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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Matt Gelb: ‏"What was said wasn't necessarily written," Roy Halladay said, although what he said was printed in full.

Doc has a grip on reality which can be described as tenuous, at best. No wonder r00b loves him so much.

Doesn't surprise me that Halladay issued another statement.

I thought that headline was over-the-top, and I can understand Halladay's disgust. I didn't read that into his comments at all, but hey, we all know journalists never do sh8t just to get hits on their sites...

you know, like writing things such as misleading headlines.

Bernadina is an upgrade over Mini-Mart but you could say that about a ton of AA/AAA players too.

Halladay's now on the phone with Cito Gaston explaining his comment that he liked Manuel better than him, that he just wants to make up for his comments. He will call Gibbons, Tosca, Buck Martinez, et al. and tell them the same thing.

I assume GTown was there when Doc gave his interview and can confirm that his comments were taken down verbatim.

MG, let me do an edit for you:

_____________ (fill in ANY player's name) is an upgrade over Mini-Mart, but you could say that about EVERY AA/AAA player too.

Hey, Roy, what am I, chopped liver?

2010 -- 272.2 IP
2011 -- 249 IP
2012-2013 -- injured

1st and 3rd highest of his career. 2nd highest was 266 in 2003. He got injured in 2004.

Halladay may want to rethink his love for Charlie.

I hadn't read Halladay's entire comment, because who cares? But in reading it in full, it's pretty clear his crapping on his teammates and not Charlie.

The headline that he 'endorsed Manuel's firing' pretty much completely misses the point of what he was saying, so I'm not surprised that he's pissed.

Any clarifications from Doc on the callous firing of Mini Mart?

Also, BAP's grandstanding comments on Bernadina in the last thread made me feel dirty and actually have me reconsidering my position on the signing.

I'm just sick of them adding mediocrity after mediocrity and I think it points to the larger problem of the organization having no eye for talent, but if it's just a temporary replacement for Mini-Mart, I don't care.

I saw no where in those articles where Doc endorsed Charlie's firing. That was way off base. I get where Doc was trying to respect managers. His comments were accurate but maybe he should of thought of how they would be taken.

That's a little disingenuous. You compared seasons with playoff innings against one without -- what, is Charlie not supposed to pitch him in the postseason?

And 10-11 were two of his best years, with the benefit of the pitcher's slot in the NL, and in which none of us noticed sign of injury or ever remarked about how inefficiently he was pitching.

Iceman got it on point. Not sure why the Philly media didn't get it. Oh yea.....stirring the sh*t pot sells more.

Tomorrow's headline "Sandberg stabs Manuel in back"

I assume GTown was there when Doc gave his interview and can confirm that his comments were taken down verbatim.

Halladay's statement was recorded, & happens to be available on CSN's website for all to see & hear.

Now, sniping has broken out over a broken down pitcher and a fired manager. The Phillies need about a zillion young and talented baseball players to replace the dreck on the current roster. Maybe then the comments of a potentially cooked starting pitcher wouldn't amount to a hill of beans.

Bummer. I really liked this team when they were on the rise ('05/'07). There always seemed to be something to look forward to. Now we wait for Doc (may have pitched his last as a Phillie) to "make nice" with Charlie (just fired a few days ago)? Geesh.

You know what would be fun? Fire Amaro, and hire Oakland's Assistant General Manager David Forst. At least I'd learn about how a smart GM picks his players.

Bernadina is an upgrade over Mini-Mart but you could say that about a ton of AA/AAA players too.

Posted by: MG | Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 05:35 PM

Most organizations probably have a AAA player better than Roger Bernadina, but the Phillies don't.

As for BAP's turkey-sh*t vs. dog-sh*t analogy: I don't buy that at all. It's basically the "25th man on the roster doesn't matter argument", which I'm pretty sure I've seen you (correctly) pick apart here in previous years. An 80 OPS+ guy replacing a 35 OPS+ guy is not a negligible difference. It doesn't really matter since the team is out of contention and there are only ~40 games left, but an improvement from 35 OPS+ to 80 OPS+ isn't nothing.

I'm a little more sympathetic to the "middle finger to the fans" argument, but what is Amaro supposed to do, stop making incremental improvements because all of his big decisions flopped? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Oh good, RAJ is on the pregame show. This ought to be interesting.

"As for BAP's turkey-sh*t vs. dog-sh*t analogy: I don't buy that at all. It's basically the "25th man on the roster doesn't matter argument", which I'm pretty sure I've seen you (correctly) pick apart here in previous years."

No, it's not the "25th man doesn't matter" argument, which I despise (although, if I were ever inclined to make it, it would be when we're 21.5 games out of 1st place).

To substitute stat-head terminology for the terms dog sh*t and turkey sh*t, my argument was: we replaced the worst player in baseball with a player who is merely below replacement level. What exactly is there to applaud about the acquisition of a player who is worse than replacement level?

"Halladay's statement was recorded, & happens to be available on CSN's website for all to see & hear."

And it's very clear that the entire comment was not simply an "endorsement" of Manuel's firing. Just because Matt Gelb told you what to think on Twitter doesn't mean you actually have to believe it.

BAP: Bernadina has 2.0 WAR in his career in ~4 seasons (~0.5 WAR/year). Martinez has -1.4 WAR in parts of 3 seasons (-0.5 WAR/year). That makes Bernadina something like a 1 WAR/year improvement. Again, this doesn't matter that much for a bad team, and again, this doesn't really warrant applause, but a 1 WAR improvement on a bench player is non-negligible.

As for the replacement-level thing, Bernadina is at -0.2 WAR this year, but he was worth 1.7 WAR last year. The truth is somewhere in the middle - I wouldn't call him a "below replacement level" player. Besides, it has been obvious this year that the league-wide replacement level is a poor approximation for the Phillies' system's replacement level.

Michael Martinez is probably replacement-level at the AAA level.

DH: Well, ok, he's slightly better than replacement level (I misread his Fangraphs page). Given the pathetic realities of the Phillies' situation, I suppose you're right that the move is unobjectionable on its face. I just can't help but view it as part of an ongoing pattern of absolute bottom-fishing (i.e., Carrera, D. Young, Mini-Mart, McDonald, Wells, etc.).

That's an insult to replacement-level AAA players everywhere.

Did Wheels say that Utley can be "impish "

Way to give the run right back, Clifton.

did they ever practice how to defend a butt?

Yo Jordan, not even going to make an effort?

I almost expected Dom to dive for that and miss it, resulting in another run.

Did Wheels just say that he misses Charlie?

Phillies reached their three hit limit early. I guess we can proceed w/ our evening now.

> did they ever practice how to defend a butt?
> Posted by: Now Back to Baseball

I think they only teach that in the prison leagues.

What is the over/under on Clifford ending this year with an era over 4. If he throws all his pitches down the middle, wont take long.

"What is the over/under on Clifford ending this year with an era over 4."

I think you just set the over/under yourself: by the very premise of your question, it would be 4.

Rollins' new approach to hitting is inspirational.

of fvck. they gave berny babe's #3.

2013 OPS:

Freddy Galvis: .637
Jimmy Rollins: .636

Congrats to Ichiro on his 4,000th hit in professional baseball. I wish I had gotten to see him more often in person. One of those rare players worth the price of admission all by his lonesome.

> What is the over/under on Clifford ending this year with an era over 4.


I think Ichiro might just stick around to try and get 3,000 hits in MLB. He's only about 1.5-2.0 years away on the outside and he's had a decent season in the Bronx.

Ichiro is a great player, but non-MLB stats don't count.

Kratz is making it increasingly difficult for me to keep singing his praises.

2 days in a row . . .

Our dynamic duo in the OF strikes again!

Anybody mention that Heyward has a broken jaw?

That guys been almost Howardesque the last couple of years with injuries keeping him off the field, though getting hit in the face isn't exactly "age-related".

Brown and Mayberry need a competent CF separating the two.

Dom & Dumber.

Has anybody ever complained about Rene Lachmann screaming at their kid?
If he pulled that sh-t with my kid, concerned about his toilet habits and yelling at him how to live, I would have fired that ball back at him. It's not funny or cute, it's creepy.

If Roger Bernadina is "going to play" and Ben Revere is going to be back in 2014...then why exactly is Cesar Hernandez still playing CF in AAA? For the fun of learning a new position on the fly?

Move him and Galvis up to the big leagues on September 1st. Trade Michael Young for a bag of balls before the playoff-roster deadline. DFA John Mac Donald yesterday. Move Utley over to 1st base in September (a nice way to rest his knees a bit too) and let Hernandez and Galvis get reps at 2B and when Rollins needs to "rest" (or has just sucked so bad, he needs to hit the pine) you can use Galvis at SS.

Sounds like Pettibone will be shut down for the year. Probably not a bad idea anyway to save miles on the arm. He'll be in the mix for the 5th starter spot in 2014.

Sad: Wheels & T-Mac seemed to think it was the funniest thing ever but I kind of had the same thought as you.

i wouldn't of thrown the ball back at him but that was extremely creepy and made me feel very uncomfortable. felt really bad for the kid i mean he looked scared as hell.

GTown - Just saw your comment last thread in reply to "Does anyone remember laughter?" - "Yeah, didn't Rube ban that in the dugout earlier this year?"


Crazy and baseless prediction: Rollins goes yard here.

Crazy and baseless prediction Rollins gets a hit

The pitcher must have thought he was going to go yard too. That's why he didn't throw anything remotely close to the strike zone.

Going back down to Lehigh Valley to play a little left field. Be back September 1. Dom's a real butcher out there.

GBrettfan: Glad it sparked a smile.

Great AB Young....blah

Young with a clutch GIDP, at least he's consistent.

Why couldn't he just strike out...

So glad Young will be back next year.

Signing professional hitters has killed the Phillies.

Cpt. Obvious says: MYoung has been very frustrating to watch.

That rally went sour pretty fast.

For a normal team, getting only 1 run out that would be considered sub-optimal. For the Phillies, it feels like a cause for celebration.

Hey, remember that time Amaro deliberately chose to keep Michael Young on this team instead of trading him for something at the deadline?

That was brilliant stuff.

Even when this team scores, its unfulfilling. Like a 3 am last resort fling

MLB Tonight conversation:

Harold Reynolds- "The Phillies are a team I wouldn't want to play down the stretch."

Mitch- "I would".

The 6th inning is generally when Nicasia has run out of steam this season.

Hitters are .378 .451 .600 against him in 51 PA. 14.46 ERA, 2.37 WHIP.

Will they let him take the hill next inning?

IN 23 games, Nicasia has only made it into the 7th twice.

Follow this if you can:
The Phillies are pressured to DFA Delmon Young, a conservative black man. Then they win a blow out victory and Charlie Manuel, a southern Christian uses the phrase "Chinese Bandit". George Soros and his liberal hordes make the Phillies fire him just as this future HOF manager reaches his 1000th win. This triggers the Egyptian armed forces to persecute the Muslim Brotherhood and arrest the President Morsi .....surely at Obama's behest to cover his tracks. Ruben Amaro hears about this and calls in some favors allowing Hosni Mubarak to be acquitted. The Assad regime uses chemical weapons on innocent civilians in Syria. The Phillies attempt to win two wins straight, one a "complete game".
You expect us to believe this?

To show the level of productivity (TM) on the 2013 Phils, Mayberry is now 2nd on the team in 2B's and is 4th in HR's.

GTown, b_a_p, denny b. and Jack all posting on this full moon August evening. Yea, the team flat out stinks (I think I win the # wins contest with my many-times rescinded prediction of 65) but the game is tied, and it's good company.

Plus Mayberry is first in near collisions caused by Dom's out-of-control cluelessness in left.

For all the talk about building the team around pitching, defense, and Production (which I always presume to mean HRs a& RBIs), this team does none of those well.

It would be one thing if Amaro actually built a team like that--that team would probably look something like, I don't know, the Cubs. The Cubs are 5th in defensive efficiency, 7th in HRs, but middle of the pack overall because they hit for average and don't get on base (and because their pitching sucks, so the analogy only goes so far).

But Amaro just built a team that sucks at everything.

This guy just keeps pouring fastballs in there, and we've managed 2 runs in six innings?

With his hit earlier, Asche is now back above the Martinez Line.

The Glenn Beck thing actually made me laugh.

I want to very much like John Mayberry, but ABs like that make it incredibly difficult.

Chris Davis hits dinger #46, a moonshot that bounces out of the stadium:

With all the PED distractions this year, id love to see him reach 62 and for MLB to celebrate it as the new HR record.

I need you to think, not laugh. I am trying to save the Western World. Don't let the liberals and God mockers take over the NL East. You have to listen to Rene Lachman!

This team is really hard to watch. I find myself just occasionally checking in on the game rather than actually watching games nowadays.

Amazing how this team can even alienate the diehards.

The Roger Bernadina era is off to a glorious start.

Oh yeah. Bernadina is gonna fit right in w/ this group.

From the "simple pleasures" file, Cody Asche continues to have been worth the call-up just to have a 3B who can make routine plays.

OMG, XBH for JRoll!

Young is pulling off. No chance.

Juums - I too have enjoyed watching Asche make those plays. Don't miss padmy out there.

This Outman guy is a former prospect right?

Just checked, he was one of the guys traded for Blanton.

Speaking of Kentucky Joe, he was on the worst MLB players list along with Ibanez (and Michael Young).

What a great game. Steady pace.

De Fratus is just one of many of the sucktastic relievers on the roster this season. Sheesh.

Franske was so bored earlier tonight that he thought Mayberry was up (when it was actually Dom Brown).

Do we really have to go back and look at the season predictions? I think I predicted a 83-79 season and no playoffs. Didn't think things would get to this level, but I kinda thought the window was already closed last year.

Bernadina gets up there and hacks at the first pitch in his debut. And hits a weak flyball for an out. Fitting debut for anyone wearing #3. I guess that's why he is hitting in the .170's for the year and got dumped by Washington, huh?

To make you feel a little better, here is Franco's minor league line so far in 2013 (between A and AA):

.315, 33 2B's, 27 HR's, 93 RBI's and only 58 K's.

Rube should have traded him at the deadline for Steve Cishek.

Somewhat surprised its only a 1 run deficit.

On the one hand, it sucks that the go ahead run scored.

On the other, score one outfield assist for Darin Ruf. Well done.

This team stinks right now. I predicted 92 wins if HHU stayed healthy. Obviously that hasn't happened, but like many others here, I never thought they'd be this bad.

They're just a bad baseball team right now, and the only reason to watch is to see what the young guys might do.

Except for the bullpen, which is absolutely agonizing to watch.

It's like having someone stick pins in your eyes.

Nice throw by Ruf. He's already better than Dom on fly balls and good to see he's got an accurate arm. Keep Dom in left where his damage might be minimized.

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