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Sunday, September 22, 2013


I'll go out on the limb and say i though Cloyd was just good enough to be a spot starter next year. After his last few appearances not so much.

Guaranteed win today,Torres is on my fantasy team

Working on that draft pick thing.

Good for them.

Cloyd is, at this point, not a major league pitcher. It is unlikely he will ever be.

But since Kyle Kendrick has been able to stick with a big league club, who knows?

Sandberg named 2014 Manager.

Standard set lineup, with Frandsen (1b) hitting 8th.

Wow. Sandberg got the nod for '14? What a shock!

Most pointless "interim" tag ever.

Cloyd was not good

This should be submitted for the title of Tyler's biography.

Frandsen starts again vs. a RHP.


clout: since mayberry and frandsen can't hit rhp, you would start Bernadina almost every day?

Frandsen can legitimately mash LHP. But the team hasn't exactly been robbed of Mayberry's .767 OPS this year vs. lefties.

lorecore: I'd try to find someone who's not an automatic out vs. RHP. Maybe it's Bernadina, maybe not. But we have a career's worth of stats that show neither Frandsen nor Mayberry can hit RHP.

Best move philles made all yr Sandberg

I was counting on a rally last night, darn!

I'm off to the game today, so come on, Cliff! Beat the Mets! We gotta win one, at least!

Enjoy it, BL!

This injury riddled former great team now has the fans expecting losses, and yawning, "Ho hum!" when it actually happens. The only excitement is when Cliff Lee pitches, like today.

Hopefully we see Rupp get a couple of starts behind the plate before the year is out.

I would love to see a version of JRoll who is willing to work more BBs but I just have a hard-time believing he can sustain anywhere close to that rate over an entire season.
--posted by MG
Why? he's already had multiple seasons under Charlie where his BBs were above or nearly identical with his SOs. (2008,9, 11)

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