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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Phils' relievers had a 4.50 ERA in '07. Tonight they had a 4.30 ERA (last in NL) coming into the game which I am sure increased by a decent amount after the 5 ER.

Average NL bullpen had a 3.52 ERA coming into tonight.

Phils' relievers had a 4.50 ERA in '07 and the NL average was 4.09 ERA.

Last time the Phils' bullpen had an ERA a run or more above the NL average was in '00 (5.72 team ERA vs 4.55 ERA).

'00 bullpen was definitely worse including the execrable Brantley as their closer. Another of a handful of Phils' players I only genuinely disliked/hated a few the past 20 years. Brantley is on that list. Myers, Ashby, and Eaton too. It's a pretty short list.

For a guy who was freaking terrible here, you certainly wouldn't have known that from Brantley's interviews and comments. He hating being in Philly and the feeling was mutual. Papelbon is quickly reaching that status too.

Next year they've got all the makings of a shutdown pen. No need to bring in any guys from the outside. It's all random anyway. Zach Miner this year could be pitching like Craig Kimbrel next year for all we know.

Maybe tinker with the edges by bringing in an old favorite like Romero or maybe Scott Eyre. Other than that, they're set to dominate.

4.30 was after tonight. Typo. You get the point.

Tough loss. I mean, when Zach Miner gets hit around, you just know its a fluke day.

@JeffPassan: Best BB/9 in history with 1,000+ batters faced: No.1 Deacon Phillippe (1.25), No. 2 Koji Uehara (1.29). Phillippe retired in 1911.

Too bad guys like Uehara weren't available this off-season.

The pen from '99-00 eerily resembles this bunch with Aumont being a much worse version of Gomesa, a closer who hates being here and who the fans booed routinely by his 2nd year here (Papelbon is a much better pitcher than Brantley was), a cast of internal holdovers/callups who stink, and a couple of FA busts.

MG- nice numbers comparison and thanks for the walk down memory lane. Brantley was a loathsome character.

My bottom three Phillie relievers in my memory (I started following really intently around age 16-17 in 2000-2001): 1) Arthur Rhodes, 2) Ryan Franklin, 3) Brantley. Papelbon certainly makes an honorable mention on the list, and might be in the top 3 by the time he leaves. I also had an irrational dislike of Mesa, but my memories of him have softened a little bit over time.

A Philly cheese steak with ketchup?!

Ah, Jeff Brantley... My (not-so-)fondest memory of Brantley has to be this debacle:

I was lucky enough to see that meltdown in person at Yankee Stadium. The Phils blew a 5-run lead in the 9th, with Brantley allowing the game-tying hit. He got the final out of the 9th to send it into extra innings. Brian R. Hunter (the big guy, not the speedster) blasted a 2-run homer to give the Phils an 8-6 lead, and then Brantley promptly coughed it up, giving up 3 runs without getting an out in the 10th. Classic.

No country for old men (since the ASB):

M. Young - .210/.329/.355 (.684 OPS)
J Roll - .229/.270/.343 (.613 OPS)
Chooch - .240/.283/.420 (.703 OPS) Sadly an improvement

Utley is the only veteran who has hit and hit well since the ASB:

.324/.382/.603 (.985 OPS)

I still want the Phils to try and resign Chooch to a 1-year deal. Get him a prescription for Adderall and hopefully you get a slight bounceback from him.

Phils do have to give some consideration to moving JRoll though. Not because Galvis should start there or that the Phils will be a better team without JRoll. Likely won't be.

The issue is what happens next year when JRoll is closing in on his vesting option in '15. Do the Phils dare sit him? Do they try to trade him at the ASB? Better to head that off at the pass then letting it possibly become a huge distraction next Aug.

Headline as written:
Phillies bullpen blows lead after Lee exits

Cliff (Lee) notes version:
Phillies bullpen blows!

When is Lee going to be at 'Full Tilt' again? This was his 5th subpar start in a row and he hasn't pitched well since the end of June.

Speaking of ex-Phils closers reminded me of Heathcliff Slocumb. Even though he didn't hit rock bottom before leaving Philly, Slocumb provided this choice moment, which I also got to witness live in the opposing team's ballpark:

The ninth consisted of a double, an error by Slocumb (dropped toss while covering first), and two more singles to blow the lead and the game. I have vivid memories of wearing my Phils gear while surrounded by tomahawk-chopping, chanting Braves fans as that mess unfolded.

This year's bullpen is giving me flashbacks!

Mesa and Slocumb had their struggles here along with some high points.

Always liked Mesa personality though. Even during that brutal '03 season, Mesa never turned on the fans and took a ton of ugly boos and crap from the fans that year despite 2 solid years before that.

Brantley was an arrogant prick, made no bones that he hated being in Philly, and he was just as insufferable on ESPN.

This team is crud Buttermaker. Crud!

Was there a reason given for Lee coming out after 6.
I know he wasn't real sharp & his spot in the order came up.
But with this BP you take as many innings as Lee can give you.
Still something to do with the stiff neck issue or something else medical going on?

My favorite thing about Mesa was the nickname "Joe Table."

...aaaand that's about it, I'm afraid. I come from a family that took his blown save in the 1997 series pretty hard. Ohio and all that.

MG The issue with Rollins goes back to when he signed his last contract. Then, people were asking him about going the free agent route and he mentioned that when talking to Ricky Henderson he told Rollins that playing in a single town for his career gives the player an opportunity to become a presence in the community that would pay off long after the player left the game.

Nobody is going to go to a Jayson Werth restaurant in town in 2018, but they will go to a Jimmy Rollins one.

As such, he gets no blame from me for wanting to stay.

But I do blame his sorry ass for not going full out in his first at bat when Werth dropped his Texas eaguer. He could have been on second base, instead of first and prevented Young from hitting into a double play the next at bat. SIMPLE THINGS!

Phils now have a -89 run differential on the season. Only the Fish (-93) and Astros (-172) are worse and they both set on purpose to be really bad this year.

4-16 since the ASB and the worst record in MLB since then. Hard to believe this team was a game above .500 just 3 weeks ago.

Last year this team was 27-25 at Memorial Day and playing pretty decent baseball until the wheels came off during a 10-25 stretch until the ASB. This arguably been even worse so far.

MG Brantley does local color commentary for Reds. Just the sound of his voice is off putting to me- he sounds like that talking claymation dog from the 60s or 70s. The one who was always saying "I don't know Dav-ey." Washington (FP Santangelo) and Cincy are probably the only two teams I wouldn't do a straight up color commentator trade for Wheels.

Another Saturday night and we ain't got nobody in the bullpen.

I get the vibe that cliff is mailing it in at this point. The team is DOA in most games and he's not pitching for a contract. Just getting his work in every 5th day. He seems like a guy that thrives on competition.

Ruf and Brown a nice one two punch right now. Could be fun to watch that for a few years.

This is turning into the baseball version of death by a thousand cuts.

I don't know Amaro fixes the gaping hole that is the bullpen this offseason given the $20M sunk cost in Adams and Papelbon and not a single solid internal option including Bastardo given his suspension now.

Phils have exhausted every internal option except for C. Jimenez at this point and not found a single viable solution. De Fratus and Diekman are probably the closest options to be in the mix next year and neither really has shown they merit being on a MLB roster this year.

August 11th.
Currently at 6th pick in the draft.
Any can't miss prospects?

Brett, you meant:

August 11th
currently 6 in the draft
some can't-miss prospects?

(Incidentally, the true import of being 6th in the draft is that the pick is protected. They can sign whichever expensive free agent Ruben wants.)

Hope they can find a way to get minimart into the lineup for a 4th straight game. His versatility™ is crucial.

Corey: "Diekman has the best stuff of the bunch."

Really? Love to see a scouting report that says that.

Fact is, Diekman was never considered a good prospect. He was a 30th round draft pick. His highest BA ranking was #31 in the Phils system. Sickels thought so little of him, he was never listed in any of his annual scouting books. Same with and

The only place I know that thought highly of Diekman was this blog, where posters were clamoring for him after he got off to a hot start at LV last season.

Fact is, Mike Zagurski was considered a better prospect and his career is probably the best you can expect from the likes of Diekman.

There are some young arms who can develop to help the bullpen over the nest few years. Diekman, now 26, isn't one of them.

I am willing to waive my Ntc to go to another team as long as they don't trade Paps there too.

clout, Diekman has stuff -- unfortunately too much of his stuff is so far out of the strike zone that no one is tempted to swing.

And you know that people were clamoring for him out of desperation - there was nothing to lose by bringing him up and hoping for a miracle.

Unreal that no one in the system is capable of teaching pitchers to throw strikes.
Since Phils hitters are trained not to walk,must be ok for our pitchers to walk batters.

... talking to Ricky Henderson he told Rollins that playing in a single town for his career gives the player an opportunity to become a presence in the community that would pay off long after the player left the game.

With the way he loafs running to first, he better be sure that he doesn't burn up all the built-up good will. It's interesting to watch him, he still seems to hustle on defense.

I no longer enjoy watching him play -- emotionally, I don't care if he's here or not.

I still like the girth of Brantley's penis shaft.

We could print up shirts that say "It's okay JRoll and Michael Young. Feel free to go"

Even when diekman does throw strikes, he's not some unhittable beast. His 22.3 K% is nothing exciting at all.

I mean, Raul Valdes has a career 24.4 K%. How "filthy" can Diekman be?

Corey doesn't know baseball, guys. This is established.

"Phils have exhausted every internal option except for C. Jimenez at this point..."

MG, I'll stick my neck out and state that Luis Garcia is still an unknown. He's had two bad outings where he walked too many guys, and his walk rate is troublesome at this point, but if he can learn to trust his stuff and throw more strikes, he may develop into a late-bloomer.

I'm not stating that he'll develop into the next version of Mariano Rivera, but I'm not going to toss him out with the bathwater after only 13 IP at the MLB level.

You're probably right about the rest of the bunch, though.

The bullpen stinks..But they will be better next year because they are fungible.

clout: Who, pray tell, is going to develop those young arms in the bullpen??

Going me left field tickets for today's game. I must love punishment.

How can they find a way to lose this one? Thankfully with #natitude in the NL East, we are not baseball's biggest disappointment. We can always cling to that

Hey Beerleaguer admins the fake posts are really killing this site. Do something about it--if you even read the damn game threads. Beerleaguer is going to be useless in a couple years with this level of quality control.

At this point, I expect the Phils to lose so I have almost no emotional investment in the outcome of games.

Were I Rube, I'd put Lee on waivers and hope a team with three really good prospects to offer claims him. Then i'd eat a reasonable amount of salary to make it happen. Because if Lee continues to pitch in his current fashion, he will be much less valuable in the offseason. In fact, he already may have done too much damage to his value to trade at this point.

JRoll can leave for salary relief at this point. He is washed up.

Papelbon has to stay because there is actually hope that he is injured and can pitch better after his hip is either property rested or properly treated. What I don't get is why he is still on the active roster. He's had that hip problem for a while and this season isn't exactly critical.

I would have traded Utley if a stud prospect were coming back to the team. But I can't complain much that he was reasonably resigned because I do think he's figured out his knee problem. And it's always fun to see a guy that good play the game.

And why the F is Michael Young still on this team? Seriously. Is Rube waiting until his play makes him a cheap sign for next year?

Martinez with his fourth straight start in CF.


His line over his last 3 games is also a scorching .364/.364/.364/.727

Our new starting CF. Maybe an FU to Rube? I hope that's why.

Awh, Garcia's slider has bite, but he needs better command of both it and his fastball to be effective. Then he might be something close to Fungible™.

Martinez: a bigger joke then our bullpen

Mini-Mart starting four games in a row give the Phillies organization the equivalent of a Golden Sombrero.

I'm impressed that Rickey Henderson gave Rollins such astute advice. I'm not being sarcastic either.
Just always took Rickey to be a bit of a selfish, stat-driven player (with immense talent). He still could have played on my team anytime.

Braves not handling the cruddy Marlins so far today after being nipped by them last night. Baseball a very funny game.

Tanner - everyone knows Atlanta is a Badly Flawed Team, so it's hardly surprising that they're losing again.

Mini-Mart is for 4-10 in his last 3 games.

Mayberry has struggled offensively since the ASB (.254/.309/.381 with 1 HR in 68 PAs) but I know Cholly was supposedly unhappy with was Mayberry's defense in CF.

So Cholly's solution? He starts a guy who is a career infielder and has almost no career time in CF despite the fact it is clear as day Mini-Mart isn't comfortable out there and is a poor CF.

Somebody should act Cholly after the game today if he really thinks Mini-Mart is a defensive upgrade over Mayberry or Wells. Guarantee he will get really flustered and not really answer the question because he knows that is a suspect decision at best.

guys, roob told Charlie to start mini mart® to drive up his trade value.

***So Cholly's solution? He starts a guy who is a career infielder and has almost no career time in CF despite the fact it is clear as day Mini-Mart isn't comfortable out there and is a poor CF.***

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