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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Brad Brink? Wow. There's a name I'd long forgotten.

The last time the Phillies had the No.7 pick they chose Brad Brink? Auspicious.

So, another off season of trading Lee and signing Halladay then? -Sil

It's horrifying because it's liable to be true.

The Phils have not been a great offensive team since 2009. Today, they have the same core players, who are four years older and banged up, a weaker supporting cast, and few good prospects.

The Phils started to become a pitching-oriented team in 2009 when they traded for Lee. The pitching peaked in 2011 and proved that you can have a great team with top pitching and middling offense. Then, the team's best pitcher went down, and the team was left with Lee, Hamels and some back-end types that we waste a lot of time talking about. The current Phils are proving that, with mediocre pitching and anemic offense, you can become a bottom feeder.

Does the home run payoff carry over to the following year? It'd be a shame to see the $1000 pot go to waste.

We're going to strand those first 2 baserunners, aren't we. I can't say I'm surprised, but even in my resignation, I'm disappointed.

The M's picked up their 90th loss last night; so, they will pick sixth. The Jays won; so, one more Phillies' loss or another Jays' win guarantees the Phils a pick no worse than nine. The Rockies need to win at least one more game for the Phils to move up to seven. It looks as though it's a battle between the Mets and Phils for the eighth pick.

Good for Rupp to make up for two ugly ABs by Utley and Ruf.

Well, I'll be. Runs!

Cliff Lee's thinking: "If I'd had 2 runs, I'd have notched a W last night."

I doubt 2 runs is enough for Ethan Martin, however.

He may be our starting catcher next year.

Defense. Awesome.

Our 2-run lead won't last long. and that's not even Martin's fault.

Has this been posted yet?

Hunter Pence's Baseball training program:

Beerleaguer 2013: No game thread, but here's a list of fifty names.

Now that's good defense.

By the way, I see that Amaro plans to offer KK a contract, so KK was right about not pitching badly enough not to be back. Unless Amaro plans to lowball him. I should probably go read the article.

Nifty self-effacing video. Phillies generally lacking in the sandman flute this game, nice 6-4-3 DP exempted.

Well, this is the last night of 2013 we'll be watching Phillies baseball. I'll miss it. I know we have playoffs on the horizon, but it will be sad to have no October baseball for us and no more Phillies on deck.

I guess we can quit worrying about Asche blocking Franco.

Good point, can_of_corn. I don't think I'll be able to watch tomorrow's game, either, so I should appreciate this one as the final 2013 Phillies game for me.





Oh good, a Casper Wells sighting!

I bet if asked, Braves players would confide they get really tired of that incessant chop for 81 games a year.

I can barely stand hearing it on television for the few games the Phils play there each season.

I know Brave fans who avoid the ballpark because of that chop.

Beerleaguer 2013: No game thread, but here's a list of fifty names.

And here I was hoping for something along the lines of "Game 161: The Penultimate Insult"

rupp saw everything in minor's repertoire.

Hernandez isn't a bad CF for a 2baseman.

Todd Zolecki: Amaro said he will offer Kyle Kendrick a contract following the season. KK is arbitration eligible.

Amaro Will Offer Kendrick Contract

"I don't know why people are asking about that," said Amaro, when asked if the Phillies plan to tender Kendrick a contract. "We will."

I hate the Phillies so much.

As I watch Mayberry and Martinez do their thing, let us hope it is the penultimate appearance in a Phillies uniform for about a dozen of these guys.

Timr - you were worried - Franco v Asche?

KK could be the #2 starter next year.

Kendrick is a company man. He will be with the organization until he is eligible for Social Security.

Why have Asche & Ruf struggled at the plate sok much lately?

It would appear r00b's brilliant plan for '14 is to re-sign Halladay & Kendrick, gamble heavily on Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez &, in a pinch, pretend that Cloyd is an MLB starter &/or Pettibone isn't ruined.

    ...And here I was hoping for something along the lines of "Game 161: The Penultimate Insult"

    Posted by: GTown_Dave | Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 08:42 PM

With apologies to the late Frank McCourt: Tis.

Our BP has done a nice job so far.

Look at jimmy

He vacant run


Wow. The Braves are impersonating the Phils tonight.

Suddenly, the Braves are playing like the Phillies.

Michael Martinez will stick to the 40 man roster for the full term of the Jason Werth contract. That's why he wears #7.

Utley's only job there was put it in play, and he whiffed on a ball 18 inches off the plate.

Vacant = can

Sacrifice flies must be heavily penalized in Phillie kangaroo court.

What a joke.

So nobody else will reach their well-deserved milestones this season(Lee's 15th win this year, Cole's 100th win overall, Jimmy's 300th HR), but for some reason I fear Pap will get the save today. Ugh.

I think Brown will be fine. Not sure about Asche and Ruf. Time will tell.

4 runs!

Dom picks up Utley and Ruf.

falling out of the #7 pick?


Not much time left this year.

The Braves are well-equipped with Johnsons.

Nicely done, Jimmy & Chase! Very nice!

It's still a pleasure to see Utley/Rollins work so well together, even if it isn't as often as it used to be.

Fenwick - I meant next year. But if your point is about judging whether to keep them as starters next year, fair point. RAJ has a lot of holes to fill and positions to shore up. That may determine their fate as much as anything else. And the coaches will have opinions to offer about them.

Why didn't Ruf try harder to tag heyward on that p/off play last inning?

He looked very confused

Babe Ruth Rollins ?

Or just j-pop?

3 Johnson's and a Wood.

This is madness. It is up to the BP to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

The young Utley would have crushed that fastball.

Just a bad night with the stick for Utley. And an even worse one for Ruf.

If Ruf ever gets 600 ABs (unlikely) in a season he would obliterate Howard's K record.

Ruf's prolonged audition shows that his offensive deficiencies, in addition to his questionable defensive skills, add up to no future for him on the big club going forward.

He has reached his level of incompetence.

A no-hitter, you douches.

ruf isn't very used to playing a season this long. he's looking indecisive at the plate and generally out of gas.

Whew! The DP gods have been merciful tonight.

Asche did a great job getting the DP by stepping on 3B first.

suck on that, lard-ass ! -- bj

Do they start the ninth with Pap in a non-save situation?

Might as well let one of the stiffs walk the first guy and then bring on Pap.

Asche's fielding has been inspired at times, but his hitting looks like it needs more work. A lot more work.

Hopefully, this is Mayberry's penultimate game as a Phillie. What a major disappointment. He personifies the mediocrity that this roster has devolved into. Blame it on RAJ. He is the "architect" of a subpar product.

Yeah, and his fielding has been substandard other times.

If the Phils played into October, Pap's slowly declining fastball might top out in the high 80s.

Sure hope Paps not topping out below 90 next year.

If we could unload one contract for next year, what would it be? I'd choose to unload Pap over Howard for all the "intangible" stuff in the clubhouse, on the field, with the fans, etc. I also think Howard has more upside, believe it or not.

Meanwhile, should Paps have been at first there?

Damn. I'm gonna have to rework my Big 3 of r00b fusterclucks to include 4 incidents. It's just that I keep forgetting Papelbon is even on the team ...

Great job, Pap.

I'm surprised the announcers even implicitly referred to Papelbon not having anything tonight.

Now it's a save situation.

What is it with Pap and the 2-out flub-ups?

Wasn't he supposed to pitch better on the Road?

This is going well.

LA makes a good point that since the ball barely cleared the wall, an experienced CF might have been able to snare it.

Another man on base. Sigh.

I had such high hopes for Rube after the first Lee trade. The guy sure peaked early, because it's been nothing but disaster since.

Oh, please, Braves, walk it off and chuck that tomahawk into the Phillies' collective hearts.

I don't think that there's anything in all of sports that I hate as much as that retarded tomahawk chop BS in Atlanta.

No one should be surprised if/when the $13 Million Waste has surgery for some thing or another this coming offseason.

Tying up a loose thread from earlier in the year, Michael Young is sitting on 22 GIDPs for the year, which won't even challenge his career high, let alone the MLB record.

Granted, he's had his fewest PAs since his rookie year in 2001, but we can put that notion to bed. (Matt Holliday leads this year with 31).

Oh, for pete's sake, Papelbon!

If this was a home game, the CBP fans would be going crazy with boos. (Well, maybe not these days, but still....)

27 pitches and counting.

This game perfectly encapsulates the Phillies' season. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...

Please no extra innings. This game is running long enough as it is.

Do we have a backup plan for closer next year?

Yep. And made longer by Pap's 55 second delay between each pitch.

Never a doubt.

How slow was the run to first??

Wow, Jimmy!! Just wow. Indeed, that was a gold glove play. He knows the team just wants to get out of there. Thanks, JRoll!

WOW. J-Roll just saved me from extra innings, & for that I am entirely grateful.

Pap owes Jimmy a big thank you.

I love watching Jimmy play SS.

And I love shutting up the chop cheers.

How many more years left on that contract? Lovin these Zombie Vets.

Agree. Two things that can't ever stop soon enough...the chop, and Pap on the mound.

That's Win No. 73 for the Phillies. The last time the Phillies finished a season w/ 73 Wins was 1970.

A Win tomorrow would mark the first time the Phillies finished a season w/ 74 Wins since 1914. I wouldn't bet on that happening, though.

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