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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The only thing good about Halladay coming back so far is that it might have just pushed Amaro to pass on him.

Otherwise, I definitely saw Amaro offering him an incentive-laden deal with a moderate base.

With each start where he has trouble getting lose in the 1st and runs out of gas by the 5th, he is taking $$$ and even the possibility of contenders being interested in him next year.

Galvis at 3B in place of Asche, Frandsen at 1B vs the LHP.

I want to be called Flynn.

Phils -170, compared to -225 yesterday.

Repost, just in case anyone is considering heading to CBP:

G’Town, speaking of good times at games, I’ve also benefited lately. The game experience has been fun, especially with the light traffic, opportunity to see the game from a closer vantage point, and chance to watch the hopefuls for next year.

On Saturday the 7th I saw the good Kendrick and Freddy’s walkoff (and Pap’s mess-up, even though he got credit for the game) at a seat I never would have purchased at full price; however it was about 20% face value on Stub Hub.

As part of that game’s promotion, fans were asked to bring bags of food for those in need. Without thinking much we filled a bag of extra groceries, took it to the game, and deposited it at the (almost empty) food bin at the 3rd base gate. Lo and behold, as a “reward” for the donation, we were given a voucher for FREE tickets to one of six weekday future home games in ANY seat except Hall of Fame or Diamond Club! The only catch was they had to be redeemed at the gate. So last Wednesday (Cliff’s start against the Padres), we went to the box office at game time and got front row seats between 3B and left field—for free!

Not that I would trade a winning season for the ease of seat-getting, but it has been nice to be at the game when (in general) it is calmer, the fans are more attentive, and the focus is on the play instead of the hoopla (except the occasional obnoxious wave.)

One positive has been the fun of watching the kids we’ve been tracking through the minors get their chance. The season still has meaning for them.

And THAT, I believe, is another reason in this kind of season to fill a roster with hopefuls in the system with perhaps SOME upside as opposed to the journeymen who are at a known limit. Besides the upside in talent, there is the satisfaction and home-town interest of watching young players come through the system. It is like watching the JV high school players you’ve known since childhood finally get a chance. They are easy to root for. And in my humble opinion, that is what keeps fans coming back in some small market teams without any hope of contending…knowing some of the players and rooting for the home “team”

Anyway the ballpark has been fun, and much recommended these fall days.

If Cesar maintains that .986 OPS, Iceman will be rooting for Seattle next year, or wherever Revere ends up.

The above post wasn't me.

Was browsing MLBTR and saw this quote:

"With youngsters like B.J. Rosenberg, Jake Diekman, and Justin De Fratus staking their claim to a spot in the big league pen, Sandberg says the club may have a better feel for what they really need to concentrate on"

I'm not saying these 3 shouldn't be rewarded for good performances, but they sure as hell shouldn't be rewarded for guaranteed roster spots. Fill then pen with as many fliers as possible and if those 3 still end up being the best, then oh well, you wasted a $1M or so on some washed up vets. Hardly backbreaking risks there.

Sandberg's offseason priorities:

Solidifying Rotation
Starting Catcher
Improving OF Defense

Separate from Sandberg's quotes, Zolecki reported that the Phillies will be targeting RH Power Corner OF.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Kyle Kendrick had an MRI on his shoulder. Zach Miner is starting tomorrow.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Team is unsure whether Kendrick will pitch again in 2013. Severity is unknown. It has bothered him for a few weeks.

cut down that KK service time!

And our brilliant medical staff strikes again.

Is there a contagious shoulder disease plaguing the Phillies' clubhouse?

So maybe this is why KK has sucked in the 2nd half.


It makes far more sense than him just suddenly falling apart as a pitcher after a couple years of very solid production on the mound.

To be fair, his putting it together was relatively sudden too. Take out his second half of 2012 and he's thoroughly mediocre. Take out his second half of 2013 and he's brilliant.

He's like a "second-half pitcher" (like Blanton, in fact), only there was no set half he was good for.

Where's GTown to tell us why Kendrick really just sucks, and all the injury stuff is just a big conspiracy?

It's not like his production simply fell off a cliff for two straight months or anything.

More crack work by the Phils' medical/training staff.

Still argue that their incoherent organizational developmental strategy (you have heard a couple of players mention it this year and last) and their medical/training staff are bigger issue with this club than the lack of multi-person, statistical dept in-house.

can_of_corn - Interesting story. For as backwards as the Phils may be in regards to their statistical analysis, they weren't a laggard in implementing modified ticket pricing and I have always thought they did a good job with market promotions.

Enjoy docs last home start boys. Never forget 10 and 11. Thanks doc

can, I lived in KC during the Boone/Muser era (96-00) and we could get great seats walking up to the box office. We lived 25 miles from the stadium; one game we left at the end of the game and walked in the front door at the 30 minute mark from game end.

Edmundo, there is something quite nostalgic about being able to just go to a game without so much planning. I even remember back in the days of the Vet doing the same thing--just deciding on a nice summer day to take in a ball game. It is much more of a procedure these days at CBP, which is why the last few weeks have been nice in some ways.

Kendrick's motion is a bit goofy (yes, I wrote that). He generates (generated?) 90mph without much leg drive. If velocity at the release point comes mostly from the upper body... ugh oh.

The loss of the release point due to pain easily explains why everything is up since he went bad. It would be a damn shame if his concussion was the reason that he got careless with his mechanics. One thing leads to another, especially for the most unnatural motion in all of sports.

I remember boasting about my boy Kyle as being "never hurt, and always taking the ball". Ooops.

What else can go wrong this year?

LorecorE: "Fill then pen with as many fliers as possible and if those 3 still end up being the best, then oh well, you wasted a $1M or so on some washed up vets. Hardly backbreaking risks there."

Quick question. How are you deciding who is the best, between all of your veteran fliers and the young guys? Spring training performance?

Why not just put out a release that the entire pitching staff needs either TJ or rotator cuff surgery? You know, that way they won't miss anything.

So what happens with Revere if Ceasar keeps performing the way he has

Games like tonight's are ones that are still interesting, despite their relative meaningless-ness. I don't have the highest of hopes for Doc (especially for what's left of this season), but I'm extremely curious to see what he approaches differently start-to-start as he works to figure something out. Can't say I love his comments regarding how Moyer was able to make a career without dominant stuff, but at this rate, we have nothing to lose. Next year, however....*

*please don't do anything dumb Rube.


Separate from Sandberg's quotes, Zolecki reported that the Phillies will be targeting RH Power Corner OF.

Is this sarcasm? or did he mean off the bench rh power bat that can play the corners?

Curious as to how long we have to wait for those lineups?

Oh, that's right, there are other media sources that aren't mailing it in yet. BRB.

corn, the way I'd play it if I were Sandberg, would be to opt for a legitimate bench RH bat, that can start somewhat frequently against lefties, at which point I'd occasionally move Ruf to 1B on those nights. I know we'll never see a strict platoon, and Sandberg is on record as having a high level of confidence that Howard can come back, but it would be nice to have that flexibility. Hell, Ruf/Brown will need a night or two off every now and then, too.

Turns out the big concussion conspiracy is as false as it is stupid, & Kendrick suddenly has an arm issue. Amazing such a thing should occur when he has accrued 180+ IP for only the second time in his lackluster career. It's almost as if comparing workloads across different seasons might mean something. At any rate, this is just one more reason for the Phillies to cut ties w/ Kyle.

Looks like Wheeler's hairpiece isn't making much of an effort anymore either.

There we go.

Of course the Phils will be targeting a RHB corner outfield bat. It's been the franchise's white whale for three years now, so why should it change? I mean, it's not like they had a perfectly serviceable one who was traded for pennies on the dollar in a short-sighted salary dump. Oh, wait...

Hunter Pence coming back to Philly as a free agent signing is just surreal enough that a little part of me hopes it happens.

corn: Just saw your post from the prior thread. While nothing is as fun as winning, there's a lot to be said for the atmosphere of a ball game where those in attendance are primarily interested in said game. Glad to hear you've had a chance to get out & enjoy the non-circus ambiance, as well.

GTown, so far you've been able to avoid stepping in a pile of dogsh8t, I assume?

It's just the opposite out here in Dodgerland. The usual lackadaisical fan base is full of the front runners again and it's downright insufferable. Can't wait for the NBA season to start so they can go back to being Laker fans and stop pretending they know a damn thing about baseball.


pathetic call, but I'll take it

Preacher: No trace the dreaded doggy debacle ever happened. Compared to the Vet years, CBP is maintained to a practically surgical level of cleanliness.

Hockey, too, right? Or are L.A. hockey "fans" less insufferable than their baseball & basketball counterparts?

More of the new Halladay on display: He's gotten ahead of all three batters this inning, but shown a chronic inability to put them away.

Though the umps are doing their darnedest to save Halladay from himself.

Angel Hernandez is a Bottom 5 MLB umpire. Maybe even Bottom 3. That's one of the most hideously bad calls I've ever seen.

LA "hockey fans" don't seem to come out of the woodwork until the NHL playoffs start, for some reason...

The whole Kendrick thing stinks to high heaven. It's like a repetitive bad dream. Maybe it helps the Phils decide what to do about him though. I was leaning non-tender before today anyway and now am fully persuaded.

Preacher: Funny how that works.

Well, the bottom of the 1st makes me think we'd better get our hats ready to tip to the young Mr. Flynn.

This Kendrick thing is setting up perfectly for someone like the Mets to get him on an incentive laden steal, only to turn into a Phillie-killer for the next half decade or so.


you don't trust the Phillies medical staff?

Does that play by Frandsen go into pile of reasons why he should be tendered, or the pile of reasons why he shouldn't? As I think you can make arguments for both.

WHY isnt ashtray the staring 3rd baseman tonite?

staring = starting

Murphy reporting on what sandberg told him:

"Kendrick's been dealing with shoulder soreness for awhile now, but it hasn't caused him any problems."

Nope... no problems.. Just a 6.91 ERA since the ASB, thats all.

Lorecore, you can't automatically assume that a shoulder injury would hurt a pitcher's ability to pitch, though. There's at least 3 bones between the shoulder and where a pitcher holds the ball. You're being ridiculous.

running on Stanton? Yea.. lets not do that.

You can never read too much off of a single PA, but I find it heartening that Darin Ruf managed to square-up that curveball while behind in a 1-2 count.

Wait, Vlad Guerrero was available before yesterday? DAMMIT!!!

KK would make a great heel especially in a Mets' uniform.

I just wish the Phillies would have called up/tried out some younger TV announcing talent as we wind this puppy down.

Phils have an annual Dallas Green award? Didn't know that.

So, was Ruf getting gunned down at 3B the fault of himself or Samuel?

LorecorE: Gelb & Pat Gallen are reporting that Kyle has experienced shoulder soreness for the "last few weeks". As usual, the Phillies prob. should have taken it more seriously sooner. However, it's not like Kyle's been hurt month after month.

I also love this:

"Sandberg described Kendrick's sinker — his most important pitch — as "flat" after his last start. Kendrick made three starts in September with an average fastball velocity at 89.3 m.p.h., according to PITCHf/x data. His sinker traveled an average 90.5 m.p.h. from April to August."

I guess that missing 1.2 MPH made all of the difference.

Jack: For bullpen fliers, you'd unfortunately have to go on how the pitchers look in ST. Most guys on fliers are going to be coming off either a down year or missed lots of time due to injury, so you won't really have much else to go off of.

If you have a better idea, I'd be open to it. My main objective is to get as many viable arms as possible and hope the odds dictate that at least a few end up rising to the job.

Hoo boy. Another hit for "Better than Revere"

Gtown: KK Sinker's vertical movement first two months:

April: 7.93 (inches i think?)
May: 8.38

August: 6.80
September 7.30

Rollins catches another break as the BABIP Gods give him another hit on a lazy flyball that could well have been caught.

Chooooo ...

I love Chooch.

I love Chooch!

Damn, post didn't show up the first time, even after multiple refreshes

Any chance Chooch can be re-upped at no more than 2 years?

This guy is just begging Dom to take him deep...

I have to admit, after last night and Chooch's first PA, I was wondering if the magic was gone and his epic hot streak had passed.

Well, it still might have, but that's bowing your neck and getting a hit when your team needs it nonetheless.

What the eff are we doing between 2nd and 3rd????

Boooooo ...

Run support!

We must hold the record for most outs on the basepaths this year.

chooch racking up some RBIs of late. 12 in his last 7 games.

Matt Gelb: "The Phillies have made 56 outs on the bases in 2013. That is tied for fifth-most in majors."

Interesting. I would've guessed the Phillies owned an insurmountable lead in this category.

While they did indeed blow it, the Phils still pocketed both runs when they had guys on second and third with one out. Which...well, you certainly couldn't count on the Phils circa July 1 to plate one of those runs, let alone both.

The only spot Halladay hits consistently is the opposing batter.

gbrett: going into tonight, the Phils were 5th in the NL at 54 Out on Bases. The league average is 50.

It's up to 56 now, which if no other team has had any tonight, they'd be tied with PIT for 4th.

I wonder if the Phillies have a lower OBP than those other four teams.

I suspect if you cross-referenced that stat by team OBP, you'd find the Phils have done a disproportionate amount of damage to themselves due to their relatively low OBP. (An out on the basepaths by the Reds has a different impact than on the Phils, because the Reds have got guys like Votto and Choo who get on base more often than the Phils and, thus, can be expected to make more basepath-relating outs.)

Angel Hernandez is a real pro.

Thanks, Lore.

Franzke said something I didn't quite catch, about what that stat does and does not count. For example, does it count caught stealing?

If nothing else, it shows that we aren't the above-average baserunning team that we used to be. In case anyone thought we still were.

Another totally Unproductive™ PA by Darin Ruf. The poor boy's doomed if he keeps doing that.

But seriously, Ruf started the game with a .353 OBP and after that walk it's up to a .359. That's good for second-best on the squad by a very sizable margin. ...which is why we're using him in the six-hole?

And it's not the bottom of the fifth in a start by the New Halladay without the wheels looking like they'll be coming off the trolley.

89 pitches through 5

New Doc is basically a #5 starter at best, right?

Cesar is making a strong case for himself. All he does is get on base.

New Doc's fate rests with his ability to figure out how to get out guys when they're disciplined enough not to chase. The first Solano PA is archetypical of the problem: After getting him 0-2, he went 9 pitches and only managed to get'em out when Solano popped up to center.

If Halladay can figure something out, then there's enough there to be more than a #5 guy. Because Doc's inefficiency is owed primarily to an inability to punch guys out when they're behind.

Utley seems to be feeling strong.

I swoon when Utley hits one like that

How 'bout the old guys, Jimmy & Chase?


gtown dave; you're right about Cesar. AND DAMN! UTLEY!

It's great to see Chase rebound. Speaking of the Phils medical staff, wasn't it Chase himself who sought help in the offseason in San Francisco and worked on his own method of recovery? Whatever it was, it's great to see Chase's being proactive paid out

Hernandez RBI/BB ratio: 1.1429

Not enough Production™ to guarantee he sticks around on this team

I know we're in the midst of another men-amongst-boys outing by the Phils offense, but looking at the pieces and how they're performing, doesn't it seem like there might just be a winning team in there somewhere?

Not a playoff contender by any stretch, but somebody who can put up more wins than losses and who can be fun to watch not only as they spoil the NL East in September, but all year long.

Of course, I've probably jinxed it, and Revere Disease will inflict everybody April who's not hurt.

Er, infect everybody, rather.

The Phils have had their ups and downs this season, but you sure can't criticize that offense.

Juan Pierre has tied Joe DiMaggio on the all-time hit list. So there's that.

Juums: I'd put Utley or Ruf in the 2 hole.

That's the second time tonight that Darin Ruf's been a lead-off base runner and been undone by Kevin Frandsen hitting into a double play. Good to see that Frandsen's firmly of the belief that while Michael Young may be gone, his unique brand of play shall live on with the club.

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