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Monday, September 02, 2013


It's a loss but looking for something from Cesar!

Just got out of Fenway...Vic gets pretty loud cheers from the Boston faithful.

No Mini Mart in the lineup? Gotta get that talented young prospect some time in September!

Maybe tomorrow night? Gotta plan for 2014, right? And he's certainly a big part of the future.

Another head scratcher from Sandberg. Yeah any lineup he puts out there is going to stink (even more so without Brown) but no reason Ruf is sitting tonight.

Killed RHP this year so far and one of the few guys in this lineup who actually works counts/take pitches.

Poor Cole.

Feels like a...

I feel nothing.

You know looking at the Nats line-up - certainly an impressive one on paper - makes their collapse this season all the more puzzling and discouraging for Nats fans.

Slim consolation for Phillies fans, but just a reminder that we're not the only ones suffering through a disappointing season ... not by a long shot.

Still don't understand how the Nats were -110 a day ago.

Took that without a 2nd though.

@inthephilshouse: September call-ups: Galvis, Cloyd, Garcia, Robles, Savery, Rupp. No Valdes, no Aumont.

Call ups

Asche's hammy must be a concern.

Word is normal rest for Ruf and Asche after first day back on his legs.

So now we have a .521 OPS corner outfielder? Barring injury, why on earth would Sandberg write up a single lineup card for the rest of the year which doesn't include both Ruf & Asche (let alone neither of them)?

Re: the 2000 team: Remarkable that a healthy Abreu wasn't in the starting lineup. I can't think of Charlieism quite as bad as that.

by starting lineup, I mean opening day lineup...

I am at the park and a few of the personnel say MiniMart is starting in center, not Lil Caesar.

Asche ran around earlier, now no sign of him.

Aumont must really be on the s@#t list.

Aumont must have been caught buying Yankee memorabilia

Last report, Werth just hugged Bernadina behind 2nd.

A caption for the metnal image of Werth hugging Bernadina:
"Thanks, man, for giving the Phillies' phaithful a Nationals-affiliated RF to hate more than me!"

Hamels has got to look at that lineup and be thinking - this was a 102 win team two years ago, what the hell happened?

Maybe Ryne Sandberg lost a bet and has to put the most atrocious lineup together. they should have a lot of the pieces already...

but lest Iceman; convulse, maybe call the Twins- so we can add Presley to the line up..

Hey- I never said this guy was the next Willie Mays or Ted Williams either...

I was hoping Rube would start using decent scouts and get decent Information and returns even in late season trades- and not to pay for on top of it.

.and just because my viewpoints don't agree w/ yours doesn't make you or I baseball geniuses or dopes. Although I'm not a Jim Salisbury or Peter Gammons; I'm still looking & haven't seen any of the regular bloggers here being assigned beat reporters or columnists anywhere either.

We're all entitled to differing opinions. However, differing opinions here are met w/ vicious attacks - if that's the norm... keep your blog.


Good news:

Aumont had a K/9 of 10.4 at Lehigh

Bad news:

Aumont had a B/9 of 9.4 at Lehigh

Dubee basically said as much this year that Aumont is a loser who refuses to take any instructions and insists upon doing things his way. Worked wonders for him this year.

Nice grab by Li'l Cesar. I almost hope he sticks with the MLB club, just so that "Pizza Pizza!" can become a term of endearment.

Other than that? An inauspicious beginning.

Chances are that run is enough for Strasburg tonight.

Scouting analysis: Cesar Hernandez cannot hit Stephen Strasburg.

Strasburg against this lineup is a recipe for one of those historic 18-19-20 K games.

Not many better chances to see one.

Well, I hope Cesar leads off for the rest of the month. I guess Jimmy is giving Ryne what he want in the 2 hole(?)

Well, at least Hernandez is in good company. Rollins can't hit Strasburg's curveball either.

When the fact that you made the opposing starter throw a lot of pitches in striking out the side remains a positive, things definitely are grim.

MG: Aumont is a choad. He & Kendrick are the only pitchers I've seen make Dubee look visibly angry, as if he'd just as soon strangle them as talk to them.

Smells like a big night for Strasburg, indeed.

On the plus side: At least there're two bats on the twenty-five man roster who know can recognize pitches and exercise selectivity at the plate. We just need about a dozen more guys like Utley and Ruf in that department and we'll be fine.

I think I dislike Meals more than any other MLB umpire. He's beyond pitiful in his sheer incompetence.

> Maybe Ryne Sandberg lost a bet and has to put the most atrocious
> lineup together. they should have a lot of the pieces already...

Yeah, it's like that movie "Dinner for Schmucks", only it's "Lineup with Schmucks"

GTown Dave - French Canadian choad to be more formal.

What was the name of Rube's assistant, who so far as I know is still in place, who advised Rube that Gilles Aumont Ramirez were hidden gems/high character guys? Another way to judge an exec is by the talent of the people he surrounds himself with.

MG: Quite. He has that certain "je ne sais choad."

A surprisingly good AB by Pete Orr. On the other hand, when Pete Orr has one of the better approaches of your squad at the plate, it might be prudent just to not show up for the rest of the season.

Scrappy or not, Pete Orr is overmatched. 4 Ks through 2 IP although Strasburg is at 39 pitches.

Done by 5 IP at this rate. Part of Joyner's secret strategy tonight.

Hamels is cruising after a first inning bomb. Virtually no chance to pick up a win though.

If they keep starting Mayberrry vs. RHP he's got a real shot to hit in the .220s.

Game is worthwhile watching though because you have two starters who are really good at doing their thing and look like they are on tonight.

Hamels has very good fastball location tonight early and a sharp changeup.

Only allow Mayberry to face LHP & he loses his Versatility™. The Phillies won't stand for that!

Indeed, but there's the small problem that you can't actually cheer for Strasburg to make the Phils look like fools, and there's only one bat that the Phils have trotted out that makes for a fun match-up. (Or otherwise makes me want to cheer for the Phils.)

Hamels has actually pitched better than Strasburg so far, to my eye. Difference is the Nats have someone in their lineup who can punish the rare mistake. Phillies have no one who will hurt Strasburg on the mistakes he's made.

Bernadina has had 1 great game and a pile of garbage besides that so far for the PHils.

Perfect 4th OF next year.

Just concede the no-no or one-hitter and be done with it.

MG: Starter. Sandberg appears to like him for some reason, & the FO appears to feel just the opposite RE: Darin Ruf.

Nice hustle, Cesar.

14 pitches that inning for Strasburg. Not going to do.

That was pretty obviously foul. It hit the plate.

Still, the only person who should be pissed is Strasburg. He likely lost a K there.

It's not hard to see why Sandberg likes Bernadina: He's a competent defender on a team that's been dangerously deficient in defense all year.

Of course, it's also deficient in offense and heads-up baseball, as Li'l Cesar just demonstrated.

Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek - training exercise designed to test the character of cadets in no-win scenario

Sorry, I'm stupid. The plate is actually a fair ball. Ignore.

Phils no-hit tonight, I betcha :)

7 K for Hamels, & I believe all were swinging. Cole is ON.

"Phils no-hit tonight, I betcha :)"

Only if Davey Johnson wants Strasburg to throw 150 pitches.

Hamels dealing. And probably going to lose anyway.

Hamels brought his 'A' game. Now only if this pop-gun offense can score a run or two so Hamels at least doesn't get a 'L' tonight.

The Phils will get their chance to break the no-no when they pinch hit for Hamels. Do you run Asche or Ruf out there to do that? As Ruf's the better hitter against RHP due to his reverse platoon splits, but Asche's less likely to be made a fool of due to Strasburg's curveball being on tonight.

Nice little article about Michael Young's time with the Phillies, with a quote from Ruf on his influence.

Here's a great quote from Michael Young:

"I had a blast playing in Philly," Young said in a statement. "Obviously, we're all disappointed with how the season unfolded, but Philly is an incredible place to play. Great fans and a great environment. I consider myself fortunate to have played for [former manager Charlie Manuel] and [Ryne Sandberg]. Ruben was always upfront and honest with me. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat to any player out there."

Ramos couldn't do that again if he tried.

I don't think Chase could, either, Dave. Have to chase a rather horrible pitch in the dirt to get you bat that far up in the air on the followthrough.


Well, the Phils won't be shut out tonight. Small victories ...


Despite what the Moronocracy has been saying, this has been a pretty good ball game so far.

Strasburg at 76 pitches through 4 IP. The secret strategy of a few BBs and a ton of Ks is working!

Strasburg's come out and been commanding, without being dominant. (If that's at all possible.) He's racking up the Ks and making guys look foolish, but he's also getting worked into a lot of 2-2 and 3-2 counts with several foul balls in the process. And at the hands of a club whose patience and propensity to make a pitcher work have been roundly criticized all season.

Pete Orr is no Cody Asche.

"This has been a pretty good ball game so far."

Another powerful insight from the Lord of the Morons.

Neither of them needed to put that much effort into that play. Orr had time to throw, and Frandsen didn't need to stretch.

That was as much on Frandsen as on Orr.

Frandsen is horrible at 1B and Orr is horrible everywhere so the result was predictable on a tough play.

I think the error on that one needs to go to Frandsen. It'd be great if we had some kind of RHB natural 1B on roster, with some plate discipline and real pop. A pity all we've got is that Darin Ruf guy, who's an outfielder and not a 1B.

Iceman - What?

Frandsen in his starts at 1B:

.141/.208/.296 (.504 OPS) in 71 PAs

With awesome defense to boot.

The Ticket Oak looks like Larry Anderson.

Best Phils' game I have watched in quite a while because both starters are really on.

Please fire Matthews right now. He is insufferable and dumb to boot.

What does "still a base" mean.

A couple of good pitchers + a couple of putrid offenses = a compelling game.

I would rather Sarge just eats/drinks on the air and drive TMac so nuts that he just flips out on the air with the result that both are dismissed.

Just checked in after vacation. Can't understand what's going on.
Is Frandsen really going to be in the lineup next year? Bernadina? Orr?
why are they even playing?
Wow what a waste.

Best Hamels has looked all year although I didn't catch that CG vs Braves a few weeks ago.

I'm so glad Cole fixed whatever his problems in the first part of the year were. He's been a pleasure to watch in the second half, especially lately.

Although a part of me feels like it's a waste of talent on this sub-.500 team, especially since they so seldomly give him run support.

Matt Gelb: ‏"Tonight's attendance, 30,248, is the smallest at Citizens Bank Park since April 3, 2008."

Dave - That's too bad because fans are missing arguably the best game at CBP this year so far.

Says the guy who bet against the Phils and hopefully loses a bundle.

MG: I can't blame them. So many turds this season, & the vast majority haven't been nearly so polished. Expectations have dropped, & rightfully so.

2.25 ERA since the ASB now for Hamels and still only a 2-2 record. Score some freaking runs for him!

Dave - Yeah and there is no way there is anywhere close to 30k who actually showed up.

With school starting up and a ton of boring games coming up in Sept, imagine some nights the Phils are going to have close to 20-22k actually show up especially midweek or if there is bad weather.

We need a HR.

Letting Mayberry hit? Bleg. Given the need for offense, it's arguable that the better course of action would be to run Ruf out there and let him stay in LF.

So much for that strategy.

No W for Cole.

Why is Cole done after fewer than 90 pitches?

In Mayberry's defense, he worked a hitter's count and it looked like he drilled the ball. Storen just happened to be able to glove it.

Is there something wrong with Cole, or does Sandberg want to lose the game?

Why is Hamels out of the game again?

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