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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Explanation for why no JRoll:

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ 4m
@philliesfan1000 Just a day off.

Finger makes a good point, too. It's not like Jimmy's been hitting better than Martinez. Sad to say.

Contrary to my handle name, why not call up Hernandez and let him play the rest of the way?

No Rollins? Dang, we might get shut out for the first time in at least 18 hours.

Wow, knew Jimmy was struggling, but those numbers are putrid. .252 OBP since the break? It really does seem true that as he goes, so go the Phils.

So you sub in Mini-Mart. But then you give him the most at bats? W. T. F.

Sandberg appears to be so far from an improvement as to be laughably bad. When the Phillies fire his butt, he will never get another job.

In re: the video clip? I think guys from the bullpen, if they want to look serious, ought to walk out with broken bottles and lead pipes.

"It really does seem true that as he goes, so go the Phils."

I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the manager -- whoever it is -- always bats him leadoff.

Sorry. Did I say "walk out"? I meant "saunter menacingly."

Cesar has been hurt and doesn't play SS.

CS - Mini-Mart has been s****y and doesn't really play SS either.

"Martinez is 4 for 17 in his five starts this season.

Hey, why not?"

The above is a classic example of throwingsh8t against a wall and hoping it will stick.

mini mart is a sh8tty baseball player, not even AAA level.

The fact that r00b Amoron has him on this baseball team speaks volumes as to his competence as a GM.

Frandsen is horrible at 1B and SS, but you'd improve your defense by moving him to SS, putting Ruf at 1B and playing Mini-Mart in RF. Instead of having 3 players who are horrible on defense at their positions, you'd have one.

Dom's showboating in that video would make Reyes and Ramirez proud. Geez.

Does nobody in good for Ruf to play 1B the rest of the year.

The Albatross will be back in 2014 and he can only play 1 position.

Ruf should be in LF, but he should not be at 1B.

Every time they allow Ruf to play 1B, he does weird sh!t like throwing the ball to 2B.

Why bring up Hernandez and Galvis when you have John Mac Donald and Mini Mart instead. You need to get those two plenty of time to see what they can do at the big league level. They are HUGE parts of the future.

I have a weird feeling that we'll win today.

Good points, clout. Although SS is the more important position of the three defensively. Asche probably plays a better SS than Fransden, so maybe we should go with your idea except to flip him with Cody on defense.

MM already paying dividends defensively.

At least Martinez is a great fielder.

Mini Mart fail #1.

Didn't take long for Mini-Mart to f*ck up.

Asche would have had that one. For that matter, Fransden may also have.

As LA said, the Phillies defense has been "atrocious" and isn't helping our pitchers' ERA .

Nice recovery by Hamels to tag Ramirez. That could have been another goof.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 3m
First pitch: 1:37 p.m. First boos for Michael Martinez: 1:40 p.m.

Hamels made a nice play but I have no idea what Frandsen was doing.

Every time they allow Ruf to play 1B, he does weird sh!t like throwing the ball to 2B.

Posted by: Jake | Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 01:36 PM


Sweet jesus I laughed for a good 2 minutes

Any of us could have filled out a better lineup than this. Especially to get better defensive coverage.

I read this tweet to my kids today:

Jeff Passan ‏@JeffPassan 12h
Phillies now have worst run differential in the NL: -105. Only Houston at -176 is worse. Phillies' payroll: ~$160M. Astros' payroll: ~$13M.

My 13-yr. old daughter said: "Wow, they're paying so much for nothing."

What a terrible lineup
What terrible defense
What a terrible offense*

*Assuming this one but I doubt I'll be proved wrong.

Martinez already showing himself to be a superior leadoff hitter to Jimmy.

"Two quick outs." How many times have we heard that this year when the Phils are at bat?

Thx to the folks who bought tix today on stubhub to not force me to watch minimart Leadoff and play SS. Tipping my hat already to Nolasco. over then.

TMac made a point of using Ricky Nolasco's full name, which turns out to be Carlos Enrique Nolasco. Would Harry have done that? Useless information as far as I'm concerned. Didn't even realize before that the guy is Hispanic. Didn't care to know it either.

At least Sandberg should try to be creative.
I agree that Frandsen is probably terrible at SS but at least he might be on the team next season and Phillies need a backup SS. This way Sandberg can prove to himself that Frandsen is not a option at SS for next season. Cesar Hernandez has not played there either so that means Phillies will need another terrible hitter to ride the bench to backup SS next year. Getting either Frandsen or Hernandez as an emergency SS would certainly help the bench get a better hitter next year.

HK would have done it if he were a Phillie and he would have drawn it out making it sound like the greatest name in baseball history.

"Struck him out on a great fastball by Carlos En-REEK-kay NOOOO-lasssssss-cooooo!!!!!"

But you sir are no Jack Kennedy.

Phx: I'm all in favor of creativity, but Hernandez is terrible at 2nd & Frandsen is terrible at every position he plays. Why in the world is there any reason to believe that either could play an even semi-competent shortstop?

Why not bat Asche leadoff. He's the guy who needs the most ABs anyway.
(Plus put Mayberry at 1B and Frandsen at SS and Martinez to ride pine with McDonald. At least callup Pete Orr instead of Martinez. Ugh.)

I think you meant to say Martinez rather then Frandsen BAP.

Maybe try Ryan Howard at SS when he's healthy know, just to make sure he can't handle it. Ruf should get a shot too.

I'd also like to see a game where Ruf is at SS and Howard is at 2B.

Imagine those DPs around the bag.


Frandsen doesn't play SS. He is a 3B/2B and 1B thanks to this season.

Galvis will be the backup SS next season too.

Haha on the Ruf-Howard middle infield combo. Which scenario would terrify Ryan more, 4-6-3 or 6-4-3?

Maybe Ryan could actually throw to 1B when he's at'd all click for him and he'd suddenly be a GG level 2B.

Make it happen, Ryne.

I wonder whether Martinez 'plays' SS either. Per BBRef Frandsen played 25 games at SS in 2011 and 3 games at SS in 2012 in the minors.

I am not an expert on the minor leagues but thought Hernandez was considered an above average 2B but did not have the arm for SS. Hernandez has not played SS (1G no chances this year) since 2007 in VSL so I would assume he would not be very good but I'd rather Phillies tried him there than in CF.

Would be ironic if minimart knocked the first run under Sandberg. Great trivia question if it happens.

Perfect! because minimart should never be the answer to any trivia question.

I assume Phillies keep Frandsen as backup 2B/3B next season. Hernandez is out of options so I assume he will be on the 25man. I guess he is a 2B/CF. I also assume Mayberry is better than other backup OF options and he is a CF/1B. Add a backup Catcher (likely Kratz) and that leaves only one bench spot left. If a backup SS is needed then that spot goes to Galvis. So the primary lefty PH would be Hernandez, if that is the 2014 bench.

Certainly bench players are replaceable but who should the bench be for 2014?

I love Franzke & LA with their snark and sarcasm.

Franzke: "What a surprise that the Red Sox and Yankees have been selected for Sunday night baseball. And you know that'll be a quick one."
LA: "Yeah, it shouldn't take more than 4 1/2 hours."

TMac made a point of using Ricky Nolasco's full name, which turns out to be Carlos Enrique Nolasco. Would Harry have done that? Useless information as far as I'm concerned. Didn't even realize before that the guy is Hispanic. Didn't care to know it either.

Posted by: limoguy | Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 01:55 PM

Who cares what an old dead wino homer announcer would do? HK was a hack.

Anyone know the record for scoreless innings to start a managerial career. My guess is Sandberg now owns it.

I can't believe batting Michael Martinez leadoff hasn't led to a veritable avalanche of Phillies runs.

Still no runs, huh?

Adderall must improve pitch-blocking abilities because Chooch's has been nothing short of atrocious this year.

"Anyone know the record for scoreless innings to start a managerial career. My guess is Sandberg now owns it."

Posted by: docjoe | Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 02:33 PM

From ESPN:

"Ryne Sandberg's managerial career hasn't gotten off to the greatest start, as the Phillies have been whitewashed by the Dodgers in each of his first two games at the helm. Only two other managers in major-league history have seen their team get shut out in each of their first two games in charge, one earlier this season (Mike Redmond for Miami) and one in the first year of the National League, 1876 (Jack Chapman, a player/manager for Louisville)."

2-0 for the Phillies is like 12-0 for every other team in baseball.

Why is the wild pitch huge, TMac? Once the Dodgers scored their first run, this game was already decided.

If Mini-Mart is the answer, you're asking the wrong question.

Awesome rock. Now I have something to root for. Historic futility for this team.

Seriously. If you were an all-star caliber pitcher for the Phillies right now, would you want to pitch at all? Would you want to give it your all? Would you fake an injury so you wouldn't have to?

I mean, really. I don't want to pitch for a team that has Casper Wells in the line up and has Martinez leading off.

This is pure s**t. Thanks to Ruben Amaro Jr. who has personally ruined this team.

Put the homunculus at SS? Sure! What could go wrong?

I can't seem to find a box score for that 1876 game, but the Marlins scored in the 2nd inning of Redmond's third game. So Sandberg has established, at the very least, the modern record for consecutive scoreless innings at the start of a managerial career.

That stuns me, actually.

Good to see Sandberg making history.

If either of these managers were to activate themselves, who would be the better option in 2013?

Donny Mattingly
Ryne Sandberg

Please provide an explanation as to why.

The injuries have certainly taken their toll.

In fairness, r00b did a decent job improving an already WFC when they won moe games from 2009 - 2011.

But he has done an atrocious job since then in finding even a modicum of talent that can fill in if someone gets hurt.

Absolutely atrocious.

This is what leads me to believe he's not the kind of GM that is a good enough talent evaluator to actually build anything or rebuild what's broken.

Yep, maybe he's a decent caretaker, but right now it looks like that's his ceiling as a GM.

That's Ruftastic.

He'll be cut for breaking the streak.

A run?

What is

Alright Ruf!

And Sandberg's record is now in the books - 21 and 2/3 scoreless.

That was a great swing. Took a down and away pitch & somehow yanked it out.

Per Twitter, Ruf is going to be DFAed after the game.

Of course I sat Ruf today for my fantasy team. Ugh.

Case in Point:

HTF do you keep Ruf in the minors when you had _elm_n playing RF?

How do you do that and call yourself a good evaluator of talent, when everyone with even a layman's knowledge of the game and a set of eyeballs could see it was a mistake? How?

Ruf just ruined for me. Back to not watching.

awh, there's validity to the theory that Rube unnecessarily improved on a team that was already well positioned to make it to the playoffs from 2009-2011 at the expense of what we're seeing now.

Said more succinctly, he mortgaged the future for a nominal payoff in the short term.

Yeah but we had some fantastic 7 year old scouting reports that Chuck LaMar brought with him from when he was fired in Tampa (fired for being a terrible evaluator of talent but that's beside the point)...How can you not roll the dice on those?

Which is to say that I don't think RAJ is a good GM for a rebuild or to provide maintenance for an already established team.

Cole must be really, really happy for all the run support.

What's really going to be interesting to see is whether any FA's are going to want to sign to play in Philly with the team this bad and Charlie gone.

At least Ruf drove in the 1st run for Sandberg not minimart.

Wait, is that a joke that Ruf will be DFA'd?

Normally I'd say, of course it's a joke! But holy smokes, today I can't tell.

***Said more succinctly, he mortgaged the future for a nominal payoff in the short term.***

He inherited a fully paid off mansion from his parents and then took a mortgage out against the property to go on a 3 year coke and hooker bender.

Now the bank is calling for their loan repayment and all he has is a couple of nasty STDs and some sores he can't explain.

Joke, unikruk...just a joke.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Michael Young doesn't make that play.

NEPP: Sanberg looks like he's at least a couple inches shorter than Mattingly, so I'd go with him, since his smaller strike zone would give him a marginally higher chance of working a walk than the manager formally known as Mr Baseball.

NEPP, I like your analogy better.

Sandberg is actually listed as an inch taller than Mattingly...6'1" to 6'0" per

I'll go with Sandberg. I wouldn't want Mattingly playing on my time, in light of his constant refusal to shave his sideburns.

"He inherited a fully paid off mansion from his parents and then took a mortgage out against the property to go on a 3 year coke and hooker bender."

Posted by: NEPP | Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 02:58 PM

Well, it should be mentioned that they were aging veteran hookers.

D Young: 8 HR in 291 PA
D. Ruf: 8 HR in 137 PA

Another fine decision by Rube to give Young nearly 300 PA.

Fatti, that's an interesting point.

So far, none of the talent RAJ traded away has really done anything at the MLB level, so it's not like he traded away a really special player....

unless... you view the first Lee trade to Seattle as a colossal blunder. In hindsight, that may very well be the case.

Had both Halladay, Lee and Hamels been on the 2010 roster, he wouldn't have had to trade for Oswalt, and the outcome of that postseason may very well have been different.

We'll never know, but I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees that they would have done just as well getting three bags of balls from Seattle for Lee.

Again, that goes straight to the evaluation of talent by the scouting department, doesn't it?

"D Young: 8 HR in 291 PA
D. Ruf: 8 HR in 137 PA"

Another fine decision by Rube to give Young nearly 300 PA.

Posted by: NEPP | Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 03:03 PM

D Young: 2.21 RBI/BB
D Ruf: 0.93 RBI/BB

awh, yeah I don't know how different things would be had we not traded FOR Lee, Oswalt and Halladay, since, as you've stated, none of those guys has appeared to be a difference maker.

You're right, in that the talent evaluation over the last half decade has seemed to be, for lack of a better word, shitty.

I guess I'm just speaking against the idea that RAJ displayed some sort of managerial "skill" by taking a World Series winner that had won 92 games, and, through the trade of pretty much the entire minor league system, increased that win total to 102. Regardless of what those players traded away did, it just wasn't necessary, since this team, especially given the division of those three years, was probably going to contend for the postseason in all three seasons, without those additions.

Also, it's the first Pence trade that still eats at me, to this day.

"Another fine decision by Rube to give Young nearly 300 PA."

r00b apparently makes his decisions with a hope and a prayer. At the time of the signing it was widely ripped here on BL because it was pretty obvious what kind of player elmn was/is.

But r00b and the rest of the FO(ools) thought they were smarter than everyone else - thought they knew better - because of a 7 year-old scouting report.

Well, that's a sign of either immense hubris and arrogance or immense incompetence.

Or, a hope and a prayer.

If they were creating an 'Franchise All-Time Crappiest Players' list Mini-Mart has to be on it as a bench player.

Utley's defense has really declined this year. Just doesn't have much range and even on balls he gets to he has muffed a bunch of them.

That's not a PO with Howard at 1B...he would have either not thrown to 2B or thrown it into LF.

Puig doesn't strike me as the a baseball player with a high baseball IQ. He has made a couple of baserunning/fielding blunders in the games with the Phils this year.

Curious to see him everyday.

I love Utley and Rollins, but I've been disappointed by their defense this year. Not always - they can still make fine plays - but I can see the diminished range, and the errors! 15 now for Utley, 9 for Rollins. Especially disappointing is Utley, who's played in around 250 fewer innings than Rollins.

Puig is too busy showboating most of the time. He needs to knock that crap out.

Very low baseball IQ so far.

"You're right, in that the talent evaluation over the last half decade has seemed to be, for lack of a better word, shitty."

Fatti, and the missing piece has been Mike Arbuckle, perhaps?

Look, even some of the core players of the great 2007 - 2011 run were just dumb luck.

Howard was a 5th round pick and they had no idea what they had. How good could their minor league scouting and development have been? They went out and signed Jim Thome even though Howard was already in the system. Is that a sign that they were projecting Howard to become what he did? Hell no, they got lucky.

Victorino? He was a Rule 5 who got sent to the minors and managed to turn it around, so there was some luck involved there.

Werth? He was a Gillick pick-up who Gillick was aware of from his time in Baltimore. The Phillies home -grown talent evaluators had nothing to do with that.

Sure, give them credit for Rollins, Hamels Burrell and Utley, but they were all 1st or 2nd round picks and highly regarded before the draft, so it's not like they discovered gold that no one else knew about.

Fire Ruben Amaro.

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