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Sunday, August 11, 2013


The last thread was close...I almost didn't get a gif/jpg in there. Need to be inspired to be honest.

Game On!

For those of you concerned with the state of Beerleaguer, I just want to say it is a work in progress. All the stuff you used to like...we are getting rid if that. We are working on more of what you like from the new site. Just talk and we listen. More aliases.More Real and Fake clout. More mockery of the team and fans. And the price...only $39.95 a month.

Oh come now. Mockery of the team is as old as them losing ball games. I mean, Phils fans have had to stay sane somehow for the past 120 years.

On the team's present woes, I'm reminded of a comment Longenhagen made over at Crashburn Alley during the brouhaha after Michael Young was traded for: It was that Bonilla was one of eight or nine guys at AA and AAA who threw the ball hard and had spotty control. My initial thoughts remain pertinent: "1) It's good that we're dealing from organizational depth here, but isn't that a rather excessive stockpile of guys who have plus stuff but trouble throwing strikes?; and 2) As relievers are more volatile than any other position, then the success rate for relief prospects should be more of a crapshoot than normal for prospects, so surely one of those guys should put it together over the next season, right? ...right?"

Thought #2, of course, remains pertinent only for its bitingly cruel irony. (I suppose the one silver lining to our bullpen woes is that at least Bonilla, Lindblom, and Schwimmer have all gotten lit up this year, so we don't have the specter of another Grilli hanging over our heads.)

Thankfully, going out to an early dinner with friends so I wont be tempted to watch yet another train wreck.

Feels like a loss . . .

Good post kom kas. I thought it was me but Beerleaguer is in just as big of a decline as our Phils are. I am usually just a lurker, I don't usually comment, but I am so disappointed in the direction this site has taken. It is time for one of you young guys to start a new Phillies blog. I have been looking around the web when I have time for new Phillies content. If any of you all have any suggestions I am all ears.

Only 2,628 to go to catch Ripken.

Huzzah. Another day with a lineup the features the two guys who need to be getting the most reps possible over the remainder of the regular season batting 5th and 6th, respectively. Which got me thinking: What would a lineup look like that tried to give the young bats and success stories of the year more PAs, while at least passing the laugh test as far as lineup construction goes?

This is what I managed to come up with:
1) Utley
2) Ruf
3) Asche
4) Brown
5) Young/Frandsen/RHB 1B/OF not named Ruf
6) Rollins
7) CF(if CF = Mayberry or Wells)/ C (if not)
8) C (if CF = Mayberry or Wells)/ CF (if not)

Certainly won't strike fear into the hearts of other teams, but it at least makes it easy to decide when to tune in.

I feel a big loss coming on.

Only reason I can see Charlie starting martinez AGAIN is a final F U to Amaro. There is no other sane reason for it.

Its not an FU to Amaro, since he probably thinks its the right move.

Already a sense of doom amongst the Phils fans here

He* being Amaro, the guy who keeps promoting MM

Mini has the distinction of making Revere's throws from center seem good by comparison.

Also, this lineup has no prayer vs Strasburg.

I'd start MM the rest of the way...because FU, that's why.

Bob M. - Didn't all the Phils fans expect a loss even before the game started?

I'd start MM the rest of the way...because FU, that's why.

Looks like we want a protected pick.

Are any of us going to miss baseball this offseason? Will there be a feeling of excitement in spring?

I meant if I were UC...I mean, I'd play the pieces given to me by the GM to make a point. Especially as I know my managing career is over anyway.

GBrett - I believe even the most wretchedly pessimistic fans are excited every Spring.

Of course baseball will be missed. Bad baseball is still preferable to none at all. (Baseball with English color commentary, at any rate. I'm sure you can find winter ball telecasts relatively easily, but I'm also sure they're in Spanish.) And there's always something to be optimistic about over the off-season.

Of course, if and when RAJ proves me wrong on that subject, I expect to be reminded of this post.

I always miss baseball in the winter...even in the late 90s/early 00s I missed it and I'll miss it this off-season too.

GBrett: most yep...I was under a crazy illusion that we would scrap a few runs across and hold a lead

Just listened to that stands dude, tmac, and wheels extoll all the virtues of mini on the TV broadcast. Just threw up in my mouth a little.

I always love baseball but the Phils haven't been the same on the radio since Kalas/Ashburn.

Not watching the game but just have the audio feed while I get some things done.

Kalas and Ashburn were good in the 80s. In the 80s I imagine a good chunk of us were in grade school. So of course things are going to be different.

Yet another mediocre outing by KK...Its starting to feel like 2012 was a career year for him.

6.09 ERA in his last 10 starts coming into tonight.

4.68 SO/9
1.72 BB/9
2.73 SO/BB
.795 OPS against
1.457 WHIP

During that time period.

Not exactly solid.

Not exactly the best defense behind him either. Remember one start he got charged with a few runs when they should have be unearned because of errors on MY

That's very true too. He'd look a lot better with a good defense behind him.

He doesn't rack up the SOs so he needs guys to make plays and get to balls.

I'd finally started to believe in KK being a really pretty good pitcher this spring, but he's unfortunately been reverting to more along the lines of what I'd expected of him in years past.

Although let's see how he does. He's got a few innings left to pitch. Maybe he'll manage to hold the Nats to 3 runs in 6 IP like Lee did yesterday - which is pedestrian for Lee, but not bad at all for KK. Just not the "ace" pitching he dazzled us with at the beginning of the season.

I have a feeling if you tallied up the "earned" runs given up because of poor defense (but not poor enough to be charged with an error), the number would be as eye-popping as the Losses Attributable To The Bullpen number.

M.Young only has 8 registered errors on the year so far. There was one game he committed 3 but none were registered.

Here's a funny stat:

3B UZR/150
Michael Young: -17.5 (4th worst in majors)
Ryan Zimmerman: -21.2 (worst in majors)

I suppose you all are right and I'll be missing baseball before the 2014 season starts. I remember that last year I was not sorry to see the season end, but by February, I was missing it.

I'll probably feel like anything can happen, too. I'll definitely hope for a better season than this one, and believe it possible - because this is dreadful.

Looks like KK just pitched out of a bit of a jam.

NEPP I don't know how well you can trust UZR/150.

It has Frandsen at -49.9 for 3B in only 33 innings. I'll admit I don't know jack about UZR/150 but I know Frandsen is a better 3B then Young lol.

He did, indeed, limoguy. He needs a few quick innings now. Something like 6 outs in 12 pitches such as Roark achieved v. the Phillies yesterday would be quite nice!

Its very borderline in SSS obviously. To be honest, you need 2-3 years of data for it to make a meaningful rating on a guy. I just found it funny that it has M. Young and Zimmerman as about the same.

If you look at Zimmerman's 3 year numbers, he's at -7.4 (3rd worst among qualified 3B). He has really fallen apart at the hot corner of late. This is a guy that legitimately used to be pretty much the best defensive 3B in baseball by a good margin. Add in his case of the yips and its kind of sad to see.

and yet Young kept being trot out to 3B while Frandsen was put in a position he never played ( 1b ) even though Young has played 1B in past ( recent ) seasons.

It really is like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing when it comes to this team.

Young has a career UZR/150 of -11.5 at just under 4000 IP. He's epically bad at 3B as we can all see just with the eye test let alone defensive metrics (which agree with the eye test in this case).

I would have played Young at 1B in Howard's absence, and I'd have kept him in the lineup most of the time.

KK has been terrible since his 'mild' concussion was diagnosed July 1st.

7.11 ERA in his 6 GS coming in this since then and all of his peripheral were terrible (1.67 WHIP, 4.5 K/9, 2.0 BB/9, 2.3 K/BB, .326 BAA, 6% swing and miss).

Can't help but think that because the Phils didn't think have a viable alternative that they kept in the rotation instead of putting him on the 15-day DL.

Another well-advised medical staff decision.

Seems every groundball is off an infielder's glove.

Its not like athletic activity is bad when you've suffered a concussion.

Oh wait.

Does KK look as bad today as LA is describing him to be? Keeps saying everything is up and he can't locate anything

And people suggested Utley at 3B?

Given where the Phils are at, that last AB by Ruf was at least something to be a bit positive about. While he ultimately lost the battle, there's plenty of good to be had in taking a guy like Strasburg through a ten-pitch PA.

That WOULD happen. We were speaking of defense earlier?

Wow, heads up play, Kratz. Most of the guys on this team clearly don't give a sh*t any more.

Crud, Buttermaker!

The suckage is unbearable

I hope that Kyle's concussion isn't still affecting him, MG.

On the other hand, it would give a reason for this.

Atta boy Ruf. Picking up Kendrick who can't buy an out.

This is exactly what i was talking about NEPP with KKs recent ERA. This defense has been putrid lately.

Mercy rule if the Phils are down by 7 or more after 5+ IP?

I think LA is about to take up drinking Bob Uecker style from 'Major League'

if some of these guys are playing for jobs they are unaware of it.

Is it really on the bottom of the fifth? This is interminable.

This really bites the big one being a Phillies fan right now. Thr front office had built up the Phillies reputation as a place that everyone wanted to play. It's all been flushed down the bowl based on this year's play.

Mini Mart says, "I'll play in Philly." all the while thinking, "It pays better than being an Iron Piggie."

Well, TTI, the ones who're sleepwalking their way through are those who've already got big, fat guaranteed contracts. And given this team's philosophy on playing time scaling with contract size, their jobs don't seem to be in danger.

Last year's top Phillies draft pick Shane Watson has been sidelined with shoulder issues since early July. Following an MRI this past week, the Phils have shut down the righty hurler, who turns 20-years-old on Tuesday.

If this team were my dog, I'd go the old yeller route.

I'm having a hard time with the Kendrick concussion conspiracy. Why did he suck in previous years?

Just switched over to the Little League World Series. Go Delaware!

This is one of the most unlikeable Phillies teams I can remember.

This has been uglier than last June (Phils will drop to 4-17 since the ASB after today) and with the upcoming schedule it is hard to see how the Phils pull out of his tailspin:

3 vs. @ Braves
3 vs. Dodgers
4 vs. Rockies
3 vs. DBacks

Phils have played better at home and Rockies/DBakcs have been terrible on the road. Hard to see the Phils doing much better than 2-4 vs Braves/Dodgers though.

Now there's some defense. :) (I missed Ruf's throw.)

Iceman, I personally find these Phillies likeable. Likeable losers, but they're likeable.

(Although I haven't read human interest profiles on many of our relief pitchers, so can't really say whether I like Diekman or De Fratus, for example.)

"This is one of the most unlikeable Phillies teams I can remember." Iceman | Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 07:05 PM

To think - how much fun this will be next year when the 'core' is a year older..

btw - As part of the CBA, are Segway(s) provided to aging or injured ML players for mobility?

Everything about this team, from Amaros smugness to Charlies half buttery with managing ..its hard to like this as a whole.

While I'm not watching the game anymore, I thought I'd give people a heads up. I bought a Vizio 50 inch LED smart TV. But the smart part doesn't have the major league ap. So, I bought a Roku 3, which is the newest version of the Roku box. And voila! The major league baseball ap on the Roku is a hundred times better than any of my other smart tvs. The Panasonic baseball ap doesn't get preseason games. And the LG baseball ap doesn't have multiple audio streams and only starts the game after the first inning has started. But the Roku starts the game during warmups AND has the radio overlay so I never have to listen to TBag or Sarge again.

I know this team sucks. And I know they're not going to be good for at least a couple more years and until there's one less Amaro in the organization. But the sheer joy of getting to listen to Franzke and LA broadcast is worth it.

I can do the same on my computer, but for some reason it's not stable. Even though the bandwidth is coming from the same wireless internet connection. And the picture on the Vizio is amazing. I primarily got if for football because with the 240 hz refresh rate there is literally no motion blur. But it does a great job on baseball over my wireless network as well.

Juums: Kratz has a big contract?

BB: It's MG..just wear the tin foil helmet and go with it.

Espn 2 delaware smoking Lionville 8-1. Good del throwing 75 plus. That's equal to 104. Philles need an arm?

2012 Phillies didn't mail it in like this. This is unwatchable.

It's total a crazy conspiracy that a pitcher could have lingering effects from a concussion especially after he didn't take any time off.

Diekman does well in blowouts.

TMac said the Phillies have been outscored 75 to 21 on this losing streak.

When Nats fans laugh at your team, it's time to evaluate your organization

Actually, the lingering effects from a concussion often continue for months. And they can be subtle enough that the patient doesn't even recognize them. When KK didn't cover first base in the last game, I though maybe he is suffering from post concussion syndrome. It can change affect, cause depression, and certainly effect mental acuity, coordination and overall alertness.

If the Phillies medial staff missed such a diagnosis, would anyone truly be surprised? Myself, I'd be putting him through a battery of tests right now. But it's not like the Phillies have a staff of doctors over in Eagles camp with years of experience and tons of cases handled who they can call on for advice. Oh, wait . . .

Oh, Kratz is certainly trying. (Or, at least, from what I've seen.) It's just that he's not a very good catcher. Which is why he's a back-up catcher.

Lack of ability is a separate issue from lack of effort, isn't it?

I wasn't right for 3 weeks after one concussion i had.

Pap is coming in...heads up for all

I didn't watch the game. -- got updates from my son on how bad they're doing... At this point who cares...

HEY. --> I got to watch a Lifetime movie with my wife.

aksmith, I have the Roku too and just love it.
It's great for Netflix, Amazon Prime and if you're into British shows, Acorn TV has a lot to offer I believe.
Not sure but I think you can also stream old movies never released to DVD (or out of print) from Warner Archive collection.

Juums: His lackadaisical effort after the ball at home was a lack of effort.

Kendrick not covering first the last game could've been him stupidly watching the broken bat fly. There is that possibility.

Thing with concussions is you can go back into a fog at any moment and basically go blank.

Even with today's loss, still up 7 games on Miami.

Remember when we used to refer to the "bad" or "horrible" Mets a couple of months ago? It might be a good idea to drop those adjectives in connection with the Marlins too.

Strasburg is a great pitcher but let's tell it like it is, he was gift wrapped that shut out. Some of the worst ABs I've ever seen. This team is truly terrible and I love the line about giving Martinez and everyday look in CF. If that's not a termination worthy offense in itself, I don't know what is.

Franco and Dugan both 2 for 3. Dugan HR Move them to LHV. Can't hurt. They will be there next year. This will give them time to adjust.
Perkins to Reading.
How can RAJ possibly think this team can compete next year?

If only we had Post Phillies Werth, Lambardozzi and Cody Ross, WFC again!

If a pitcher has a plus fastball, this team doesn't have a chance. That fact won't change until they get 3-4 guys in the everyday lineup that can handle one.

    Well, TTI, the ones who're sleepwalking their way through are those who've already got big, fat guaranteed contracts. And given this team's philosophy on playing time scaling with contract size, their jobs don't seem to be in danger.
    Posted by: Juums | Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 06:58 PM

Well said, Juums!!!! With the bizarre boys/girls club constituting our ownership group - and David 'honest, we're really, really, really a great ball club, just sidetracked by a few key injuries' Montgomery at the helm - I can honestly see a Pirates-like 10+ year run of awful baseball around here.

The litmus test will be Amaro. When this team mails in 60% of games in '14, and Amaro does not blink, expect demands for a bigger CBP before this poor, poor, poor small market Phillies team can possibly compete with the:
* Dodgers
* Braves
* Yankees
* Red Sox
* Cards
* Rangers

Think this is crazy? How about being blackmailed over the TV contract - I can just hear Montgomery whining: " long as we're losing, no big $$ TV contract without promise of a new ballpark!!"

It’s my guess we have not seen the worse of this. The ownership group got a new stadium once; why not leverage that into a bigger one still? Uhhhggh.

Good to see Dom Brown hitting well since coming back.

Hope they finish behind the Marlins. That would be classic.. losing out to a team that isn't even major league-level.

There wasn't a single highlight of this game except Diekman striking out the side.

4-17 since the ASB and they have scored 1 or less runs in 8 games now.

since the ASB.

7 in front of the Fish. If the Phils somehow manage to finish behind or tied with the Fish, I do think Amaro gets fired. Too much of an embarrassment and just replacing Cholly/Dubee won't be enough to placate the fans.

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