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Thursday, August 01, 2013


Feels like a loss

worst 2013, Cain or Hamels?

Still wrong about Ruf.

Definitely Cain. Hamels has pitched better of late. Cain has been persistently awful all year. I'm sure he'll be lights-out tonight, though.

This just in....a new beerleaguer post has been produced....The Nikkei is going absolutely crazy!!!!!!

Reposted just because it's relevant to today's topic, and thanks GBF for the agreement! (I also appreciated Raul and wouldn't mind his bat back here these days either)......

In the car this afternoon I listened to Lidge being interviewed on WIP. I had forgotten how nice it was to have his presence about. What a good guy he is. Just listening to him talk brought back much nostalgia, not only for winning, but also for the intangible chemistry that was there.

In the interview and when he was on the roster, Lidge never failed to praise the fans, the city, and the organization -- not in a suck-up way, but in a genuinely kind way. Not only that, he always faced the press and was available through both good times and bad.

Skies are looking brighter, so maybe he'll get the party he so richly deserves tonight. Thanks, Brad, for your performance both on and off the field!

Petitiboner tired arm? WTF
Remember it's jake night. Post then end it with famous jakes. In honor of jakes blog. And all the people who troll as A jake!

yep, Ruf has been on base in all 19 games this year. Pretty sure Wisnieski's just trolling the board on this one.

Any day without Yak is a win - no matter the score.

Love to see Ruf and Asche hitting 4, 5. Even if it means just 1 extra AB, I'm glad they're hitting above guys like Mayberry, Nix, and Ruiz.

Poor Jake. I don't think anyone's been picked on so much since MVPTommy left.

"Fans want us to put the best possible product on the field at this time."- Ruben Amaro Jr.

Then how do you rationalize John McDonald and his .095 batting average and Mini Mart and his .100 batting average and Laynce Nix and his total of 2 or 3 hits for the entire month of July taking up three of the 13 regular player spots on the active roster?

Or rationalize JC Ramirez and his 7 ERA and Grandpa Valdes and his "Durbin-esque" 8 to 9 ERA taking up two of the 12 spots on the pitching staff?

These 5 guys aren't the "best" guys we could have on the current roster. Not even close. So he's lying to the fanbase. And the fanbase isn't buying it either. The Phils aren't trying. They don't know what they are trying to do. And this isn't the best product they could put on the field.

That group they played for almost 10 innings in Detroit on Saturday and Sunday isn't even a competent AAA lineup. That's not on Cholly. That's on the GM. And to me that was almost a "Eff You" move by Cholly to his GM this past weekend. "Here You Go Ruben...I'll put all of these stiffs in the lineup at once for you". "In fact, I'll bat Martinez and McDonald back-to-back in the 1-2 spots in the lineup too for half the game."

Kutztown - I just miss the old BL where trolls didn't take up 50% of the board.

All that being said...Ethan Martin has earned a promotion.

He deserves to be here and IS one of the best 12 pitchers this organization has right now.

Now get Cloyd back up here too. Not much else you can do with the rest of the pitching staff. Unless somebody thinks Greg Smith should get a look in the pen. Diekman is literally a shot-in-the-dark each time he pitches (sometimes really good and sometime really bad) but he's worth keeping up for the rest of the year. Same with DeFratus and maybe even Garcia. And its not like Aumont or Rosenburg are upgrades over them anyway at this time.

Once more, for old time's sake:

See what the young'ns can do. Can't be worse than the old garbage--JMJ, Mini, Nixon, Young 1+2.

Phillies starters have only pitched 4 complete games in 2013.

Kyle Kendrick has half of them.

Rube's quality product = McDonald's quality product

Lidge reminisces about the '08 WS victory:

‏@inthephilshouse 18m
VIDEO: Brad Lidge talks about why he is retiring as a Phillie and what made the 2008 team so unique.

The thing about Diekman is that you could bunt or hit comebackers to him every at-bat and watch him fire it wide to 1B probably 2/3 of the time. Dude has a serious case of what Wheeler calls "the yips" when throwing to 1st.

Are you into back rubs and fondue?

Shocking Susdorf made it through waivers after his stellar LF play. At least he tell his grandkids he played in the majors. Good for him.

Glad to hear interview with mike m and Dutch.
Right on fight on Dutch

I want make love to Jake. I want Matt Stairs to watch from the hallway.

Brad Lidge is the 3rd best reliever wearing a phillies uniform tonite.

Really cool to see Lidge throw the first pitch to Chooch. Happy days.

doc-- Someone beat you to it, but I do believe it is true

It was also cool to see pure joy on Chooch's face for the first time in a long time.

I will meet you at the 106 section

Are Phillies pitchers aware they don't have to throw it in the strike zone when they have someone down 0-2?

This Sandoval guy is REALLY big.

Love the SF Announcers, but I hate their over-use of "ownage"

Sandoval is a svelte 35 stone.

Hamels is throwing a lot of strikes tonight.

For some reason, it annoys me how good a hitter Posey is.

Frustrating watching Cole pitch. Just isn't able to put guys away with 2 strikes at times. Pence might go deep here

Buster Posey has a really silly name.

I think Fielder has atleast 20 pounds on him. They both make Howard look like Jared from Subway.

I smell like old turtle poop.

I have a feeling that tonight will be the night that Cain starts to turn it around.

I'm thinking Rollins won't turn it around this year

Also, MYoung should have crushed that pitch

Nepp's already feeling an urge to tip his cap.


Did Cain always sit 90-91 mph or is that new?

Another scintillating start

Cain definitely seems to have lost a couple MPH on the fastball, NEPP.

Scuse me while I take a leak guys.

Tonight is a warm and fuzzy night after watching Lidge and chooch hug. No negativity and no Jake bashing tonight. ok?


Cain's Max FA Velocity:

2007: 97.9 mph
2008: 96.4 mph
2009: 97.4 mph
2010: 95.4 mph
2011: 94.6 mph
2012: 94.5 mph
2013: 93.8 mph

Seems like there's just not as much there anymore when he reaches back.

Francouer might be my favorite player to watch strike out.

Nice quick inning there.

Ruf, Asche, Mayberry... sounds like runs

nepp: wow really? I never knew Cain was anywhere near those numbers.

His average fastball has pretty much sat 91.1-91.5 for the past 4 years though...its just a lack of a little something extra now when he needs it. That might be part of his issue.

Francouer might be my favorite player to watch strike out.

Posted by: lorecore | Thursday, August 01, 2013 at 07:27 PM

One might almost call him The Natural at it.

nepp: ah ok, makes more sense.

The bigger problem with Cain is that his walk rate is up from where it has been the last 3 years. He has had a bunch of games in which he was just completely wild, including the game I attended against the Rockies in which he walked 5 guys in the first 2 innings.

Here's hoping Asche can post his first career MLB knock. Lest fans start think he can't hit. As...I'm kind of afraid that the pitfall for Asche here is that he'll take 100 or more PAs to find his sea legs, which will result in a desultory line for his two months of MLB action, and prompt the FO to do something incredibly stupid this off-season.

I know Ruf's numbers are good so far, but that PA right there has been replicated many of times early in his career. Pound in early, dangle offspeed away.

Remember when it was Howard vs. Francoeur for ROY? Oh man, what a joke that is now. One's barely replacement level, and the other...oh wait.


Tuffy Gosewisch is currently on deck for the Dbacks for his first career PA.

Asche seems to have very quality AB's

Poor results but he takes a ton of pitches.

I have switched over to the DBacks game.

Yu Darvish vs. Tuffy

That seems almost Darvish that is.

This could be a quick game

Nothing helps return pitchers back to prior good form like an outing against the Phillies.

Tuffy truly deserves it. Was a loyal soldier in the minors and pitchers loved to pitch to him. We could have used him the last 2 years.
This game smells like a no hitter.

The downside of Asche taking pitches was that he did get one pitch he could've driven, but he let it pass by. Now, as it was the first pitch, it's impossible to fault him for taking it. The vagaries of prudence are cruel.

I do give Asche credit for being a team-player, though. As with Ryan Howard and Dom Brown, he's taken it upon himself to chase third strikes in the dirt on their behalf.

He fouled off a ball grooved down the middle....just needs to drive that pitch instead.

docjoe, I always wished we'd have kept Tuffy. Seemed like a good guy, and yes, the pitchers always praised him. Here's wishing him well!

Hamels seems to have his stuff working tonight too.

Great to see. He's been far better than the guy who wore his uniform the first 6 weeks of the season.

Was Tuffy the one who had the DUI issues or was that Sardinha...I want to say Sardinha without looking it up.

I don't care what anyone says, Lidge will always be one of my favorite Phillies. That 2008 season was nothing short of amazing.

"Was a loyal soldier in the minors and pitchers loved to pitch to him."

Sadly, opposing pitchers loved to pitch to him too.

In these troll-filled times, lorecore's 733 post is a good example of why I love Beerleaguer

I guess DOM isn't rehabbing, coming back to phils on Monday.

Feeling no hitter/perfecto for sure

***In these troll-filled times, lorecore's 733 post is a good example of why I love Beerleaguer***

Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress in this period in beerleaguer.

The Jake thing has to stop whomever is doing it. You don't like him, fine- we get it..please move on. BL is jumping the shark because of you.

The latest forecast is for rain to arrive at about 9:15. If this continues, the game will be over before then.

After rewinding the game, you're quite right, NEPP. I'm sure Asche's drilled a great many pitches like that on the Pharm, and I'm sure he'll drill more than a few in his MLB career. Just a matter of getting over the jitters that come with finally arriving at The Show.

That being said, a final note on his plate discipline: We're through three innings, and his AB is responsible just a smidge under a quarter of the opposing pitcher's pitch count. It's never a good thing when the new kid on the block schools the rest of the club to that degree.

here comes Tuffy...

Where was that first pitch to posey??????

That one was on the ump.

Ruf could use more polish in LF, but he definitely looks better than last year.

Ruf like a gazelle in left!

I missed Ruffy cause I was watching Tuffy. What did he do?

I'm all for the reminiscing and the nice moment, but I'm really starting to get tired of hearing McCarthy beat it to death.

I can catch better then chooch

You know Beerleaguer is past its prime when Tuffy Gosewisch's call-up doesn't make the front page.

Ruf caught a soaring ball to shallow left. It's the type of play that you expect MLB LFs to make without too much fuss. There was a bit of fuss, but he caught it, which is probably something that wouldn't have happened in Spring Training.

NEPP, Sardinha was the DUI guy. Check it out:

Cyclic - Nothing much, one play he stutter-stepped his way to the foul line, settled under and made the catch. Next play was a double down the line which he got to quickly and scooped before it could rattle around in the corner.

Thanks, J.

And I hope that foul pop up hit the net first. Otherwise, sad for Chooch

Also, I know it's 4500 feet above sea level, but I like Tuffy's .777 OPS at AAA Reno this year.

Another hitter down 0-2 and Hamels can't put him away quickly

That's how its done. Thanks Jeff

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