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Monday, August 12, 2013


I get the feeling this series is going to look like one of those PETA undercover videos of animal abuse.

Maybe Raj can hire their minor league pitching coaches and they could teach how to throw strikes.

This is going to be an ugly, fugly series. Behind early and often, it's going to be quite unwatchable.

But hey, at least the Sixers finally got a new coach! Right??

We can lock up the number 4 pick in the next week or so...

I don't think the Phils will get swept but I don't see more than 1 of 3 here either.

An unstoppable force vs jello type of series.

It should be a good one for the Braves, that's for sure

This crap reminds me of the '76ers '72-'73 season.

Did Ruf look as bad yesterday as the boxscore suggests?

Darvish looking pretty good so far today. Just allowed his 1st baserunner with a walk to Vollar after 5 2/3. 11 k's so far.


jbird. Post of the day.

I'm a little worried that Houston has opened up too big a lead on us for the #1 pick. We definitely need to start Sucking for Rodon, but we're already playing Mini-Mart every day, I don't know what else we could do that wouldn't draw a fine from Selig's office.

Isn't Mini Mac in the lineup? Maybe bat him cleanup?

Thanks Tricky Dick.

Bring Yak back and put him in CF?

Nixon: I feel like we could get away with those types of moves when we could bat _elm_n in the 4 hole the day before we waived him. Now that he's gone, Mini-Mac might just be too obvious.


Cyclic: Ruf had one AB against Strasburg where he fouled off like 10 pitches or something. It was the only one I got to see, however.

jbird, I dunno. Mini Mac *did* get that jack the other day! There's a bit of a fig leaf, no? Having all the pitchers pitch with the off hands might be too obvious. Then again, it's not clear they'd be any worse (at least the BP). Maybe put all starting pitchers on a pitch count of 20 or so, to force maximal bullpen implosion?

Cyclic - Ruf had one really good long at-bat, but it ended with a swinging K.

Darvish no-hitter going to the 8th

Not rooting to be the worst team in MLB, not sure how anyone can root for that.

Darvish is trying to finish what he started on Game 2 of the season...

Thanks, Muuurgh and Jake.

Jake: Is rooting to be the 15th worst team better? At this point, I really want them to have a protected pick. So, they need to be 1 of the 10 worst. The #1 worst talk is just tongue in cheek. But like I said, I don't think we can catch the Astros anyway.

I'm still rooting for the Phillies to win out.

jbird - I would prefer the old and new Phillies find some chemistry and start winning games, finish strong, and carry that momentum into 2014.

Trying to make Hamels versus Teheran into a serious pitching duel is terribly optimistic. It reminds me of all those thread the Mets blogs used to post back when they stank. This is not a pitching duel. It is, simply, the one chance the Phils get in this series to not look like AA scrubs. And unless Cole throws 9 innings? It won't even be close.

I'm rooting for us to win every game, but the higher pick makes the pain of losing a bit easier to bear.

Even if the Phillies have a protected pick for next year who do people want them to pay through the nose for?

Darvish loses no-hit bid and shutout on one pitch.

Jake: Me too! But that's also how we finished out 2012, so maybe it's not a guarantee of future success.

TTI: Raul Ibanez is a FA again!

jbird - It's not a guarantee of anything, but neither is a high draft pick.

To echo what others have said about Ruf, the box score doesn't do justice to that ten-pitch PA, but he also did very much at times look like a flawed hitter who's got several open and obvious holes in his swing that MLB-caliber pitches will ruthles.

Ruf had a pretty brutal series, all told. 1-11 with 7 K's. As much I find Bill Baer an unlikeable prick, his analysis of Ruf was prescient with regard to the Nats' handling of him.

I'm actually just hoping the players who are gonna be here in 2014 finish strong and/or provide reasons for positivity/hope going forward. Couldn't care less about W's or L's at this point.

A win in a game where Young and Martinez collect 3 hits apiece but Brown, Ruf, Asche combine to go 0-12 doesn't do much for me. I'd prefer a loss with good games from B/R/A.

Er, ruthlessly exploit. Fission mailed while typing.

Jake: You're being insufferable again.

Also, what was Ruf's OF assist like?

jbird: thanks a ton on that update on Servino. I've read that no non-MLB player has a chance to hit his curveball, but did not see that he was also ramping up his fastball velocity.

Cyclic - I agree, but I want to see more than just good hitting & fielding from Ruf/Brown/Asche. I want to see hustle, clutch hits, game-winning rallies etc.

jbird: You're being a troll again.

Jake: we get it, you want the Phillies to win every game they ever play. hoorah hoorah, you are the coolest and most loyal fan ever. Moving on...

What is more valuable to a franchise? A winning month of September or the #5 overall pick in the draft?

I don't know, lore. Ask me again in 5 minutes. Depending on which personality is in charge of the body, your answer may vary.

Thanks, Jake. Not too shabby.

Hustle/clutch hits from Michael Young, Michael Martinez, John McDonald, Casper Wells, and, to a lesser extent, Rollins, Mayberry, Frandsen, and Kratz really don't mean anything to me at this point.

but Casper Wells is the future!

lorecore - The choice is a strong finish with the rookies proving they can contribute to a winning team, or a miserable final stretch that would indicate we have zero to look forward to in '14. I'll take the former, over a pick 3 spots higher.

I think they should tender an offer to Honey Boo Boo.

Cyclic - I meant I want to see that from Ruf/Brown/Asche specifically.

Crashburn had this.

Phillies starters since the ASB:

Cole Hamels: 4 GS, 24.0 IP, 2.67 ERA, 17.4 K%, 5.5 BB%, .309 BABIP
Jonathan Pettibone: 2 GS, 10.0 IP, 5.40 ERA, 10.2 K%, 14.3 BB%, .389 BABIP
Cliff Lee: 3 GS, 17.0 IP, 5.82 ERA, 26.0 K%, 6.5 BB%, .404 BABIP
Ethan Martin: 2 GS, 9.1 IP, 6.75 ERA, 21.3 K%, 12.8 BB%, .333 BABIP
John Lannan: 4 GS, 20.1 IP, 7.52 ERA, 9.2 K%, 11.2 BB%, .347 BABIP
Kyle Kendrick: 5 GS, 24 IP, 8.63 ERA, 12.5 K%, 5.0 BB%, .400 BABIP

BABIP really jumps out. That's some bad defense.

Can't see why they've had no success with those sterling SP numbers.

Win or lose, I hope they show something approximating a pulse tonight.

If we lose out, and Brown/Ruf/Asche finish with OPSs of .800-.850, that would make me feel a lot better about 2014 than say, if the team started winning at a .650 clip riding the scorching hot bat of Michael Martinez.

I understand that if B/R/A are doing well, it will likely contribute to wins, but it's just my opinion that the actual W is secondary.

Jake: "troll", I do not think this word means what you think that it means. Also you seem to be misusing the word "again" as well.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 36s
Phils unsure if Howard will play again this season. Not hitting. Conditioning in Clearwater. Dropped 15 pounds, Amaro said

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 2m
Laynce Nix refused triple A and has been released.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 2m
Halladay to pitch Thur in Gulf Coast League. Might only need 2 rehab starts if all goes well, Amaro said

Since Nix refused triple A assignment maybe ha can join Polanco, dobbs, Qualls in miami and the marlins can pass the phils too. I'm glad we didn't trade KK whwn he actually had some value. Another good job by RAJ.

jbird - I believe personal attacks qualify as troll posts, I could be wrong on that.

I knew I had read/heard somewhere that there was a chance Howard wasn't coming back.

Good to hear about Halladay. Thanks, GBrett.

I 100% believe Kendrick's struggles are related to his concussion.

Shut him down.

Those SP numbers help explain how a team can be this bad. We already had a disaster of a bullpen and shoddy defense, now the SP is worthless. A quick glance on

Before the break our pitching staff had an ERA of 4.04. We were hitting .257 with an OPS of .714.

Since the break, our pitching staff has an ERA of 5.62. We are hitting .225 with an OPS of .640.

Villar has made 4 errors already in 16 G (15 GS).

Ramirez leads MLB with 18 errors in 116 GS.

I know errors are a crappy measure of defensive performance but what team is going to tolerate 40+ errors from their SS a year?

Anyone else agree with lorecore's loony assertion that we should be rooting against Halladay being successful this last month?

I can kind of see what he's saying looking at those great numbers from the starting staff. Much like the bullpen coming into this year, they can probably just roll as is with the rotation they have now and be just fine.

Cyclic I agree! Just another indictment of the medical team.

Worse than the way the Phillies have been playing is the this whole Jake vs fake Jake vs Jbird vs lorecore stuff. It's stupid, it's nonsensical and it has been in every thread now for the past week plus. It isn't even Phillies related. It's just them trolling each other.

If Roy does well in Sept,how many years will RAJ guarantee?

Just checking: Do the Phils still stink?

RBill-- To answer that, maybe someone will start a twitter similar to this...

I don't blame Nix for refusing assignment to Triple A. I'm probably in the minority, but I think he could be valuable for someone. He had a great first part to the season last year, got hurt, came back slowly and revived little to no playing time. This year, he got little to no playing time. At least not consistently.

I'm not saying the Phils were in the wrong in not playing him, or that they were wrong in releasing him. I think he's still a decent enough ball player to catch on somewhere and help someone. Right move by the Phils and the right decision by Nix, IMO.

Cyclic: That Twitter is hilarious. Thanks for that. It gave me a good chuckle. Well, I didn't laugh aloud, but I breathed a little heavier out of my nose a few times, while smiling. That's laughter to my kind.

If your a 1mil/5th OF type you shouldn't expect a lot of playing time. But really want player that we expect to get a QO do you want?

I forgot to include the news that Pettibone will also make a rehab start, pitching Thursday in Reading.


Bad pitching, bad least we can't say that the one is letting the other down. Except when Cole pitches these days, in which case we are definitely letting him down offensively.

Our defense and BP aren't winning us any games, either.

I look at tonight's with an upbeat attitude gentlemen. It' one game closer to the end of this nightmare of a season. The only thing I look forward to as some of you do is the play of B/R/A.

I'll laugh if Nix gets picked up and plays 2 to 3 times a week in a platoon and does well.

CS's 605 post reads more like an MG post.

Santana has a career 0.79 RBI/BB. Not even on the radar.

Santana walks way too much for Amaro's taste. But outside of that, he's 24 years old on a team friendly contract on his way to an OPS over .800 (and a oWAR over 4). He isn't going anywhere unless Amaro plans on giving up some internal organs.

Iceman's scouting report is 3 years old.

But I agree. Santana won't be available.

TTI: before the deadline I was defending Jake (while disagreeing). I also barely posted over the weekend. I'be barely directed anything towards Jake since the deadline. So I have no idea what your talking about.

Then what non-FA Catchers do you target?

Jason Castro?

jbird - I was mixing you up with jr. before. Sorry about that.

Amaro signs Chooch to a three-year deal that includes a prescription for Ritalin this winter. Book it.

My guides is Chooch on a 1 year deal.

Everybody is talking like MG tonight.

It's OK. I forgive you.

They aren't gonna get this thing in, are they?

How am I supposed to get through the next 3 hours of work without any bad Phillies baseball to watch?

I 100% believe Kendrick's struggles are related to his concussion.

Shut him down.

Posted by: Cyclic

I doubt they shut him down. They haven't even tried a cortisone shot to the brain yet.

24 years old? Haha. I have the same scouts as Amaro apparently.

It could be that Kyle just misses Roy. has it clearing around 8-9

Dang. Sox are idle tonight, so I was hoping to have something to watch. Hopefully they get it in...

"Cortisone shot to the brain"- Dickie Thong

That made me laugh.

Can I say I need a penis transplant?

Braves say 8:45 first pitch

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