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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


***Could John Lannan and the 53-66 Phillies actually be the ones to snap those streaks?***

No...I'm gonna go with No.

Aw, man. I posted something at the end of last thread, but I don't want to be a "Repost from last thread" kind of guy today.

It was about replay. It really wasn't that good. Just thought you all shold know.

Back to this thread?

OK, Comcast has to be screwing with us now.

so Corey got deleted? Jordan oneupping Corey's power move!

Comcast is to Beerleaguer like Ruben Amaro Jr is to the Phillies.

Welp. There goes my post about OBP.

"Comcast is to Beerleaguer like Ruben Amaro Jr is to the Phillies."

Well put.

Lannan will get rocked tonight. At least 5 runs in 4 IP. DFA him already, he stinks out loud!

I'm a big fan of the Over (8) in tonight's game. Mostly, because if the Phils win, they'll need to put up at least 4 or 5, and the Braves are a good shot to put up all 8 by themselves against Lannan and the bullpen.

BTW, was shocked to hear that DeFratus was third on the team in appearances, behind Bastardo and Papelbon. I mean, with Cholly as the manager, how does Paps have more appearances than JD????

Who has had the most impressive 2013 in the Phillie-verse?
Dom? Clifton?
I nominate someone who not only knew when to quit but knew to not even step onto the field (at least metaphorically) for this annus horribilis...
Jason Weitzel!

Since real baseball is hard to talk about right now, how about an abstract thought experiment?

From Deadspin today:
"If there was a baseball player who hit 14 uncatchable foul balls in a row before flying out every time that he came up to bat, would he be on a major league roster? Would teams be willing to take the out to significantly increase the pitch count of the opposing pitcher? Assume he has average defensive skill."

"Comcast is to Beerleaguer like Ruben Amaro Jr is to the Phillies."

Word, NEPP. Word.

Speaking of Seidman, he had this to say about MY today:

"The power hasn’t been there, although it was for a 49-game stretch spanning June and July, when he slugged .466. Phillies fans like to make fun of Young’s third-base defense, which has been below average but not atrocious. And he’s been the one Phillie who has had a consistently solid approach at the plate all season, taking pitches and working counts. He’s been the Phillies’ best leadoff hitter, too."

This just in: he doesn't watch the games, either. Or had an intern write that.

Big game for Lannan tonight! 7IP 1ER

Hey, unikruk

We only have the interns act as on-air talent, cameramen, editors, Internet staff, electricians, carpenters, plumbers....

Riding the pines again. For Mayberry?

Love r00b and the Phils but this is getting bad enough to force a guy to consider all his options in free agency.

By the way, I say you absolutely give the 14-foul, .000 OPS guy a roster spot, but just save him for certain situations. Playing a rookie on a low pitch count? Bat him 9th. Stud opposing pitcher has thrown 90 pitches through 5 2/3 scoreless innings? Pinch-hitter. Playing the Phillies and into the bullpen in the 7th? He'll be walked or HBP.

Gotta be honest, when I think of the "no-hit/14 foul ball" guy, in theory I can find value. But then my mind goes to "so what if Mini Mart just hit a bunch of foul balls every at bat?" and I reverse my initial line of thinking.

***Phillies fans like to make fun of Young’s third-base defense, which has been below average but not atrocious***

That is insulting to the fans that actually watch.

I'm sorry, I don't believe Mr Lanolin will be successful tonight...

Nixon: La...Lanolin? Like sheep's wool?

MYoung's defense is worse than "below average" but I wouldn't call it "atrocious".

Teams in MLB (the Phillies) don't hire people to watch current games and people think MLB will hire replay people to specifically watch them?

Is there really a level between "below average" and "atrocious"?

Talking semantics at that point. Its safe to say that he's among the very worst defensive 3B in the game right now.

NEPP - Ty Wigginton was "atrocious" at 3B.

Ty Wigginton was "worse than atrocious" at 3B.

NEPP - lol, point taken

Just like Delmon Young was "worse than atrocious" in RF. There's terrible and then there's a level beyond that level that only Ruben Amaro Jr is able to find in a defender.

I think the Phillies post All Star Game record is atrocious.

Speaking of DYoung, he refused assignment to AAA today and officially has been released.

What if a "good character guy" with a reasonable contract posts a 102 wRC+ on a 53-66 team that struggles offensively and that team's fans want to trade him away for nothing? Then his defense if atrocious.

*is, of course.

It's shocking no one picked up DYak off waivers but he could bat 5th in our lineup and play RF everyday. Ruf should have started in LF and Dom in RF from day 1. Unfortunaly, RAJ and jake are the only 2 who believed this team could win so RAJ lef Ruf stay in AAA.

docjoe - If I had been posting on BL since Opening Day you would have seen me advocating Ruf in LF & Dom in RF, growing pains & all. I hated the DYoung signing from the moment the news broke.

This tweet last week made me laugh:

Aaron Gleeman ‏@AaronGleeman 9 Aug

Now that he's available you've got to think the Phillies will be interested in Delmon Young.

Regarding the Casper Wells stuff from last thread: he's 28 and a league-average bat with a plus-glove at all 3 OF positions. I've been among the biggest Mayberry defenders here; I have to be a Wells defender for the same reason. He is a capable MLB backup OF. Lumping him in with Michael Martinez shows either a lack of nuance, or an ignorance of anything but the last 70 ABs.

Why did they even try to get Delmon Young to go to AAA? Shouldn't they have just released him? What the hell was he going to do for the Phillies in Lehigh Valley, provide a veteran clubhouse presence?

I get that everyone is pretty downtrodden and negative on this team, but if there's one silver lining to be taken away from all of this, perhaps we can throw out that whole "the Phillies are a 2nd half team" fallacy for good now? Granted, the last few seasons, yes, they've been a "2nd half team." However, you have to acknowledge sooner or later that a, this isn't the same team and b, that's not exactly something that's sustainable. The color and font on your jersey doesn't automatically dictate how and when you 'heat up' and 'cool down.'

Hoping next year we can debunk the "slow starter" fallacy, as well. To build, run and explain away a team's plan on these myths is some pretty awful business sense.

Wow, check this FanGraphs board out (courtesy of a post on MLB Trade Rumors):,a

Delmon's horrifying line is 10 times worse when you note the guy all the way at the bottom as the best defensive RF. I'm certain that number is inflated by the weirdness that is Fenway, but still.

Jordan beat Corey in arm-wrastlin' fair and square. Same reason why Clarkie and Coatsey kept their jobs as long as they did. This Kompany is based on survival of the fittest.

What do all the pessimists think the Phillies' record would be right now if they had a Ruf-Revere-Brown OF to start the year?

Assume everything else happened as usual, besides Ruf getting a few more starts at 1B with Howard out, putting Mayberry/Nix in LF.

I'd be hard pressed to believe they'd be any worse than 13 under.

$5 says Komkastic Kustodian gets banned before fake clout.

"Two blog posts get entered, only one blog post remains"

Good enough for Thunderdome, good enough for Beerleaguer.

Cyclic, personally I believe (and have since ST) that if you put the maximum available talent in the lineup, even in the most optimal form (Cholly's lineups aside), that this was pretty much a .500 team. So, I'm with you. I don't think they'd do much better than they have already. That said, I also agree that Ruf/Revere/Brown isn't much of a dropoff.

Essentially your question is one that points to the quality of management of the roster (Cholly's sandbox). I think the issue actually lies with the talent on said roster to a MUCH greater extent (that's all on Rube).

Well, that's the entire stupidity of Delmon, isn't it? His best-case scenario was about what I'd have predicted from Ruf in a full rookie season.

Reminder: Ender Inciarte was the 5th OF on the 2013 Phillies opening day roster.

Word around the office says Charlie does give a rat's tuckas (That's Virginian) any more.

Doesn't give a rat's tuckas.

Reminder: Ender Inciarte was the 5th OF on the 2013 Phillies opening day roster. - Cyclic

For having a $170m payroll, the 2013 Phillies certainly have been a who's who of Who?

Word is Seidman tested positive for PEDs. Out the rest of the season, could return for playoffs.

I mean, if Ender's presence wasn't a sign of things to come, I don't know what was.

Doesn't give a rat's tuckas.

Tell me more about this Rat Tuckas fellow. Can he hit 4th?

RAJ on the GM Show now. Should be some good listening...

LOL Some caller straight up told him he should resign.

Haha, "Joe" telling RAJ that he should resign, then RAJ saying that most fans don't understand most things that occur, is pretty much your 2013 Philadelphia Phillies in a nutshell!

RAJs explanation of Brown still in LF and Ruf in RF is so baffling.

"Who is responsible for Darren in " Good question

My face ---> O.O

After listening to the explanation of Brown in LF

Caller 2 telling RAJ to "please use his influence" to flip Ruf and Brown in the OF.

I'm assuming this will likely be the last time Rube does the call-in show this season...

Corn, don't you understand that moving Brown back to his original RF position would "mess him up?" I mean, the move to LF is single-handedly what got him to the All-Star game!

They don't want to mess with Browns mind by moving him to RF but at the same time they will play "a rookie" in Ruf in a completely new position because they want his bat in.

Then RAJ explains well ideally yes they should flip flop but ^ back to the above.

It was a "mutual" decision for Brown in LF still too.

Gotta wonder if Darren's struggles are because he is in a new position.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for TBag calling in, trying to disguise his voice, and slurping Rube to change the tone of this segment.

Oh, Howard hasn't been healthy "the last couple of years," but he's getting better and getting in shape now, so we should be all set next year!

@CS Gee I wonder.

Its not like this happened before..o wait, it did, when they were flip flopping Brown between LF and RF.

Stick the guy in the position he was learning in AAA. That was the whole reason he stayed down in AAA so long ( besides Delmons presence ) was to learn LF so they can get his bat in the lineup.

I mean its like this is some outrageous option. These are legit, common sense options lol.

Any sliver of motivation to defend Amaro on anything- even things that, in the end, I agree with (Wells over Susdorf, for example)- was smothered to death with a pillow in that interview.

The guy has had to actually speak and explain what he knows about the game the last two years and he has shown himself to be way out of his league. Hell, if I talked to him at a bar thinking he was just some random fan, I wouldn't take him seriously.

You have to assume at this point that every rational decision he makes is purely dumb luck. I look at the Revere trade and wonder how he managed to pull it off. The reason for the Pence debacle is becoming more and more clear.

Before that Revere trade I honestly thought they were going to move Worley to the pen.

RAJ couldn't wait to get done with that pregame radio show. We learned he lives RFD's versatility. He will be a phillie forever.

How haven't any BLer's called in and asked about "Production" yet? And when he gives the expected answer, maybe mention the dynamic that Murphy alludes to in his earlier tweet:

"Darin Ruf is 3 runs scored away from tying Delmon Young. Despite 167 fewer PAs (Psst - it's because he reaches base)"

Do they think Ruf has a higher defensive ceiling than Brown? Is Brown so bad defensively that LF is all he can handle? Either of those reasons would be a better explanation than: "Dom was an all-star in LF, so we're keeping him there".

I think it's pretty clear why Ruben Amaro Jr. wants to keep Ruf in RF instead of LF...

RBI/BB as LF: 0.25

RBI/BB as RF: 6.00

Now that's what I call Production™!

Jake...go look back at the reason they put Young in RF.

RAJ went to say during one of these shows that he was basically a disaster in LF so they moved him to right thinking he could play there.

They pretty much contradict themselves.

Wish someone would have asked why did they bother with Ruf in LF in AAA if they never planned on moving Brown back to RF in the first place.

Maybe we should have tried D. Young at shortstop after he showed he couldn't play RF?

Any way to find out whether any team has ever DFA'd more players that went unclaimed? And if we haven't already set the record, there are a whole bunch of Rube's Stiffs still on the 25 man.

I'm less concerned about the dudes who went unclaimed than those who will inevitably go unclaimed yet are still clogging up space on the active roster (looking at you Mini Mart!). At least those guys who went unclaimed were eventually jettisoned.

Do the sheer number of these non-major leaguers coming through Philadelphia mean that Rube is particularly bad at evaluating talent, or is it a consequence of his policy of spending most of the payroll on a handful of players?

anthony - Rube let Schierholtz go to keep Nix on the roster. He let Grilli go to keep Danys Baez on the roster. Two examples of many. He can't evaluate talent.

Well, that's the entire stupidity of Delmon, isn't it? His best-case scenario was about what I'd have predicted from Ruf in a full rookie season.

Actually, what the Phils got from elmn was close to the best case scenario. Seriously. The guy is not a baseball player, just a big guy who is strong enough to occasionally hit the ball hard.

I don't mean to be a kibitzer or a kvetch, but it's spelled "tuches", and it's Yidish.


Yiddish has two "d"s in it.

"Under-appreciated for his sharp baseball acumen, Martinez was constantly providing helpful advice to his General Manager. In probably his most famous discourse, he enlightened Mr. Amaro on human nature: 'Sometimes you can't be everyone's friend,' he expounded, 'No matter how nice you want to be, it is not possible to fill a team with players you feel sorry for. Sometimes, you simply have to let go.'

"Amaro was said to have wept openly when he let Nix and Young go within a week of each other. It helped, however, to have the comforting shoulder of his guru available to him."

- from "Life of a Baseball God" by R. A. Marrow II

casper's career BA is .235. not exactly a league average bat. he started his career on a high note, playing 39 games for detroit in 2010 and batting .323. it was all downhill from there.

Little known fact, Elmn is one of the few men in the world who doesn't like the letter d.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 8m
8:55 first pitch, Braves say

Since Dom improved his defense in left this year from atrocious to merely below average, you can't blame r00b for not wanting to mess with that by sticking him in right. Not everybody can have my versatility.

Oy vey! My Yiddish spell checker is acting meshugge. I really fercockted that last post.

Stop. Just stop digging yourself in even deeper.

hard to believe there was a time when our 4th outfielder was wes covington. mach brought him here with the promise that he might finally get to start every day. it never happened. if iirc, wes had a gaudy high BA during the collapse of '64.

I don't know how to feel about Delmon Young speaking Yiddish.

Play ball!

the same way i'd feel about henny youngman rapping.

"Play ball!"

Posted by: GBrettfan | Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 08:51 PM

Do our 2013 Fightin' Phils know how to do that?

Every once in a while, rockaintdeadyet. (Good one!)

with a slick field, it's buntin' time.

bullit: 96 OPS+ for his career - not quite league-average but pretty close.

I feel like I always end up defending mediocre players here more strongly than I should. Mediocre players are useful. Wells is a useful backup and is nowhere near the Martinez/McDonald tier.

Myoung the speed demon.

One of these lines belongs to our leadoff hitter, the other to Delmon Young:

.252 .307 .343 .650
.261 .302 .397 .699

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