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Friday, August 09, 2013


Funny, I didn't think Casper had a ghost of a chance of making the roster!


(happy dance)

“We’ve actually been eye-balling Casper because of his versatility since spring training,” Phillies GM Ruben Amaro said


Hey, its his second favorite word.

“We’ve actually been eye-balling Casper because of his versatility since spring training,” Phillies GM Ruben Amaro said"

Shut the hell up you stupid lying jerkoff. Casper Wells has been DFA'd like 10 times this year already!

ouch, Ruben kills any chance Wells has of playing well with the fateful blow of Versatility™

On a side note, is signing a corner OF for more than a 1 year deal next year really a good idea?

Our answer might very well be solved by Brown/Ruf at the corners and barring them, 22 year old Kelly Dugan is going nuts in AA. If we're rebuilding anyway, might as well go short-term (Corey Hart 1 year special) and see where Dugan is in another year. He likely starts 2014 in AAA anyway.

Mazel tov.

NEPP, you beat me to it:


Wells and Mayberry with both be arb eligible next year. Highly doubt both get tendered.

Who ya got?

Maybe someone who's been around baseball a long time should explain to Ruben that "versatility" is short hand for "not really very good at anything."

MG: It was always 2 years so your angst was no necessary the other night in that thread and you said way more than that one quote.

You want to be dishonest- fine. 1 million Internet points to you.

Jack of all trades but a master of none...

Corey, the O's may look at _elmon, but why wouldn't they give Thome a call as well?

He's 42, but he had a better year last year than a lot of guys.

So MG admonished me a few weeks ago for claiming that the Sox would dump Rios for salary relief. Said it was ridiculous and it would cost 2 top 10 prospects. Two weeks later, they dump him for salary relief.

The lesson, as always, is that MG pulls stuff out of his rear end daily pretending that they are fact, when the stuff is only true in his own head.

Yankees have Mystique and Aura

Phillies have Versatility™ and Production™

I wanted Wells after spring training. Hasn't done well this year, but that might have to do with changing uniforms every ten minutes. He's better against LHP than his stat line shows this year.

RIP DYak, the dumbest experiment I can remember the Phillies making in my lifetime.

Iceman - Yeah I was really surprised the White Sox dumped him for salary relief. They badly overplayed their hand at the deadline (Chicago Tribune reported they had high demands for Rios) and ended up with almost nothing instead.

Rios has looked terrible this year, is on the wrong side of 30 and is overpaid.

Zero leverage there for Kenny Williams.

Being married to a Mariners fan is often brutal. That said Caspar couldn't hit enough to stick but he has made some great defensive plays and I recall a hot hitting streak or two. Nothing to get excited about but to see -elmn-n DFA'd has made my day.

Casper vs Mayberry:

Pretty similar players. Casper gets the edge in the field while Mayberry's hits for a little higher avg and power.

"RIP DYak, the dumbest experiment I can remember the Phillies making in my lifetime.

Posted by: Iceman"

Iceman, you must be a teenager.

Kyle Farnsworth got DFA'd.

Worth a shot at a reclamation project?

BTW, Joe Contrary has had two bad outings in a row.

I would go Wells over Mayberry at this point, although should probably wait until the euphoria of Elmn getting cut wears off.

2014 OF:


Do you think Mayberry is better than guys like David Murphy, Nate McLouth, or Mike Morse? If not, then its probably the right move to let him walk.

D. Young was a stop-gap solution because Amaro wasn't going to pay large dollars to a guy like Ross to a 3-year deal.

Can't blame him in that regard. Ross (.276/.331/.409 with a .740 OPS and 8 HRs) has been pretty mediocre this year offensively and has gotten almost all of his value from his defensive numbers.

Swisher has struggled (.242/.340/.391) with 11 HRs. Vic hasn't been great offensively (.287/.334/.417) but he has been rated very well defensively.

T. Hunter passed on signing here. Ditto Ichiro. That always gets overlooked.

Sayonara Delmon. Darin Ruf thanks you for setting the bar in RF.

Still wonder too if Ruf hadn't laid a complete egg in spring training in LF if the Phils wouldn't have gone with him in LF and Brown in RF from the get go too.

I'll miss the Yak jokes, but little else.

A bad past Phils' experiment = Mike Easler in left - was ridiculous!
But Delmon in RF and MiniMart wherever he is played are terrible as well.

MG: Yeah...if only Delmon Young wouldn't have beat Ruf out for a position in spring training.

Oh yea thats right, he was hurt all the way through camp and was given the job without any questions asked based on 7yr old scouting reports.

Poor Ruben, so many smart decisions keep back firing on him for some reason.

I forget. Was it a scouting report that was 7 yrs old, or a scouting report from a 7 yr old?

MG- Hunter is the guy many of us wanted from the get go. Sounds like Amaro wanted him, but Hunter wanted to win. Can't blame him.

I was one of the idealistic posters that thought the Yak signing would be harmless, because I didn't think that grown-ups who follow baseball for a living could possibly guarantee a guy like him a starting job. I won't be making that assumption again.

The Sox sat De Aza (somebody I would like in the Phillies organization) a few days back and played Casper in CF for him. They don't seem to know what they are doing there either. Except, when they play us.

Who can we Philly fans love to hate anymore? Brilliant Amaro acquisitions Nix and Young are now gone. Chad Durbin is long gone. Oh yeah, apparently we will always have Mini-Mart.

Seriously, I cannot believe they handed the starting RF job (after his ankle was better) to a guy who hadn't played right field since 2007. Maybe it was due to his versatility, which I think RAJ believes means "overcoming all common knowlege to produce a superior result".

I think Amaro's head would explode if he ever found a player who was Versative and gave Production!

"Oh yeah, apparently we will always have Mini-Mart."

Way to ruin the thread, Eddie! (douche) :)

Corey Seidman ‏@CoreySeidman 24m
Figure Michael Young will be gone soon. Phillies fans should recognize how well he played this year. Exceeded expectations. True good guy

* * *
I agree with this. He hasn't been great defensively, but he's done ok for himself at the plate.

This move is full of crud.
Bring in Buttermaker as GM.

While i already admitted i was wrong on Rios, calling it a pure dump is underselling Garcia a bit. plus-plus speed and very good grades at both SS and CF - recently started getting his bat to at least a passable (~730 ops) in the minors. Nowhere near two top 10s, but not a nobody.

god i hate this team. Martinez over Wells tonight in CF.

Mini-Mart Versitility >>> Casper's Versitility.

Minimart = Pictures of Rube. Wells = No such luck

Little late to the party, but goodbye Delmon Young!

Phils +155 tonight vs Dan Haren.

I know we are only throwing Lannan, but really, +155? Almost seems too easy to take the Phils tonight, which usually means it is.

I think that the fact that Mini-Mart remains on the roster while Fields is in AAA proves that the true hierarchy is Versatility over Production.

Wells and Mayberry with both be arb eligible next year. Highly doubt both get tendered.

Who ya got?

Posted by: lorecore | Friday, August 09, 2013 at 02:53 PM

The ironic thing is that Mayberry actually is quite versatile. For all of the problems this team has had with RH hitting, OF and bench spots, if RAJ doesn't offer Mayberry a contract, he's even dumber than I thought. Which is saying something. It's not like he should make $5M next year.

Goodbye Delmon Young
(Sung to Candle in the Wind)

Can't come up with lyrics right now. Too busy jumping up and down.

Phillies are 7-0 when Dan Haren starts, scoring 5.6 runs per game.

pb: wells and mayberry are too similar to co-exist in my opinion.

Funny, lots of talk of defensive versatility by Amaro, but it looks to me like having a healty set lineup coincided with when the Phillies were winning a lot of games - and not the mix and match approach employed in 2012 and 2013.

Defensive Players Starting
Efficiency At Least 130
Rank Games

2013 – 20th ?
2012 – 26th 2
2011 – 5th 5
2010 – 9th 5
2009 – 12th 7
2008 – 9th 7

God that formatted horribly (defensive efficiency rank on left, and number of playes starting at least 130 games on right).

Joyner: How's Delmon?
Cholly: Oh, Delmon... won't see him no more.

Wells should start against LHP every game the rest of the way, period. Shift Ruf to 1st on those days. That could be a formidable lineup against LHP.

The guy can be a weapon if used that way, and they owe it to themselves to see if he can provide more across the board than Mayberry.

Wells isn't starting because UC won't start a new guy his first day with the team. Even if that means Mr. Versatility™ in center.

Iceman, which guy is "a weapon"?

Rube meant to bring Wells in all along but couldn't justify bringing in a guy who hits in the low .200's right away. So, he brought in Delmon Young for a while, who he knew the fans would hate, and then figured the fans would be relieved to be rid of Young and not care so much about Wells' low BA.

Brilliant guy that Rube.

Wells will get minimal time and then next year go to the Cub and break out.

Signing of Luis Encarnacion...

He's only 16, but he looks like a future corner OF bat because of his glove at 3B.

Of course, one can't only go by this video, but his setup, footwork, fielding technique, and coordination/fluidity all look below average.

In order for him to be the #4 international prospect, he must have an awfully good bat. By the video above, his batting mechanics look are way ahead of his fielding.

Then again, he only just turned 16.

I don't want to see any guess work or borderline MLB guys (except our internal young talent) next year.

Rather have Susdorf recalled or Fields even.

Gotta laugh at Amaro. Said the reason he didn't bring up one of the younger guys from AAA is because they wouldn't be getting any playing time. Thats why they brought up Mini mart.

Now he is starting tonight.

I guess we can all pray that they designate MiniMart in Sept.

Back in this thread, awh took a giant step backwards by even hinting by way of question whether the Phillies should sign Kyle Farnsworth. That's probably borderline acceptable, but when he also considered him a possible reclamation project, awh needed to be outrighted to the Crooscutters of sports bloggery.

If a pitcher has nine reclamation lives, like a cat, Farnsworth has met and exceeded that quota.

It is telling that here in Maine (Rockland), the art museum is named Farnsworth, as in relic.

They put down the Yak. I am early anticipating the MiniMart vs MiniMac challenge too.

- How many weeks will each guy have more than 1 hit?

- Which guy will hit the ball out of the infield during PH ABs?

- Will either guy hit a HR the rest of the year?

Action-packed showdown.

Corn - Really? I try to give Amaro the benefit of the doubt at times or that maybe his hand is really forced at times.

Some of the comments he makes on the record as the justification/rationale for why he makes moves or his overall philosophy/strategy as a GM don't help him at all.

Rube is like 1/2 Jewish. I ain't gotta no say more.

mainerob, I posed the Farnsworth query as a question.

Why? Because I haven't even seen him pitch this year, and thought that perhaps one of the other well-versed posters on this site might actually be able to offer an opinion on the matter - of which I have none.

And why did I suggest it? Because right now a blind, one-armed orangutan [sp?] cold get batters out more efficiently than some in the Phillies bullpen.

Any questions?

Sad guy- I meant Wells. He had a .891 OPS against LHP next year. An ideal RHB off the bench.

I'm not sure if he can be better than Mayberry or not. I think it's possible and would like to find out. Unlike some here, I don't think Mayberry is the best 4th OF in the league.

"They put down the Yak."

MG, yes they did.

Here's a picture of the dead Yak:

Last year* not next year. Haha

Are we back to the day of the 'bad old Phillies' where they would inevitably cycle through a couple of veteran stiffs by Aug/Sept who would get DFA and in their place would get a bunch of AAA/MLB journeyman?

Sure seems like it this year and last year.

So now we have three third base prospects. Awesome. I'd hate to be the person who has to tell Amaro that only one of them can play third base at a time.

Do you think that some other GM or someone in the Phils' organization with an ax to grind would prank call Amaro regarding a trade for D. Young and offer a legit prospect?

lorecore: Shut the hell up you stupid lying jerkoff. Casper Wells has been DFA'd like 10 times this year already!

He got claimed by an AL team each time - he never made it to the Phils on waivers until now.

Scott, a lot of 3B prospects end up at 1B or an outfield corner. Encarnacion is probably 6+ years away from the majors anwyay - I wouldn't worry about him in the short term.

So is Mayberry in the UC doghouse or what?

pb: "wells and mayberry are too similar to co-exist in my opinion."

Phils should have them place sealed bids, government contract-style, for the 'versatile 4th OFer' job for 2014.
Low bid wins.

I wonder if the Rays would take _elm_n back in exchange for Kyle Farnsworth, who was also DFA'ed this week. Farnsworth has been bad this year but I'd rather take my chances with him than some of the garbage in our bullpen.

Encarnacion won't end up at 3B anyway and 1 of Asche/Franco will move to another position or be traded.

Really a non-issue.

Also, Encarnacion is barely 16 (this would officially be his Age 15 season) so he's light-years away from even being on the radar at this point. Think 5-6 seasons before we would have a concern even if he were to stay at 3B.

It's about time on D. Young. Shows what a bad move it was to sign him in the first place in lieu someone better. Sorry, had to say it.

Raining down here on the Cape in south Jersey. Can't get to a TV or radio. Is the game proceeding tonite?

"Shows what a bad move it was to sign him in the first place in lieu someone better. Sorry, had to say it."

#hard-hitting analysis

We decided to bring back Delmon Young and Bobby Abreu to coach Ruf in the proper way to play RF.

When can we expect you back in Ancorra tonight?

Look at all the seats... Natitude!

In the upper right hand column, there's a link titled:

"Phillies-Nationals: What you need to know"

I'll save you the trouble of looking at the article.

Both teams suck.

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again, but it gives me the warm fuzzies to have a 3B with actual range.

The look on Rollins' face when Asche cuts him off just makes it all the better.

Maybe if Asche keeps cutting him off, JRoll will seek records elsewhere.

Scott Graham's sizzling voice on Eagles pregame.

Asche's Range >>> Young's Range.

Phils wanted to get rid of Yak before Jewish Heritage Night in a couple weeks, a night in which you can get a coupon for a Phillies yarmulke.

Nice work so far, Lannan.

yarmulkes are worthless when trying to catch a foul ball.

On Lannan's last inning:
The good news is that Lannan's a perfectly good fifth starter and thus there's not much to get upset about.

The bad news is that people are fifth starters for a reason and it's on display for all the world to see.

Guys Mini Mart is actually swinging the bat well

And that double play is pretty much the Phils' 2013 in a nutshell.

Young's range > Utley's lawn chair

You can tell the team is mourning the departure of Delmon.

You people don't even know me. I have been wearing a kippah under my hat since May. I even refuse to play with heart during the Shabbot. It is a conscious decision I made.

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