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Saturday, August 31, 2013


MLBTR says: "Ogando, 24, has thrown 55 innings for the Red Sox's high-A affiliate this season, posting a 4.09 ERA with a 7.2 K/9 and a 4.4 BB/9. He wasn't ranked among Boston's top 10 prospects by Baseball America after the 2012 season."

Pathetic that RAJ couldn't one of the RedSox' top 10 prospect for John McDonald.

BAP, you are suggesting he is worth a Top 5 prospect?

Top 5 MLB wide at a minimum...or at least 2-3 Top 50 guys.

NEPP and his lottery tickets over a seasoned veteran with a good glove who has managed to land on his feet for years.Predictable.

Fake clout: He's a grizzled veteran with tremendous leadership qualities, and he plays great defense at every infield position. For a team like the RedSox, he would easily be worth a package of, say, Jackie Bradley and Garin Cecchini just for the influence he'll have on their young infielders.

clout - McDonald is a washed-up stiff who doesn't have a MLB-caliber baseball skill left including his defensive abilities. He's a no-hit, below-average glove.

Rube shouldn't even have picked up the phone if Bogaertz wasn't already on the table.

Just looking at Ogando and he fits more of the 'organizational filler' label than even a 'fringe prospect.'

If you are 24 and can't get guys out at A+, probably need to begin to consider other career paths.

***If you are 24 and can't get guys out at A+, probably need to begin to consider other career paths***

Kinda sounds like he'd be right at home in our bullpen then...

Oh golly. The Red Sox have Mini Mac. WS ring, here we come!


It sounds like Phila will become a wayward home for unwanted, overpaid, injured, or washed up baseball players who are in the twilight of their career ; that maybe would not have a home anywhere else in the majors..

Posted by: Malvernean | Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 09:03 PM

NEPP - He can't throw strikes either (career 4.3 BB/9).

Galvis was coming up tomorrow and the Phils want him to get some PT in Sept.

Ogando probably just fits in as org filler next year at Reading. Phils actually do need that too given what has transpired this season with the Reading pitching staff. Finding healthy arms for the pen in particular was an issue at times with the callups to Lehigh/MLB club.

Please for the love of God, don't send Mini Mart too!

BAP, tell me the last three August trades for players of McDonald's abilities and their payoffs. You probably don't know.

Lehigh: 68-74
Reading: 60-79
Clearwater: 32-34
Lakewood: 29-39
Williamsport: 34-36
GCL Phillies: 30-30

I weep for the future.

If the goal is to get as close to .500 as possible -- which, really, is the only thing RAJ has left -- then logic dictates you can't deal Young at this point, because the blow would cripple an already fragile offense.

Posted by: Juums | Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Nice piece of analysis, except for ignoring the impending impact of Mini Mart on the fragile offense.

Sept schedule (62-74)

1 @ Cubs
3 vs Nats
3 vs Braves
3 vs Padres
3 @ Nats
3 vs Fish
3 vs Mets
3 @ Fish
4 @ Braves (already clinched)

26 games left against a lot of really bad teams. I could see the Phils winning 14 or even 15 games this month given the caliber of opponents & that the last 4 games with the Braves will be meaningless to the Braves.

76 or 77 games is a realistic possibility and maybe even a bit better. Sure Amaro is ecstatic about being able to spin things a bit differently.

Cliff seems to be more or less mailing it in right now.

Yeah it would be just awesome to screw ourselves out of a fairly high draft pick all so Rube can save his job for another few years.

Why are Ruiz and Young still on this team? You mean to tell me Rube couldn't get anything for them?

3.79 R/G (lowest since '88 when they scored 3.69 R/G)

Ruiz is on the club because they are clearly bringing him back next year. Young...sadly for the same reason and because our GM went full retard.

G'Town Dave said it in the last thread but when a team scores 3 or less runs in 49% of their games, they going to lose a fair amount of games even if the team is actually build around pitching and defense.

As I find myself watching the Braves v. Marlins game, Juan Pierre was sent out to pinch-hit for Chad Qualls, only to be recalled in favor of Greg Dobbs. I'd be hard-pressed to find a more amusing sequence of ex-Phils being trotted out. (The only thing that would've been better would've been if the Braves had had an ex-Phil on the mound.)

Juan Pierre was one of the few bright spots of the 2012 team. He really impressed me with his professionalism, hard work and dedication last year. He might not have been the most talented guy but he's a guy that has made the most of his skills in his career and was a team first guy 100%. I'd kill to have 9 guys on our club with that type of heart and dedication.

It's been a rough year for him in Miami and I have to imagine this is the end of the road for him as a player at Age 35. Seems like the kind of guy that would make a decent coach one day.

M. Young Traded to the Dodgers!!!

No word on what, if any, return we got yet.

2014 projected coaching assignments:
Mgr- Ryne Sandberg
Bench Coach- Larry Bowa
Hitting Coach- Sarge( he auditions for the job on-air 3 innings every game- see mgr & below for real hitting coaches)
1B Coach- Jim Thome
3b Coach- Mike Schmidt
Pitching Coach- Jamie Moyer
BP Coach- Brad Lidge
Historian- Wheels
Wardrobe Coordinator -T-Mac

Doug Granville
Dutch Dalton
Ricky Bo.

In Game Interviewer; None.

Gotta be more entertaining than 2013.

It'll be intereseting to see what the return is and if it is better than Tommy Kahnle & $1 million cash (the return had we given him up at the July deadline to the Yankees)

Never should have acquired M. Young in the first place. At least trading him before the final deadline somewhat mitigates that mistake.

What do the Dodgers need Michael Young for? Even hypothetically, like the Red Sox needed a 3B at the end of July. (Even though Young is by no means a real 3B.) The only thing i can come up with would be as a DH for the World Series, but...isn't that where their having four mashers in their outfield a benefit?

Not quibbling with getting rid of turning him into something. Just utterly boggled at what need the Dodgers think they're going to fill with him.

I agree with NEPP about Juan Pierre being a highlight of last year, seemingly having a great time and making the most of his skills as NEPP said.

Was Young really traded?

Yes, he was traded to the Dodgers about 10 min ago.

NEPP: Completely agree RE: Pierre. Assuming he's interested, I hope he gets a shot as a coach.

Good for Michael.

Gets to the playoffs, but hopefully not past the Pirates to the WS.

On Pierre being a coach: We've basically got Pierre v2.0 sitting around and in desperate need of instruction on route-running and bunting. The Phils could do a lot worse than pay the original to spend a year tutoring Ben Revere.

Perhaps we could do a heart transplant between Pierre and Revere...and maybe have him teach Revere how to bunt, run the bases and do all those little things that kept Pierre in the Majors for 14 seasons.

Michael Young is a true pro. Looking forward to picking up the slack for him.

Per Twitter, Utley's lawn chair has been recalled from AAA to take over M.Young's defensive duties at 3B.

From BleacherReport:
The blame doesn't fall on Young's shoulders, though, as he has had a strong season in the National League. Young isn't going to hit .330 or mash 20 homers in a season at this point in his career, but he is a serviceable player still, hitting a solid .272 with eight home runs and 41 RBI so far this season.

In addition to his experience, Young is incredibly valuable because of his versatility. His skill set allows him to hit pretty much anywhere in the order as he can man the No. 2 hole, thrive low in the lineup or even be a middle-of-the-order guy in a pinch.

Young can also play a number of different positions, which should come in handy down the stretch. The California native has primarily played third base this season, but he has gotten in a few games at first, and he also has a lot of experience playing up the middle at second base and shortstop. It's unlikely that Young will be asked to play middle infield on a regular basis, but he can get the job done if needed.

Can you tell that somebody doesnt actually watch any Phillies games?

NEPP- Rube's 7 yr old scouting reports seem to re-surface every now & then.

The article starts off with this gem: With the Phillies' playoff hopes fading, though, the Philadelphia front office made the decision to deal the popular third baseman to Los Angeles.

"Fading" apparently equals being 20+ games out of a playoff spot.

Per Jayson Stark, we're getting a minor league pitcher for Young.

"Popular"? Respected, I'd say, but popular? He wasn't here long enough to be popular.

Speaking of which, turns out neither of r00b's attempts to get Young-er lasted the whole season. Go figure.

With Michael gone, does this mean in leadoff it's back to Bernadina?

Bleacher Report would be one of my face pieces of evidence that an overwhelmingly majority of consumer-generated content is useless garbage.

Info on 'prospect' rec'd for olde macdonald

More info: The pitcher is a "non-prospect," according to Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times

Sounds exciting.

NEPP-you shouldn't be surprised about bleacher report. I agree completely with MG. bleacher report if complete trash. I tried to follow articles about the Philly teams and the NBA on there (because my friends dont follow sports as much as I do and I needed to talk sports more!) but the articles are just mind-numbingly stupid. The "editors" that approve this stuff literally are just out for page views. I almost feel bad for the "writers" sometimes, but they are just so bad. And if you think the trolls here are bad, check out the comments on an article there! I gave up on that site after a month or so...

VERY happy that Young is gone. Wasn't a bad guy but at least they get something since he was gone either way.

Leslie Gudel: ‏"The Phillies have traded INF Michael Young and cash to the Los Angeles Dodgers for minor league LHP Rob Rasmussen."

LOL...we're actually paying part of his salary. Too funny. That alone makes this trade pathetic compared to the one he turned down at the July deadline.

NEPP: Didn't someone here argue that not trading M. Young in July would actually make him more valuable now? Shrewd ...

No, that clearly never happened.

The bad news on Rasmussen: 0-7 at AAA this season.
The good news: improved to 3-4 after getting demoted to AA.

Makes r00b's Lindbomb deal look like a steal.

Rasmussen was a 2nd round pick so better than nothing, right?

For Justin Moreau -- the twins get Alex. Presley and a pTBNL.

For Young. -- we get. Rob Rasmussen


"For Justin Moreau -- the twins get Alex. Presley and a pTBNL.

For Young. -- we get. Rob Rasmussen"

Is Alex Presley some sort of prize? He's horrid.

So instead of trading him for at least a middling relief prospect and the Yankees paying full salary at the deadline, we waited until August and got a much worse prospect and kept paying Young's salary.

Brilliant stuff there from Rube. And from Clout, of course, who actually advocated for this.

The Twins also got Duke Welker who would be our best bullpen arm.

I didn't expect to get a decent prospect for M. Young -- even if there were one to be had, r00b wouldn't recognize it. What gets me is the money. The Phillies' FO is egregiously inept.

But this is what you wanted right Jack? You wanted Young off the team at all costs. It didn't matter what the phils got. You've stated this already. So this is a net postitive right? At least by your own definition.

LA gave RAJ his choice of prospects: Rob Rasmussen or Yasiel Puig.

I saw the argument. you said that having something in the system was better than having MY on the major league roster. are you rescinding this statement?

And jack, i'm not speaking for clout, but you are just making stuff up. He said that the team COULD get a better prospect for Young in August. you came out and said that no matter what, trading young for a warm body was better than having Young on the team. Now you are saying it's a horrible deal. So what is it?

Once Young said he'd aacept a trade to Yankees in July, Phillies should have done it. There was no other team as desparate.

I hope Young had millions of dollars of advice for Asche for a month.

you are the worst kind of fan. When the team does what you want, you bash them for not doing enough. When they don't do what you want, you bash them for not doing it. which is it mr jack? You said that the phillies were better off trading Young for a warm body. They did so, now you're bitching about it.

So Lindblom/Bonilla and 5 months of M. Young for Rasmussen?

Hard to see how the Phils came out better on that exchange even if Bonilla has been terrible this year and Lindblom got rocked as a couple of starts with Texas (although he has pitched well at Little Rock as a starter).

Amaro did get less by holding on to M. Young for another month.

Kahnle has had huge command problems and has a pretty good chance of washing out & never contributing but his upside is hell a lot more than either of the 2 marginal/non prospects the Phils got.

Basically a LHP fastball/slider guy with control issues and might be a contributor at the MLB level if the Phils get his poor mechanics worked out (Ogando) and an under-sized LHP who has a 3/4 delievery and will probably be in the mix next spring for a bullpen spot (Rasmussen)

Here are a few scouting reports on Rasmussen:

"Rasmussen was acquired in December for John Ely, a net gain for the Dodgers and their farm system. Rasmussen was drafted in the 27th round of the 2007 draft by the Dodgers. He didn't sign and ended up attending UCLA. The Astros popped him in the second round of the 2010 draft and was traded in July for Carlos Lee. Despite being a small pitcher, he's started 53 of 60 career games in the minors. He reached Double-A Corpus Christi, where he didn't fare particularly well (4.80 ERA, 1.40 WHIP, 4.07 FIP). Rasmussen has a four-pitch arsenal, featuring an 89-92 MPH fastball that touches 94, a slider that flashes plus potential, and a potentially average changeup and curveball. Like many lefties, he throws from a three-quarters arm angle. He also has a compact delivery. While he's likely destined for bullpen duty, there's no reason to pull Rasmussen from the rotation until he proves he can't handle it. He's definitely the exception, not the rule, when it comes to being big-bodied starting pitchers."

From Fan Graphs earlier late last year:

"A scout I spoke to about the former UCLA pitcher sees a big league role in his future. “I think he’ll be able to get people out at the big league level but he’s got to get the ball down,” he said. “He’s up to 94 mph with two breaking balls. The little dude works his tail off.” Two concerns brought up were his lack of deception, as well as his command/control issues – although he has few red flags in his delivery.

Because Rasmussen has a short, slight build, it’s difficult to project him as a big league starter, although he’s been extremely durable in the minors by pitching almost 300 innings during the past two seasons. He’s also known for being competitive so he could have the perfect makeup for a reliever. I was given a loose comp to lefty reliever J.P. Howell, formerly of the Royals and Rays. If Rasmussen can find a way to get on top of the ball and create downward action on his pitches, while also harnessing his breaking balls, he could be a valuable piece of the Dodgers bullpen as soon as mid-to-late 2013."

Per Rube notes the Young deal was in the works. He wanted to make sure Asche was at least a AAAA player before pulling.

So to reword my initial take ---

So so Alex Presley and a hard throwing reliever Duke Welker for Justin Moreau

And we got Rasmussen ...

O hooray

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