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Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Repost for awh:

TTI posted a little while back that there's a significant portion of the book "The Rotation" dedicated to that debacle. Amaro was following lock and step with what the ownership group wanted. It says a few things. 1 - They were/are more concerned with their bottom line and 2 - Amaro cares more about his own job than putting a winning product on the field.

***Kyle Seager was drafted in 2009, so he couldn't be included in any potential Lee deal.***

They could have made him a PTBNL

Can you do that? Would that mean that the PTBNL wouldn't be named until June 2010?

Yeah, its been done before. Its not that common though. I'm not arguing that our FO should have targeted Seager in that deal but merely stating that it was technically possible.

I never knew that was an option. Good to know.

"Peeking into the future...

Michael Martinez, CF"

If we really wanted Seager, we could have easily drafted him instead of Kelly Dugan in the 2nd round in 2009...considering Dugan was considered a massive reach and "cheap easy sign" pick at the time. Seager was selected 7 picks later than Dugan.

Patrick Corbin was drafted a couple picks after Dugan too.


Doug Fister would have been another guy to target in the Lee deal...

Somehow I fear this is what Beerleaguer will be for the foreseeable future. Shoulda, coulda, woulda's and "Hey, remember when..."

Not a pleasant thought.

Also idiots like me pining for the way a website "used to be"

Nats -150? Normally those are suckers odds. I'll take that especially with this lineup, Martin on the mound, and at least 4 IP out of the bullpen tonight.

Cyclic - Who will play the role of 'Meathead,' 'Archie Bunker' and 'Edith?'

Ethan Martin looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Headlines That Do Not Apply To Phillies Fans:

MLB Announces Postseason Schedule

From Gelb - Sandberg talking about Galvis:

"His role is more of the little stuff," Sandberg said. "Hit and run, bunts, the situational things.

"I was here when he hit the game-winning homers. In a ballpark like this, sometimes that can work against a guy like Freddy. Now he tries to repeat that. But it was just a nice, aggressive swing and the ball went out of the ballpark. He needs to learn his role on the offensive side of the game."

I can't stop laughing, GTown. You're right - Martin does look like a Cabbage Patch Kid!

So, Freddy's role is "situational/small ball," per Sandberg, who has him penciled into the 2-hole tonight, to help discourage him from swinging for the fences and to "learn the offensive side of the game."

Hmmmm, any thoughts Jimmy Rollins?

GBrettfan: I'm simply relieved to have finally figured it out. Ever since Martin was called up I've been going nuts -- "Dammit, I know this kid. Where have I seen him before?!"

Then suddenly, I remembered: Ethan Martin was chosen by my sister in the 1985 birthday draft.

Hopefully Galvis had a solid batting practice...I'd hate to see him pulled after 5-6 innings because Ryne is worried about how he looked in the cage.

If tonight's lineup constitutes a peek into the future, then time travel is not all it's cracked up to be.

Game 139: Peeking into the future
Looking at that lineup, I sure as fvck hope this is not a peak into the future.

Tonight's OF:

LF Ruf: 133 OPS+
CF Martinez: -7 OPS+
RF Mayberry: 90 OPS+

2010 OF (2013 stats)

LF Ibanez: 127 OPS+
CF Victorino: 115 OPS+
RF Werth: 152 OPS+

Too funny

Game 139: Staring Into The Gaping Maw Of Hell

One can only hope that the last two seasons have all been a "peek into the future" a la It's A Wonderful Life. Maybe we're just seeing the alternate universe being shown by a guardian angel in which the Phillies ownership said "I wish I'd hired Ruben Amaro!"

Someday soon, we'll wake up, and it will be November 2008, and the Phillies ownership will wisen up and realize they had a wonderful life without Amaro.

Unfortunately, with Rube in charge, we probably went with the alternate ending...

some text

NEPP wins with a photo again.

"I've seen a lot already," Sandberg said. "Oh, I've seen the bases on balls and working of the counts."

Well. If managing doesn't work out for Sandberg, he can always try his hand at being a 17th-century lyric poet.

Always thought Martin might be a cousin of Zagurski.

I just assumed it actually was Zagurski after he changed his name.

And they both went to the Drew Carpenter school of pitcher fitness.

"'I've seen a lot already," Sandberg said. "Oh, I've seen the bases on balls and working of the counts."

Is Sandberg implying that it's a good thing to work a base on balls? If he is, he's going to have some explaining to do to the front office.

"I've seen a lot already," Sandberg said. "Oh, I've seen the bases on balls and working of the counts."

What, no fire? No rain? No sunny days that he thought would never end?

For GTown_Dave:

Oh, I’ve seen walks and working counts

I’ve seen Ruf and Asche and Rosenberg ascend.

I’ve seen sh*tty play which no new coach could mend

But I just wish Amaro’s tenure would end.

I'd have picked Diekman instead of Rosenberg but I guess that might have thrown off the rhythm

b_a_p: I wonder if it would make any difference if we got James Taylor to come out in favor of r00b's firing ...

Does anyone know if Monty's a fan?

Nice to see Hernandez flashing a little leather. As, given how bad this team's been in that department this year, whenever someone does something right it should be commended.

Cyclic: Yeah. I wanted to use Diekman but the syllables wouldn't have matched up quite right.

why mini mart?

does he have pictures or something?

GTown: If my image of Monty is accurate, I don't imagine he has ever heard of any musician who hasn't appeared on the Lawrence Welk Show.

"Since 1916, only nine starting pitchers have struck out nine batters (or more) in four or fewer innings." This does not sound correct to me, but I don't know how to check it out.

At Baseball Almanac, I did find that the record for most strikeouts through the fourth inning is 11, done five times, including Randy Johnson with Arizona twice. Through the fifth inning, the record is 13, done five times, including Randy Johnson with Seattle twice and Don Wilson. Wilson did not have 11 through four, but probably had 10 Ks through four. Through the sixth inning, the NL record is 15 by David Cone, who does not share the four-inning record, but probably had at least nine Ks through four innings.

That's nine separate occasions (including Randy Johnson four times) when pitchers probably had nine Ks through four innings, or six pitchers if Johnson is counted only once. Adding Martin and Halladay, that's 11 occasions and eight pitchers found with only partial research.

Does someone have a definitive answer?

***why mini mart?***

some text

Frandsen has seen the working of the counts.

Hey, turn on 17. The IronPigs are on!

Well, that was fun.

See I would have brought up Susdorf and played him in LF, Ruf in RF & JMJ in CF.

Check swings cost the Phils a run there, as had Hernandez been able to stop himself, he'd've walked. And had Ruf not check-fouled that one away, it would've been ball four.

Werth could use some anger management. Goosfraba Jayson...goooosbraba

So an off night for Martin then?


Re: Martin as Cabbage Patch Kid

When Cole's hair was longer, he used to remind me of someone when he'd walk off the mound, the way he walked. I finally realized he reminded me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

When DeFratus came up, he reminded me of the comic strip character Beetle Bailey. I think someone else here made the same comparison.

* * * *

Meanwhile, having Sandberg croon James Taylor is quite entertaining!

Nationals (-1.5) -110

I love free money!

Oh sweet Jesus. The toilet is being flushed already :(

bap and GTown, thanks for the James Taylor walk down memory lane.

Meanwhile, regardless of the ridiculousness of any lineup, it is sad to see the end of 2013 Phillies baseball on this month's calendar. Now Labor Day has passed, fall is hitting me in the face. Because we'll have no October, I'm suddenly savoring any baseball at all.

As a rare person one who could care less about football, I'll go into baseball mourning in a few weeks. So yeah, even though the play isn't stellar, the looming alternative is worse.

Selig ought to fine the Philadelphia Phillies organization for the good of baseball by trotting out such a weakassed group of AAA players and telling fans that they are watching a major league game. Ball park fans are spending on a Cadillac and getting an Isuzu.

"Ball park fans are spending on a Cadillac and getting an Isuzu."

My first car was an Isuzu and I am offended that you would compare it to the 2013 Phillies.

Come on Mini Mart! Take Gio deep, baby!

Or... not.

First of all, I feel really sorry for the customers who paid good money to watch such garbage. And having Mayberry and MM bat back-to-back makes me want to upchuck.


Dear Mr. Corn. If it's continuing baseball you want, other teams do play into October. So there's that. If you want this current roster to play beyond the regular season, you must enjoy pain.

I, for one, will be very happy to put this hapless season in the rearview.

Now the offseason fun can begin. I can't wait for some garbage to be released immediately upon the cessation of this putrid season.

Ball park fans are spending on a Cadillac and getting an Isuzu.

As I youth I found the commercials featuring "Joe Isuzu" to be only moderately annoying, & I am offended that you would compare those ads to the 2013 Phillies.

Cadillac v. clown car?

I know it is irrational, mainerob. Still there is something about seeing the home team in action.

I bet that every player on the team shares your sentiments, except for a few Pigs who are hoping for a last chance to be noticed in the Bigs. I'm sure everyone else can't wait until final getaway day.

That looks like it has 4 functional tires... and the mule isn't dead.

Ron Guidry and Bill Caudill are two more pitchers with nine Ks in four innings or fewer at the start of the game. I am up to 10 pitchers who probably had nine or more Ks in the first four innings of a game. And still counting.

I do not believe that Martin is one of only nine pitchers with nine Ks in the first four innings. The number of pitchers to achieve this feat is probably higher.

Dangit, Ruf!

Ruf has been pretty awful for the last few weeks.

Guess I can just look forward to his "meaningless" solo HR in the 8th when the score is 7-0

Ashe says "See Sandberg I can play against lefties too."

.216/.268/.471/.738 for Ruf since Aug 20 (not counting tonight)

The 4 HRs help that line a lot.

Mayberry says "I can't play against anyone anymore."

Harper walks like a 90-year-old man, & the Phillies allowed him to steal a base. Pitiful.

It's amazing how many Phillies prospects have no command at all. What's their minor league coaching philosophy?

Clout: Grip it and rip it?

This is going well...

clout: Just throw it at the bull?

The Phillies need many, many, many more talented players than they already have.

Attention, oh, most limited of partnerships: Stop meddling in Amaro's affairs. Let him find his way out of this mess.

Stay below the luxury tax cap if you must, but let nature take its course - let him cut loose those contracts that no longer make sense and flip those with a shred of value.

Trust Amaro. Nothing - nothing - could be worse than what this team faces indefinitely. And if Amaro can't fix this train wreck - or show real progress in the next 3 years - hire the A's Assistant General Manager David Forst.

Enough is enough.

cut - Amaro is a company yes man, not a GM. That's why he has the job. They need to stop meddling, true, but first they need to hire an actual GM.

Hell, might as well call up Aumont if we're going to walk everyone. At least he throws hard when he walks a guy on 4 pitches.

It is entirely conceivable the Phils will use 6 pitchers tonight, none of whom are ready for prime time.

I am not finding this game nearly so entertaining as last evening's contest.

Jake - It's my belief that "Amaro is a company yes man..." not by choice, but by necessity. There's no other way for Amaro to hold down his job - and he loves the money and status. Hence, the march to oblivion.

Nearly all of the bizarre personal moves and signings since the team's renaissance have been by dictum. Probably, Montgomery.

That, by definition, must change.

cut: I believe Monty & r00b are very much on the same page, which means no hope until both are gone. Better find another hobby for the next few decades.

Nats announcers: "One of the worst pitched games I've really ever seen at any level of baseball."

That's hyperbole. Surely he must've seen some worse pitched games in little league, at the first age where kids are allowed to pitch.

That's kind of what this reminds me of.

I think tonight is the end of the Ethan Martin experiment.

I supported letting him go as a starter for a while, even though it's obvious he will end up as a reliever. But at this point, it's just unprofessional to continue to throw out a starter who can't go more than 4 IP. It makes you use the Mauricio Robles of the world, and while I am glad he got to live out his major league dreams tonight, that's just not right. You can't throw away games like this every 5th night, even if youre in "evaluation mode" and trying to lock up a top-10 protected pick.

GTown - If Amaro is replaced with a real GM, and Monty lets him manage, there's hope.

Time to put Martin down, right?

Just make him a reliever.

Pat Gallen: "28,826 tonight at CBP. On April 3, 2008 there were 25,831."

And so it begins. Home attendance is going to go full lemming in '14.

Jake: I feel that's a really big "if".

The other thing is that I could fully support watching a team lose 2 out of 3 for a few months if there were some worthwhile young players being allowed to play.

But losing games while playing the Mini-Marts of the world is just an insult to everyone. Mini-Mart has already earned enough service time likely to get a life-vested pension. End this charade already. Let him go live the rest of his life away from here. Please, by all means.

***And so it begins. Home attendance is going to go full lemming in '14.***

None of the season ticket holders I know (either full or partial plans) are renewing for 2014.

Their projected revenue for 2014 has to be in the toilet.

This is dead on. The Phillies have every incentive to lose games in September, and it's just another example of MLB creating unintended consequences with short-sighted moves. At this point, it would be better to simply remove FA compensation than to keep tweaking this stupid system:

Rally time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upside is that the Twins are winning so if we lose, we're probably pushing that Top 10 spot right now.

Gotta want Sandberg definitely does given these lineups.

Need the Padres and Jays to win too though.

Mayberry down to a .688 OPS...might be time to cut him loose this winter.

lol nats d this inning

This is a freaking little league game.

NEPP: Seeing as how the only tangible benefit to buying a Phillies season ticket package of any kind is first shot at Postseason ticket purchasing, I can't see why anyone would renew. Better to pick games based on who you want to see at or near day of.

"Mayberry down to a .688 OPS...might be time to cut him loose this winter."

Hey now. 0 WAR players don't grow on trees.

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