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Friday, August 30, 2013


We are just going to give Brown a cortisone shot, painkillers, and a case of Jack. Kid needs to toughen up and not let a little sore foot keep him out of the lineup.

Why not just throw Sunday and Monday's game blog up and just take a few days off?

Over/under on how many days Asche goes before limping off again?

2014 Phillies OF:


Good to see the MAG deal get done, but definitely a little confused about the 3yr/$12M deal though.

Could he really not get a better deal than that from another team, or did the Phillies use that 6yr/$48M deal to get some type of exclusive negotiating rights? Seems like a steal even if he ends up being a backend reliever.

Also, good to see Sandberg win his return to Wrigley. Probably the most important game he'll manage this year.

You think us Phillies fans have it tough? Here's an entertaining write-up by a Cubs fan on todays game:

I hear Kugel has a noodle arm.

That was fun to read, Phillies Dude.

With Dom on the shelf again, might have to put on hold the trade for Stanton. Maybe it can get done if r00b throws in MAG.

Phillies Dude - at least the writer of the cubs' post seems to watch the games!

Why was Dom Brown playing?

I know it's been asked before but why is a player with an Achilles injury, who can't run w/o a noticeable limp at the beginning of the game, allowed to play until he can't run at all? For a team that's 20 games out at the end of August.

And Tbag didn't even notice anything wrong with Brown until he practically got carried off in a wheel barrow.

Brown should have been placed on the DL to lessen the temptation for the Phillies to do something stupid -- namely, allow him to play again to soon & risk further aggravating his injury. Basically, exactly what happened today.

TMac would only notice if it was a paid spot or it had been written into his pre game talking points.

Is that Leinen Kugel for the 5th outfielder?

Down by 5, the bullpen holds and the lineup comes back to score 6! I had to check the caps closely several times to make sure there was a "P" on the front.

Also, I don't think I've ever seen a slower runner than Navarro. He runs like a glacier with a baseball cap. I've seen home-run trots faster than that. Mayberry should send him a thank-you note.

Haters gotta' hate... Mayberry's a solid if unspectacular player. Nuff' said.

Sandberg will be retained - you heard it hear first.

Paplebon & Hamels for Kershaw - get it done Rube!

gtown is a troll. Ignore him. He has ruined beerleaguer.

cut: no he's not. The only things he doesn't suck at are hitting LHP and playing corner OF. Two things that are amongst the lowest priotities in the MLB.

and im being extremely generous saying that he doesn't suck at playing corner OF. He's pretty close.

"2014 Phillies OF:


Boehead, I'll bet you anything you like that Ellsbury doesn't wind up in a Phillies uni.

Reasons: 1) wants $100MM+, 2) agent is Boras 3) Phils have too many biiiiig contracts

Boy if Shane V would have just batted RH only last yr. he might still be with club. And his war is 5.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, the imitator troll posted at 12:11 and 12:14 this morning.

lorecore is right, but I also think we need to start taking it a step further with Mayberry. After this year, he will be two years removed from the only prolonged stretch of time (second half of 2011) where he was an above-average player. Since that time, he's posted a .701 OPS (89 OPS+) and a -0.1 bWAR the past two seasons (assuming this doesn't swing drastically in the last four weeks). For the second straight year, his numbers have decreased against LHP. He'll be 30 next year.

Why should this guy be a lock for the roster next year when he fits the definition of 'easily replaceable'?

"Why should this guy be a lock for the roster next year when he fits the definition of 'easily replaceable'?"

No reason, really, Iceman.

But, again, I keep asking other posters who advocate getting different players...

with whom would you replace Mayberry and what would he cost?

Keep in mind, this is no defense of Mayberry, but why do you think it would be "easy"?

FA OF? Who?

Someone from the farm? Who?

Why should Revere be a lock on the '14 roster with suspect outfield skills (rag arm); and an offensive contribution based on speed? He's coming off a surgically-repaired ankle.

I refuse to play with Kugel. He send me a card with apples on it this week.

awh- admittedly I haven't looked up and down the list of players that will be available. But I find it hard to believe you couldn't find a 0.0 WAR player that would be able to do what Mayberry has done for the team the last two years.

My overall solution to the OF would be to sign David DeJesus and platoon him with Ruf in the OF. Ruf would take on Mayberry's role, and Mayberry can hit the road. Or, if the FO wants to sign Corey Hart or something like that for RF, Ruf would be a no-brainer to fill Mayberry's traditional role: first OF off the bench, platoon partner for Howard at 1st.

Yes, Halladay's wildness is "mysterious".

I love this new Jake creation, Riggs. I am digging the creativity.

Iceman, let me give you an example. Cincinatti, a team in the hunt for the WC, has fielded these backup OF this season:

Heisey - .233 .276 .439, 207 PA
Robinson - .254 .325 .329, 195 PA (SWH)
Lutz - .241 .254 .310, 59 PA (LHH)
Ludwick - .229 .288 .396, 52 PA
Mayberry - .236 .299 .411, 338 PA

Check around MLB - even on contending teams - and you'll find similar results.

You'll find worse players on many teams.

The big difference between the Cincy backup OF and Mayberry is the number of PA.

Mayberry is fine as a backup, but because of injuries he's been overexposed. That's the problem, not the player.

So, be careful what you wish for.

Iceman: I assume with a DeJesus signing, DeJesus would be the back-up CF, and if something happened to Revere, DeJesus would slide over and Ruf would come on as the starting corner OF. Which would be perfectly fine, though I'd think if Ruf's going to be somebody's platoon partner, it should be Howard's instead of a corner OF's. Overall, though, the franchise could do a lot worse than that.

The problem with a Corey Hart-esque signing, if it prompts the nontendering of Mayberry, is the question of who's backup CF. If Ruf's your 4th OF, he certainly can't be entrusted with CF, when he's a natural 1B and just reaches being Burrell-esque as a corner OF. That means the 5th OF is going to be the backup CF, which'll cause problems of its own as I suspect the Phils will keep wanting to use that roster slot for their LHB bench bat. You could carry a 6th OF, but that'd mean only one utility IF on the bench, who'd also have to be the backup SS. (Though, thankfully, Freddie Galvis was purpose-built for that kind of job.) You could kludge your way to a compromise through nontendering Frandsen and using Cesar Hernandez as the primary utility IF next year, if you think his CF defense in that little experiment in AAA was passable. But DeJesus would certainly be a more elegant signing. (Or, to be optimistic, try signing Hart and DeJesus, using DeJesus as the starting CF, Revere as the 4th OF, and Ruf as Howard's platoon partner, DH in interleague games, and spot-starting 5th OF.)

Oh, and Heisey and Ludwick make more money than Mayberry.

Just sayin'...

Phillies are 20 out at the end of August; Pirates are tied for first, playing St. Louis in front of a SRO crowd. Fortunes have changed. Good thing the Phils are on at 4 or, I would have a really hard choice to make . . .

Iceman is the only intelligent poster on beerleaguer. He should have his own blog.

I thought this debate had been settled many times before? Mayberry is a fine backup (ie 4/5) OF. As a starting OF? Definitely subpar. The problem with the OF isn't that we have Mayberry, it's that the OF talent is so thin that we were forced into playing Mayberry MUCH more regularly than he should. That's not a failure of Mayberry's, it's a failure of the FO.

Chris, you are correct, and have the ability, unlike many of the other posters here, to make those kinds of distinctions.

Well done.

Think winning doesn't matter?

Edinson Volquez apparently chose the Dodgers over a bunch of other clubs including the Phillies.

Who'da thunk that the losing might affect the club's ability to attract players?

Amongst the other clubs were the Reds and Orioles, two teams that have been winning and are very much in the playoff hunt as well.

This isn't to say your point isn't appreciated, but I cannot help but wonder to what degree L.A.'s lifestyle amenities played a part in that decision.

"(Or, to be optimistic, try signing Hart and DeJesus, using DeJesus as the starting CF, Revere as the 4th OF, and Ruf as Howard's platoon partner, DH in interleague games, and spot-starting 5th OF.)"

I think this is the best-case scenario, Juums. Good post.

awh- yeah, I get your point, and I agree with it. You can have a guy like Mayberry on your team and still win. Point taken.

My point was that the team could and should look for players that would improve upon the -0.1 bWAR he's given the team the past two years. That's all. He simply isn't good enough to be a lock to make the roster in 2014.

Juums, point taken. It just seems to me that Volquez chose the team in 1st place, whereas all the other teams are less of a lock to make the playoffs.

One wonders what would have happened if this were 2010/11 when the Phils were cruising to a division title and the best record in MLB.

While I understand the overall point RE: winning being a draw, I also feel the Phillies dodged a bullet w/ Edinson Volquez choosing to sign elsewhere.

Well, for one, we wouldn't need a guy like Volquez in those years...but yes guys tend to go where they have the best fit and where they can win...if the money is about equal.

GTown, via Cot's here's the Dodgers risk:

◾1 year/$5.725M (2013)
◾re-signed by San Diego 1/18/13 (avoided arbitration)
◾DFA by San Diego 8/24/13, released 8/28/13
◾signed by LA Dodgers as a free agent 8/29/13 (Dodgers pay pro-rated Major League minimum, with Padres responsible for balance of 2013 salary)

I'd be interested to know how they 'dodged a bullet.'

Iceman, GTown is just being hi usual negative self.

Volquez will cost the Dodgers $74,010.42

Yep, the Phillies dodged a bullet.

Oops. Typo on Friday 907PM posted comment.
Kugel should be Kubel.

awh: It doesn't make sense for the Phillies to pick up a rent-a-pitcher for $74K, or $74. There's nothing to be gained save the potential for overpaying Volquez to stick around for a few more similarly non-competitive seasons.

And I certainly don't deny that's a negative way of viewing the situation, but I'm confident time will prove me correct. Honestly, the simple fact r00b was vocally interested ought to make everyone wary.

I'm debating on trying to the game today. I really despise Cubs fans.

That still doesn't explain what 'bullet' was dodged, just that you don't think it would serve a purpose this year. But my guess is you know you were talking out your rear-end to begin with, so there's no point in having an argument over it.

gtwon is a troll faggot. Don't even bother responding to him Iceman.

GTown, I disagree.

It makes all the sense in the world if your team is pitching starved (they are)...

and you want to see what the guy may still have left in the tank (they do)...

and the guy is willing to start or relieve (he is)...

and you may want him to see how your organization treats players (they do)...

if indeed you decide to try to re-sign him for the next season depending on how well he pitches...

If the guy can't pitch anymore, it costs you 75K to find out first hand.

Beats the snot out of the contracts signed by Eaton, Garcia, Blanton and a parade of many others.

You, OTOH, have already made the determination that the guy can't pitch.

Isn't that similar to making an arms-length judgment on any pitcher - like international or Cuban signings...?

awh: I don't know what the Phillies would discover about Volquez, good or bad, in 4-5 starts at the end of this season that hasn't already been learned in the course of his prior ~150 MLB starts. It's not even comparable to Cuban/international signings.

Dave - How is Volquez not a better pitcher than most of the stiffs they have in the bullpen or even Martin as a starter?

He certainly wouldn't be taking a roster spot from someone who deserves a callup.

MG: I think the Phillies can find a 4.77 ERA type starter for cheaper than the $5+ million Volquez will get.

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