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Sunday, August 11, 2013


"Thank you sir, may I have another" as the Phils receive another beating in Atlanta this week.

If Hamels doesn't win tomorrow night, I don't see much chance of Martin and Lannen doing much against the Bravo offense.

The Phils might be able to hit Medlen and Beachy. But it might take 6 runs to win either of those games.

And then the Dodgers come in and Kershaw will be pitching in one of those games.

Going to be another long week.

While our resident sunniest optimist was rightly awarded some derision twenty games ago, not even the most hardened of the many pessimists among us envisioned a 3-17 streak.

And it's almost certainly going to get worse before it gets better.

"How can RAJ possibly think this team can compete next year?"

We are so set for 2014, that we didn't even have to make any trades at the deadline.

Howard and Halladay are coming back, folks. And did I mention the Cuban kid we signed? Get Mike Adams healthy and get a full year out of John McDonald and Casper Wells and maybe coax Jamie Moyer out of retirement to help out in the bullpen and look out.

Atlanta is going to be terrible next year. Freeman and the Upton's and Heyward and Simmons and Kimbral are all getting older.

I can't wait for September and Cholly can trot out this lineup, to show what 2014 might be all about:

1B- Frandsen
2B- Galvis
SS- McDonald
3B- Josh Fields (just to make Baseball Jorge happy)

LF- Wells
CF- Martinez
RF- Nix (yes, I know he was DFA'd...but he is still out there and could be brought back at a club friendly deal!!)

C- LeRud (need a good catch-and-thrower)
P- Valdes (with a few solid outings, could get his ERA under 6 in September)

The absolute slide of this team looks a beauty queen gone crackhead.

Franco dinger

Might be a 12 game losing streak in the works. I can't see beating the Braves or Dodgers if they continue as they are.

How hard is it to spell Lannan?

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Halladay come back in September. It's on the top 5 list of things I'm interested in watching the rest of the year. I plan on going to see all of his rehab starts.

Things to watch list:

1) Ruf- is he for real?
2) Asche- can he line up a starting gig for next year?
3) Halladay
4) Brown- what will his final HR total be?
5) Who gets traded after they pass through waivers?

MAG is an honorable mention, but who knows if he even signs let alone plays.

170 million dollar payroll gets you very little these days. It's one thing to be have injuries and be less talented than teams.

It's quite another to see the disgrace on the field, post ASB. At 3-17 you almost have to try and be that bad. Was in the ballpark today and there was zero life to anyone wearing those grey uniforms. You just let a mediocre, underacheiving Washington team absolutely humilate you and laugh at you over the weekend.

How much f**** lower does it get or can it get?

There's been chatter today about whether or not Manuel should be fired, or 'step down' as part of a mutual decision- before the end of the year.

Personally, I would say yes. This is painful to watch a team that has quit now, and there's still a month and a half to go. Whether or not it's Manuel's fault is irrelevant (it's not)- the team has given up. If they're going to go with Ryne, might as well get a jump on things and let Manuel retire with some dignity.

People joke about the Marlins thing, but most of this team has quit, and plenty of players in Miami are playing to make an impression. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they finish close to them in the standings.

Sorry that the game wasn't fun for you, Bob. I didn't have much fun at the game in St. Louis on July 25, either, but at least I saw us lose to a good, contending team.

Iceman, did you see this piece today?

As for your list of what to watch, I'd agree with it. I'm looking forward to seeing how Doc pitches, too.

I've always been a believer that bad baseball beats no baseball at all, but this last month or so has made me question that belief.

I've been a Phils fan for a long time and seen many years with worse teams, but I don't know if I have ever seen a team underachieve their potential like this year.

Hell, I get excited when the defense makes 24 outs in a road game.

At this point, my primary interest is whether or not they can trade Young and/or unload Papelbon's contract.

Well, that and just how high of a draft pick we end up with.

Maybe the bad play on this road trip is really an elaborate PR hoax, so that Charlie can achieve his 1.000th win to the thunderous roar of a sold out CBP.

Or maybe not.

I am more concerned with r00bs potential extensions, e.g., re-signing Young.

Where is the accountability?! Who in his right mind would buy season tickets to watch this again next year, and as of now it looks like the same old complacent crew is coming back again next year. Disgusting.

Alguien, por favor, dígale a Ruben Amaro que dejar de llamarme.

I think they should bring back Schwimer! One piece away from contention, bro!

Will, we're up to the 5th pick!

Talk about a great game to miss! I did catch the postgsme show. Bowa looked like he wanted to climb over the desk, go down to the clubhouse and upset the buffet table. He was that incensed by the laughter and horsing around in the Phillies' dugout during the latter part of the game.

Where's the accountability? Tremendous question!

I been thinking about dropping comcast for a while but kept it for baseball basically. There really is no reason to keep it now.

"I fully expect Ryan to come back and be much closer to what he was in 2010 than what he was in 2012 and the end of '11," general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "I told him point-blank: 'Ryan, you're one of the best run producers in baseball and there is no reason you can't get back there if you get healthy.' "

I guess he'd rather pretend he's delusional than admit to a huge mistake.

"How hard is it to spell Lannan?"

Imagine there's no front office. John Lannan.

Don't hold your breath waiting for Charlie to hold them accountable.

How much worse does it have to get until one of either Rube or Charlie is fired? Seriously, how much worse?

I know it won't turn the season around, but at some point ownership and/or Rube have to make a stand and say enough is enough. If Rube won't/can't do it with Charlie (my "sources" tell me "can't"), then Rube has to go. This combination is horrible.

I know it's not a popular opinion, but the reason Charlie was successful is due to Pat Gillick (for his small, gap-filling secondary moves that made the team great.) and the scouting department for drafting guys like Rollins, Burrell, Hamels, Utley, Howard). I'm not going to go into a long dissertation on those opinions, because they have been well documented on BL and elswhere.

It's insulting to say "the time is now." The time was long ago. A change is long, long overdue.

...seen many years with worse teams, but I don't know if I have ever seen a team underachieve their potential like this year.

You nailed it, Bubba. I can handle a bad team. There was a disagreement on the team's potential before the year started. Some, like myself, felt this team was going to contend in a weak division. Others felt they were around .500. I don't think anyone thought they would roll over and die.

It's really sad. An mind-boggling that not one thing was done, at any point in the season, to try to stop the bleeding. No shakeup whatsoever at any point.

... laughter and horsing around in the Phillies' dugout during the latter part of the game.

Very telling, isn't it? There is no accountability and the team is completely unapologetic for going through the motions and collecting a check. That's your manager, folks. If he can't motivate his team, then what is he good for? Short answer: Nothing.

Very wise words, RB. It is sickening to come to grips with the steep plunge into obscurity that this organization has taken.

It is disgusting to listen to Amaro spout his arrogance as he tries to refute what we all see both now and into the future.

Finally and succinctly, it is depressing to anticipate more blunders and a continuing decline. This team cannot be fixed with tweaks. It requires a complete makeover with some exceptions, like Brown, Asche and Ruf.

I don't think David Murphy is the best, but he has a great article today. Looks like the media is finally catching on to Amaro.

I disagree strongly with you, Steve, about Murphy. He's smart, insightful and writes very well. I read the article and it reveals the psyche of Amaro & Co.

We are screwed as fans as long as the the paradigm that includes Monty & Co. drives their decision-making. Same old, same old has become old.

The thing is this hasn't even been bad baseball the past month. It has been sloppy baseball played by guys who are either going through the motions or have no business doing anything in the major leagues.

Saturday night we lost a game because our bullpen is so weak we have to trot Diekman and Miner out there. And there were people in the off-season who legitimately argued we shouldn't sign anyone for the bullpen and let the young guys have it because bullpen pieces are fungible. That argument has been shot dead by this season. Career minor leaguers getting their first test of the major leagues can't catch a fly ball? Erik Kratz yesterday just flat out dogging it on a loose ball allowing an additional runner to score.

Guys that are career major leaguers are dogging it as well. Rollins doesn't run out a ball to right- again. And I know this will be blasphemy, but Cliff Lee has been boo boo facing now for the past month and has flat out stunk on the mound.

I know the common theme is to blame Charlie but this isn't Charlie's fault. At some point, the guys on the field need to take accountability for themselves and take some pride in what they do.

And if you want to blame anyone- the problem is Amaro. He has put together a shoddy team that has zero depth to it. As I've said a few times the past week or so. The problem is not that they have so much money tied up in a handful of guys. You can still win with that. The problem is they have zero depth up and down the roster so that when guys go down there is no one there to bring up. For this off-season I think the key is they need to acquire depth. If you need 2 bullpen arms, sign 4. Need 1 outfielder, sign 2 or 3. Stash who you can in Lehigh Valley and hope to catch some lightning with guys when you need them to step up. I'm tired of relying on guys like Michael Frickin' Martinez and Steve Sudorf to come up and keep the ship afloat. There is a reason a lot of these guys don't get to the majors- they stink.

That article seemed like a pretty accurate writeup...also sounds like Murph lurks on BLer quite a bit.

If MiniMart has become the starting centerfielder, this team is beyond fucked. If anything is symbolic and emblematic of incompetent roster management, it is the presence of MiniMart on a major league roster. Most other teams, assuming intelligent ownership, would fire a GM who not only initially acquired MiniMart, but continued to bring him back to the major leagues like some sort of nightmarish undead zombie. In his career of 381 plate appearances, he now has an OPS+ of 38. That might be a record for a non-pitcher, but I'm too angry and dismayed to want to find out where he stands exactly in the ranks of all-time worst hitting incompetence among position players with more than 350 plate appearances.

To the owners of the Philadelphia Phillies: Please trade Ruben Amaro JR, MiniMart and $10 million cash to whatever team might be stupid enough to take them in exchange for a donkey and a ball of used baseballs. At least then we'll have some items of value.

***but Cliff Lee has been boo boo facing now for the past month and has flat out stunk on the mound. ***

BS...Lee does that every single year for 4-6 weeks. He also has a super-dominant streak every year too. This year, he just happened to start off the season with the super-dominant streak.

bag of used baseballs

That Murph article was written 37 times over the last 3 months on this blog. Glad to see it more publicized though.

tti: "I know the common theme is to blame Charlie but this isn't Charlie's fault."

Its no one's individual fault(except maybe Amaro), but Charlie has done absolutely nothing to help. He admitted as such a month ago already.

And I know the season is over, but he started Michael Martinez 4 times in a row during a major league season. That is a fireable offense by itself.

Unless of course starting MM is simply a protest by UC against the FO who gives him crap to work with.

When I saw Mr. "Leadership" Michael Young cutting up a baseball, I wanted him released on the spot but then I see Charlie standing right next to him also not really looking like he cares at this point. What kind of a message are they sending the young guys like Ruf and Asche by allowing crap like that?

Unless of course starting MM is simply a protest by UC against the FO who gives him crap to work with.

That would be the only rational answer. However, I'm not sure rationality is valued in this organization.

To be fair to M. Young, given his range, its not often he actually touches a baseball so maybe he forgot how to handle one...

This should be required reading for the Dope, inept horrible GM and for David Montgomery. And for any fans out there who still think this guy knows what he's doing.

shoulda known Beerleaguer had that posted already...

Out of town and haven't been able to watch TV , and can get only BL and read box scores. Has the clubhouse demeanor really been that bratty? If so, isn't that why we just re-signed set an example and provide leadership? And now MYoung is even goofing off? How are Ruf and Asche responding?

"Make it stop"? Why? We are going to lock up that #1 overall pick. 2nd place is 1st loser, so if you can't win it all we might as well win the draft, right?

For the people who take heavy stock in clubhouse presence, atmosphere, whatever: Didn't this whole freefall start when Amaro yelled at Cliff Lee and others for being too jovial during a dugout interview on TV?

If I thought stuff like that mattered a bunch, then that would be my go-to scapegoat moment of the year: The most inept person at their job in the organization discipline the best in front of the team over a non-issue.

jbird: as long as the bullpen gives up the leads that DOM Ruf Asche are supply, then i'm all in. Don't wanna see them lose if that means those guys are struggling.

Iceman: "I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Halladay come back in September."

I think it is a worst case scenario that Doc comes back and pitches well. My memories of him in the past will be plenty - time to move on. This team doesn't have the luxury of bringing back ~$10M over the hill pitches.

If Doc ends up rejuvenating his career after this year, then so be it and good for him, let's just hope it isn't an NL East team. The Phillies should not be a candidate.

***The most inept person at their job in the organization discipline the best in front of the team over a non-issue.***

There's a word for that sort of behavior...

some text

The worst thing Amaro did recently was not make a move at the deadline.

Sometimes in order to shake people up, you need a little shock and fear. Sometimes proverbially take someone out to field and put 2 in the back of their head.

If I were Amaro, I would trade M. Young tomorrow and for nothing.

I guess that's what I was wondering. I thought the sunflower seed throwing was a fun incident that showed camaraderie despite the box score. In fact, that adds to team spirit, and hopefully, success. I was just wondering if the current demeanor is either nonchalance, typical camaraderie among congenial teammates, or over the top hijinx during the game.

Baer has really become a standoffish d!ck. I agree with his general point about M. Young but he could say it in a more diplomatic way.

The funniest part is that he somehow passes himself of as someone who is a knowledgeable analyst when all he is recycle publicly-available data and make conclusions that most baseball fans who are numbers junkies could make.

comparing the Marlins and Phillies roster is going to be quite interesting moving forward.

Fernandez, Turner, and Eovaldi are big time arms. Yelich, Marisnick and Stanton have tons of potential. Ozuna will be back in the mix as well.

Infield much weaker, and don't have too much reason to believe its going to get better. Maybe Morrison bat reaches potential that can play at 1B, and maybe Hechavarria can get near the avg mlb ss offense to make his glove worth it. Thats about it.

TTI: "Erik Kratz yesterday just flat out dogging it on a loose ball allowing an additional runner to score."

I jumped over to BL after that play to see what I was sure would be sputtering outrage at that play. There was one mild post. Dozens bashing Kendrick. I can only assume the posters weren't watching the game.

*** I can only assume the posters weren't watching the game.***

I had the radio on...well, internet radio via but was doing other things.

MG: no way, Baer's a genius - he predicted that Ruf's .990 OPS wouldn't continue. Now he's at .909 OPS - amazing foresight.

NEPP: I know Lee has a stretch every year like this. What is compounding it right now is his general demeanor in the dugout. Every time they focus on him anymore he seems to be pouting about something.

Maybe the getting scolded over the seeds and the constant talk of trades has done him in.

clout: odd that people would be bashing kendrick, i mean, only 14 of the 26 batters he faced reached base safely.

Re M. Young

M. Young was as bad as advertised defensively and wasn't able to bounce back offensively enough to offset that.

Still, I don't get what all of the handwashing was about it. Amaro made a move that didn't cost the Phils much and avoided any multi-year commitment to a mediocre veteran like Keppinger.

The 'Frandsen/Galvis' idea one was a poor one and the only alternative that would have been better is E. Chavez. Chavez has hit at a very nice clip but has also struggled defensively at 3B and missed a fair amount of time to boot. Basically on track to be a ~1 WAR player. M. Young is basically on track to be about 0.5-1 WAR.

Getting really worked up about M. Young is 'missing the forest through the trees.'


The Phillies themselves are in a funk and not playing UP to their own talent level - individually and collectively.

IMO it's going to take an individual to step up and pickup the rest of the team.

Dom? Darin? JRoll? Chase?

Oh, and case anyone thinks the old Albert Ross isn't missed, this is about the time of year he would really pick things up and carry the team on his back.

I smell a Seidman-Baer catfight coming.

I'll give Baer/ESPN one thing though:

The ydidn't eliminate all the links to the other Phillies' blogs.

That was a dickish thing for Comcast to do, and not in keeping with most gentlemanly internet standards.

awh: Oh no...You can't get to another Phillies blog?

lorecore: Kendrick deserved some grief but c'mon. Kratz flat out dogged it. And it was barely mentioned.

"Why Ruben is misfiring on talent" David Murohy High Cheese today.

Answer: Because he's an idiot?

It's not that the Phillies are only misfiring at the Major League or AAAA level and unable to uncover another Victorino or Werth. They're also missing wildly in the minors - which everyone knows. Consider a pair of positions: center field and catcher. They've drafted and traded for many athletic outfielders and even protected several of them on the 40-man over the years, including TWO this season in Tyson Gillies and Zach Collier, who both had wide-open opportunities to step up. They both suck. I was at the Reading game last night and they had Albert Cartwright in CF. In AAA they're trying Cesar Hernandez when healthy. Mini Mart is the CF in Philadelphia. That's an embarrassment. Catcher - Valle sucks. Joseph is probably done as a catcher. Rupp is probably your best hope, but he doesn't project as much.

Who's responsible for that mess? Is is Benny Looper? Wolvever? Jordan?

lorecore: Not odd at all. Posters like you bashed him for years, then pretended it never happened when he had a good stretch. So roaches out of the woodwork is no surprise.

The surprise was not a peep from you on Kratz. Allowing a second runner to score on a play at the plate because of lack of hustle? Pretty outrageous.

Didn't see Kratz dog it. I was busy dogging it by not watching the game.

At this point, anyone who isn't willing to see the Phillies clean house . . . oh, who gives a crap.

If the Phils don't show signs of life in Atlanta, someone's getting fired on Thursday (off day before a 9-game home stand).

Baer's hatred for Young falls in line with the rest of the SABR community. He offers nothing original in his comments on Young and actually makes me take the other side of the argument a bit more with how obsessive he seems about it (and has since the trade).

He actually offers nothing original on anything in recent months, but that won't stop him from preening on Twitter like his commentary is worth everyone's time.

Who's responsible for that mess? Is is Benny Looper? Wolvever? Jordan?

Posted by: J. Weitzel | Monday, August 12, 2013 at 11:11 AM

some text


So, if Michael Young had come up and repeated his 2012 offensive performance, would Baer have written an article entitled "Michael Young Sucks, And I Told You So". As the article is sufficiently petty and vindictive as to make it seem so.

Though I'm of the same mind as Seidman on this. Young deserves some props for bouncing back with his bat after an atrocious season last year, and for his not making waves despite how he was basically run out of the Rangers organization and that the Phils were thoroughly mediocre before the bottom fell out. Heck, that he was willing to return to the Rangers during the trade deadline drama, notwithstanding their break-up, really is indicative that he's a class act. (Of which there are too few in this world.)

But, lest we ever forget it, he's a terrible fielder and has a lot of GIDP, so QED, he can not get credit for anything he ever does on or off the field. [/billbaer]

Clout - So, KK is blameless in all this? Because I haven't once seen you commenting on how your boy has sucked big time this season. Even taking into account his good stretch, he has overall sucked. He has undone any good will he had on this blog by sucking.

You want everyone to jump on Kratz for dogging it. Okay, Kratz dogged it. Shame on him. He is a marginal big leaguer at best and should never dog it on any play.

But where is your stinging criticism of KK, who has been leaving mediocre pitches up in the zone, where any little leaguer could hit them, on a regular basis for a couple of months now?

M. Young was even advertised by the Phils as a stopgap to Asche. He doesn't deserve any more or less respect than a warm body who didn't embarrass himself or the team.

JW: Joseph's season has been ruined by injury. Can't quit on him yet at age 21.

Valle is a bit worrisome because while he's shown some power potential, his hideously bad K/BB ratio suggests he would have big problems hitting at the MLB level. His defense isn't good enough to give him a career, so it will be up to his bat. He's just 22, so there's time, but I'd be way more worried about him than Joseph.

As for Cameron Rupp, he's organizational filler and would be lucky to get a big league cup of coffee.

I don't think anyone is getting fired. They realized the season was a lost cause before the trade deadline and made their peace with it. RAJ has this thing set on cruise control until the end of the season.

Well put JW.

More than enough bad moves by Amaro and Co. to spend all that energy criticizing the Michael Young move.

aksmith: KK has been bad this season, for sure and there's been no shortage of criticism, particularly from the posters who bashed him for years previously, like you. My point was the absence of any criticism about Kratz.

As for Katz, I think I'm almost beyond outrage at this point. Bad defense has been common this year. I just thought to myself, "It figures." We stink at every facet of the game. I don't invest much emotion nor as much interest in the games anymore, and have come to expect a loss. If they turn this around and start winning, I'll probably revive my passion, even though I know they won't contend.

Nice to see you, Weitzel. I agree that we need to look deeper than our major-league roster. I would try to woo some development guys away from St. Louis.

Murphy's piece is good and depressing, as is Weitzel's post. Until the ownership smells the coffee, however...or the FO rethinks things...we're stuck.

Which is why you should all read that Zoo With Roy piece, because we Phillies fans can use the laughter, even if it's ironic laughter. "You know, the Phillies could be pretty good next year, if..."

My thoughts on Erik Kratz and back-up catchers in general.

Quintero: 454 career games: 34 years old

Kratz: 114 career games: 33 years old

The problem isn't Michael Young, who's done everything you could have asked in the role he was given. The problem is that, early in the offseason, Amaro viewed spending $6M (plus Lindblom) on Young as an ideal use of resources. Doing so foreclosed other options he might have had to improve other aspects of the team, and anyone who was paying attention knew that Young was very likely a marginal upgrade on the in-house options (Frandsen/Galvis and eventually Asche).

Kendrick's tailspin has been pretty sobering, but at the end of the day, you're getting 10+ wins out of a guy who was supposed to be your No. 4. And at least he throws strikes for the love of god.


tti: never said kk deserved more/less than Kratz. I didn't watch the game yesterday, but whoever 'bashed' kendrick for retiring less than 50% of the batters he faced seems like they were pretty justified.

clout: you have accused me of never criticizing Kratz at least 3 times this year. Each and everytime I copy/paste a conversation where I complain about Kratz. How long does this have to go on?

I noticed that at least one day in the last 4 games you did not post a thesis on why Minimart should not be a starter. So by your logic, you must think that Martinez is not a bad player.

I hate to make excuses but how much of KK's tailspin is a result of the concussion?

Since the concussion: 7 GS, 7.25 ERA, .895 OPS against, 1.778 WHIP, 4.75 SO/9, 2.25 BB/9, 2.11 SO/BB

He had a pretty solid June heading into the concussion game on the 30th.

Agree on MYoung. He played as advertised, was a positive team presence(well, at least not negative) and played precisely according to his well-documented skill set.

Yet one could substitute the name of almost any player in the paragraph above. Even the oft-mentioned MiniMart is doing as well as MiniMart can do.

The issue with most all of the players is the crazy management who put them in their spots and expected more (explained more eloquently by most of you and Murphy this morning)

Clout - In fact, I have been championing the case that KK finally got it and has been pitching great. That was up until the point where he started to suck and has continued to suck. He is currently well below replacement value.

And JW, if throwing strikes is the only criterion by which we describe a pitcher, then I could still be pitching successfully at 57 years old. I can actually still throw strikes. Actually, the fact is that KK has been throwing garbage strikes, high in the zone with little movement or velocity. And those wins mostly came while he was a completely different pitcher, throwing quality strikes with movement and sink.

And since when do we judge a pitcher by wins? Fact is, if we start doing that, then Cliff Lee sucked last season. And he did not.

***Agree on MYoung. He played as advertised, was a positive team presence(well, at least not negative) and played precisely according to his well-documented skill set. ***

The best part about Young was that Rube was able to flip him at the deadline for an okay prospect and he even got the Yankees to pay the remainder of his salary.

So it was win-win in the end.


Other KK Splits:

Apr: 2.41 ERA, .609 OPS
May: 4.03 ERA, .760 OPS
Jun: 4.17 ERA, .656 OPS
Jul: 7.36 ERA, .901 OPS
Aug: 6.97 ERA, .880 OPS

Mind you, the concussion occurred on June 30th, so the Jul/Aug numbers are all the "post-concussion" numbers and Apr/May/Jun was pre-concussion. Pretty startling.

I realize its hard for the Phillies to play like it matters, with virtually no chance of making the postseason. But at what point do they embrace the spoiler role and at least have some fun playing the game, and/or try to build some momentum to carry into 2014? Watching this absolutely lifeless team is just unbearable.

Career bWAR:

Ryan Howard: 18.8
Mike Trout: 18.0

Almost there, Mike.

I mentioned last week that having had a relatively mild concussion, I can verify that significant problems last many months (and more) beyond the so-called "recovery" period. These relate mostly to having to think about what were formerly instinctive actions and decisions. Many activities took me an extra few seconds to do. Even when putting on shoes and showering I had to go through the steps in my head before doing them. Conversations were slower because I had to think to put together words. The casual observer would not notice, but my closets friends and family did.

For a major league pitcher, whose success and failure depends on timely decision making, precise interaction with the catcher and quick action, the dropoff in performance would be even much more pronounced than for a regular person who is slower at answering work emails.

Corn - While I have been pointing out that KK has sucked for a while, I do not discount the possibility that he is suffering from post-concussion syndrome. And if the Phillies haven't put him through a battery of tests by now, they are . . . the Phillies medial staff.

"they are . . . the Phillies medial staff."

Well dang it, that's the problem! They need a medical staff! Who the heck knows what those medial guys do? Certainly not diagnose and treat concussions, bum knees, etc...

The problem here is that the average BL poster refuses to acknowledge just how much a contribution Kendrick has made over the last three years and do so simply because those of us who are smart enough to recognize it state it on a regular basis. I simply know more than you will ever know, aksmith. You can just retire now.

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