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Friday, August 09, 2013


MG: i'm willing to cut the bet down to 15 GS minimum. I think we both can agree that injuries hasn't affected anything he's done this year.

If a BL post game thread falls in the forest, but nobody is there to hear it , does it still make a noise?
Weekend night, Eagles game, bad baseball, BL is a ghost town.

That sub-head is a grammatical disaster.

It's a different ballgame when you aren't playing the Cubbies.

Getting ready for F football. Better things to do then watch this Drek.

Interesting that MG has an interest in this bet but welched last year on our bet.

Is there a difference, MG, or will you welch on this bet also if you lose?

Phlipper - what's your issue with the Welch?

You're right, Bubba. Last night was football night with computer off and no worries about the Phillies, who met my expectations and lost badly.

What's F football ? Flag?


Agree Lorecore.

Mysterious welch on a bet you never formally agreed to. Not how Taft works.

Lorecore is being generous in saying that his injury didn't affect his performance. In that Reds game he pitched hurt and gave up like 8 runs in 3 innings before getting pulled and immediately placed on the DL. But it's his bet.

Fantasy football.

I know there's nothing for them to say, but these comments by Lannan and Manuel amused me for stating the obvious.

(from Salisbury's article)
“Today was not a great day,” the left-hander understated.

“He was having a tough time,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “He was getting behind in the count a lot. It seemed like he was never ahead. That’s not a good way to pitch.”

On the Utley statue.

I figured they'd unveil the statue to commemorate his induction into Cooperstown. So I figured he'll likely play 4 more years, retire, wait till he's eligible, get screwed over in year 1 and then make it in year 2....thus 10 years.

Unless Utley miraculously manages to pull out a bunch of 145+ game seasons while continuing to perform at or near All-Star level, he'll be having to buy a ticket for admission to Cooperstown like the rest of us. Easy Phillie Wall of Famer and a bona fide member of the Hall of Very Good, but his (relative) dearth of counting stats will likely doom his HoF candidacy.

You never know...he was widely considered one of the very best players in baseball in his peak years (basically the best after Pujols)...if he can get it even somewhat close on counting stats, he'll have a really good shot. Especially as more and more HOF voters become more sabermetric friendly.

Basically the Kirby Puckett path to Cooperstown...

NEPP - He was the one of the best players in the game from '05-'09 we was but hasn't since.

Knee issues and the time he missed are going to cost him any real shot.

Never tell Utley the odds. If anyone can do it, he can.

Utley's an interesting case. Depending on how the next few years play out, he will be hall-worthy based on total, average, and peak WAR, but not by traditional counting stats.

I think he gets in, but then I also expect a few more solid years from him.

Too bad we left him 1.5 years too long in AAA so David Bell could play third.

We couldn't eat that $4 million in salary for David plan.

I have a feeling that Utley will be the first "Sabermetric" selection to the HoF. If he ends up in the low 70s for bWAR (he's at 57.9 right now), he'll be ahead of HOFers like Sandberg and Alomar and right next to Lou Whitaker but with a far more impressive peak. Regardless of the fact that Whitaker got royally screwed by the Hall but whatever.

He'll probably finish the year in the low 60s for bWAR and if he continues to produce like he has now that he's overcome his knee issues, he could easily get there.

"Phlipper - what's your issue with the Welch?"


I am working on an extension with Rube for 3 years /58 million. I am trying to break Geoff Jenkins' old Phillies records.

Unless Utley miraculously manages to pull out a bunch of 145+ game seasons while continuing to perform at or near All-Star level, he'll be having to buy a ticket for admission to Cooperstown like the rest of us. Easy Phillie Wall of Famer and a bona fide member of the Hall of Very Good, but his (relative) dearth of counting stats will likely doom his HoF candidacy.
Posted by: fuzzycopper | Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 12:27 PM

I have no medical background but I am personally working on a cure for chrondomalacia patella just so Rube gets screwed on this deal too.

I don't mean "Casper's" deal. He must've posted while I was typing mine.

I like this Michael Young quote:

"I think that’s got to be something that has got to be a top priority for this team right now -- just having pride in the way we play.”

(from Salisbury)

I can't believe this team is so bad this second half. It'd be nice to win more than one-quarter of our games.

Mental Floss ‏@mental_floss 36m
In 1957, Richie Ashburn of the Phillies hit a foul ball that broke a fan's nose. He fouled off the next pitch, too—and hit the same fan.

"We're not perfect and we probably made a mistake on Schierholtz" -- Ruben Amaro on not keeping Nate Schierholtz

That list of mistakes is getting so long that Ruben is about to run out of paper.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Phillies are on pace for 73 wins with 46 to play. How many do you think they finish with?

* * *

I'll optimistically put them at 80 wins.

Brett - That's truly optimistic.

73 sounds about right to me.

52-63 with 46 to play including:

- 6 vs Fish
- 7 vs Mets
- 3 vs Padres
- 3 vs Cubs

I do think the Phils can go .500 or better in those 19 games.

Put them somewhere between 75-77 wins and any way you look at it that has to be viewed as very disappointing.

Yes, it is, Andy, isn't it? Mostly because the way they've been playing is so bad that I don't want to think about it continuing. I'm just wishing on a star here, as if wishing could make it so.

Mini Mart starting again in center.

I won't miss Cholly either. Bad team but he's been a poor fit for this team the last 2 years.

Mini-Mart is already at -0.3 bWAR and fWAR in just 16 G.

Total of -1.2 fWAR and -0.6 bWAR (oddly rated well defensively) in 149 career games.

Really is as bad as people make him out to be.

I hope that season ticket holders boycott CBP so that nobody shows up as a protest to the despicable way this franchise is run.

By the way, I just found out the reason why Michael Martinez was such an old rule 5 pick was that he played professional basketball in the DR until he was 22.
I must admit, there is a part of me that is starting to embrace the MiniMart on the 2013 Phillies. He's like the sportsfan's version of a Catholic penitent's hair-shirt or something.
Certainly, there is another sizable part of my sportsfan's psyche that wants the Phillies to win all their games 12-1, but as a devoted fan of the losing-est professional sports franchise ever, at least I can take pride in the fact that our shi88y utility players are truly some of the shi88iest in baseball.
I mean, look, Yuniesky Benancourt is a bad player, and Ima let you finish, but Michael Martinez HAD SOME OF THE WORST SEASONS OF ALL TIME!

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 11s
Roy Halladay threw five innings in simulated game vs. minor leaguers today in Fla. Felt good, went well, says pitch coach Rich Dubee

* * *

Yay! Maybe he can come back to help us win in the postseason!

Oh, wait.....

Seriously, good for Doc. I wish him all the best in his future. I'd love it if he stays here and pitches like a 29-year old ace next year.

There ought to be a law. 16 year old signed? How about sending him to at least finish high school or guarantee him some job training if he doesn't make it. There ought to be a law!

I set the O/U on Phils wins a few weeks ago at 78 and took the under. Jake smugly bet me that the Phils would finish with a winning record.

I'm now feeling like 78 was very optimistic...had them pegged for 75, really, but I think they finish 72-90.

BTW, Jake, what's the payout on that bet? Internet pride?

How the F is mm starting again??

How the F is mm starting again??

Posted by: lorecorn | Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 05:09 PM

It's because of his versatility silly.

RK good idea on having these Latino, out of country kids having to finish school first and/or job training as well. Sign them at 16? How is that even legal?

MLB is full of crud the way they treat those kids.

I can see a young Jose Contreras walking around with a book on his head, learning proper posture and how to set a proper table and prepare tea.

I realized this afternoon that watching this team is like watching one of those DooWop specials on PBS where they have one living member and 4 younger guys who never toured with the original band trying to pass themselves off like the real deal. They should just drop PBS pledge breaks over Wheels and Tmac chatting with Murphy.

To Monty and r00b:

as long as mini mart is on this roster I will not go to the ballpark.

Did BL hate Bruntlet as much as MiniMart?

Any word on whether Rollins is ready to move on now? Because losing has to be awful for these guys. Right? The prospect of continued losing has to suck all the oxygen out of the locker room for them, right? And the stigma of playing out the career string on a loser has to be anathema to these proud athletes, right?

I have always been a JRoll fan, even when he pops up and when he doesn't run out grounders. The guy has been a very good player for a long time. But watching him struggle to get to balls he used to get to with ease, watching him almost entirely lose all power at the plate, and watching him slow down on the basepaths has dampened my prior enthusiasm to watch him play.

He doesn't make his year round home in Philly, does he? And he's not from Philly. His family is all the way across the country. So, the reason he's staying on a losing team is counting stats? He wants more hits than Mike Schmidt? Seriously?

I am officially no longer a fan of JRoll. Please, Jimmy, waive your no trade clause and go play for another team.

"I am officially no longer a fan of JRoll."

Quick. Someone alert an ESPN producer so they can fit this news into the first segment of The Sports Reporters tomorrow. People are going to care about this.

Amaro and Charlie should be fired soon as the 1st pitch is thrown.

Amaro for keeping Martinez on the roster and Charlie for starting him 2 games in a row.

Corn: I believe it is three games in a row.

aksmith - JRoll lives over in Woolwich Twp, NJ (Wikipedia) year-round.

He just had a newborn son and frankly I imagine he will go where his interest in entertainment with the "Jimmy Rollins Entertainment Group" goes.

Already had some success with it and JRoll has always said that if he had followed baseball he would be involved in music somehow.

Gets overlooked but JRoll has been really involved with the 'Rollins Family Foundation' to benefit kids with arthritis and in several other causes in the Philly community.

JRoll always gets his share of distractros because of the 'hustling' incidents which are legit but have been handled without any long-term detriment to the team or his performance. Arguably been Cholly's greatest achievement as a manager here and his relationship with the sometimes fickle and mercurial JRoll.

I always think why some fans don't like JRoll is because of his infamous 'Philly fans are a what have you done for me lately crowd.' I think he was spot on with the comment then and it still applies today not only in sports but also in other facets especially city politics.

Daughter for JRoll. It has been tough to watch him defensively this year but it will get awkward next year if the Phils don't want him back for '15 if they think his option might vest (which is a very realistic possibility).

John McDonald is on this team, yet Michael Martinez is the one who starts at SS when they want to give Rollins time off.

They claim Wells who is a strong defender, yet Michael Martinez starts in CF since he's been acquired.

Amazingly stupid and beyond comprehension. We need someone to find out where Amaro lives and shine a laser pointer through his window and have him chase it down the stairs until he eventually bangs his head and some sense sneaks in.

actually i guess thats Charlie's call to fill the lineup card.

So hard to try and blame someonme in the Phils org when they all one-up each other with ridiculous decisions.

question to ben whoever-his-name-is on pregame live: Who has the better chance to be an alstar, Ruf or Asche?

Answer: Asche, primarily because he's left handed.

Could careless about the answer, but really? Primarily because he's left handed?

Rube: "we aren't perfect"

BL and philles paithful: No &hit

"Did BL hate Bruntlet as much as MiniMart?"

I don't hate the player. I blame the FO for subjecting me to having to view him on the field.

I'd take the money he's making, and so would you.

Cholly likes MiniMart and thinks he can help the club. He has made comments to that effect even this year.

Just don't get it especially the last 2 years and on top of it starting him out in CF where it is clear as day that MiniMart isn't comfortable and really struggles defensively.

Cholly is just isn't a good gameday manager and one of the worst bullpen/pitching managers in the game today.

Least Bruntlett had an awesome beard.

I canna wai see Criff Ree whup Tahhhrur Julldoh

Nice swing, Ruf!!!!!!

That safety squeeze was awesome!

And a hit by JRoll! Woo hoo!

David Murphy ‏@ByDavidMurphy 10m
Two more home runs and Darin Ruf ties Delmon Young. #countdownto8 #chasingdelmon

I hope this cruddy team doesn't play cruddy tonight.

Time for my post-dinner decaf coffee and sit back, relax and watch the game.

Hope it's not gonna be a cruddy evening.

My first thought on Ruf's AB was: "Ho hum. Another HR from Ruf. How many more do we have to go before we can stop using the SSS, BABIP, and other caveats with regard to his bat guaranteeing he'll stick in the league?"

My second was: Does it really matter? He's almost certain not to post a .950 OPS forever (though if he does, it'd be awesome), but with his patience and ability to adjust inside, he's got plenty of room to regress while still having enough value in his bat to be worth running out there nearly every day.

I have instinctively been skeptical of Ruf, mainly as a pushback against people that have never seen him play much before assuming he can be an above-average MLB hitter. I never saw him play, much, either.

Now that I have, I really think I'm going to have to eat my words on him. They might have to find a spot for him next year, because he's clearly an MLB hitter with a professional approach at the plate.

Suck it, bitches!

Yo, Mini, is it the shoes?? It's GOT to be the shoes!!

that was one of the sharpest fakes outs I have seen in a while forget what wheels and tmac are sayin Utley and rollins faked a DP like it was a grounder to second awesome play

i missed babe's hr, but i see from gameday that it was on a first pitch 93 mph fastball.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with skepticism, especially of the healthy sort. Doubly so when dealing with breakouts as spectacular and unexpected as Ruf's. The only folks who should have to eat their words are those who proclaimed that Ruf's August and September 2012 were an impressive but isolated hot streak by a piece of organizational filler who had no chance of ever sticking with the MLB club.

Even if his best-case upside is to be less athletic version of Brandon Moss, is anybody going to object to a platoon 1B/DH/OF who puts up a .270/.350/.425 line in 300-350 PA? It's not exactly world-beating, but for a team that's so starved for OBP, it'd be a godsend.

You called?

Cliff Lee is awesome.

I'm so glad to know Cliff is interested in playing baseball (as according to TMac).

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 10m
The Nats mascot, Screech, slammed cheesesteaks (WITH KETCHUP) into Phillies fans. Highly offensive.

Amanda Comak ‏@acomak 11m
Nice message for the kids the Nats' stadium crew is sending right now, with their mascot going around dumping food on Phillies fans.

Beerleaguer no longer with game threads. Unfortunately this site has jumped the shark.

Ruf's HR was yet another example of his raw power. He's turning on inside pitches and hitting them 400ft with his elbows basically tucked to chest.

Time for Criff Ree to demonstrate why he's earning TWENTY-FIVE MIRRION DORRO a year.

1. Cheesesteaks with ketchup are wrong
2. Any fans who has hot food spilled on them should be apologized to and given some kind of compensation including an offer to pay all cleaning expenses
3. It wouldn't be right but I could completely understand why a Phils' fan who got a cheesesteak dumped on him (especially if it was his/her kid) would knock Screech down or at the very least push him away.

I'm as clueless as BAP claims I am when it comes to matters of the law. But don't the fans who had food intentionally dumped on them have grounds for an assault claim?

Criminal assault, Iceman? Doubtful. The tort of assault, though? Absolutely. And civil battery too. The latter for actually dumping the cheesesteak onto somebody's head, and the former for creating the imminent apprehension of having a cheesesteak dumped on your head.

Assuming you're willing to take the word of some upstart simple country lawyer over those of the illustrious resident criminal appellate attorney, of course.

Chee stea keeechup na rung. Natttatoo fuuhrra shidd
Jayzun Wellth and Jehn Uhtrey ruv you roong tie.

Ruf still has problems with that one thing: breaking balls/sliders from RHP. They just eat him up consistently. Probably one of the biggest differences between Triple A in the majors is that you can't dodge that type of pitch/pitcher in the majors. A vast majority of RHP have it in their arsenal.

Hopefully, it's something that can improve with reps.

And it appears that the book on Darin Ruf was consulted between innings, as Taylor Jordan nicely illustrates why it's still defensible to have reservations about Ruf.

As...yikes, that was an ugly AB.

guys dumps food on me?
i'm on the phone, like, right now:
mascot in schuylkill

- Andy "Haiku Vito" {insert favorite Mob Boss last name}

Span has probably doubled his OPS against LHP tonight.

Beat writer (Chris Branch) said the cheesesteak thing was a video, so probably staged with people posing as Phillies fans.

I am not a mascot guy by any chance. I still cringe when I see the Phantic shoving his crouch in somebody's face. I have to say my nephew's school had a Harlem Globetrotters fundraiser and they threw that fake bucket of water routine at me and I subconsciously got up and considered ringing the dude's neck.

Hopefully, if for reason the front office is crazy enough to bring Halladay back next year, hopefully a provision can be inserted into his contract that requires him to give Ruf a room this winter and spend a couple of hours a day giving Ruf reps.

As "RHP with scads of nasty breaking pitches" is a fair description of Roy Halladay, if he's good enough to warrant resigning.

Nice of the phillies to help out Roark

By giving him a quick EZ inning

Does DC have a stand your ground law? Because, I think those Phillies fans have the right to shoot that stupid mascot.

I'm calling it now: Halladay throws a no-hitter this year.

George, you related to the 3rd baseman or the pitcher?

I want that mascot to shove a big greasy ketchup loaded cheesesteak up my ass. Because I love that.

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