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Saturday, August 03, 2013


You are what your record says you are.

lorecore: Thanks for the archive dive last thread.

You are who your pythagorean record says you are, which makes us 45-64, or 19 games below .500.

2 good things about losing out: 1) top draft pick, 2) Rube gets sh*tcanned ahead of schedule.

Top draft pick only happens if its protected. Rube is going on a shopping spree to save his job this winter.

"John Lannan (3-4, 4.10) will start on three days rest"

The way players have been dropping even faster than our record really makes you wonder. Kudos to Rollins, the Youngs, KK, Hamels for just showing up every day.

Lannan on three days rest = early bullpen action.


Has Lannan ever gone on 3 days rest? Guess it's his day to throw on the side and, they are most concerned with keeping Lee on some schedule. Two weeks between starts for him.

nik - Ownership took Rube's checkbook away last winter, and with all these empty seats I doubt he gets it back next winter. A Rube without a checkbook is like a one-armed shortstop.

Yeah, it was the umpire's fault you guys suck. Let's yell and scream at him guys. If Elmn hadn't struck out there we'd totally be in the playoffs. Pathetic.

I don't begrudge them a little yelling at umpires. The guys who've been around for the last decade aren't used to losing.

John Lannan on three days rest = find something better to do with your night.

I really wonder what budget the team will have after this train crash down the mountian. It would be nice to have a top ten draft pick, but I don't want them to suck that bad. Yet, if 81-81 got us #16 we may just land there.

Jbird: I'm gonna chalk your last post down to some bad coffee. No, it's not the umpires fault that the Phillies aren't good. However, he missed the call. If they hadn't argued then someone would post that these guys don't care anymore. Can't have it both ways. Personally, I'd rather they argue then just play out the string waiting to cash their checks.

They just paid 46 million for a cuban prospect. So i think ownership is still committed to spend to some degree.

John Lannon on three days rest + passing storms all day + angry 4 year old = long day at the park

Is Desi Relaford in the line-up tonight? Greg Jeffries? Just checking.

The only thing this team ranks in the top 5 of anything in is how much money their ownership had spent on their mlb roster. They are way down the list of my complaints.

Fangraphs projects us to finish 26-27, winning 76 games total, and have the 9th worst record.

So yeah, you could probably get even money on our getting a top 10 pick.

This downward spiral can be traced to the ill advised trade of Bobby Abreu for pennies on the dollar.

Things should liven up now that Rollins has set his sights on the team record for most ejections.

"They just paid 46 million for a cuban prospect."

Maybe the owner got confused and thought Rube wanted to buy a box of Cuban cigars for $46?

What are they doing with their new Cuban arm? Have they assigned him to a minor league affiliate to pitch this year?

Who is the Cuban guy? I can't find anything in Google, only stuff on Soler from last year.

He can't even come to the US yet, right?

So John Lannan can pitch on 3 days rest in a pointless 2013, but we lost the 2009 World Series, the 2010 NLCS, and the 2011 NLDS because Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee can not start on 3 days rest.

Freaking awesome.

andrew: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

I'm unsure of his status as well. I thought the reason he signed when he did was because he cleared all of the requirements to come to the US, so don't know what the hold up is. I'm assuming he starts in AA for a few games, up to AAA for a few more, and then to the MLB around Sept 1 if all goes well.

Cloyd last pitched on Monday and would be pitching on four days rest today had they brought him up to start. Miner started on Tuesday.

Braves at -135 with Lannan on 3 days rest? I'll take that.

Lannan has never started a game in his career on 3 days rest either, no difference in his 4/5 day rest splits, and worse numbers on 6 days rest.

No way he goes more than 5 IP today if he even makes that and it means at least 4 IP of his terrible bullpen today with a couple of the suspect middle relievers.

So John Lannan can pitch on 3 days rest in a pointless 2013, but we lost the 2009 World Series, the 2010 NLCS, and the 2011 NLDS because Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee can not start on 3 days rest.

Freaking awesome.

Posted by: lorecore | Saturday, August 03, 2013 at 10:48 AM

No see, high performing veterans have to be used in exactly the same way, or they fall apart -- closers only brought in in Close Situations, guys hitting in their usual spot in the batting order, etc.

Now young guys, on the other hand, can do anything. Play a new position for the first time in their careers, shift to the bullpen at a moment's notice, come up from the minors and pinch hit, whatever.

Cloyd is on the 40-man roster too and the Iron Pigs were up in Rochester and at Scranton-Wilkes Barre tonight.

The single biggest sign to me that Amaro is a much a complete f@ckup as some people make him out to be is his sheer incompetence at making the roster moves during the season.

When you have a leader who can't even make functional operational moves, it is a huge red flag. More and more I would say that is true of Amaro. Amaro even made a public statement to that effect last year when he said the decision to start Valdes in Pittsburgh was a 'real mistake.'

I wonder if Lannan volunteered to start on short rest to get closer to IP bonuses. Maybe not, but who knows.

Good post MG. Hard to argue with a single point you made.

What this organization does is quite often incomprehensible.

I was looking at some recent pics of Ruben and noticed that his eyebrows look strange to me, kind of like my wife's do when she comes back from having them waxed. Then I went back and looked at some pics of him 2-3 years ago and. sure enough, his brows were much bushier then. Maybe he's going for the Bruce Jenner look. lol

MG: Maybe Lannan is trying to make his GS minimum for our bet. I mean, what else do they have to play for this season?

It's a shame that Kendrick was so bad his last time out that they had to use Valdes in long relief. Otherwise, they could have just given him the start today. Solid option in the past . . . .

It's amazing that Rube is allowing Lannan to start on three days rest. The guy has trouble throwing enough strikes to get through six innings on a good night with full rest. This should be interesting, so interesting that I won't be watching.

And anyone who has watched Ethan Martin in the minors and in last night's start knows two things: Ethan Martin has no changeup ONE YEAR into his time in the Phillies' minor leagues. And Ethan Martin without a changeup and being unable to maintain his velocity beyond three innings on his fastball is a high leverage reliever. If they can teach him a changeup, he is very likely to be an outstanding starter.

But he will NEVER learn to throw a changeup in the minor league system of the Philadelphia Phillies. Because they have never taught a change to anyone. The two best changeups in the last few decades of Phillies pitching came from some nameless faceless high school coaches: Hamels and Madson. Whoever taught them their changeups should probably be working for the Phillies system. Dont'ya thing?


The bigger mystery to me remains Lee. Does his neck really need another 24 hours? Is that more important to his neck recovery than another day rest for Lannan? I realize it's Lannan's day to throw and all that, but still...

And now that it's totally clear that RAJ is NOT focused on "still giving us the best chance to win" let's get every kid up here and see what they can do playing for the next two months. Not only would it provide good insight into 2014, it would also be a fresh reason to watch. I don't know about anyone else, but seeing Asche, Ruf, Martin, and Pettibone that been a blast for me and has given meaning to an otherwise flat season.

Instead of wondering whether Yak will make a play or MM will hit (ha), it is more fun to wonder how the kids will/won't fit into the future of the club.

'Instead of wondering whether Yak will make a play or MM will hit (ha), it is more fun to wonder how the kids will/won't fit into the future of the club.'

Agree 100%.

Maybe that's why Garcia got his callup. Hairdressers usually do eyebrows as well, no? One stop shopping for Rube.

"best chance to win" ≠ McDonald and Martinez on the active roster

Really. Now if he also had Nunez and Gnome in there, then we'd really be cookin'.

PREDICTION your starting CF for the next 2 months. He was never even really given a shot w/ Cubs

Actually, I'm thinking that the Commissioner should give special dispensation and declare that McDonald and Martinez each only count as "half a player" allowing the Phillies to stock up on an extra inadequate bullpen arm.

You're welcome:

Pb - Well. He does fit the Phillies MO of grabbing a former first round pick. I think there's at least a 10% chance of them actually signing him.

Scott - Isn't that the same graphic they used for the cover of "Life of a Baseball God" by R. A. Marrow, II?

Scot - Haha. Best part it is not an Internet mockup.

Thac pork illustrated cover is priceless.

Cubs DFA 27 year old CF having poor season (192/276/260), sporting career slash numbers of .276/318/346. Phils man CF, at times, with 30 year old having career slash of .185/.236/.266.

Why would they claim the Borbon bum? They already have an older, shorter, more offensively challenged version who can "play" all over the diamond.

MG- two t's in Scott

Scott- cut your nails, old man

Hugh- "Thac"?!

Klout - Not mine. Picture was sent to me by my brother, but I'll pass the grooming suggestion on.

If Arod ends up getting suspended for the entire 2014 season, the Yankees will have just $63 million in contract obligations going into the year as almost everyone on their roster is a FA after this year.


Klout, what part of thac didn't you understand?

"Instead of wondering whether Yak will make a play or MM will hit (ha),... "

Ummm, he doesn't exactly "hit". Get a PA now and then? Yes.

Hit? Ummmmm......

Have we traded clout for Klout?

WTF is going on around here?

clout and Klaus had a baby.

At this point just watching for the love of baseball. RAJ wont come out the gate just yet. They where playing worse than what their record was showing its just now catching up especially with injuries to Revere, Brown now Lee and Petti.

Now, to be clear, we trust that the Phils are aware that they probably will not be able to draft Andrew Wiggins. Or Aaron Goodwin. Or Jabari Parker.

They seem to be playing like they're on a mission to do so. Maybe someone should give the team a heads-up ... ???

Lee and his neck are a bit of a mystery. The way things are going, I expect them to scratch him tomorrow, too.

Maybe Lee has relatives that need farm work done.

So this team, which can "contend" next year without a major rebuild, is in such piss-poor shape that we're starting John freakin Lannan on 3 days' rest?

Yeah, no rebuild necessary at all.

Oh, and Lee suddenly coming down with the worst "stiff neck" in the history of the world at exactly the same time that rumors started swirling about his availability on the trade market is REALLY odd.

Especially when coupled with the rumors about his negative clubhouse influence...

I bet C____ L__ strained his neck while throwing sun flower seeds.

Lee has been very quiet since this "all" has gone down.

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