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Friday, September 06, 2013


I think that's about as good a lineup as you can put out right now, all things considered. Galvis in LF is going to be interesting.

BTW, anyone who predicted an starting OF of Galvis, Hernandez, Mayberry, at any point in any season, please come to Gate B to claim your prize of 50% ownership in this team...

Nice line here, too, Seids - "The Phillies are a weekend sweep away from being 19.5 games back in the NL East."

"It's kind of crazy that the Marlins -- whose most expensive active player makes $2.75 million -- have a better run differential than the Phillies."

It's almost like the ability to write big checks isn't all that's required of a GM.

"They'd need to go 18-4 to avoid their first losing season since 2002."

Basically, this is the worst Phillies team in Beerleaguer history. So, there's that...

Todd Zolecki (@ToddZolecki)
"Ethan Martin to bullpen. Cloyd to take his spot."

Shifting Ethan Martin to the bullpen is the first intelligent personnel move the Phillies have made in weeks. I really hope he lives up to his promise in said role.

Excited that they're recognizing that Martin could be an effective 'pen arm. Not so excited about his replacement in the rotation, however.

Dave - You're probably right, but in the short term in means more innings by Cloyd, and fewer from Martin. Good thing Phillie fans are masochists by definition.

Dinger derby

"Shifting Ethan Martin to the bullpen is the first intelligent personnel move the Phillies have made in weeks."

How many weeks are you talking about here? 2? 3? 5? 257?

GTown Dave - Agreed.

Who thinks that Deikman, Rosenberg, Martin can all be legit, effective pieces in the 2014 bullpen?
Rosenberg's fastball is 95-96 and moves a little; his slider is hard, with bite.
No revelation here, but it will come down to command for all three of them. And they each have good enough 'stuff' that it doesn't need to be Maddux/Cliff Lee-type pin-point command.

Then, there's Pap. Maybe Adams and Bastardo come back whole.

Sounds good on paper; but too many "if's".

Bonehead, I fully expect r00b to go out and sign a veteran bullpen piece - to "round out" the bullpen, and that pitcher to look like the second coming of Quallbin.

Bonehead, while "good" is a subjective term, I think you could definitely argue that the bullpen is one area that the team should at least be better going into 2014 than they were in 2013. And they improved by using young arms and giving them a shot at the MLB level, converting from starters where applicable. Despite his recent struggles, I think you can add DeFratus to that mix, as well.

It's a good model on how to improve, slowly, but steadily and consistently over time. Remember some of the bullpens in just the last couple years? Think Herndon, Baez, Schwimer...

All that said, it sure would be nice to have $13M/year to fix other areas of the roster. You could even find a decent enough replacement closer and still have a few $'s left over.

Martin could be next years closer. Never know

dons, don't think so. Command isn't good enough yet.
I've been busy the last few days. Has anyone noticed that Ben Revere's OPS is now higher than Mayberry's?

If there bullpen is Adams, Papelbon, and Bastardo along with Diekman, Martin, and Rosenberg, this bullpen will stink again in '14.

Around this same time last year, it was widely believed that we had found our future LOOGY in Jeremy Horst and a future back-end bullpen piece in Phillippe Aumont. Everyone should keep that in mind before they start penciling in Diekman & Rosenberg for our 2014 bullpen.

My 2014 pen would be:

De Fratus

then 3 spots open to around 5 FAs, Rosenberg, and Diekman.

If Mike wasn't guaranteed $7M next year, he would retire this offseason, but alas, he's making $7M so we'll see him rehab/get hurt for another season before calling it quits.

So, Cloyd takes Martin's spot in the rotation?

"I really hope he lives up to his promise in said role."

At first I read this as: "I really hope he lives up to his promise in sad role."

I forgot De Fratus but given how he has pitched the last 2 years that isn't easy to do.

$20M invested in Papelbon and Adams is arguably as bad as the $25M Howard will get.

About time Bernadina and his sorry .208 OBP as a Phil ride the pines.

My 2014 pen would be:

De Fratus

lorecore, until Martin addresses the 6.3 BB/9 that he has, and addresses it by LOWERING it, I wouldn't be so quick to pencil him in the bullpen next year.

Also, the way things went down with Bastardo -that is, he didn't tell them until the last minute he was going to be suspended - I would not be surprised to see them trade him during the offseason for another reliever, with each team claiming a "change of scenery" was needed for the guy they shipped out.

Yes, that's how vindictive I think r00b and the FOols are.

"$20M invested in Papelbon and Adams is arguably as bad as the $25M Howard will get."

MG, who will have a higher bWar/fWar next season, Ryan Howard or the combo of Pap/Adams?

Sorry WP, any lineup that has Freddy Galvis in LF cannot be described as "good."

Bonehead: "Who thinks that Deikman, Rosenberg, Martin can all be legit, effective pieces in the 2014 bullpen?"

The Magic 8 Ball says, "Doubtful."

Of course any lineup with Galvis in the outfield cannot be considered good. But who do they have that's better? This is a roster littered with not good.

I'll go further. No bullpen that relies on Rosenberg, Diekman, Martin and DeFratus will be any good. At best, two of those guys may become good relievers.

awh: Mayberry is also on the verge of hitting in the .220s. Guy is getting killed because he's being used constantly vs. RHP. He should never, ever be used against RHP. Not ever. No matter what. Period.

aksmith and I totally agree. Beerleaguer can now close its doors.

At least one 'quality' vet bullpen piece is needed. I'd go after Jason Frasor.
Then take a flier on signing a 'used to be good' reliever like Axford or Marmol.

I assume Adams is done but if not great. Papelbon is overpaid but still a top closer. Bastardo is at least worth an permanent MLB spot in the late innings and certainly against lefties.

All they guys after that are still too inconsistent so I'd see who makes it out of Spring Training. I like Diekman as a LOOGY then maybe Rosenberg again as, a long man.

I expected DeFratus to be more consistent. The rest of the guys, Aumont, Martin, Stutes, who knows.

Papelbon, Frasor, Bastardo, Diekman, DeFratus, Rosenberg; with RiskVet, Stutes, Aumont, Martin fighting for last spot.

Yeah, please don't confuse my comment "as good a lineup as you can put out right now" with good. What I'm saying is that you'd be hard pressed to put out much better. That, in and of itself, is pretty much the saddest thought I've had cross my mind in months.

"And for an update, let's go to Gregg Murphy, who our producers have conveniently placed into an area of the ballpark that actually has a pretty dense group of fans, some of whom were brought in for the explicit sake of this nonsensical cut-away, to make it not look like a vapid wasteland in here on a Friday night. Murph, whatcha got?"

Another Unproductive™ PA from Darin Ruf. RAJ must be flabbergasted that anyone could be happy with such a thing, but given Ruf's funk, I'm certainly glad to see it.

We're all so down on this team lately, so I'll come out and say something positive - I actually still do anticipate Cliff Lee starts, hoping that we'll catch one of his "on" games. When he's on, it's fun as hell to watch, losing record or not.

I choose to blame Simmons' HR on Willard Preacher. Being optimistic jinxes things!

awh - Not exactly much of a race. Literally which combo get over 1 WAR might take it.

For all of the crap that Papelbon has taken, at least the Phils are getting something close to the production they hoped they would from him this year. Basically going to be a 1.5-2.0 WAR player depending upon which system you use.

Even the $13M due to Papelbon isn't as bad as the $7M due to Adams. Phils have no idea if Adams will even be able to pitch and with that $7M the Phils could have sign two solid middle tier relievers on 1-year deals to help fortify the pen.

It's a shame Lee is pitching well tonight and this Phils' lineup is lifeless so far.

Amaro has to wonder how he can fix an offense that is on pace to score the lowest R/G in 25 years for the franchise ('88 team).

That annoying kid is actually more palatable than all those beauty contestants.

Did 'Hittin' Season' get transformed into 'Hat Tippin' Season' this year with Cholly's departure?

Nice play Utley!

You know, I can't help but wonder how much of the badness of the offense this year is the result of a perfect storm that cannot repeat next year. As, for the offense to be as bad next year, you'd have to have most of the following occur:
1) One corner OF be manned by a .700 OPS RHB for 300 PA.
2) Catcher be manned by a bat that puts out < .700 OPS for 75% of the season.
3) Third base be manned by a 101 OPS+ bat whose horrible defense surrenders 15-20 runs (depending upon which advanced metric you look at).
4) Ryan Howard be replaced by a .720 OPS RHB for 300+ PA.
5) Jimmy Rollins post another .640 OPS season.
6) Chase Utley miss significant time to be replaced by a .620 OPS bat.

This also omits the on-going saga in center field, with Revere starting the season horribly and then suffering a freak injury just as he was getting hot, to be replaced by two warm bodies who've generally done terribly at the plate. (As well as John Mayberry's role in the season-long drama over outfield production.)

In a perverse way, it's kind of hard not to be optimistic about next season offensively speaking, just because it's rather hard to envision the combination of poor roster decisions and vagaries of the Baseball Gods repeating themselves. (E.g. Cody Asche is not going to turn into a statue at 3B; if Ryan Howard turns into a pumpkin (again), Ruf's bat is available instead of the Mayberry/Frandsen/Young platoon; and so on.)

the phuture !!!

That Asche guy might just be more than the utility guy the scouts told me he'd be.

Ruf deserves a little bit of credit too, as he had himself a nice AB to put what would be the go-ahead run on.

At least the braves announcers like ruf and Cody A. They have all game been taking about how good these young kids look. Rube well that's a different story......

i'd prefer to deal brown this off-season, rather than ruf. dom is too fragile. and this achilles thing could become chronic. ruf looks like his body type may be more durable. he sure showed no ill effects from his collision with the ivy covered brick.

the phuture, again !!!

Wow, nice play by Asche!

Now they have an offensive play and defensive play for their star of the game feature.

I can't tell if the crowd is booing Pap or the ump.

I enjoyed the Cliff 'n' Cody Show. Some of the best programming the Phillies have offered this season.

Lee and Asche 2, Braves 1

looks like they better move maikel franco to another position. ss?

I guess wins are so rare now, we're doing the shaving cream after non-walkoffs.

Been a month (10 games) since Papelbon gave up a run. This following the almost two-month stretch between Apr 4 and May 29 (17 games) during which he gave up no runs.

Funny game.

I'm thrilled that the reeking skid mark in Papelbon's year happened to coincide w/ the peak of trading season.

Let's not burst out the anointing oil just yet: One does not a saint of the hot corner make.

That being said, the biggest concern about Asche upon his call-up was that his glove would not be good enough to justify his bat. Leaving aside that his bat's come out and been good for 111 OPS+ since his call-up (before tonight!), his defense has been impressive. Is he Manny Machado? Certainly not. But the glove is certainly good enough to run out there every day at the league minimum. (Even if advanced defensive metrics aren't a fan, due to sample size wonkiness.)

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing what Cody Asche can do over a full season's worth of PAs. Here's hoping the front office doesn't do something stupid this off-season to jeopardize that.

i'm glad paps has been able to pull back from the cusp of being run out of town. we are stuck with him. we don't need it to become toxic. i can put up with the fact that he's an idiot and a jerk.

He'd make a fine 8th inning guy, would Papelbon.

Cody Asche sucks.

yes he would, bittel. setting up our cabbage patch kid closer.

and asche san didn't even use his glove on bj's grounder.

I admit that I have been one of his biggest critics,but am glad it appears I am wrong about Asche.Hope things keep moving in that direction.
What does 2 infielders in the outfield tell us?

Wow this was a quick game. I was thinking I'd catch the last few innings and tuned in before 9:30 but the game was already over in like 2 hours. I guess when Cliff Lee's on, no one pitches faster in all of baseball. Hey and well done, Cody!

***What does 2 infielders in the outfield tell us?***


"***What does 2 infielders in the outfield tell us?***


Alternative viewpoint?: The OF sucks without Brown, Ruf and Revere.

cesar looks pretty smooth in cf. he was covering both alleys and part of the corner's territory. will he battle revere for that job come st?

Enjoy game on a Friday night and it was a 'hat-tipping' night thanks to Asche's HR and some really strong pitching form Lee.

If there is any reason to be optimistic next year, it is that the Phils do have a couple of cost-controlled, cheap younger players who look like they might be penciled in at a few spots including 3B (Asche), LF (Brown), CF (Revere), and 1B/RF (Ruf). Question remains how good they can be and that the Phils still need 1-2 more given how ridiculously top-heavy and unproductive some of their existing contracts already are.

If the Phils had say another OF and a SS/C who were ready to start next year and even by say average players (1.5-2 WAR) players with the players they already have, Amaro would potentially have enough cash especially if he moved JRoll to sign 1-2 FAs and make this a truly competitive team next year that would win 83-85 games and maybe even contend for a playoff spot.

Enjoyable game and a non-hat tipping night.

It's OK to tip your hat to the home team pitcher every once in a while, MG.

Just don't plan to make habit of it.

> Amaro would potentially have enough cash especially if he moved
> JRoll to sign 1-2 FAs

Newsflash. No one wants Rollins. They didn't want him when he hit free agency a couple of years ago and they want him even less now. He is no longer the player he once was. We are stuck with him for another year plus.

Dickie Thong - He has a year left at $11M. That's not that much for a team willing to take on his salary if the Phils are willing to eat a little on it and not take anything of value in return.

The kicker is that vesting option that might kick in for the following year.

Phillies really have tongues wagging. Not.

JRoll and his value

S. Drew - 1 yr/$9.5M
Nakajima - 2 yr/$6.5M (couldn't even make the A's roster)

Furcal - 2 yr/$14M
Barmes - 2 yr/$10.5M
Reyes - 6 yr/$106M
JRoll - 3 yr/$38M

Jeter - 3 yr/$51M
Peralta - 2 yr/$11.25M

If S. Drew got that much coming off a horrendous year in '12 where he put up a line of .223/.309/.348 and had been coming off 2 consecutive injury-plagued years, JRoll's $11M isn't that outlandish if the Phils were willing to eat say $2M on it and not get much in return.

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