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Sunday, September 01, 2013


That is one of the ugliest starting lineups in the history of ugly.

Mets did win yesterday so the dramatic race for 3rd place in the NL East has the Mets a game ahead of the Phils.

Mets are on a 75-win pace which is what I thought they would be before the season (70-75 wins and safely in 4th place).

Nats are where I thought the Phils would be (68-67) and the Braves are doing what I did think any team in the NL East would do. On pace to win 100 games this year and have the best record in the NL.

Braves did that too despite being hit with even more injuries than the Phils and horrible production so far from B. Upton and Uggla. Kind of scary to think how good they would have been without some of those injuries.

What happened to Galvis being recalled? I thought he was supposed to be up.

This year is the first year since the late '90s where this team is completely irrelevant after Labor Day.

The average fan has little reason to watch since there isn't a dynamic young talent starting everyday in the field/on the mound and there are a ton of guys in the field and on the mound who won't be here next spring.

Gotten to the point you can't even give away tickets for midweek games in Sept.

Finally, Ruben trades Young. He was barely an asset, so whoever is disappointed in the prospect return is fooling themselves that he could have gotten anything better than a guy like Rasmussen.

And something we've all advocated from the start, the Phillies ate money to acquire the better player back. If the Dodgers had to pay, then they'd be getting back someone like that Ogando guy from Boston.

I doubt this was the best he could have been traded for if Ruben wisely shopped Young well before the last remaining days of the deadline, but we'll never know, so lets just be happy it finally happened.

The #2 hole has been studied as the optimal place for your team's best hitter. So naturally Sandberg's first epiphany as a MLB manager is to re-create Jimmy Rollins as the team's #2 hitter for the rest of his career.

And believe me, I'm not commenting on today's lineup in particular. There is absolutely 0 things you can do with those 8 names to make an 'optimal' lineup. Strictly speaking for the long term.

also, some solid Batting Average stats in the header from Jordan. Nothing tells the story like a good 'ol batting average.

MG: The Phillies never seem to be in any hurry to call anyone up when rosters expand. It has been that way for several seasons now. Perhaps the FO feels it's cooler to be the club which fills out their benches fashionably late? After all, it's not as if the team is injury plagued, & desperately in need of players w/ full use of all of their limbs.

From the previous thread:

"All of this is of course assuming that the FO had the patience to build through the draft and through reasonable acquisitions."

cut, that is just revisionist. Isn't that EXACTLY what the team did leading up to the WFC in 2008?

And, r00b actually did a yeoman's job pursuing another WS title by tweaking the roster from 2009 - 2011 which resulted in the best record in MLB for those seasons, and crapshoot losses in the playoffs in series where they actually outscored their opponents.

The issues since 2010 has been the loss of All Star OF talent (Werth, Vic, Raul) to trades or FA, the inadequate job replacing that talent, aging and injuries, and r00b's response to them:

r00b and the FOols have come up short.

So, it remains to be seen whether r00b is the Gm who can do a "rebuild" or "re-tool".

Color me skeptical!

This is rather hilarious. I believe the dismal agony of having to watch the Marlins day in & day out is beginning to wear on Tommy Hutton.

At least only three of the guys are playing out of position.

GTown, like many clubs, the Phillies take service time clocks into consideration, thus, you don't see many guys called up.

Also, in this season of lower attendance, they might not feel they want to pay minimum MLB salaries ($3,024.69/game)to a bunch of guys who don't play everyday.

That can't be a major league lineup. I don't believe it.

Five AAAA hitters in that lineup.

Sandberg is rolling out the big guns.

awh: Yes. It's much better to have Dom Brown wobble out to PH on his brittle Achilles than start the clock on one of a multitude of nobodies for whom the concept of MLB service time will never apply. Penny wise, pind foolish. Classic Phillies.


I'm guessing this is a bit fast for Ache to come back from a hammy. But, hey, it's the Phillies medical staff, so I'm likely wrong.

Michael Young is gone? Great. Glad they got anything at all for him. And now this means he won't be back next season. Yea! That's a small victory. They had to throw in money? So, F'ing what? I don't care if Rube had to carry him to LA on his back. He needed to be gone.

However, at this point, by bringing up Michael Martinez, Rube has once again sucked all the joy from a player transaction. Two of the worst players in Phillies history leave and Martinez comes back. I hate Ruben Amaro. There, I said it. I really probably on hate about three people in this world. Rube is one of them. He's probably third on the list, but he's now firmly on there. No matter how hard you polish a turd, he's still a turd. And that applies to both Rube and Martinez.

154 G, 386 PA, 354 AB, 39 R, 66 H, 8 2B, 2 3B, 5 HR, 33 RBI, 23 BB, 64 K, .186/.235/.263, 36 OPS+

I mean, how could the Phillies not give a guy w/ a .498 OPS & a .968 FP every chance & then some to continue making a f*cking mockery of everyone on the planet w/ a real job who would have gotten fired years ago if they sucked even half as bad at their profession as Martinez does at his?

GTown, multiple choice question:
Every time mini mart is called up, r00b and the FOols are

a) pissing in the fans' Wheaties?

b) being completely disrespectful of fans?

c) looking foolish for not have a better option available?

d) looking incompetent for not have a better option available?

e) crapping in the fans' beds?

f) treating fans like they're st00pid?

g) all of the above?

As bad a lineup as any Francona 'Sunday special' of the late 90s.

Oh, and I don't blame mini mart. it's not his fault. I'd take the paycheck too.

awh: There aren't enough letters in the Khmer alphabet.

“He plays the infield, plays the outfield and what people don’t understand is that Michael is a role player,” Amaro said. “He’s not an everyday player. We don’t have any delusions about what Michael is, but he’s also a valuable player in the National League because he can play so many different positions. Not very many guys can play short and center and basically every single position on the field except catcher.”

'What people don't understand.' Haha


Actually, I'm astonished that MM has walked 23 times in his career and also somehow managed to score 39 runs. Pinch running, perhaps?

"He’s not an everyday player. We don’t have any delusions about what Michael is, but he’s also a valuable player in the National League because he can play so many different positions. Not very many guys can play short and center and basically every single position on the field except catcher.”

Point taken. Now my question for RAJ is: when you only have 5 bench players, and you already have backups at every position, why is having a third stringer at multiple positions more important than having an extra bench bat who can hit?

I love reading lines like this about the MY trade: "Young and Uribe went into Friday night with the identical OPS of .722, but Uribe is a superior defender." And they're both right-handed.

How do the Dodgers plan on using him? Gonzalez is a good defender at first and also has a superior bat, and doesn't need late-inning relief. Their middle infielders are better defenders even if MY's super-utility days weren't over.

Does it really come down to general depth and pinch-hitting for about a million bucks? I could see someone liking his reputation for intangibles and trying to bring in more "veteran leadership" to balance/rub off on Puig, but really, why would the rookie listen to the guy who doesn't know his way to the clubhouse bathroom yet?

"What Ruben doesn't understand" is that playing a multitude of positions badly does not equal "Versatility™".

I'm also sick of hearing r00b wax intelligent RE: what constitutes "a valuable player in the National League". Perhaps the only person on this planet who knows less about the subject is the aforementioned Michael Martinez.

"...but he’s also a valuable player in the National League because he can play so many different positions."

r00b and the FOols have apparently not learned that a guy being able to play all those different positions doesn't help a team win if the guys actually SUCKS at playing those positions.

We DO understand r00b.

We understand that you continue to insult us by forcing us to watch a living abortion of a baseball player in a Phillies uniform.

We understand that you're not competent enough to find a better option.

We understand that you and Dave Montgomery would rather subject us to the bore and futility of watching mini mart play than calling up someone like Cesar Hernandez or Steve Susdorf or Josh Fields or Freddy Galvis, all of whom may never be decent MLB baseball players, but would at least interest us enough to keep us watching games.

We understand that you don't give a sh8t about the fans and that you went to Stanford and are so much smarter than the rest of us.

I guess that's why you look down your nose a us and continue to insult us by forcing us to watch a baseball player who's incompetence on the field may rival yours the last couple of seasons as a GM.

Because Bernadina and Rollins at #1 and #2 has worked out so well. Aargh.

Question for the board:

r00b brought in Chad Durbin and Delmon Young last offseason.

Both signings were widely derided on BL. both players ended up sucking and being released.

Score: BL Posters: 2, r00b and the FOols: 0

What other acquisitions has r00b made the last 2 seasons, and how would you score them?


Any others?

I like that Chase is doing his best to not show up his AAAA teammates.

I see we're well into the phase of the season where Utley hits a prolonged slump, to be inevitably followed w/ a reaggravation of his knee injuries. Good times.

Bernadina is hitting.125 as a Phillie, is anointed the lead-off hitter and people keep dumping on ME?

John MacDonald is gone too? Oh no. There go our playoff hopes.

Kendrick's looking sharp, as always.

KK with the efficient 31 pitch, 30 minute bottom of the first. Zzzz.

Inane Wheelsism of the day (but the day's still young):

"David Bell always was a little different, especially for a right-hander."

Being subjected to Wheelsisms is even more excruciating than watching Kendrick pitch.

Hard to believe, Harry.

Your 2013 Philadelphia Phillies!

This game's been underway for an hour. The Phils have been at the plate for 6 minutes.

KK is doing a nice job of moving himself to nontendered status. Not worth resigning at $7 or $8M at this point.

MG, there is pre-concussion KK and post-concussion KK.

If he's being affected they should just shut him down.

Then again, this is the Phils' med staff...

Ruf. Boom.

Has Utley reached base since Rube extended him?

Has anyone else noticed post-concussion-Kendrick is a lot like pre-unprecedented-hot-streak Kendrick? I tend to believe what we've been seeing is Kendrick being Kendrick rather than a medical issue. Either that or maybe someone should smack him on the head again & see if "Ace" Kendrick returns.

With Utley-Ruf-Ashe having hit that inning, there's really nothing to see until they roll around again in a few innings.

I'm pretty sure everyone who sucks out there has a hidden medical issue - KK, Jimmy, Utley, Bernadina.

awh - KK is going to be a tougher decision than Halladay this offseason too. Fitting if Rube plays his Capt Ahab role by pursuing his white whale (resigning Halladay) while letting KK walk.

Rather see KK back here than Halladay if the price tag is similar next year. Halladay's price tag though is really going to be dependent upon his 5 starts this month. If he continues to pitch like he did in his last 2 starts, I can't see a team is willing to sign to even Haren type deal.

Too painful to watch, let alone discuss, KK's pitching.

More palatable topic, higher ceiling for Asche or Ruf?

Has Utley reached base since Rube extended him?

Utley has reached base at a .344 rate since r00b reached around ... which is surprisingly excellent, esp. as compared to J-Roll's .293 OBP in the same span.

Since Chuckles got the axe, however:

Utley: .185/.318/.296

Rollins: .182/.328/.255

KK's gonna get himself or one of his fielders even more hurt with one of these rockets.

"Has anyone else noticed post-concussion-Kendrick is a lot like pre-unprecedented-hot-streak Kendrick?"

I have indeed noticed that. Just like I noticed that post-injury 2011 Polanco looked an awful lot like pre-incredibly-hot-start 2011 Polanco. Or that post-injury 2012 Vance Worley looked suspiciously similar to pre-fluke-start-to-his-career Vance Worley.

KK elevating everything. Obviously. Also, I honestly believe the ump is squeezing him.

What a train wreck...

Just wait. r00b is gonna find a way to blame Ruf for that Run scoring.

Rather see the Phils move on from both Kk and Halladay. $ would be better invested elsewhere.

Rather see the Phils move on from both Kk and Halladay. $ would be better invested elsewhere.


Even in a season filled with hideous defensive plays, that play by Kratz managed to achieve a special level of hideousness. The only play I've seen this year which was worse was the Steven Susdorf play.

"Even in a season filled with hideous defensive plays, that play by Kratz managed to achieve a special level of hideousness. "

naw, it wasn't even an "error."

For Mini's money, worse than Kratz's blowing the short hop was Dom's dropping routine fly balls in consecutive games. At least Susdorf only did it once before lifetime banishment by r00b.

Prediction: whoever is brought in to replace KK and Halladay, GTown, BAP & the gang will be 'ready to move on' from in about ten seconds- all the while never presenting a viable alternative.

b_a_p: "What people don’t understand is that Ruf isn't ready to play National League baseball. You need to be Productive™ & Versatile™ to be a valuable player in the National League, & hitting HR & making perfect throws that are inexplicably dropped by the Catcher isn't Productive™ & Versatile™ enough for Monty ... er, me." -RAJ

That Kratz play looked worse in person....hilariously bad baseball here

Let KK walk and put Ethan Martin in the rotation. Much higher ceiling.

KK sucks today.

That's 2 hours of scintillating baseball in the books. Prediction: ticket prices won't be going up next year.

Jimmy, the Walk Machine.

Kratz is another guy who it is hard to see coming back. Wonder if Rupp gets some starts in Sept.

Chase, class act that he is, continues to not show up his AAAA teammates.

A WALK?! That's it. Ruf is getting sent back down.

2 walks in one inning probably constitutes a rally for this group.

Ah ha ha ha ha. KK just gives up a hit to the pitcher. Wheels coming off now...

Rube's comments on MM show just how terrible a judge of talent he really is.

I resemble that remark.

A great judge of photographic (*cough* donkey show *cough*) maybe...

A tip of the cap to Jake.

It's really smart to keep PHing with Dom Brown when he's clearly injured. There's no way this goes bad at some point.

Amaro on not trading Mike Young at the July 31 deadline:

“The guys that we talked about with other teams had other issues. At the trade deadline we were not out of it completely. We were still trying to win games. Different circumstances. Now we’re out of it, basically. Now we’re giving other guys chances to play. (Cody) Asche has to play, (Darin) Ruf has to play.”

This guy is our GM. Honestly. I wish I was making this up.

Jack - it's hard to discern from that comment given things he has said this year if he actually believes that or not. Sadly I think he does.

Stropin' Stropin'
We're cookin' tonight, just keep on tokin'

So Jack, who would you have traded MY for at the deadline, and why do you think Ruben could have done that deal, and BTW why do you think you're smarter than our GM? He is a Stanford grad, you know?

Just because Rube graduated from Stanford doesn't mean he knows a thing a baseball.

*about baseball

Sad thing is the absence of Young has actually left a significant hole in an already impotent lineup.

Watching this Cubs' series and where are the young players who are supposed to help begin an upward ascent next year?

If Epstein/Hoyer think that building around a core of Rizzo, Barney, Castro, Lake, and Castillo will take anywhere they are as delusional as Rube.

Classic Calls, Revised & Updated:

"Chase Utley, you were The Man!"

JC is not nearly good enough to pitch out of a jam like this.

The good news is, we're playing errorless baseball today. Lol.

Now we know why Ramirez' initials are JC :)

The bad news is that JC Ramirez is somehow on our pitching staff.

JC = 'Just Cr@p'

-0.9 WAR total from Lee trade now and counting. It's has to be damn near impossible to trade a Cy Young caliber pitcher and get talent that is actually below MLB caliber and actively hurts your team.

"Rube's comments on MM show just how terrible a judge of talent he really is."

NEPP, yeah, that sure adds to it. then there's his judgment of

mini mac

etc. etc. etc.

MG: Gotta restock that cupboard!

awh: Don't forget Baez! And Taschner!

GTown, the problem is r00b can't tell the difference between potatoes and rotten tomatoes.

mg - Back when that trade was made, there were a lot of people who still believed Rube knew what he was doing and defended the deal. Hard to believe now.

.265 .339 .537, 143 OPS+, with 46 HR and 120 RBI in 726 PA in 2012 and 2013.

From a player that r00b and the FOols just let walk after 2011.

Brandon Moss.

Yep, great judges of talent.

The people trying to prove they are smarter than a Stanford grad is one of the weirdest things on this blog.

Also- further prediction: GTown and the like will on plain about moves. Then GTown will throw a hissy fit proclaiming himself done with this team only to return 6 weeks later disappointing everyone but cut fastball.

Here are a few examples of Rube's magic that should re-stock your memory banks

NATE SCHIERHOLTZ ( SPELLING may be bad) but we know that Amaro let him go for nothing and he is doing better in Chicago than Phila.

Jason Grilli

Brandon Moss


The Pence trade from Astros

the initial Lee to Seattle trade

keep em coming folks..

The 2013 Philadelphia Phillies: They're Offensive!

≤3 Runs Scored - 72 (53% of Games Played)

≤2 Runs Scored - 46 (34% of Games Played)

≤1 Runs Scored - 27 (20% of Games Played)

3 Runs Scored - 26 (19% of Games Played)

2 Runs Scored - 19 (14% of Games Played)

1 Runs Scored - 14 (10% of Games Played)

0 Runs Scored - 13 (9% of Games Played)

I don't know if there has ever been a pitching staff capable of overcoming this kind of offensive ineptitude.

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