?"

Cloyd is sometimes good, whereas Martin never is. So, yes, he's better than Martin. But neither belongs in a major league starting rotation.

Bulletin: Tyler Cloyd still blows.

Haha! Let's blame Cloyd's outing on the defense

At this point, just let Cloyd stay

I think that Tyler Cloyd could only beat the tam he's on.

See? Why does it matter at this point?

You know your career is finished when your stuff is not an improvement upon Tyler Cloyd's.

Pads announcers surprised at the lack of booing from the Philly faithful.

Guess they don't realize apathy has set in.

When did the Padres turn into the Gashouse Gorillas?

I have a feeling the Phillies are not coming back in this one....

We are already last in run differential right?

If I wasn't stuck at work, would I be watching this game... hmmmm

The game's worth watching for Ruf and Asche, even if the Phils are getting beaten like a redheaded stepchild. (Even if the phrase "over the glove of a leaping Cody Asche" has been used entirely too much.)


The Phillies should start going with Low minors lineups where the prospects bat at the very top of the order to get the most PAs. Leadoff with Ruf/Asche going forward basically.

Every comeback has to begin somewhere!

Really wonder what position the team could be in right now if they'd jettison'd the Youngs sooner and played with Asche and Ruf everyday.

Certainly would have been far more watchable from this fan's perspective

True, but even a dead cat bounces.

Great, we get to find out if bap is right about Martin

What did I say about Martin?

An Utley/Chooch/Asche/Ruf/Brown top of the order would actually be legitimate and get Ruf and Asche a goodly number of PAs. When Chooch sat, Ruf gets slotted up into the two-hole with Brown as the clean-up hitter. As despite his mashing, Ruf's OBP should play there notwithstanding his K rate.

"Cloyd is sometimes good, whereas Martin never is."

Cyclic: I meant in a starting role. I am all in favor of moving him to the pen.

my mistake.

i'm glad he pitched well out of the 'pen in his first go. hopefully he can be an asset out there.

Apparently Jesse Biddle pitched most of the season with whooping cough and a post-season MRI showed plantar fascitis in his left foot during the final month of the year.

That Martin fellow might just be a useful bullpen piece.

But that's irrelevant, because we traded Shane Victorino for him, and Vic's been awesome this year for the Sox!

Whooping Cough? Was his mother Jenny McCarthy or something? How the fvck does someone get pertussis in this day and age?

That was actually Asche's 20th homer this year over 137 games at AAA and the majors. I mention this because one of the knocks on Asche has always been that he doesn't have the power you'd want from a 3rd baseman.

From the Mayo Clinic's website:

"Most people recover from whooping cough with no problems. When complications occur, they tend to be side effects of the strenuous coughing, such as:

* Bruised or cracked ribs
* Abdominal hernias
* Broken blood vessels in the skin or the whites of your eyes
* A soaring walk rate

I'd be very happy with a 20 HR 3B...all things considered. If he had 20 HRs at the MLB level this year, that'd put him at #7 for all 3B...right behind Zimmerman who is at 21 and Seager who has 22.

Basically it would be above average power for a 3B.

So, Martin will strictly be a 1 inning per outing guy going forward?

If that's the case, I fully expect him to jump his velocity up to the 96-97 mph range like Madson did once they limited him to 1 inning outings. He could be quite tough to hit in that scenario.

Man, Miami has a whole 2 HRs from their 3rd basemen this year? Polanco lives! Actually, that's a disservice to Placido who broke double digits every once in a while.

Way to go medical staff! ( reference to Biddle )


The question is how does whooping cough go unnoticed for a season and plantar fascitis for a month

cough wasn't unnoticed. he says he was diagnosed in late april and chose to play through it

Frandsen has been a .527 OPS hitter since July 5th.

I'm starting to wonder if he'll be back in 2014. He's only valuable if he can hit as his glove doesnt bring much to the table. Even his overall season OPS+ of 83 isn't anything special given his lack of defensive ability.

NEPP: I think quite a few get it worldwide every year. Not sure of the US numbers by themselves.

Biddle did say the biggest problem with the whooping cough was the waking up with headaches and everything from the coughing. I don't know how much it actually affected him (my guess is very little) but it probably didn't help matters.

With Martin out of the pen it actually good be a huge step for the bullpen next year. Provided Adams gets healthy we do have the makings of some good pieces in the bullpen. We will- and still should- sign a few veteran pieces to balance everything out but there are some positive signs popping up for the team going forward.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Phillie med staff treats Arthur's battle with the Black Knight as a medical documentary.

***I think quite a few get it worldwide every year. Not sure of the US numbers by themselves***

I know its been quite a big issue in the last 10 years or so as more and more idiots refuse to get their kids vaccinated because of completely unfounded concerns over autism but you'd think any non-morons would have had a pertussis vaccination and that the Phillies Org would require basic vaccinations unless there was a valid health reason not to do so (basically non-existent for a pro athlete obviously as only people with very weak immune systems shouldn't get vaccinated).

I'd imagine the plantar fasciitis was more of an issue than anything for his pitching issues.

Chad Qualls is having a pretty solid year in Miami...they should sign him as a middle reliever.

What could possibly go wrong?

That DP is 100% on Asche. If he didn't take an unproductive Walk in the previous AB, I seriously doubt Galvis would have hit into a DP there.

When will Asche learn?

Just about the time you thought it was safe to go back in the water (be optimistic) the Phil's play a game like this with 2 hits!

A walk that scores a run?!?


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