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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Double auto play videos for the FAIL.

I think I read that Billy Hamilton leads the team in Win Probability Added this month. That is unreal.

It's because Hamilton basically a video-game pinch runner. He comes in after a lead-off walk, then on the first pitch steals second. And on the second pitch, steals third. While making it look so easy that you find yourself vaguely frustrated that your team doesn't have a guy who can do that.

I want to say that happened...ten days? Two weeks ago? Somewhere in that time-frame. It was sublime and surreal to watch.

Unfortunately a team has less of a shot with him the way he is going for the past 2 years..

sadly, Hamilton will never make any awesome b-ref lists or history because of Al Dark and his Oakland A's back in the 70's.

He employed guys like Herb Washington, Larry Lintz, Matt Alexander, and Don Hopkins every couple years to be exclusive pinch runner/base stealers.

In response to the previous thread...

It can very easily be diabetes, You can have severe weight loss and ongoing nonspecific symptoms for a long time and not get diagnosed until you either go into DKA or get blood work.

So this is all really the fault of bullpen specialization and its taking away a scarce bench spot that in other eras could've been expended on a dedicated pinch-runner?

Who cares about Billy Freakin Hamilton on a Phillies blog?

Those who're hopeful that they're seeing the near-future of Roman Quinn?

Those that just enjoy discussing baseball in general?

This also sounds like it could very well be a digestive type disorder, such as Crohn's or Colitis or Diverticulitis. Which when not treated correctly can be downright deabilitating.

Wow ... it must be nice to receive 40 million dollars over the last two years while you try to figure out why you can't get major league batters out. I'm just hoping I can finally afford health insurance in the new year!

I told Jim Salisbury last year after Doc's first rehab that Doc had hit the wall. There is no doubt that he has some physical condition that causes him to loose body fluid. Maybe Diabetes. He admitted to taking medication. His career, sadly, is over

***I'm just hoping I can finally afford health insurance in the new year!***

Maybe you should have been a better athlete...

Maybe it's Groat's Disease...

I can't believe its diabetes. Any physical worthy of the name checks blood sugar. So what you will about the Phillies medical staff, it would be an epic fail for Halladay to have been in the system and never get his blood sugar tested.

Bed Beard (last thread)- why am I the one being unreasonable here? Steve is assuming Doc was not straightforward with his doctors simply because he didn't tell the fans or media about it. He is upset that Doc didn't share his problem with us. I think that's ridiculous.

Finger- can you make it so the videos don't automatically load on the page?

Tony- I don't think it is diabetes because that would be something very known in family history and Doc himself would have to be a babbling idiot to not mention it.

> Yesterday's Astros game drew a 0.0 rating in Houston...
> Posted by: GTown_Dave

Wow. I think the Popeil Showtime Rotisserie infomercial could do better than 0.0.

On Halladay: It seems like he is just disintegrating out there.

This is what watching Gehrig in '39 must have been like.

I'm gonna be kind & label both the description of & price point on these items as "optimistic".

That silly autoplay video illness is fixed. Sorry about that.

Hate to see Doc if the medication wasn't working.

Crohn's sounds like a real possibility, so long as it isn't too advanced yet. Halladay strikes me as the kind of dude who would "play through the pain" at the early stages.

However, once it starts getting along, maybe perforating his intestine or colon, then you've got a situation where there's no grinning-and-bearing.

Crohn's would fit the known symptoms...

The Phillies medical staff absolutely has to go. There needs to be a grass roots movement to get rid of these guys or something. Every major player with an injury the past few seasons (Utley, then Howard, now Doc) has been handled absolutely incorrectly. Its baffling that the top brass don't seem to see this/ don't want to at least protect their investments.

@timr: I had been thinking the same thing. Then again, the Phillies FO have only recently discovered the marvelous field of Sports Medicine. You know, only after the Freddy García deal in '06. Perhaps they don't understand what the medical staff is telling them.

timr: I think it's unfair to suggest the Phillies should do away w/ their Office of Leaching Operations. After all, those employees spent up to 5 min. of their lives purchasing doctoral degrees from shady, Caribbean "universities"!

Matt Gelb: "Cameron Rupp is catching Zach Miner tonight. Second start of his career."

I wish Rupp had been playing more lately. It's not as if the Phillies have anything to lose except the games, which they've been doing anyway.

@GTown, actually if he has something like Hemachromatosis, blood-letting would be useful.

GTown - they're actually all proud graduates of either the Hollywood Upstairs Medical College or Ho Chi Minh School of Medicine

Will Philadelphia Phillies go big this winter?
NY Daily News

If you have covered Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., even a little bit, you know that look: Eyebrow cocked, grin parting his lips, eyes glinting with the joy of imagined trades or signings. This little devil loves to do big things.

In inquiring about the near-term future of the Phils last Sunday, I did not expect to see that look, upon approaching Amaro at Citizens Bank Park with a thesis (paraphrased here): "My assumption is that with a payroll already around $170 million, a bunch of veterans under contract, Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez already signed, this isn’t a winter where you do big things. Right?"

No need to paraphrase Amaro's immediate answer, which came with the aforementioned look: "Nope."

"Oh," I said, taken aback. "So you're going to be your usual creative self and explore all crazy possibilities?"


11/29/12: Phillies Medical Staff decline a trade with Wilton Lopez because they thought he too much an injury risk after evaluating him.

12/20/12: Phillies sign Mike Adams after the Medical staff clears him of injury risk.

5/20/13: Adams placed on 15 day DL

6/19/13: Adams placed on 60 day DL.

End of 2013: Wilton Lopez leads the entire NL in Relief Appearances

I'm confused how he thinks we have a payroll at $170mm. We started this year at $159MM for the 40-man (probably another 7-8 in benefits and such).

The biggest addition for next season thus far (Gonzalez) has an AAV of $4MM.

Chase Utley's new contract has an AAV about $2MM less than his current one. Halladay's $20MM will be gone. Nix's $1.35MM will be gone. Durbin's $1.35MM (AAV, not actual) will be gone. MYoung's $7.2MM will be gone. DYoung's $0.85MM will be gone. Quintero's $0.9MM will be gone.

There will be a few arbitration raises, but I doubt anybody earning under $1MM is looking at a jump above $3MM. Let's go conservative and say they'll make a total of $6MM more (being generous to them).

Additionally, Frandsen might be gone ($0.85MM), KK likely isn't getting tendered ($3.75MM AAV), Lannan almost definitely isn't getting tendered ($2.5MM), and Chooch... Well, he's likely in line for a short contract in the same range as what he's making currently (if we go that route).

So that puts us in the $129.25 range before FA/trade acquisitions (add another 7-10 for benefits). That would seem to leave us a good 30-40MM shy of Martino's projection.

Lore: To be fair, I imagine it was the same medical staff's evaluation that got us Gonzalez for about 1/4 his initial contract offer.

Wilton Lopez career avg FB: 93.4 mph
Wilton Lopez 2013 avg FB: 93.2 mph

Mike Adams career avg FB: 93.1 mph
Mike Adams 2013 avg FB: 90.6 mph

Again, the Phillies deemed Wilton Lopez as the health risk, but thought Adams was not.

And because Lopez managed to make it through a season, that means he wasn't a health risk, or did he just get lucky?

I'm not saying the Phillies medical staff is great (although apparently they won an award for being so not too long ago), but to act like the fact that Lopez didn't break down means he wasn't a risk - especially when he'd already had issues in the past - is silly.

He's pitching in Colorado this year, so we should expect some increases, but his ERA is almost double what it was last year. His ERA+ is down 42%. His WHIP is up .367 points. His K/9 is down 22% and his BB/9 is up 100%. He's already guaranteed to have his worst MLB season since 19-inning rookie year, despite not throwing significantly more innings than any of the previous 3 years.


1.23 ERA


24yrs old




Ben Badler says MASAHIRO TANAKA has "arguably the best splitter in the world"


97 MPH fastball

buster: poor phillies medical staff, they are just so unlucky. All these decisions they make end up making them look inadequate. If only there was something besides luck that could determine the outcome of their decisions, then they could show us what good decisions they make!

Lore: Yes, obviously literally every single decision they've made is wrong. That's why we've had all 25 men on the 25-man roster on the DL at some point in every season over the past several years. It's also why every player traded away from the team has never been injured. It's just the ridiculously terrible staff we have.

Whit, it didn't happen that way?

Why, one might almost believe that athletes are performing physically taxing activities that put unusual and unnatural stresses on the body such that it's difficult to tell with great certainty whether or not something's about to go wrong until after it already has - even with today's medical and technological advances.


While there're lots of knocks one can make against the Phillies medical staff, to try and foist the Halladay situation off on them is to ignore the culpability of the patient. In light of everything that's happened, there're only two plausible explanations: 1) The Phillies' medical staff is a firm believer in the merits of leaching and humor-balancing; or 2) Roy Halladay's never been particularly truthful with the medical staff as far as what, exactly, his symptomology is. (And, thus, the medical staff has had flawed information with which to work.) As Roy Halladay has never ceased wanting to take the mound every fifth day for the past two years, come hell, high water, or the inability to throw a fastball for a strike, I'm of the opinion it's more the latter than the former.

But as the organization needs to be knocked somehow, let me postulate this: How much of the "horridness" of the medical staff is, in fact, something that can be laid at the feet of RAJ and the manager? As a recurring trend with Howard and Halladay is that the player self-diagnoses, says they're fine, and then either the FO or the manager run them out there. It's almost like the medical staff has to affirmatively prove that continuing to run the player out there will result in the worst-case scenario. (Which can be a rather difficult hurdle to surmount.)

AEC is the new Jake, but much more annoying and has even less supporting evidence for his statements

That's why we've had all 25 men on the 25-man roster on the DL at some point in every season over the past several years.

The DL? The Phillies don't believe in the DL! Just sit on the bench for a few days & your limbs will magically regenerate!




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