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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Well, it looks like Sandberg found a way to get RHH in the lineup. Make sense.

RHH are .287 .361 .449 .810, lifetime, 241 PA

LHH are .246 .297 .333 .631, 74 PA

His minor league splits indicate similar results.

From the sidebar article on Dom's Achilles (from Salisbury):

Brown’s Achilles injury is different than the one Howard had.

“He blew his out,” Brown said. “Mine is just lingering. Everything looks good. It’s just sore.”

* * *

Maybe I'm just paranoid due to that terrible image being burned in my brain, but I feel like the Phillies are far too casual about Dom's Achilles soreness.

Welcome back in 2014, Michael Young. It is an honor to be your backup again.

GBrett, I agree. This season is lost and we know the kid can play.

Why risk his and the team's future at all.

Then again, the cast of characters running the joint are r00b and the FOols...

Bernadina Q,s
Does he have his sunglasses? More important does he know how they work?
Does he get as many games as Delmon to prove he adds nothing?
Will the Bernadina line replace the Martinez line?

Mini Mart's latest line:

A ninth-inning rally was capped off by a walk-off single from second baseman Michael Martinez, and lifted the IronPigs to a 5-4 win over the Scranton/Wlkes-Barre RailRiders Friday at PNC Field in Moosic, Pa. Martinez led the IronPigs from the plate as he went 2-for-4 with three RBI and a triple.

I'll see you, in September...

Gah! From Brookover:

Sandberg indicated that Brown would be available as a pinch-hitter for Saturday's game.

"I hope it's not a thing that lingers for the rest of the season," Sandberg said. "It is something we're going to get checked out when we get back."

GBrettfan: Unreal.

Dear Dom Brown:
Originally, Howard's Achilles problem was just soreness, too.

Presley for Morneau smart trade by Pirates.

Wow, they're really going to keep pinch hitting Brown on that achilles. I thought I'd seen stupidity in my life, but the Phillies' handling of multi-million dollar players/assets is astounding. And on a continuous basis.

I am having a hard time believing that Michael Young is still a Phillie. I can't tell you how much I want to see them remove him from the game in the third inning and all shake his hand, while congratulating him on being traded to a contender.

Another Spring training lineup. I'm finding myself more interested in the football games, and football bores me. Poor Cliffie. I don't think there's any chance he's still hanging with these losers a year from now.

The Phillies stink, but Lee still needs to pitch better than this.

Ruf makes Howard look like a contact hitter.

Frandsen seems to like Wrigley Field.

Missing most of the game for family outing to Spy: The Exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Enjoy the game, BL! Go, Phillies!

On the pre-game show Ricky Bo gave MYoung a grade of A for the season. I have a feeling that come 2014 he'll still be in pinstripes.

Meanwhile, it's reassuring to know that even with an uncertain bottom of the rotation our second ace is efficient, accurate, and in control.

"On the pre-game show Ricky Bo gave MYoung a grade of A for the season. I have a feeling that come 2014 he'll still be in pinstripes."

Say what? Maybe at the ASB you could have made a case that M. Young had an 'okay' season but he's been a complete zero in the 2nd half:

.231/.306/.323 (.629 OPS) with 2 HRs in 36 G and atrocious defense to boot.

MG, it stunned me too, especially because Ricky Bo isn't typically rah-rah. He was also notably very negative on Frandsen.

If I'm a glass half empty kinda guy, Ricky Bo doesn't believe there ever was a glass in the first place. It's amazing to me that he would be so blindly high on a player, even M. Young.

I mean c'mon, Ricky ... M. Young is a nice guy & all, but 'A'?

9th error? That should be about the 29th error.

"A"? For $16M?

Michael young butchered a play that inning and cost Lee about 15-20 pitches and another run,

Mayberry's fielding and hitting have cost Lee as well.

Why didnt we make a few trade like the majority of non contender this past week?

we need a more depth in the of next year

I actually much prefer Orr in the field to RFD, based on Orr's start the other day.

each team is gifting runs too the other team...

How the hell wasn't that an error but Rufs was???

Gary Matthews has ruined any respect that I had for him as a player with his inane commentary. He should be an embarrassment to the organization.

I want to get some insight from someone, but have to turn down the sound when he's gargling his way too long, boring "insights."

When the house is cleaned on the off-season, he too needs to go.

M. Young really cost the Phils $6M and 2 prospects who have struggled this year.

You don't need to be a saber guy to see how awful his defense at 3b is. Simply has no range anymore. Huge mistake to bring him back in any capacity.

LA calling out the range difference between Young and Asche, said that ball Asche would have had with ease.

If they are going to play Young & Fradsen, as I been saying all season, swap them. Stick MY at 1B and Fran at 3B.

small cliffee showing up today?

"Young dives can't get it." Ugh.

Gary Matthews has ruined any respect that I had for him as a player with his inane commentary. He should be an embarrassment to the organization.
I want to get some insight from someone, but have to turn down the sound when he's gargling his way too long, boring "insights."
When the house is cleaned on the off-season, he too needs to go.
Posted by: mainrob | Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 05:52 PM

10,000 plus losses = Sarge commentary

Amaro house cleaning = putting old moldy rug in the basement until you need it again and buying a 19.99 rug for 85.00 and putting it under the nicked up coffee table you found in the frat house trash.

i guess the new car smell --err-- new manager attitude has worn off - back to the old CM feeling & 'team' effort

Well the one good thing about the Cubs series is that the teams seem fairly evenly matched. If nothing else, the score is close.

Cliff isn't having his best day, but that's a pretty small strike zone he' working with.

Crap Defense + Crap Cliff = well, today's game.

can, "always look at the bright side of life".

Any reason Cliff is still in there?

Another subpar outing today from Lee. Pretty underwhelming 2nd half from him.

Any reason Cliff is still in there?

He hasn't quite reached the 125 pitch minimum.

I guess Ryno could predict Lee would limit the damage.

Lee just hasn't had his typical fastball control in the 2nd half including today. Defense really hurt him but he wasn't sharp from the get go.

It is hard for pitchers to have good games when the hot corner is manned by a rooted tree with a glove.

Looks like strike zone has expanded for Villanueva

Lee was on there because the middle relievers on this team are pretty terrible. Lee is also managing for his future too.

Lee hasn't been quite right since right around the time of his "stiff neck" missed start.

Lee still walked 3 guys in 5 IP and had trouble from the start throwing strikes.

Lee is coming off back-to-back very good starts before this one.

Lee threw quite a few pitches that would've been strikes in any other game.

How was that strike three to Lake? It was right down the middle!

Phillies - Rated no.1 by Self Diagnosis and Home Surgery Quarterly. No. 1 in ignoring your performance, not getting in the way if you want to play through injury and make your performance bonuses. The fast and loose No Trade Clauses are an added bonus.

"I wish I played for the Phillies, I could have skipped the DL and all that BS associated with going to the team doctor and following a team protocol. Peace. If only I subscribed to SDHSQ."

"SDHSQ subscription, a big bag of chaw and a good tractor maintenance plan, that's all you need."
-Roy Oswalt

The best part about the end of the 6th is always the fact that Sarge disappears. Even when the 4th-6th are relatively fast in real time, the narrative just drags on and on and on.

Clearly the BABIP Gods continue to disfavor Ruf. Or maybe a tip should genuinely be tipped to Gillespie, because that was a very nice catch.

Notwithstanding that, the Legend of Babe Ruf's looking rather tarnished of late. Assuming that was his last PA and there's no rally in the 9th, he're his last two weeks:
13-59 with 4 HR, 1 2B, and 6 BB/24 K; which is good for a .220/.292/.441 slash line. And the most depressing part? One XBH in the past week, and that was in the 18-inning game with the D-Backs on 8/24.

If the slump continues, the slash line will get more brutal the longer the XBH drought continues. It's always depressing to see good hitters struggle, as while it's clear the rest of the league's gotten the book on him, a not-insignificant a portion of it also seems to be the work of the fickleness of the BABIP Gods. (As demonstrated today with Gillepsie.)

The Phillies certainly have their pitching issues, but I imagine it's difficult for any team to be a winner while scoring 3 or less Runs in 49% of their games.

The Phillies certainly have their pitching issues, but I imagine it's difficult for any team to be a winner while scoring 3 or less Runs in 49% of their games.
Posted by: GTown_Dave | Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 07:38 PM

How dare you, troll!

Replace Sarge with Charlie Manuel!

So...we can trade John McDonald for a fringe prospect but not Michael Young?

BTW, McDonald was traded to the Red Sox for a minor league pitcher about 15 min ago.

MiniMac to Sawx.

Great minds, eh....
Wondering why the Sox actually would give up anything, including a bottle of Gatorade, for MiniMac.

He's versatile.

When you see a player like McDonald play, you appreciate his professionalism. You cretins still don't understand how he sticks around so long. You judge before he played here.

Real clout or fake decide.

John McDonald, we hardly knew ye. Not that we cared to.

NEPP: Why would the Phillies trade M. Young when they're just gonna re-sign him anyway?

Shame mini mart be traded. -- could have gotten that Gatorade

The sox get versatility

Kind of ironic that among all our players who are longing to play for a contender, the nod goes to arguably the one who has contributed the least (and has the least potential)

Yesterday -- the cards get Axford from Milwaukee

If the phillies were smart then we offer to eat a good portion of salary --
(For next year) and trade Jon papelbon away from here -- the attitude adjustment would have been welcome in the clubhouse.. And we might gotten a decent prospect from the cards

I'm going 'fake clout'.

.174/.208/.304 with 1 HR in 25 PAs (23 G) for Minimac and not a discernible MLB-caliber baseball skill left at this point including the ability to sac bunt. How vets like this stay in the league baffles me.

Phils included cash in the deal too and Galvis is coming up tomorrow anyways so he became redundant.

Guess Amaro is taking a chance on a scratch-off type reliever prospect but it will be charitable to call the guy they get a 'fringe prospect' I bet.

Btw Too bad Raj ain't that forward thinking...

Just how much salary are the Phils going to eat to move Papelbon? Hell alot easier said than done.

2.20 left til the playoff roster trade deadline

Still can't believe that M. Young is on the roster still.

Don't understand keeping M. Young either. If the Phils could even get a 'Horst' type reliever who might help them next year, it's a no-brainer. Rather see that guy pitch out of the bullpen in Sept than stiffs like Miner or JC Ramirez.

Sadly you kind of have to assume Amaro wants to bring back M. Young in some capacity next year. People will howl if he does but in this case it will be entirely justified. He's done unless he can be a part-time 1B/DH in the AL somewhere next year.

Pirates are kicking the cr@p out of the Cards early. Excellent. Hoping they sweep.

Last week, the Cards fans booed 'Pirate Parrot' and you even had a few drunk guys kicked out of the stadium the one night for threatening & yelling obscenities at him.

If that kind of nonsense went on at a Phils game, there is a chance it would have been reported nationally.

I meant two weeks ago when the Pirates were in St. Louis.

Just how much salary are the Phils going to eat to move Papelbon? Hell alot easier said than done.

I was thinking the same. From what I read around the time of the non-waiver deadline, other teams are so down on Papelbon it would take a prohibitive amount of cash to get rid of him ... & that's entirely on r00b for buying a player the Phillies did not need at a ridiculous price.

I think MG hit the nail on the head: Mini-Mac got shipped for the Red Sox because, with roster expansion, there's a much better internal option to be back-up SS. (Or, arguably, the starting SS prior to Rollins' finding the Good News of the All-Mighty Walk.)

Michael Young wasn't moved because, for better or worse, he's indispensable at present. As, for a team whose offense dreadful, he's got the third highest OPS on the club. (Minimum 200 PA; Ruf just misses the cut-off, but with him, Young becomes #4.) There's also no ready way to replace him on the field: While he's dreadful defensively, with Asche and Dom dinged up, you need another warm body who can do something of MLB-caliber to run out there every day.

If the goal is to get as close to .500 as possible -- which, really, is the only thing RAJ has left -- then logic dictates you can't deal Young at this point, because the blow would cripple an already fragile offense.

It sounds like Phila will become a wayward home for unwanted, overpaid, injured, or washed up baseball players who are in the twilight of their career ; that maybe would not have a home anywhere else in the majors..

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