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Friday, August 30, 2013


Seems like a prove it deal.

There must have been some big red flags with MAG

That ball was right in Utley's happy zone.

Zero risk deal...good signing.

Though clearly there is some sort of huge medical concern for it to have dropped all the way down to 3/12.

This team really need's something good to happen. Looks like Brown was about to pull a Howard on that run to 1st.

CS: Sign with Philadelphia, where your career ends with you face-down on the turf!

Maybe his arm is fragile and they plan to use him in the bullpen to limit the risk and wear/tear/fatigue?

If that's the case then it seems to make sense.

Huge drop financially from 6/48 to 3/12.

Adams got 2/12 last offseason.

The Phillies put Gonzalez on the 40-man roster, transferring John Lannan to the 60-day DL to accomodate the move.

That signifies their desire to have him contribute quickly, although it likely won't happen this season.

For real?

Guess we'll see what comes from the FO in regards to his role as a SP, RP or killer SU guy. Regardless any news is good news and I'm hopeful.

CS, how, after Howard's injury, they are remotely even letting Brown play until he's 100% healthy is beyond anything I can comprehend that makes sense.

If he blows out his Achilles, then the entire training and medical staff should be fired and Brown should sue them collectively and individually for malpractice.

Seems like Ruf has been crashing back to earth of late....a shame.

Corey quoted Rube as saying he's expected to start.

More than a month after an agreement was first reported, the Phillies officially announced the signing of Cuban right-handed starting pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. The deal is for three years and $12 million.

I tried to give him 7 years/149 million but his agent had a stroke so we had to agree on these terms via our lunchroom interpreter.

Nice cocktease there. They had Jeff Whatever on the ropes and let him off one run too soon :(

3 for 19 in his last 6 games now.

I see the Amazing Human Eggshell has departed this game. Maybe the Phillies will seriously consider utilizing the DL now? Nahhhh ...

So why place him on the 40-man now? Does it effect what he can do in clearwater, etc?


Time for a blowout.

I see gtown has returned to the site and begun to ruin every thread.

Not a bad inning, Zach.

Just turned on the radio--for those who've watching the whole game: did Doc look as bad as his line in the box score does? Just how red did he turn out there?

CS - Minor seasons are almost finished. No reason to put him on say LV roster especially if he will have a shot at the 25 man next season.

Also, with all the hurt bodies, doesn't hurt to place them on the 60 day DL to free up that roster spot.

@UBIK: Yes, yes he did. It was rough to watch.

Can someone plz explain Ryne's infatuation with Bernadina?

Hey, Frandsen's here!

There we go.

Haha - Anyone else get the email from the Phillies that says "It's official: Phils sign premier Internation hurler."

A little premature on the whole "premier" thing there guys.

RK, perhaps he's giving Bernadina the opportunity to play his way out of MLB?

At least he's figured out he should hit at the bottom of the order.


Wow, this guy sucks. Please leave him in...

Methinks Kevin Frandsen has figured out that he needs to constantly prove he belongs on an MLB roster, and that he's auditioning for next season.

I guess he notices the difference between the MiL and MLB paychecks.

I don't know why, but I picture Bernadina as a future Met.

Has a player ever achieved a cycle in game in which his first AB came in the 6th inning?

UBIK, that's a question for Elias.

Yeah, just got the email from the Phils about MAG. I can picture the PR folks, just sitting there, jumping on any chance to get out positive news of any kind--stat--to the ticket-and-merchandise-buying public.

The Cubs bullpen must be worse than ours considering how long they left him in there.

OMG, a hit, a walk and a run scored by JRoll - all in the same game!!!

Who'da thunk? :)

I'm surprised the Cubs left Smorzildjian in this game as long as they did.

Jim Salisbury: "Amaro just said Gonzalez will not pitch in bigs in 2013. Will pitch in Fla Instructional League. Profiles to to be in rotation in 14."

Riggs: yeah it's the worse thing to happen to this site since he was here last.

Also- how about a little credit that Amaro got his guy and got it to a spot where it wouldn't be overbearing if he does gets hurt. Even if you think he is only a #3 starter, he will cost 4 million a year

What's the deal with Scott ribbing Larry about making a play on every single ball that gets fouled back? I go on vacation, and when I get back, all of a sudden my hometown baseball announcers are making incomprehensible in-jokes.

Jon Lovitz is in the Cubs tv booth right now. I think he's drunk and he's still better than T-Mac.

Do the Phils intend on bringing up MAG and seeing how he looks in the rotation? Martin can be in the running for many more starts.

Jimmy at .200 .344 .280 .624 since Sandberg took over. He didn't say ONLY take walks Jimmy...

Nice comeback. See if they can grab a W now.

nice Freudian slip there MG. On the 2013 Phillies, Martin CAN be in the running for many more starts.

He's got a 1.776 WHIP! True patriot, that kid.

One of the beat writers said that when you sign someone to a MLB deal they have to then be placer on your 40 man roster. And RAJ just said MAG will go to the FIL and not pitch in the majors this year.

Sandberg leaving his RP on the mound to long again...

Ok, So can some ne explain to me why if it is agreed we are going nowhere why we can't keep Asche, Ruf and whom ever else is going to be on this team next year playing and let everyone else sit down.
Oh I guess Ryne is trying to prove he can do better than Charlie for the rest of the year.

Asche is hurt.

I missed the first inning. How was Sandberg's reception in Chicago? Standing ovation? Any fanfare?

Yes, standing O, the whole nine yards for Sandberg. There is video of it on Gameday.

Thanks, limoguy. I'll head over to Gameday after the game.

You're welcome!

Terrible throw by AAAberry but we luck out!

What a gun!

Bad base running is keeping the Phillies in a game for a change.

2 guys thrown out at home on singles to RF. Take note, Ryne Sandberg.

Gorman Heimueller, the organization’s minor-league pitching coordinator, will not have his contract renewed for the 2014 season.
He will be visited by representatives of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation to discuss his wartime activities.

I see gtown has returned to the site and begun to ruin every thread.
Posted by: riggs | Friday, August 30, 2013 at 04:12 PM

I am getting too old for this sh/t.

"Jon Lovitz is in the Cubs tv booth right now. I think he's drunk and he's still better than T-Mac."

An organ monkey on coke is better than TBag.

I can vouch for Gorman. He's a stand up guy. Help me with this ladder.

"Jimmy at .200 .344 .280 .624 since Sandberg took over. He didn't say ONLY take walks Jimmy..."

j-sanz, if ALL we get from JRoll the rest of his career is a .344 OBP out of the 2-hole, I'll take.

Junior Lake sounds more like a camping destination than a baseball player.

MG: Had a good experience with an ankle injury at Hosp. for Special Surgery myself.

A run! Phillies are winning!

YES! M. Young's having himself a day!

Young has been hitting pretty well of late. The Phillies have exactly one day to cash in on his hot streak.

Nice work by M. Young.

Was out for a little while. I heard that Dom left the game with a sore Achilles again.

Apparently the Phillies were not as horrified as Phans to watch Ryan go down in the '11 NLDS. Otherwise, why ever on earth would they have put Dom back in any games for the rest of this lost season, when he's still suffering Achilles pain?

Welp, that was unexpected! The 2013 Phils choose to show signs of life at the oddest moments.

M. Young is 10-21 in his last 5 games.

Why in the hell is Dom Brown still playing at this point then? Let him get healthy.

That's Paptastic!!!

Attaboy Uts!

Good on the Phillies for coming back to Win in Sandberg's Chicago return!

Sandberg family enjoys chewing gum.

Nice work by Paps, and nice play by Utley to secure the win!

Great game for Michael Young & for Frandsen.

Sandberg must be pretty happy to win his first game as a manager at Wrigley.

Frandsen a real pro in his interview and with his sentiments. I like to see him succeed.

Yet another win attributable to the bullpen.

Michael Young gave a great interview on radio with Franzke and Anderson. He came across as a real pro too.

I missed Michael Young's interview, Phillies Dude. What did he say?

Pretty good day for the Phillies overall, eh?

Other than Doc's continued struggles and Dom going out with a nagging injury of course.

GBrett - Michael Young spoke really well about both Charlie Manuel and Ryne Sandberg as managers but his comments on playing in Wrigley Field which he hadn't done in more than a decade were especially cool. He spoke about loving this old ball park and hoped that the proposed renovations won't alter the atmosphere. He says he likes every crack in the walls at Wrigley Field.

Thanks, PhilliesDude.

Ricky Bo made the point that if the Cubs OFs had played dumb and indicated to the umps that they didn't know which ball was Utley's (two came out of the ivy), Utley would have had to stay on 2B and the 2nd run would not have scored.

Glad it worked out in our favor!

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 38s
Domonic said he was pretty sore. Looks like he is going to need some time. Will know more tomorrow. Asche could be ready in day or two

* * * *

Keep Dom out of games!

And I'm not sure Asche should be playing either. Didn't he strain a hammy?

Let's take care of these guys. Bring up some kids from the Pigs to see what they can do for September.

Yes, let's see if they manage the situation with Brown's achillies better than they did Howard. I see no reason to do anything other than exercise an abundance of caution.

To me it's such a shame that Asche developed a hammy. He was really hitting well and I wanted to see how long his streak of great hitting would last. You can't rush him back though because at third base there's a lot of movement that even if it's taped well, you can still aggravate a hammy.

Was that thing about the minor league pitching coordinator a joke? If he was involved in war crimes in Germany, he'd have to be, what, 90?

Put Dom on DL already. Call up the usual guys and hey try josh fields for a spot next yr.

You don't really need to put anyone on the DL when rosters are expanding on Sunday. But they should definitely shut Dom down for as long as he needs to be shut down, and then about two extra weeks just to be safe. That probably takes us to the end of the season.

***"Why in the hell is Dom Brown still playing at this point then? Let him get healthy.

Posted by: NEPP"***

Welcome to the club, NEPP. I posted the same thing yesterday.

WTF is this ballclub doing.

Not only do they no learn from their successes - converting SP to RP - they don't learn from their mistakes - Ryan Howard playing on bad Achilles.

r00b and the FOols: The leading practitioners of Dummyball!

I just got home and I am sorta happy I missed seeing the huffing puffing Doc.

Heather, I suspect the guys made the jokes due to his Germanic name. I read about him (Gorman) earlier this month. He played in Oakland for roughly a season in his late 20's, (supposed tried professionally for 14 years!) nothing to write home about, and has very little other background beside minor league work. He has been involved with Phillies minor league pitching since 2002, so he may be part of our current woes.He was born in the mid1950's so I think we can clear him of war crimes or the Lindbergh kidnapping.

"He was born in the mid1950's so I think we can clear him of war crimes or the Lindbergh kidnapping."

Yes, but from what I've read they want to talk to him about the Siege of Bihac.

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