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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


About what I expect from this team nowadays. Sad.

I am happy about Utley though. If anyone is a Phillie for Life, it's him.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 4m
"I love Philadelphia," Chase Utley said. "I've always envisioned playing here. I never envisioned playing anywhere else."

Correcting the header article: Diekman didn't pitch, it was DeFratus that came in and served up the winning HR.

Our BP is the single best argument for the NL to enact the DH.
Cole was PH for, which was the right call, and we got a run.
But he was pitching well and had a manageable pitch count.
With the DH we could have skipped the BP all together.

I've always been a purist & anti DH.

But anything that lessens the impact of our Crap to Crap-L-Bon BP seems like a good idea.

Per Gelb:

"He's pretty much the face of the franchise," Hamels said of Chase Utley. "He does things right. He's done things right since Day 1. He's the typical Philly athlete and Philly ballplayer. He maxes out every day. I have to give him credit. That's what's fun to watch. Being a teammate, I'm confident I'm playing with one of the best second basemen. I feel pretty comfortable and pretty happy he's still going to be here."

Ruf's streak ended?


I'll bet you thought this Ryan Howard was alive. NOPE! Chuck Testa

Posted by: Sil | Wednesday, August 07, 2013 at 10:37 PM


@Sil: Thanks for the correction. It's fixed.

Donnie Murphy has hit more than 3 HR in a season exactly once, when he hit 6.

2013 Phillies


I endorse a fully taxidermized infield for 2014, as I can only imagine is Rube's plan

Put Michael Young's remains on wheels. Add some ropes and a couple interns and the old man's finally got league average range.

Taxadermied Ryan Howard won't be able to field a bunt, but at least he'll finally take a breaking ball in the dirt. Hell, might as well throw the big piece fastballs down the middle. He ain't swinging at sh*t.

The big question with J-Roll will be whether they dress him in high socks on Sundays.

As for the rotation, well, I don't know if you saw Cliff Lee's eyes during the All Star Game intros, but that guy's been dead on the inside for years...

Wait, did Wisniewski call him "The Doc?"

Oops, it's the same link as is in the header post. I forgot about that link. Sorry!

That would have been a bitter irony if the "face of the franchise" knocked himself out for the rest of the season and more by steamrolling the catcher.

"Our BP is the single best argument for the NL to enact the DH."

I haven't heard a good argument yet for the NL to enact the DH.

And this one isn't one either (although I get the joke).

Leave the DH for the old-folks league and keep the NL the way it is. Its not a bad thing to have there be differences in the two leagues. If you prefer that style of baseball, you can watch that stuff in the AL. If you prefer baseball the way it was intended to be played, you can watch the NL.

Lakewood going to be a nice squad next yr.

DOM HR was 440ft, longest tram HR all season.

DOM becomes 11th player in franchise history to hit 25 hr in a season at 25 or younger.

Willie Hernandez
Del Ennis
Dick Allen
Johnny Callison
Chuck Klein
Don Hurst

Bow down.

*Willie Montanez

Oh how could I forget Willie Jones? DOM is 12th.

So if 2/27 is true, the phillies got Utley for 9 years $112 million from ages 27-36. Over that time, without counting the rest of 2013, 2014, and 2015, hes accumulated 38.6 WAR.

I am afraid to look up those stats for 5/125...

Wait, did Wisniewski call him "The Doc?"

Posted by: Unikruk | Thursday, August 08, 2013 at 12:51 AM

The Doc's alive, He's in 1885 but he's alive!!!

some text

/slow clap for NEPP

Every other sport has protected the defenseless player, when will baseball make the runner slide for the BASE? Fine them for this action! Chase Utley clearly put a shoulder into a defenseless catcher, that is not part of baseball it's assault.

Catchers shouldn't be allowed to block the plate. It's interference, they just never call it that way.

Utley hit the catcher below his head and above his knees - what else is a runner supposed to do when a catcher impedes his route to the plate?

Don't feed the troll.

also, Navarro left the game for an ankle bruise.

Also, 8th pick in the draft as the Phils stand right now (trying to find a silver lining for this season)

I look forward to the next 3 years when people unnecessarily compare the Utley and Howard contracts.

Utley could have slid and got to front portion of plate and been SAFE, that's the objective of the game. He hit him with his shoulder and threw all his body weight into catcher to dislodge the ball. That should not be allowed.

Should the catcher be allowed to block the runner from reaching the plate? If you're gonna block the plate, you're gonna get run over. Them's the breaks.

Don't feed the trolls.

Mr. Blue 55, I hate the collision at home as much as anybody, but you are trolling if you say the front part of the plate was open. Navarro had the Spalding Guide block of the plate last night.

And the way he was set up, he was hardly defenseless.

TTI - I'll start it off! (Un)Fun fact: Utley could still see free agency BEFORE Howard! How bad is that Howard contract?

Looks like Chase's deal is 2/27 with multiple option years...not sure you need to have more than 1 option year in all reality, but it is a very team friendly deal.

Look on the bright side: At least Amaro only gave Howard 5 years.

I'm not joking.

And to utley's credit, he actually went into a front foot slide before realizing that Navarro shot his leg out in front of plate. He only brought his body forward after Navarro committed to blocking.

What would be safest for catchers is if umpires started calling interference, giving the baserunner the bag even when tagged. That'd end plate blocking within a week if it was called consistently. I'm not just saying it because it was Utley that trucked the other guy, I also don't want my catcher getting hurt. A catcher can get in position to make a tag without impeding the runner. Fielders do it at every other base.

ramsey: extremely good point. Imagine scenario B:

Amaro waits until until mid season 2011 before extending Howard, where Howard has even more leverage and gets 6yr/$150M.

Love it. You get the best Phillie in recent memory to finish out his HOF career in Philly, on a team-friendly deal, at a position where there are no good alternatives.

And again a reminder- people were complaining about the deal last night for Utley...MG was unsurprisingly leading the charge.

I wonder if the front part of the plate could be designated as the catcher's part of the plate and the back part the runner's part. That way any collision would be more of a glancing blow rather than full on.

I saw some people complaining pretty hard on twitter last night about the deal. The main complaints were as follows:

- In what world is Utley worth $13-15 million a year?
- He's 35 years old.
- This is what separates the Phillies from the Cardinals. The Cardinals knew when to let go of Pujols (very flimsy argument to me as Pujols required a ten year committment whereas Utley is 2).
- Could've gotten prospects or first round pick for him.
- Should've used that $13-15 million and invested in other areas (bullpen, OF)

I'm happy it's a two year deal. That's what I expected from the beginning. When Utley is healthy he is a top 5 second baseman. Will that continue for the next 2 years? I'm not sure but is it worth the gamble? Yes, IMO.

They only let Pujols go because another team massively outbid them. They offered him a fair market deal for his services.

I advocated trading Utley all year long, but an extremely close runner up to that was extending him on a 2yr deal. You can't really beat that.

Worst case scenario: Utley is never healthy and doesn't play a single inning and the team is out $27M

Best case scenario: Utley stays healthy and is the best overall 2B in the majors.

That's a no-brainer risk/reward to me.

The deal is ridiculously team-friendly. How can anyone complain about it?

Navarro shouldn't stand on the tracks when the train is coming through.

Even if Utley blew out his knees tomorrow, the deal isn't a franchise killer like the guy yp his left.

Perfectly fine deal. No complaints about it from me, even as someone who wants to blow it all up and rebuild.

Anyone complaining about this deal should first figure out who would play 2B for the Phils next year. What are the options? Cano on a massive overpay? Cesar Hernandez? Galvis? All the other options had huge downsides, either in the quality of play or the amount of years and dollars it would take to get a high-quality replacement. This is a big win for the team for 2014 and 15 if Utley can average even 120-130 games a year.

"Source: Phillies' M. Young has cleared waivers. Can be traded to any team, but only if he approves. Full no-trade clause still in effect."

fyi - the alley pub that replaced where the crab fries used to be is pretty cool. Its like a concession/bar mix where you don't have to wait in line to order, but also can't just sit there and drink.

And most importantly, $7.50 Coors Light bottles is like the Ryan Howard contracts of beer, while being able to a same sized $8 draught Troegs Dreamweaver feels like having a prearb Mike Trout.

I stand by my claim the other day that the average Phillies fan does not understand how good a player Utley has been and still is.

The Utley deal makes sense to me. Hernandez might be a fungible starting 2B some day. Might. Galvis, well, he looks like John McDonald with a tiny bit of pop. Utility guy. They'll still have control of those guys if Utley never plays a game under that contract.

This is a medium risk/high reward contract. Quite good from the Phils perspective.

Going to be a very expensive 75 win team the next few years.

Young will likely bring back a lesser prospect than the Yanks offered before the deadline.

Clout of course thinks it was brilliant strategy to hold onto him.

The Cardinals would never sign a mid-30's veteran with knee issues. Oh wait..

Jack of course thinks it would have been a brilliant strategy to move him at the deadline for a prospect that would have had a 1.0% chance of being good.

Oh no. Now we'll only get a prospect with a 0.5% chance. What a waste. How will the franchise recover from this blunder?

The only way I see the Phillies having a chance to play this right is if a late charging team gets into playoff mix and has a sudden injury/setback - and try to patch with Young who may end up having the best offensive numbers of any player available through waivers.

I am glad the Phils will keep Utley going forward because he's Utley. But the fact that he's still a Phillie simply means Rube will never rebuild. Same for Cliff Lee. Love watching those guys play. Don't love watching them play on a team with no hope of winning.

The fact that Michael Young cleared waivers leads me to believe that the claiming team would have had to pick up the remainder of the 16 million and not the 6 million the Phillies paid him. Now then can trade him and the trading team will only have to cover the Phillies' portion.

Glad to see them lock up Utley.

I'll stick my neck out and state that he appears to have gotten to a point where he can manage his knees.

Thus, I expect him to perform at least as well as he has this season, and actually, he could have one season in the next two where he's better, because as his body gets more used to the new routine to realign his legs, he may be able to get more out of it going forward.

Now, if we can only get Howard back and healthy...

Why can't the Phils rebuild with Utley on the team? Who is he blocking who could develop into a high-end starter? Cesar Hernandez? Come on, the guy may be a replacement level 2B one day. Maybe. You can still rebuild with Chase around, and frankly judging by his work with Dom Brown it might be a good idea to keep him around as a mentor of sorts for the young guys, if the Phils decide to go in that direction.

Oh, and speaking of Howard, from someone who has the same body type (though nowhere near the athletic skill), Howard needs to lose weight. He needs to get back to where he was a couple of seasons ago before they signed him to the extension.

Fat slob, Mo Vaughan type laziness, or lack of discipline at the dinner table, are the only reasons he's a big as he is.

That's the harsh truth.

lorecore- sounds like we have similar taste in beer. Dreamweaver is the best.

aksmith - You love watching Lee & Utley play, but not on a team with "no hope"? Don't you think having an ace P, and a star 2B gives the team a little more hope?

"But the fact that he's still a Phillie simply means Rube will never rebuild."

Smitty, a) you don't know that, and b) maybe it won't be r00b that rebuilds. ;)

I'm fully on the "Jimmy Rollins is a HOFer" bandwagon, but boy is he having a dog of a season. What happened to his power? SLG% has fallen 80 pts. He's on pace for single digit homeruns over a fully healthy season for the 1st time since he was 24 in 2003.

Oh, and speaking of Howard, from someone who has the same body type (though nowhere near the athletic skill), Howard needs to lose weight. He needs to get back to where he was a couple of seasons ago before they signed him to the extension.

Fat slob, Mo Vaughan type laziness, or lack of discipline at the dinner table, are the only reasons he's a big as he is.

That's the harsh truth.

Posted by: awh™ | Thursday, August 08, 2013 at 10:32 AM

You have obivously never seen Ryan's twin brother (enormous). My guess is Ryan has to work very hard to stay as fit as he is currently. When he was basically couch-ridden after the surgery he probably gained a crap ton of weight

question: Can you sign a player to an extension while restructuring a player's current year?

i.e. if they clear ~$5M in 2013 salary through waiver trades this month, could they sign DOM to an extension by giving him $5M this year where they'd still be under the luxtax, and then be able to cheapen his future seasons of the deal?

If that's possible I would jump all over that. Using sunk costs to strengthen future deals.

"The fact that Michael Young cleared waivers leads me to believe that the claiming team would have had to pick up the remainder of the 16 million and not the 6 million the Phillies paid him. Now then can trade him and the trading team will only have to cover the Phillies' portion."

I believe this is true.

noName, there is an exercise that Howard can do. It's actually one of the easier ones to do, and can leads to a tremendous deal of weight loss.

It's called "push-aways".

Iceman: Dreamweaver and Bells Winter White battle back and forth on my list of favorite Wheat beers.

"Oh no. Now we'll only get a prospect with a 0.5% chance. What a waste. How will the franchise recover from this blunder?"

Aww, c'mon Cyclic. Cut jack some slack.

That incremental 0.5% could make all the difference in the world.

Speaking of MYoung, has anyone considered the fact that perhaps r00b had a better deal on the table than the Yankees offered?

(whether he ough to have taken the deal is another story.)

About to try some "push-aways"....

Wait, I thought you meant this...

But now I think you actually meant this...

Oh well, I tried the first one.

Cyclic, exactly!!! :)

Of all the guys to complain about that will still be here next year and beyond, Chase Utley shouldn't be the one IMO (assuming his health holds). If it doesn't, big deal. $27M over 2 years isn't a killer.

I like the Utley deal. The salary and deal length are acceptable. Now, I have to get off the computer and go to mass at the St. Utley Church downtown.

"Michael Young was scratched. Kevin Frandsen is leading off and playing first."

Frandsen 3, Ruiz 2, Utley 4, Brown 7, Ruf 9, Asche 5, Mayberry 8, Martinez 6, Martin 1

Michael Young's clock is ticking, and his bags being packed.

Mini-mart is starting? crap.

Jack: Do you know who specifically was offered for Young? No, you don't.

Do you know who might be offered during waiver period this month? No, you don't.

In other words, you are talking about things of which you are totally ignorant.

Which is as usual.

I know he rightfully shouldn't and won't be factored in to the Phillies' future plans, but I will miss having MYoung here.

He's not the reason they're 17 games back. Who knows, with a healthy HHU, I do believe MYoung would have been a solid complimentary piece for a competitive, contending Phillies team.

Good luck, Michael Young.

"Manuel just said Michael Young is not in lineup because of a tight hamstring. Said he could play tomorrow."

Or... this

Zolecki: Manuel just said Michael Young is not in lineup because of a tight hamstring. Said he could play tomorrow.

Someone needs to tell Charlie and r00b that Michael Martinez sucks at the MLB level.

Of course, Charlie AND r00b may be in the donkey show pictures that mini mart™ has.

A minimart start, sigh.

Chooch has only batted 2nd one other time in his Phillies career. It was April 15, 2008 against Houston.

Jayson Werth CF, Carlos Ruiz C, Chase Utley 2B, Ryan Howard 1B, Pat Burrell LF, Geoff Jenkins RF, Pedro Feliz 3B, Eric Bruntlett SS, Adam Eaton P

Phillies won 4-3 but Chooch went 0-3

I like Ruf in RF only because I like saying Ruf in RF.

Oh, and because it means _elm_n doesn't start.

Chris: You are correct. Cesar Hernandez at 2B is a longshot. His defense just isn't good there, which is why they moved him to OF.

His bat is quite interesting, however, and he's got good speed.

I like the Utley deal. I don't think it's as team friendly as some, but it is a solid deal. At this point in his career, I don't think Utley has as much value as the St. Utley Fan Club thinks he does. He is still a great player, but I'm talking about "VALUE" which takes many other variables outside of sheer ability into consideration.

Like it or not, Utley is not worth $12-$15M on the open market. The only two teams that would even consider giving him that kind of money already have 2B locked up. I don't think he would have gotten much more than the Phils' deal on the open market. Hence, my comment about the deal not being as "team friendly."

Frandsen is absolutely brutal at 1B, but what can you do?

R. Bill - Utley would have made more in FA, and what are our alternatives at 2B?

lesser of the evils: ruf in rf and frandsen in 1b instead of elmn anywhere.

Does Charlie know that just because Young is scratched doesn't mean he can't change the lineup?

Why would Frandsen ever lead off? Perhaps I'm being ridiculous. I mean, he does have 39 career ABs batting leadoff after all.

Jake: Your 11:18 comment is speculation. As is mine. Let's leave it at that.

I take back my 11:20 comment. I didn't take a good look at the lineup for today. I guess Frandsen is the right choice. Man, is that lineup awful.

First of all, Hernandez is a good enough defensive second baseman. The question is his offense. It will never be Utleyesque. But almost nobody is.

Secondly, I wouldn't play Michael Young until the day he's actually on another team. If he tweaks a hammy and negates the possibility of a trade because of it, that would be the perfect cherry on top of this turd of a season.

Thirdly, if Young is healthy enough to be traded, clearing waivers means he should bring back approximately what he would have a week ago anyway. Any team can trade for him. Why would the return be less?

Fourthly, this is why you trade older players while they're healthy. Last week, he didn't have a hammy problem.

I didn't even know we'd put Michael Young on waivers.

My first thought was that he's not the Young I want to say goodbye to.

Oh my, that IS a dreadful lineup!

The issue with Hernandez is that he'll never be able to play another IF position other than 2nd. He doesn't have the arm for third or short. They like his bat enough but his lack of versatility makes it tough for him to be of any use to a team unless he is starting at 2nd. His bat is good enough but not better than Utley so he needs to get another position in order to get some playing time.

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