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Monday, September 23, 2013


By most accounts, Samuel has been pretty mediocre at his job. I have always liked Sammy as a player and a guy, but if the only requirement for this coaching staff is that you are a friend of Sandberg....well let's just say the more things change the more they stay the same in Phillyland. I've got to think we can do better.

Word is Dave Duncan is looking to get back into being a pitching coach.

i hear he is pretty good.

for a hitting coach, anybody but Sarge Matthews

Looking through the various FanGraphs metrics relating to baserunning and team speed, the Phils rank pretty well in terms of overall speed indicators and base-stealing, but horribly in overall baserunning runs gained/lost. That matches what I've seen with guys getting thrown out stupidly on the bases this year, and a good chunk of that is probably on Samuel as the third-base coach.

Please, please, please, Rube, pick Dick Pole :)

Count me among those most curious about the hitting coach(es). With "hitting guru" Charlie Manuel no longer in the dugout, and a somewhat young and developing roster (Ruf, Asche, Brown, etc.), for once that role is actually of more relevance than the "scapegoat" role it's been in the last few years.

Dick Pole? His parents must have hated him to name him that.

I'm sure the school kids were hard on him as well.

It's very hard to grade/judge field coaches, but I am pretty certain that Juan Samuel is a terrible coach.

What's the over/under on the number of hitting coaches they have next year.

Haven't commented in a while but just had to drop by and laugh at Dick Pole! hire him

Larry Bowa back to coaching - better nail down the post-game buffet table!

Samuel is useless. Bringing him back for a another season -- presumably to fail at coaching yet another position/skill -- would be a typically Phillies stooge move, & extremely disappointing.

Dubee needs to go, as well. He should have been "let go" at the same time as Charlie.

Dick Pole hmmmm,I hear he is also a cunning linquist. Maybe we should also see about bringing in Dick Trickle to drive the team bus.

After we hire Dick Pole as pitching coach, we should try to lure Rusty Kuntz away from the Royals to coach first base.

OMG, what have I started?

Colonel Tom: I'd actually blame more of that on Ryno himself, since he spent most of the season as the 3rd-base coach. Certainly more than half of his moves were the obvious ones, but he always seemed to err on the side of sending runners home.

I remember one week-long stretch where we had something like 4-5 guys gunned down literally feet away from the plate on throws from the outfield.

Why settle for a bunch of ex-Phillies, when you can have a bunch of ex-Phillies/ex-Cubs? A nice combo of the two most successful franchises evah.

I vote for Dave Duncan and have for a few years. Come on, RAJ! I am also unimpressed with Juan Samuel.

Re: 3B coach: Wasn't the joke here when Sandberg was named interim that the reason was to get him away from 3B?

What is Pete LaCock doing these days?

GBrett: I didn't make it, but I would have if I'd been posting at the time.

I hear Jon Coutlangus is out of work. One has the feeling he's not afraid of getting down & dirty, & taking as long as is needed to get the job done.

Too bad Woodie Held is no longer with us.

Bring back Davey Lopes!

Why not Dick Pole? They have had a dick managing the team for years.

If they go with Dick Pole, they have to try and get Charlie Furbush from the Mariners. The jokes will write themselves.

Yes I would pretty much give Davey Lopez whatever he wants. He turned the first base side into a professional outing. No one is better. Letting him go was another stupid move by Amaro.

I just don't know about Bowa and the psych ology of bringing him back. Here is a guy who came up just north of a Mini Martinez performer and grew into a Richie Ashburn. He is all about 110% performance, not sure guys today are into that.

Bottom line is this team's Achilles heel has to be Amaro he controls day to day decisions and he has not shown that he has learned from past mistakes.

usual cast of characters for the 2013 Tank-a-palooza tonight, with Bernadina in RF.

It worries me that Sandberg loves Bernadina or is he trying to lose the games for better placement? The latter is fine with me.

Fair point, Philli - brain cramp on my part. Not enough coffee in the world to make my brain work today, apparently.

RK, absolutely - Lopes was a great base coach, and letting him go over what couldn't have been more than a couple hundred thousand dollars (less than we've paid Mini Mart to suck over the last couple of years) was incredibly penny-wise and pound-foolish.

I would rather pick my nose with a chefs knife then discuss Ryne Sandberg's coaching staff.

Sandberg was a terrible 3rd coach this year and way too aggressive at sending runners especially home.

I thought he was the worst 3rd base coach since Steve Smith who was sacked after the '08 season.

Samuel is the classic case of the Phils employing an ex-player who I wonder how useful he is as a coach. Still don't understand why he is the OF coach either.

Lopes is overrated. I posted it last year but go look at his team SB numbers and % SB during his lengthy tenure as a 1B coach. Really not anything to write home about except outside his tenure here.

Anybody have one of those EZ-sharpeners for kitchen cutlery?

"I would rather pick my nose with a chefs knife then discuss Ryne Sandberg's coaching staff."

Please do it.

Jim Salisbury (‏@JSalisburyCSN)
"Amaro said he would like to have Halladay back next season. Would not say if intends to make offer, however."

I'd like to have Halladay be the official face of my place of business, but I won't say if I'm willing to pay him to do it.

r00b is in love, but he wants to know if Roy still loves him back.

Randy Johnson is an highly underrated name and would fit right in with Dick Pole, if you know what I mean.

Dick pole would help a lot if they hired Peter dragging

Chris Wheeler for pitching coach. He always knows exactly what pitch should be thrown, and he is always... ALWAYS... right. Plus, if he's in the dugout, I don't have to listen to him anymore.

I wouldn't mind a second heaping helping of Mr. Moyer.

So long as he doesn't take the mound, anyway.

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